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March 31, 2011

Randy Blue: Kurt Madison shows off his big dick

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Kurt Madison shows off haunting green eyes, a handsome scruffy face and a cock so big it would make any bottom quiver with anticipation.

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March 31, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Quinn

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Photo shoots are a lot of fun, especially when you have models as hot as Cain and new freshman Quinn. We start off with some footage of their shoot. It never ceases to amaze me how hard Cain stays – all the time! I think he could get hard just reading furniture assembly instructions!

Lucky Quinn gets to play with that thick, uncut (and rock-hard!) cock all through the photo shoot – and in bed! He licks Cain’s incredibly muscled chest, sucks that cock and sits on top of it, all before they even get into action.

Once they do get into bed, the energy only ramps up. Quinn starts out by sucking Cain’s toes. Cain turns out to be ticklish, but enjoys Quinn’s hot mouth on each toe. Cain unzips his jeans and jerks his cock as Quinn gives his feet a tongue-bath.

Cain pulls out his thick boner. Quinn licks the shaft, then sucks the head. He swallows Cain to the root, surprising Cain with his talent. I haven’t heard Cain moan like this in a while, and he says Quinn is better than most girls.

Once Quinn is flat on the bed, Cain kisses and licks Quinn all over. Cain’s pretty damn talented himself! After kissing Quinn’s nipples, chest and abs, Cain goes down on Quinn’s cock. He sucks it eagerly – no surprise, there. Cain’s competitive and if Quinn can suck cock well, Cain’s going to show he can do it even better!

Quinn watches with admiration as the hot bodybuilder goes down on him. The guys move into a 69, and they are so hungry for each others’ dicks, they don’t bother to get their underwear off. It’s one of the hottest things in the world to see two hot guys truly enjoying each others’ equipment like this.

Cain wants to face fuck Quinn. Quinn leans off the bed and Cain towers over him, pumping his cock down Quinn’s throat. Quinn takes Cain’s balls into his mouth before deepthroating Cain’s big dick again.

Quinn bends over the bed and Cain spits on his hole. He buries his tongue deep into Quinn’s ass. He slides in one finger, then his tongue again. “Tastes so fucking good,” Cain says. He then sticks two fingers inside Quinn’s ass, prepping it for the thick dick that’s coming.

Cain teases Quinn’s hole with the head of his dick, and smacks Quinn’s ass with his cock. He lets the lube drip down into Quinn’s ass crack and spreads it out with his cock. Then he plunges in, splitting Quinn’s tight ass apart with his dick.

Quinn moans as Cain pounds his ass. Quinn hangs onto the bedspreads as Cain drills him. Cain pulls out and Quinn begs him to tease his hole again, before Cain slams it back inside him.

Cain pulls all the way out and piledrives back inside Quinn, one slow thrust at a time. Quinn gets on his side and takes Cain’s dick that way. “Oh, yeah give it to me!” he says. Cain pumps his cock deep inside Quinn’s tight hole.

Quinn moans in ecstasy as Cain jackhammers him. He pushes Quinn’s knees up in the air and fucks him in a missionary position. Quinn can’t stop telling Cain how good he feels inside him. Quinn shoots a thick load all over his abs while Cain pounds him.

Cain shoots his load inside Quinn’s ass, pulling off the rubber to show Quinn how big his load is. “You’re ass felt amazing!” Cain says as they kiss passionately.”

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March 31, 2011

Cocksure Men: Robert Axel and Logan Scott’s hot flip-flop fuck writes:

“They say a good man is hard to find but we couldn’t disagree more. We not only found two good men, but they’re hard as well!

When we last saw Logan Scott, he was having a great time getting topped by hottie Mitch Vaughn. But now that he’s hooked up with major stud Robert Axel, Logan’s decided to see what it’s like being on his back.

Our dynamic duo start things off with some tongue-swapping before exchanging blow jobs and adding a very sensual session of 69ing to the mix. Comments like “just like that” never sounded so hot. Once you see how expertly Robert finger fucks Logan, you know something good is coming (as does Logan!).

After Robert does some push-ups with his cock over Logan’s mouth, the fucking begins. There’s lots of heavy breathing and sweating as our guys go all out before these guys perform a surprise twist that leads to double the cum load!”

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March 31, 2011

HotBarebacking: Dominik Rider gets double-fucked by Miguel Temon and Leo Rivera writes:

“Dominik Rider’s ass never had it so good as it does in this video. Buffed-out, hairy-assed Latino Miguel Temon and homeboy Leo Rivera take over Dominik’s hole in every way they can until they double fuck it. After Leo drops a load, Miguel pumps in one of his own and pushes Leo’s in deeper.”

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March 31, 2011

Broke Straight Boys: Mikey, Jayden and Derek’s threeway writes:

“Mikey and Jayden are back on the futon today at Broke Straight Boys to ensure that Derek is well schooled in the arts of anal sex. However, it just remains to be seen who is going to be doing what.

