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August 31, 2009

Randy Blue: Richard loves sunning his hot body

RandyBlue: Richard loves sunning his hot body

Randy Blue‘s latest muscle hunk Richard Pierce shows off his incredible body while swimming in his gorgeous boyRio swimwear.

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August 31, 2009

Sean Cody: Doug pounds Kurt

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SeanCody: Doug pounds Kurt

Sean Cody writes:

“Things were full swing in Hawaii! Hot boys kept arriving from the main land and we were doing all kinds of fun things.

It had been a very busy day of activities. We had taken some of the guys out snorkeling, something I had never done before. The water in Hawaii is so blue and clear that when you are underwater you can see pretty far. There were a lot of marine creatures to see. It was an awesome experience! After a nice dinner we went back to the house. The whole group seemed horny and rowdy!

It was getting dark, but after the way turned out I was excited to do another film at night. The only question: would we bother the neighbors? Well, I’m kind of a “cross-that-bridge-when-you-get-to-it” kind of guy. I wanted to see Kurt and Doug fuck and we were going to do it!

We didn’t bother the neighbors. They were either asleep or not home. Who knows?

Lucky we shot outside, though. The guys got cum all over the outdoor furniture!”

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August 31, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Derek pops Bryan’s ass cherry

CorbinFisher: Derek pops Bryan's ass cherry

CorbinFisher writes:

“Tall, good looking and big-dicked, Bryan is fun to watch in action. He’s experienced some incredible new things here at CF, having fucked both Caleb and Lucas with that big dick of his, and he surprised himself by how much fun he had with it all and how great it felt. That dick of his had me tempted to just have him top, top, top and top his way through countless fellow CF studs but we clearly had to see Bryan take a shot at bottoming, as well! After all, I think these guys make much better tops when they’re aware of and know what the bottom is going through during it all!

One of the hottest things to see happen when guys like Bryan experience getting fucked for the very first time ever is seeing how much they enjoy it. They are always quite anxious and nervous going into it, oftentimes having convinced themselves beforehand that there’s simply no way they’re going to enjoy it and they are only going to suffer through it for the money. However, they quickly discover it feels good and we’re often treated to the site of these guys cumming while getting fucked – having intense, incredible orgasms with a dick in their ass and totally surprising and even shocking themselves by that!

Bryan already admits he enjoyed his topping experiences more than he expected he would.

“How was topping for you?”, I ask him.

“That was pretty good,” he states quite matter-of-factly. “I enjoyed it.”

He never quite blurts out, “I’m enjoying this!” here with Derek, but you can tell he is from his facial expressions, the noises he makes, and just how hard that dick of his gets!

Derek gives Bryan the royal treatment here, bobbing up and down on his dick and eagerly sucking it and getting Bryan more and more turned on. He finally pulls his lips off of Bryan’s cock to take his own pants off and present his dick to Bryan’s face, inviting Bryan to wrap his lips around and suck on it. Encouraging Bryan by running one hand’s fingers through his hair and stroking his cock with the other, Derek has Bryan’s lips sliding back and forth on his stiff dick. When Derek tells Bryan to lick his balls, Bryan does so immediately and enthusiastically, sucking on them before returning to licking and sucking Derek’s shaft.

Derek breaks away from getting his dick serviced by Bryan so he can suck on Bryan’s cock some more, while also working a finger into Bryan’s ass and introducing Bryan to all new feelings. By now, Bryan’s ready for it. Derek’s finger gave him a taste of what was to come, and a hint at the fact that intense sexual pleasure doesn’t just come from your own cock!

It’s all Bryan can do to gasp and moan as Derek splits his hole open with his cock and slides it into him. Derek starts off slow and easy, but doesn’t take long to work his way up to pumping Bryan’s hole with a fast and steady pace. All the while, he’s also jerking Bryan’s big dick and overwhelming him with intense feelings.

Bryan’s not begging to get fucked harder or bouncing off the walls with energy and enthusiasm. Rather, he’s just holding on for dear life and doing all he can to process all of these new feelings.

Once Derek gets Bryan on to his side so he can fuck him from behind, Bryan grips his own dick with one hand and slowly strokes himself, totally lost in these new feelings and intense sensations. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” he finally blurts out, surprising himself with a big, powerful orgasm while Derek is still pumping away at his ass. Immediately after Bryan shoots his load, Derek gives a few more pumps and pulls out to shoot off his own load all over Bryan’s balls – something that clearly turns Bryan on!”

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August 31, 2009

ChaosMen: Sebastian shoots his load into Kay’s ass

Chaosmen: Sebastian fucks Kay bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“Kay [aka Jason Crystal] used to be a pretty heavy football player and he has been working on morphing his body into a lean mean muscle machine. At the time of shooting this, he hadn’t bottomed before. He suggested that he would be willing to bottom, but only if I found a guy that wouldn’t split him in two. Well, Sebastian is my ringer. He stays hard and can go slow for first-timers.

