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October 31, 2010

Lucas Entertainment: Logan Stevens and AJ Irons’ wet flip-flop fuck in “Piss and Boots”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Filthy-minded Logan Stevens immediately begins hosing down the hot and toned AJ Irons with his impressive dick, getting him right where it counts in his face and his mouth.

AJ loves the way Logan’s piss tastes and uses is as a lubricant for his master’s heavy black leather boots. He licks them clean, before giving his enormous erection some much-needed mouth attention. Dirty Logan spanks and rims AJ with relish, and then AJ rewards him with a steaming hot urine facial!

The two bursting wet piss pigs continue their wet and wild party until Logan bends AJ over for some hardcore fucking action! The muscular newcomer AJ flips Logan to give him a taste of his own beefy medicine. AJ pounds Logan’s milky white ass until he erupts in his own milky white way across Logan’s face!”

– Watch the full scene at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment
October 31, 2010

Cocksure Men: Kevin Crows bangs Brady Jensen in “Back from the Beach” writes:

“Blond, blue-eyed mega-hunk Brady Jensen is sitting up in bed, looking at photos on his iPad, remembering a day of naked fun on the beach with his ripped boyfriend Kevin Crows (who just happens to be sound asleep right next to him). Not for long. Brady wakes him up gently and looking at the photos together, they decide to re-enact the sun-soaked fuck they had that day.

Starting with a soft kiss, the two impossibly handsome guys are quickly all over each other, touching, kissing passionately and sucking each other’s big dicks until Kevin slides his rock-hard cock into Brady’s waiting hole, first on his side, then from behind, finally laying Brady down on his back and slamming him hard until they’re both covered in cum.

Kevin leans forward and kisses Brady, both satisfied that their “re-make” was just as good as the original.”

– Download the entire scene at CocksureMen
October 31, 2010

ChaosMen: “There” with Gerin, Heath and Bryan

Bryan of writes:

“So I had several issues I wanted to solve during this video.

Gerin is a voracious bottom, but he seldom stays hard while being fucked, which is odd cuz the straight guys usually don’t have too many issues standing at attention while being fucked. Gerin is certainly enjoying it, but what’s missing for him is….The Daddy Effect.

Gerin is gay, but he likes his guys mature. Oh he likes a really big cock as much as next power bottom, but add some gray hair in there and a dominating voice and he gets way turned on. He actually thinks I’m hot, proving there is just no accounting for taste! (and perhaps airing this film after the Serviced video early this week is a bit too much “Bryan”)

My other issue was, well, doing something different. I myself have tried doing some POV work with my There series. I tried doing it once with Felix, and then one other attempt where I wasn’t part of it. And despite my numerous appearances, I try to lay low in most of the videos. (Yeah I know hard to believe.)

But I wanted to give the POV ;There’ thang another try and I thought I could solve two problems at once.

In other words, get Bossy with Gerin. Integrate myself into the video so I could keep him hard and turned on, and at the same time, give you all the feeling that you are There, taking part in the scene.

You will all have to be the judge, but I think this video is VERY VERY hot. Everything but the kitchen sink thrown in!

I’m not real fond of me being in it, but I dunno, there is just SOMETHING about this video that I think will appeal to most of my viewers.

So don’t miss this movie. I don’t want to say much more, but I think it will be a fan favorite!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen

October 30, 2010

Lucas Entertainment: Alexsander Freitas fucks Jake Steel in “Sex Addict”

Lucas Entertainment writes about this scene:

“Jake Steel is diligently working at his desk when he can’t help noticing the buff and brutally hot Alexsander Freitas making eyes at him from an adult DVD store across the street. The tattooed stud shows off his washboard abs and soon Jake’s come hither stare results in an office visitor. Alexsander strips his white collar prey at his company board room table and Jake immediately shoves the bodybuilder’s big bulge in his hungry mouth.

He deep throats Alexsander’s beefy cock, unconcerned about who might walk in and see! Next he rims Alex’s masculine and muscular ass and lays him out on the table like a huge Brazilian feast. He perches his boyish white ass over the hulking top, who rises up and penetrates him in one hot thrust. Alex bangs his bottom boy like a man, bending over him doggy style and slamming his ass until he screams. He pounds the twinkish Jake until Jake shoots a creamy load across his abs!”

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October 30, 2010

MenAtPlay: Hugo Martin and Ben Brown in “The Wedding Pt 1 – The Bride’s Brother” writes:

“Menatplay proudly invites you to the Wedding of Hugo and Monica. However as with most weddings there are skeletons in the closet and family history that can turn the perfect day into a disaster. And this one is no exception.

