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February 28, 2010

Broke Straight Boys: Shane fucks CJ’s tight ass

Broke straight boys CJ and Shane fuck for cash!

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Broke Straight Boys
February 28, 2010

Cocksure Men: “Bottoming 101” with John Magnum and Kevin Lane

CocksureMen writes:

“Have you ever wanted to be a porn star? Have you ever wanted to know just how the guys learn to perform and make it seem so effortless and hot?

Join Professor John Magnum as he grabs the unsuspecting intern Kevin for “Bottoming 101,” an authoritative “How To” for anyone who wants to learn how to take a pounding from the professor.

Starting with a single finger and working through a series of progressively larger toys, Kevin gets his ass penetrated and stretched until it’s ready for “the real thing”. Once Professor Magnum thinks Kevin is ready, he shucks his pants and lets Kevin have it like only an experienced professional can.

From the expressions on Kevin’s face it’s clear that he appreciates the quality of service he’s ‘receiving’. While riding John, Kevin cannot hold back any longer and he cums a HUGE load all over John’s chest. Exhausted, Kevin retreats back to work and John cranks out a load of his own.”

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February 28, 2010

MyBrothersHotFriend: Trevor Knight pounds Brandon Wilde writes:

“Brandon has a new job, and today is his first day. Trevor is so proud of him, and wants to give a very special send off. At the office, Brandon will have to climb the corporate ladder, but at home he gets to climb Trevor’s sweet cock. As an incentive bonus for all of his hard work, he gets a creamy load, and sharing the load makes for good team work.”

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February 28, 2010

Corbin Fisher’s AmateurCollegeSex: Josh fucks a chick

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Josh has been up to a whole lot over on the ACM side of things, so it was high time we saw him in some action here on ACS! He was more than happy to do just that, and was obviously thrilled at the opportunity to spend a little time with Chloe!

It’s worth noting that Josh is actually the one who originally referred Chloe to us! They’ve known each other for years, in fact! Josh has fantasized about being with Chloe for a long, long time and has been insanely eager to finally get a scene with her in front of our cameras – and that’s all clearly apparent here!

These two starts things off with some passionate kissing, both thoroughly enjoying making out with one another and getting more and more turned on as they feel each other up and slowly strip their clothes off. By the time Chloe wraps her lips around Josh’s cock, he’s as hard as could be, that dick aching for action and loving the attention it’s receiving.

They work their way in to a sixty-nine, both using their mouths to make the other feel good. As hot as all this great foreplay is, though, Josh was eager to get that thick dick of his buried inside Chloe and soon has her on her hands and knees as he slides his cock in deep! He wastes no time whatsoever in starting to furiously pound her hard and fast, making the entire bed shake and likewise making Chloe gasp in pleasure!

Josh was a man on a mission here! Occasionally he slows down his pace but, for the most part while they’re fucking doggy style, he’s drilling Chloe hard and fast and literally pistoning that dick in and out of her!

He only lets up when he lays back and gets Chloe to sit on his cock and ride him. In no time, though, he’s again pumping at a furious pace, his dick almost a blur as it thrusts in and out of her.

As they move around one last time so that Chloe can get on her back, Josh starts fucking her from on top. They kiss, he fucks her with long and deep strokes, and then he resumes pounding her hard until he sends himself over the edge, pulling out to fire a huge load all over!”

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February 27, 2010

Broke Straight Boys: CJ and Shane suck each other’s cock for cash

Broke straight boys Shane and CJ take turns sucking each others cocks.

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Broke Straight Boys
February 27, 2010

ChaosMen: Jayce and Hayden’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes:

“After Jayce had done about a dozen Chaos videos, we figured it was time to give him a break. With the temporary “lay” off, Jayce was more than ready to get to work.

I knew Hayden was a great top, and Jayce loves to get fucked – a perfect pairing for Hayden to get back on the horse, so to speak. Not only that, I think I had Hayden convinced that he himself could bottom – if the dick wasn’t “too big” of course.

Hell, he might even suck some dick this time…remember these videos don’t air in the order I shoot them. Hayden’s Edge video was shot quite a bit after this video.

