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November 30, 2009

Stag Homme: Jean Franko nails Damien Crosse in “Kama Sutra”

StagHomme: Jean Franko nails Damien Crosse in "Kama Sutra"

StagHomme writes:

“One of porn’s biggest and most sensual tops, Jean Franko, graces us in Stag Homme’s latest XXX feature, “Kama Sutra”.

Jean Franko and Damien Crosse happen to cross paths on the sweaty streets of Barcelona when the Venezuelan sex-god decides to invite him over for some action. But this is NOT your usual sex romp! Franko voraciously fucks Crosse in four sweltering positions, even lifting him off the ground and plows him while holding up his brutalized bottom in his massive arms.

Our deified top pounds the cum out of Damien without even touching himself during just the second position. But Damien, still hungry, grabs Jean Franko’s cock and sticks it back in his ass until he fucks another load out of him this time into his own mouth. Vatsyayana, eat your heart out!”

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Stag Homme
November 30, 2009

Sean Cody: Nate and Brendan’s hot flip-flop fuck

SeanCody: Nate and Brendan's hot flip-flop fuck

Sean Cody writes:

“”About a 7,” Nate said, referring to how nervous he was on a scale from 1 to 10.

“You’ve never had anything in your ass before?” “No, never.” He actually seemed pretty calm to me. Brendan, on the other hand, seemed a little more nervous.

“What do you enjoy doing when you’re here?” “I’m not going to lie,” Brendan said. “The end, the very end…” “Busting a nut?” “It does feel good… I won’t lie.” “I think that’s everyone’s favorite part.” “Yeah, with another guy — you don’t expect it,” Brendan explained. “Unexpected.”

At that point, Brendan gave Nate a secret up-and-down glance and at that point I knew he wanted that flip-flop fucking pretty badly!”

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November 28, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Elijah and Simon fuck Dru

CorbinFisher: Elijah and Simon fuck Dru

Corbin Fisher writes:

“What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving CF-style than to see one of our hottest and most popular young studs get stuffed?! In this hot threeway, it’s Dru who is getting fucked deep, hard and long by Elijah and Simon! He’s never been tagteamed before – as a matter of fact, this is the first time we’re seeing him get fucked here at CF! – and yet he does a masterful job of it!

We’ve seen Simon and Elijah in some tagteam action before, but we’ve never seen them do it like this! There was so much sexual energy between the three of them while they were on that bed that things were incredibly intense right from the very start and on through to the very end. While the clothes start coming off and the guys start sucking one another, it’s not long before Elijah is fucking Dru’s mouth with his stiff dick while Simon is down sucking on Dru’s big cock. They go at it like that for awhile before both Elijah and Simon get on their knees at each side of Dru’s face and feed him their dicks, which he eagerly licks and sucks.

We know Dru can be the intense top, and here we see he can be just as intense and in to it while bottoming. He got thoroughly caught up in the thought of getting fucked by these two guys, and even during the sucking looks like he simply can’t get enough of their cocks. Simon and Eijah take turns fucking Dru’s mouth, and Dru looked like he was practically starving for their dicks! I think we could have thrown a 3rd, 4th, or 5th cock in front of his face at this point and he would have eagerly gone after them, energetically sucking and swallowing as much as he could!

A switch flipped in both Elijah and Simon as they had this big, buff, tall, blond stud at their disposal. They both get quite dominant, ordering Dru around a bit and getting him in to whatever position they want. At one point, they tell him to get on his hands and knees so Simon can feed him his cock while Elijah buries his tongue in his hole. Elijah’s rimming gets quite the response out of Dru, as do his fingers when he starts to slide them in to Dru’s ass. If Dru responds so well to Elijah’s fingers, imagine what it’s going to be like when Elijah replaces them with his dick!

Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine that for long, as Elijah pulls his finger out and starts to push his dick in to Dru’s tight hole. Dru breaks away from sucking Simon’s cock long enough to gasp and moan as Elijah begins to fuck him and pump his hole hard and fast. Dru can’t contain his smile, clearly loving every bit of it!

So, what’s Dru like as a bottom? Well, he’s definitely loud! Every pump from Elijah gets a vocal response from him as he gasps and moans and grunts loudly. Were it not for Simon’s cock occasionally being buried in his throat, you have to wonder how much louder he could have gotten at times! I can’t blame him for being so loud, though, as Elijah is thoroughly drilling him at this point!

Soon, it’s Simon’s turn to get his dick in Dru’s ass, and he lays back on the bed so that Dru can lower himself down on to it. With Simon fucking up in to him from below, Dru is stroking his big dick and grinding his ass against Simon to get as much of his cock in to him as possible.

Elijah wants another turn at Dru’s ass, though, so they get him on to his side so he can fuck him from behind while Simon feeds him his dick. It’s in this position, with a cock in him at each end, that Dru goes over the edge! He starts to grunt and his abs tighten and flex as he shoots a load out all over them and the bedspread! Immediately thereafter, Simon begins to shoot his own load all over Dru’s chest, getting him even more soaked in cum! While Simon’s load is still dripping from his cock, Elijah pulls out to fire off a huge load all over Dru as well!

Stuffed, then basted – and Dru takes it all like a champ!”