In Part 1 we see how Hugo the groom inadvertently meets his future brother in law Ben Brown, after a wild stag party leaves him all tied up and semi naked in the office. When Ben walks in asking for information the last thing he expects is to see the handsome executive in restraints, and sat legs astride and in his underwear on his desk. Although initially Hugo begs him to let him loose, its soon clear that Ben has other things in mind and his attention is drawn to the bulging package in front of him and the temptation is just too strong to resist.

Soon he is licking his way through the underwear and all thoughts of the forthcoming wedding disappear from Hugo’s mind.”

– Download the full scene at MenAtPlay
October 29, 2010

Next Door Studios: “Suck This” featuring Samuel O’Toole and Marcus Mojo writes:

“Trick or treat, smell my feat, give me a juicy cock to eat! Or something like that.

We’re doing Halloween NextDoorStudios style, and your hosts will be Count Dracula…err, we me Samuel O’Toole & Marcus Mojo.

This scene will redefine the meaning of bite me, when Marcus gets ambushed by his buddy Samuel… But something’s a bit different with Sammy today. He seems… Changed!

Luckily for you, the members, Samuel’s sexual apatite is even stronger than normal. Maybe it was the full moon!

So be prepared for a sucking, a biting and deep anal penetration! Don’t worry, no porn stars were harmed (or converted into flesh eating zombies) in the making of this blood-sucking, cum-drenched Halloween scene.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about is rubbing your dick raw!”

– Download the complete scene at Next Door Studios
October 29, 2010

College Dudes: Rob Ryder and Mick Hanson flip-flop fucking writes:

“We wanted to see what Mick Hanson was all about, and Rob ryder was in town for the weekend, so we paired these two hot guys up for a flip-flop fuck session. The results are hot!

Mick does not have nearly the experience as Rob, so Rob takes the lead, kissing Mick then bringing him to his knees for a hot dick sucking. Then Rob flips Mick onto the bed for a good ass-drilling. Mick enjoyed it so much he almost came when Rob was sliding in and out of him.

Rob still needed to get some dick in his ass too, so Mick puts Rob in place, eats out his hole and gives him a royal fucking. It is hot to see Micks thick cock going in and out of Robs nice hole. Awesome fuck!”

– Download the full scene at CollegeDudes

October 29, 2010

Randy Blue: Reese Rideout fucks Dallas Evans in “Dirty Secrets – Dangerous Games” writes about this hot scene:

“Randy Blue is proud to present our edgiest movie yet, Dirty Secrets.

Four very different stories, each one a scenario where a person’s dirty secret can lead to some very unexpected and dark, hard, cum-pumping results.

In our first chapter, Dangerous Games, a horny stud, Dallas Evans, meets a sexy stranger, Reese Rideout, in a bar and finds out he’s in for way more than he bargained for. A one night stand turns into a tale of domination, fear and taboo pleasures as the two explore a darker side of seduction.

It’s Reese Rideout like you’ve never seen him before, dominating Dallas, teasing his hot hole with that talented tongue of his, using him as his living sex toy. They suck each other’s hard throbbing cocks in a 69 position with Reese getting Dallas’ heart racing from fear and excitement before he rams his huge dick deep into Dallas’ hungry hole.

The dark stranger’s secret is exposed, but could there be more here than meets the eye?”

– Download the full movie at Randy Blue

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October 29, 2010

Sean Cody: Oscar fucks Campbell

Sean Cody writes:

“Oscar has proven to be more than adventurous. Based on what he’s shared with me about his approach to life, and that tattoo… maybe he sees fucking a guy as a challenge. Maybe someone said to him, “No, you can’t have sex with a guy” and that just made him want to say, “Yes. I can.” Of course, getting to see that big cock of his pulling in and out of a nice hairy hole is the ultimate in fun!

“So what turns you on the most you sex-wise?” I asked Oscar.

“Umm,” he paused, “I like scratching, biting, just a little bit of pain.”

“Do you like to inflict the pain or have the pain inflicted on you?”


Campbell sat there with a huge grin, indicating that he might have been dealt more than he could handle in Oscar. But he was ready. His hairy pink hole opened up as Oscar tongue fucked him. At one point in between the deep thrusts Oscar was giving him, I noticed that his back had a few scratches on it. I’m just glad Oscar warned him to be ready for it!”

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October 29, 2010

FetishForce: Race Cooper and Drake Jayden’s wet flip-flop fuck writes:

“Race Cooper heads to the john to relieve himself in this action set and he’s met by piss bottom, bar back Drake Jaden on his knees in front of the toilet, ready to take his piss instead.”

– Watch the entire scene at FetishForce