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March 31, 2010

Next Door Studios: Rod Daily and David Stone’s hot flip-flop fuck

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Rod Daily is busy doing math homework and David Stone is wathcing an educational video,so he says. Once Rod notices that David is watching a porno the books are dropped and a cock is inserted in the mouth for some sucking pleasure.

These two studs take turns fucking and sucking each other. After they are done pumping ass they kick back with cocks in hand and blast cum loads all over.”

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March 31, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Brody

CorbinFisher: Cain fucks Brody

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cain has created quite the welcome problem since he first arrived at CF! He’s looked so hot in all the scenes we’ve filmed him in, and so thoroughly enjoyed all the action he’s gotten in to, that it’s hard to decide what to film him in next! Should we have him bottom? He looks so hot while getting fucked, and has clearly discovered he enjoys how that feels! Should we have him top? He’s such a stud as a top, and knows how to put that big dick of his to work!

I suppose that a great thing about Cain is that we can have him do just about anything and know the results will be great! With Brody being such a great bottom and looking so hot while getting fucked, it only made sense to have Cain top him here and let both guys have themselves a blast – and they indeed have themselves a blast!

I’m constantly amazed at just what a horny, eager guy Cain is! Just watch him in the early parts of this video! He literally attacks Brody’s cock with his mouth, sucking it furiously and working it over with his lips, tongue and hands. Cain gets totally consumed by any sexual act he’s engaged in, and that shows while he swallows Brody’s cock to the base.

It also shows as he and Brody make out, kissing deeply and passionately while Cain rubs their cocks together. It shows, as well, while Cain gets his dick sucked by Brody. As Brody takes Cain’s big dick in to his mouth, Cain is moaning loudly and talking dirty, encouraging Brody to suck his dick deeper and harder. I can only imagine Brody must have been quite blown away by it all! As far as he knew, Cain was a newcomer who hadn’t been around CF as long as he had, and anticipated he’d be the one guiding Cain along. Little did he know, Cain would quickly take charge of things and he’d have to do all he could to keep up!

Once Cain gets his dick buried in Brody’s ass, the look on Brody’s face says it all. Cain’s big dick totally fills his ass, and Cain proceeds to thrust it in deep. He fucks Brody hard and fast, both guys filling the room with the sounds of their moans, grunts and groans.

His cock deep inside Brody, Cain starts to spew his load.

“I’m gonna cum!”, he moans! He proceeds to do just that while Brody’s tight ass is clenched around his dick. He then grips Brody’s cock to jerk him off, and works a huge load out of Brody that sprays all over the place!”

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March 31, 2010

Broke Straight Boys: Mike and Austin suck cock for cash

Austin and Mike suck each other’s dicks for money at!

Broke Straight Boys
March 31, 2010

Cocksure Men: AJ Irons and DJ Mann fuck each other in “Lover’s Vacation”

CocksureMen: AJ Irons and DJ Mann fuck each other in "Lover's Vacation"

CocksureMen writes:

“AJ Irons and DJ Mann are wandering around the resort, taking in the beautiful surroundings. As nice as the cascading waterfall and lush foliage is, AJ would rather ‘take in’ something else…DJ’s HUGE cock!

AJ gets down on his knees and shoves DJ’s dick as far down his throat as he can. With DJ at full mast, AJ spreads to except his thick prick. AJ’s ass swallows DJ’s lengthy log down to the balls. Our studs flip and DJ hops on top of AJ’s piece iron rod. After both guys get their asses thoroughly drilled, they shoot their hot loads and end another steamy day at the Sun Valley Resort.”

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March 31, 2010

Randy Blue: Mike West gives Shawn Young his first gay blowjob

RandyBlue: Mike West gives Shawn Young his first gay blowjob

Randy Blue writes:

“We wanted to make sure Shawn Young had a first time blowjob from a guy who really knew his way around a cock. Enter Mike West to do the job with style.”

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March 30, 2010

ImAMarriedMan: Nash Lawler bangs Spencer Whitman

ImAMarriedMan: Nash Lawler bangs Spencer Whitman writes:

“Nash recently had a chance to see if he liked sex with a guy, and even though he’s still married to a woman, he loves it! He’s telling his college buddy, Spencer, and it reminds him back of the time when they compared cock sizes, and how hard they got. Nothing like a flash to back-in-the-day with a nostalgic roll in the hay.”

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March 30, 2010

Next Door Studios: Adam Wirthmore fucks Mason Wyler

MasonWyler: Adam Wirthmore fucks Mason writes:

“It’s Mason Wyler time again, and this week he’s brought along his handsome friend Adam Wirthmore!

These two get straight to the point…or shall we say gay to the point! Once the camera’s rolling, these two jump into each others mouths with their tongues before undressing to suck and fuck each other. The two switch off, both taking the others cock in their asses before Adam pulls out and explodes all over Mason, covering him from head to stomach in his warm man milk.”

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March 30, 2010

NakedSword: FreshSX’s “Straight Guys Fuck Harder”

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FreshSX writes at NakedSword:

“Following the huge success of Straight Guys Fuck, four straight guys fuck four more gay guys — and this time they fuck harder than ever!”

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March 29, 2010

Sean Cody: Jonah fucks Lane

SeanCody: Jonah fucks Lane

Sean Cody writes:

“”So I’ve been practicing at home,” Lane said. I wasn’t sure what he meant. “With a dildo,” he said. “Last time I was here it just kept hitting this spot. It actually felt pretty good.” Ah, he’d discovered his prostate!

“The guy today,” he asked. “Is he pretty long too?” “Jonah?” I replied. “Yeah, he’s a pretty good size. “Nice,” Lane said with a smile. And I think Jonah was pretty successful in hitting Lane’s prostate!”

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March 29, 2010

Cocksure Men: Kevin Lane fucks Tyler Saint in “Massage 101”

CocksureMen: Kevin Lane fucks Tyler Saint in "Massage 101"

CocksureMen writes:

“Kevin is turning into our resident sex dummy. He was John Magnum’s star pupil in “Bottoming 101” and now he’s enrolled in “Massage 101” hosted by Tyler Saint. Kevin lays down on the massage table and Tyler begins working on his smooth back, explaining everything he’s doing along the way. I hope you’re taking notes!

His hands meander down and find their way to Kevin’s bubble butt, and then further on down to his toned legs. So far, everything’s been pretty professional, but Tyler can’t resist Kevin’s tight hole any longer and he dives in for a taste. Tyler regains his composure and Kevin flips over. He goes back to work on Kevin’s chiseled chest, arms, legs and feet before once again giving into temptation and wrapping his mouth around Kevin’s hard-on.

Now it’s time for Kevin to show that it’s not just his cock that’s been at attention through the whole lesson. Tyler lays down and Kevin works his way through the routine, pouring over Tyler’s meaty muscles. He does a fine job but quickly cuts to the end of the lesson, sucking Tyler’s massive dick.

After that Kevin decides to improvise. He has Tyler flip onto his stomach and begins to fuck Tyler’s sweet hole. This kid is a prodigy! The for final exam Kevin sits on Tyler’s face and explodes onto Tyler’s chest. This causes Tyler to pop mere seconds later. Congrats Kevin, you’ve passed with flying colors!”

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