While Derek had done well with both his oral scenes with Mikey and Jayden, he was still quite hesitant when it came to even contemplating fucking another guy, let alone being fucked. Ultimately, it was decided that both Derek and Mikey would be fucking Jayden, with all three boys making $1000 each.”

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Broke Straight Boys
March 31, 2011

Next Door Studios: Paul Wagner pounds Wolfie Blue writes:

“Lurking just on the other side of that bathroom stall is a scavenger. A sex fiend so insatiable, he seeks pleasure anywhere hot men are taking off their clothes. Today we find him peeking underneath the stall door and through the glory hole, hoping to feast his eyes on a certain piece of man meat belonging to one Paul Wagner.

Paul has just finished a hard session of shadowboxing and solo sparring. He’s worked up quite a sweat and has now retired to the locker room to clean up and change. But as he’s putting away his gear, he notices Wolfie leering at him from the bathroom stall. When he knows he’s been discovered, Wolfie emerges ready to fess up. Paul feels his privacy has been violated and doesn’t feel like mincing words. When he notices Wolfie’s dick beginning to swell, he knows exactly what this peeper wants. Wolfie’s getting that large, meaty dick he was craving. Paul knows how to handle these bathroom scavengers – a good, hard ass pounding should keep this wolf at bay.”

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March 31, 2011

BelAmi: Hot photoshooting with Harris Hilton

BelAmiOnline writes:

“For this week’s Pin-Up hottie we feature an early photoshoot of Harris Hilton. The sly & sexy Harris has been very popular with the fans since exploding onto last year. A true metrosexual, Harris is very aware of his body and enjoys a good tease.”

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March 30, 2011

StraightGuysForGayEyes: Rick McCoy’s hot solo photo shoot

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“They say that cleanliness is next to godliness. Can there be anything more heavenly than a lathered up Rick McCoy? No! With his strawberry blond hair darkened in the steamy water and his Greek God physique shimmering wet, it’s a pleasure to watch Rick in the shower.

As this young buck washes up, we watch the suds slide down his backside and into the crack of his tight muscle butt. Then he faces the camera and soaps up his gleaming chest, his wet dick already half-hard just from the thought of us watching him. He slowly works his way down his six-pack, massaging the thigh muscles as he bends over before putting one leg up on the ledge to get those hard-to-reach spots.

Rinsing off with that hot steamy water gets Rick all worked up and jacking off is the only possible outcome. Lucky for us, Rick takes his time beating that hard cock of his, getting close to climax a few times before finally spraying his load. Rick McCoy proves clean sex is HOT!”

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March 30, 2011

OnTheHunt: Rafael Alencar bangs Ian

OnTheHunt writes:

“OnTheHunt is really excited to welcome a brand new pornstar to its roster of pornstar videographers. His name is Rafael Alencar and is well known in the industry for his impressive 10 inch cock as well as his amazing skills as a top.

We wanted to start things off right by having Rafael self film a scene with himself and one of the models but finding a bottom to commit to that massive fuckstick was no easy task.

Ian had just arrived at the shoot house so we cornered him and asked if he would be willing. And let’s just say, that after seeing Rafael’s cock, he was hesitant. It has been several months since Ian had last been fucked but Rafael can be quite persuasive. He assured Ian that he would start off easy on him and Ian finally agreed.

The scene starts off sweet and nice with lots of kissing and oral and Rafael was true to his word and eased his big Brazilian dick into Ian’s tight hole but once Ian was opened up Rafael took his ass on a ride that Ian will NEVER forget!

For more than 30 minutes Rafael pile drived Ian’s hole so hard that Ian shot his load all over his own face. You gotta see this one to believe it!”

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March 30, 2011

SouthernStrokes: Colt McGraw’s hot shower scene

Southern Strokes writes:

“Colt showed up Friday night about 9 pm and he was the last one of the models to arrive. Things were pretty hectic with all the models there and we typically party Friday night so that everyone can get to know each other a bit and it also lets us check out the chemistry with the guys. We were all together staging out next shoot when Colt walked by without a shirt on. He stopped us all dead in our tracks so we could watch him stroll by.

Colt is a little guy standing just a little over 5’7” tall but man he is built. He has one of those bodies that is just made for body building. He spent most of his youth doing competitive gymnastics so that certainly hasn’t hurt the shape of his body. Just wait until you see Colt in action. His body really is amazing and he has a huge cock to go along with it.

Colt was extremely uncomfortable and nervous but this 21 year old is confident and knows exactly what he wants out of life. He quickly put aside the fear and put on his game face and stood in the bathroom fully clothed so we could all watch him strip and take a shower. Colt is a cocky son of a bitch which makes him even hotter than he is. This was Colt’s first time doing anything with another guy around, let alone an audience.

Colt got naked and stepped into the water and slowly soaped up his body from head to toe. Take a look at his trunks as he washes his thighs and check out the crease in his abs. Colt soaped up his cock and we all stood in awe as we watched in grow bigger and bigger. Colt then stroked his hard 7 ½ cock slowly as his muscles bulged in his arms chest and abs. Colt then jerked out a nut of the thickest cum I can remember seeing.”

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