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November 28, 2009

UKNakedMen: Matt Hughes, Mark Summers and Justin Harris

UKNakedMen: Matt Hughes, Mark Summers and Justin Harris

UKNakedMen writes:

“If they really want what he’s got, they’ve got to take his huge cock.”

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November 27, 2009

Broke Straight Boys: Diesal, Jimmy and Mike fuck for cash

BrokeStraightBoys: Diesal, Jimmy and Mike for cash

Diesal, Jimmy and Mike suck and fuck for cash at!

Broke Straight Boys
November 27, 2009

Randy Blue: Dawson Riley rims and fucks Nicco Sky

RandyBlue: Dawson Riley rims and fucks Nicco Sky

Randy Blue writes about this hot scene:

“Dawson Riley and Nicco Sky really wanted to fuck. It was actually really cute. Each one started hitting me up asking if they could do a scene with the other. I held off for a bit, giving them both excuses for a little while over how we were too busy or I couldn’t coordinate their schedules. I had a feeling if I made them both really hunger for it they would deliver a really hot video.

Finally, I told them we were going to do it. But when the day came I kept them from even seeing each other until just a few minutes before we started shooting. I know my guys well and when two guys want each other bad enough they can get started before the cameras even go on, and I didn’t want to waste a second of the incredible energy these two had. And when they started to fuck they went at it like rabbits.

And that Dawson just loves to eat ass. The look of pure joy on his face as he dug his tongue deep into Nicco’s hole is priceless. He just couldn’t get enough, and Nicco was loving every minute of it. Nicco is quickly getting to be known as Randy Blue’s cumshot champion, and he didn’t disappoint. His cum shot so high he almost hit my camera!

Not to be outdone, Dawson dumped a huge load of his own sticky stuff all over Nicco’s sexy chest. But overall, as much as I love a good cumshot, seeing the two of them making out AFTER they both climaxed somehow made the whole video perfect for me.”

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November 27, 2009

Dominic Ford: Rick Bauer pounds Renato Bellagio

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Dominic Ford writes:

“This is the final shoot from our 2009 Budapest trip. It is a special bonus for online members only (not available on our Budapest Heat DVD). In this hot scene, muscle stud Rick Bauer fucks Renato Bellagio in the shower and then takes the action to the bedroom to finish the pounding.”

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Dominic Ford
November 26, 2009

Next Door Studios: Jeremy Fox nails Parker London

Next Door Studios: Jeremy Fox nails Parker London

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Jeremy Fox has stopped by Parker London’s house after hearing an interesting rumor. Parker’s girlfriend told Jeremy that she and Parker are considering a three-way, maybe with another dude! When Jeremy heard this, his dick perked up. He’s been looking for an opportunity to fuck Parker for a long time.

When Jeremy offers to introduce Parker to the ways of the cock, Parker is totally on board. And to Jeremy’s surprise, Parker loves sucking cock and getting fucked hard in his tight hole. Don’t miss these two studs in this wild scene!”

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November 26, 2009

Randy Blue: Ryan Rockford blows Nicholas White

RandyBlue: Ryan Rockford blows Nicholas White

Nicholas White gets a top of the line blowjob from super stud Ryan Rockford, which is no easy feat considering how big his fucking cock is.

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November 26, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Ty fucks Trey

CorbinFisher: Ty fucks Trey

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s high time we see Trey get fucked again, and that’s precisely what we’re treated to here! This is the latest update to come from our trip out to a rural farm, on which we brought along a bunch of guys to spend some time together and film some great, outdoor action! Ty and Trey were among the first guys to join us on this trip and so, on a bright and sunny day, we all headed out to a nearby corn crib to get the two of them together (feel free to make “cornholing” remarks now)!

I was particularly thrilled to have Trey along for this trip, as I was eager to get him filmed in some more action. Those dark features and that handsome face look great on video, and he always seems to be in a good mood and ready for some fun. Even in the action here, he can’t help but smile often and make the occasional remark that showcases that personality of his, even while bent over and sucking on Ty’s big cock!

Trey didn’t waste any time at all getting Ty’s dick in to his mouth, and he looks great with those lips wrapped around it while his head bobs up and down. He spends plenty of time licking up and down the shaft, even spitting on it now and then to get it nice and slick so that he can give Ty a great BJ.

Slowly, Trey’s own clothes start to come off, revealing that hot body of his. As soon as he gets fully nude, he gets down on to his back so that Ty can get on his knees above him and present that cock to him again. Trey is really going to town on Ty’s dick, diving in to get it back between his lips whenever it springs out of his mouth as he moves his head back and forth on it. He’s getting Ty incredibly worked up and ready for some hot fucking, and soon Ty gets his dick buried deep in Trey’s ass and starts to pump.

While on his back, Trey is furiously stroking his own cock while Ty fucks his hole. Every time Ty pumps in to him really deep and hard, Trey moans at the top of his lungs, even yelling out, “That feels fucking good!!” at one point!

Sure enough, Trey’s cock has been hard this entire time! Ty’s big dick seems to be hitting all the right spots, and soon Trey really starts to moan and yell as he shoots a load out all over the place and Ty fucks him harder and faster, pumping every last bit of cum out of him! Ty continues to fuck Trey, working himself up to his own orgasm as he pulls out to spray a smiling and enthralled Trey in cum!”

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