Jayce can really suck cock well, and we started the video by him getting Hayden hard. Frankly, it turned him hard enough for Hayden to give sucking dick a try. I think Hayden was embarrassed to admit his cock got harder when he was sucking on Jayce’s dick. Jayce sure noticed it and said so!

After the mutual cocksucking, Jayce was eager to get fucked again. Hayden delivers, and Jayce was in butt fuck Nirvana!

Then we switched gears, and Jayce took Hayden quickly through some toys, picking larger ones each time to ease him into getting fucked.

Hayden claims he can handle quite a bit of pain, and true to his word, he toughs it out – getting his ass gently fucked by Jayce. It’s definitely not an ass pounding, but we can consider Hayden’s cherry officially popped.

Jayce has become a bit of a cum eater, so for the cumshot, he asked to do a facial. When Hayden puts his mind to cumming, he can literally cum within a minute. Jayce is usually waiting for a bit for the other guy to nut, since he seems to be able to nut right along with whoever he is with.

I think Hayden surprised Jayce by cumming so quickly, especially after just being fucked for the first time, so Jayce wasn’t quite ready to eat his load, but he got his mouth open in time. Say AHHH!

Jayce had to play catchup, as he usually can cum right along with the other dude. You gotta give him props, maybe a minute later, with cum all over his face, eyes, and in his mouth, he shoots a big gooey load!”

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February 27, 2010

Videoboys: Luda Wayne fucks himself writes:

“We’ve watched Luda Wayne evolve slowly since he first graced our screen. First was his solo where, in his interview, he hinted at some boy on boy action in his history. Then after he showed us his fucking action with a plastic pussy we paired him up with his friend Jonathan to see if he could do a bit of light action with another boy.

Once he passed that test, his next hurdle was fucking a boy, Brent, just to see if he could adapt to the different plumbing. So this week we nudged him one step closer to understanding the full spectrum of gay experience. Luda Wayne puts a vibrating dildo in his ass and works it. How did he like it? Watch for any tell-tale signs of pleasure. Can he take the next step?”

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February 26, 2010

Randy Blue: Chris Rockway tops Riley Price

Riley Price asked for a hard ass pounding from Chris Rockway and got everything he wanted and more.

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February 26, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Dawson fucks Aaron

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We knew a couple things about Aaron after he introduced himself to us in his initial solo appearance. Firstly, he’s in to guys. Secondly, he seldom bottoms. He is almost always the top when things get that far, and hadn’t bottomed in a long, long while before landing at CF. Of course, you know that got me thinking about how hot it could be to see him bottom for us! His having mentioned that he really dug buff, muscular guys also added to my desire to see him finally bottom, and make sure it was a buff and muscular guy fucking him!

As Aaron and Dawson start going at it here, you wouldn’t know that there was any apprehension on Aaron’s part over not having gotten fucked in so long! He’s clearly turned on by Dawson and obviously having a good time. Getting him paired up with one of our most buff and muscular guys certainly seemed to do the trick, and I have a feeling that Aaron was probably thinking, “I’d bottom a whole lot more often if I was always around guys like this!”, as he ran his hands over Dawson’s muscles, felt up his arms, stroked his chest, and had his hard body on top of his own!”

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February 26, 2010

College Dudes: Hayden Wolfe pounds Rob Ryder

CollegeDudes writes:

“Hayden Wolfe is our resident ass-destroyer, with his truly massive dick and his love for fucking tight holes. Rob Ryder gives Hayden a ride in this exciting fuck scene.

Rob must be really coming to enjoy cock more than we thought, because as Rob is blowing Hayden it is like he is making love to that fat cock with his mouth and tongue. Hayden loosens Rob up and proceeds to ram Rob with all the force he has – Hayden pretty much rips into Robs nice pink hole with lots of spunk!

Rob tries riding Haydens monster, and then Hayden flips Rob onto his back for another several minutes of pure fucking. After getting his hole abused for so long, Rob surprises us all by gulping down Haydens big load.

Very hot scene!

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