Kay said he would bottom, but didn’t think he could suck dick or even kiss. Before the shoot, I took Sebastian aside and told him to keep trying to kiss him at the beginning. If he didn’t relent then we could just start over. So we gotta give Sebastian credit for really pushing the kissing thang. You can tell Kay really didn’t want to, but when he committed, he REALLY committed!

Kay turns out to be quite a talker, so for those of you who find these amateur guys lacking in vocal skills, he should please ya!

Sebastian ever so gently fucks Kay until he cums, and bless Kay’s little heart, Sebastian was close to cumming and ramped up to shooting his load right up inside of him.

“Creampies” are always a dicey thing to pull off, you never know if it’s gonna be messy, or goop will come out, but Sebastian really fingers him until his load starts dripping out. It’s not a lot, but hey, it’s a genuine creampie! HOT!”

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August 30, 2009

MenAtPlay: Marco Wilson and Jay Roberts

MenAtPlay: Marco Wilson and Jay Roberts

MenAtPlay writes about this scene:

“A new employee’s arrival at the office could signal various things… new talent, fresh ideas, potential competition. But in Marco’s case the expectation has been mounting and Jay Roberts sees only hot new meat! And he’ll be damned if he lets anyone gets their hands, or mouth, on the sexy new guy on the block. So shamelessly pays him a welcome while hes barely even unpacked to welcome him in and be the first to ride his big uncut cock.”

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August 29, 2009

Cocksure Men: Bo Dean fucks Seth Sweet bareback in “Grease Monkeys”

CocksureMen: Bo Dean fucks Seth Sweet bareback in "Grease Monkeys"

CocksureMen writes:

“Seth Sweet shows up late on his first day of work and finds his new boss, Bo Dean, stroking his cock while working under the hood. Bo tucks his big boner away and asks Seth to pass him a wrench, which Seth accidentally drops right onto Bo’s groin. Not the way you want to start your first day…or is it?

Bo makes him get down and kiss his thick dick to make it better. As you already know, Seth is quite the good cock kisser and proves that while he may not make the best mechanic he sure excels at this part of the job. They work their way out of their overalls and into the back of the convertible they’re supposed to be fixing. Seth spreads his sweet cheeks and Bo thrust his way in, bareback, and fucks Seth in his signature style, pounding hard.

Seth soon rides up and down on Bo’s roaring hard cock until they both explode their loads. Bo certainly doesn’t hold a grudge about the mishap with the wrench. He tells Seth to put his uniform back on and let’s him know he’ll be getting a raise.”

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August 28, 2009

Randy Blue: Reese Rideout tops Zachary Cook

RandyBlue: Reese Rideout tops Zachary Cook

Randy Blue writes:

“Who hasn’t called off from work sick when they weren’t really sick just so they could go out and have a little fun? Reese Rideout takes this to the extreme when he calls his buddy Zachary Cook and convinces him to come over to nurse him back to health.

When Zachary arrives he finds that Reese’s cock is the only thing that needs nursing and he’s more than happy to be making a house call. One of my favorite moments in this is when Reese has his huge dick deep in Zachary’s ass and he bends down to kiss him. It’s such a hot scene. And just so you don’t miss a moment we give it to you in split screen so you can see both ends at once. They had such a good time shooting this movie.

Reese, having a blast working with newcomer Zachary, and I think Zach was getting to live out a long time fantasy of getting his hot hole rammed by one of his favorite Randy Blue studs. And by the looks of the large sloppy load he slathers all over his sexy abs, I think he liked it.”

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August 28, 2009

Sean Cody: Matt pounds Pete

SeanCody: Matt pounds Pete

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“As we were getting started, Pete was rubbing his bare feet through the plush carpet. “I love this rug,” he said. “If I had a chance to be fucked on it I wouldn’t mind being fucked all day.” I thought that was funny because he knew he would be!

Matt was sitting behind him, holding him, and rubbing his arm. Matt is kind of tender and quiet (almost romantic) in the beginning, and then he gets really intense when the fucking starts.

I’ve mentioned before that I love how great a bottom Pete has become. He just really loves it! And I’m also happy that he’s dispensed with the “prefers girls” thing. Be who you are!”

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August 28, 2009

College Dudes: Adam Campbell fucks Rob Ryder

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CollegeDudes: Adam Campbell fucks Rob Ryder

CollegeDudes writes:

“Rob and Adam have known each other for over a year, and even though they stay in touch they never had an opportunity to do a scene together. We were as excited as these two studs were to get them into some intense fucking.

After some passionate kissing and stroking, Rob goes right for the cock – and Adam loves it. Adam returns the favor before climbing on board Rob to pound his tight little asshole. After a lot of sweaty fucking Rob busted all over himself. The real shocker was Adam – he was so turned on he gave us the biggest cumshot we have seen in a long time – even hit the wall that was 6 feet away! We need to get buddies together more often! Hot stuff!

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August 28, 2009

Behind the scenes of CocksureMen’s “Locker Room Knockout”

Some behind-the-scenes fun from CocksureMen‘s locker room group scene …