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May 31, 2011

Sean Cody: Jake bangs Jamie

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“When I met Jamie, Jake had already done quite a few films. I remember wanting to have them together but their schedules never lined up and it felt like the opportunity to have these two studs fuck each other had passed.

But things have worked out in my favor! Jamie has become a little fuck stud and Jake’s surprise return has been very exciting. Since their first appearances, both have grown and have become even sexier — more hair, more muscles, and more sexual. In fact, Jamie is probably one of the sexiest, hungriest, most aggressive bottoms I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming! He knows it and loves it! Jake can take as good as he gives, and of course and it’s always hot watching his big uncut cock in action. They were literally flipping with excitement to get each other naked.

They sat in the car talking about their experiences with other guys. The consensus? Jake has been evenly versatile. Jamie can count the times he has topped.

“How many times have you bottomed man?” Jamie asked Jake.

“I’ve probably bottomed maybe on half the videos I’ve made. Pretty versatile. Half and half.”

“I’ve topped three times… four times… that’s about it,” Jamie replied.

“I think the bottom is the most important role you know. Anybody can top really…” Jake added, almost like he was acknowledging Jamie’s skill at taking it.

Jamie agreed with a smile. “Yeah, anybody can top. What makes the video is the bottom!””

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May 31, 2011

Randy Blue: Blake Powell pounds Gabriel Cross

Blake Powell gives Gabriel Cross one amazing blow job, a wild rim job and then fucks his hot little ass… at!


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May 31, 2011

Samuel O’Toole: Samuel pops Joey Hard’s ass cherry writes:

“They’re a couple of fun-loving goofballs living together and having a blast! When Samuel O’Toole decides to give his roommate, Joey Hard, the old ‘boner alarm clock,’ Joey wakes up to a BIG surprise. But he can’t resist Sammy’s fat, hard cock. Samuel figured Joey would definitely be a little hung over this morning, but he might be still a little drunk!

Watch the incredibly cute Joey suck Samuel’s dick while Sammy films the whole thing. Then see Joey’s ass get pounded as he takes a dick for the FIRST time ever! Talk about a good living situation!”

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May 31, 2011

NakedSword: Raw Riders Studios’ “Bareback Whores”

Raw Riders Studios writes at

“Lars Svenson returns with Bareback Whores; exclusive hunks and a brothel of hung and horny international men.

Featurig 4 of the hottest, grittiest scenes on one DVD, Valentin Petrov makes his Bareback debut, drilling his 10 inch Russian cock into newcomer Joshua Chandler’s tight hole in a fuck frenzy threesome that assures Raw Riders Studios is here to stay!”

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May 30, 2011

TrystanBull: Trystan fucks Marko Lebeau writes:

“Marko LeBeau has the best hands in the massage business. It’s not so much his technique, or even his skill, as much as it is that he’s always willing to go the extra mile. So when Trystan Bull throws his back out playing tennis, a friend refers him to Marko, and he takes the advice. Boy is he glad that he did!

As soon as Marko puts his hands on him, Trystan realizes that his reputation is deserved. And when Marko puts his mouth on Trystan’s throbbing cock, he realizes that this will be one massage he’ll be cumming back for, again and again and again.”

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May 30, 2011

Corbin Fisher: “Memorial Day Six-Pack” with Dawson, Connor, Trey, Kenny, Dru and Kent

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“Warning! We recommend a designated driver after enjoying this update!

Have we really filmed 1000 ACM scenes? That’s hard to believe – even for me! But this Memorial Day’s update marks that milestone for us.

When I started out seven years ago, I had some big ideas for this site. But even in my wildest dreams, I couldn’t have imagined that we’d end up filming some of the hottest American college guys a hundred times – much less a thousand!

And yet, here we are! We continue to find some of the most incredible collegiate studs eager to come (and cum!) to CF. It definitely makes my job the best one in the world. And it’s only getting better, as you’ll see in this sizzling six-way!

The only thing hotter than six hot, shirtless guys playing beer pong outside, would be getting them all inside and fucking! Kenny and hot newcomer, Kent, must be reading my mind. So, while Trey, Dru, Connor and Dawson continue to play outside, Kent and Kenny make their way inside to have some fun of their own. Kenny eagerly kisses Kent all over, exploring every inch of his ripped body with his lips.

Trey and Dru head inside to get more beer for the next game. Connor tells them to check on Kenny and Kent. Once Trey and Dru see what Kenny and Kent are up to, it’s clear Connor and Dawson are going to be waiting a little longer for that beer!

Trey tells Dru he’s on top this time, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Dru gets Trey on his hands and knees and starts licking and kissing his perfect ass, then sucks him. As Trey and Kenny get sucked, they steal glances at one another, getting even more turned on. Words, even video, fail to capture how sexually charged the room is at this moment. And it’s about to get even hotter …

Connor and Dawson finish up their game and head in to see what’s up with the others. They wade right into the naked foursome. Connor swallows Trey’s cock and kisses Dru, while Dawson has Kent suck his dick, before eating out Kent’s ass.

From there, things get hotter and more intense. Connor pounds Trey. Dru fucks Kenny. Kent nails Dawson. The top guys switch off, so Kent can drill Trey and Connor can fuck Dawson.

All six gather round into a single mass of muscle and cock for a hot scene that I’ll remember forever! Dawson rides Dru, while getting sucked by Trey and Kenny, who are getting fucked by Connor and Kent. It’s a highly erotic moment, seeing them all enjoying each other’s bodies so intensely.

The tops lay their partners side by side. Kent, Connor and Dru fuck huge loads out of Kenny, Dawson and Trey in a row. After the guys kiss, they head out to the pool to cool off. And they deserve it!

Enjoy this special six-pack of muscle and cock. You might need to watch it several times, so you can savor every minute … and every inch. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day – and thanks to all our fans. We couldn’t do it without you.

Here’s to the next 1000!”

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May 30, 2011

WorldOfMen: Collin O’Neal gets fucked by Sebastian Del Monte

Collin O’Neal writes at

“A friend of mine in Colombia recommended Sebastian to me and gave me his MSN. I video chatted with Sebastian for about 5 minutes before I wanted to come see me in person. I opened the door to my hotel room and I was very happy with what I saw. Then Sebastian puled down his pants and his curved uncut hard on popped out. When I see a cock like that I then decide “hey, why not let him have it?” So yes, I let Sebastian put his big, curved uncut cock up my ass.”

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May 30, 2011

PatAndSam: Chico gets fucked by Johnny and Seth writes:

“What happens when you tell two “straight” guys that they can fuck a gay boy just as hard and as nasty as they want?

This video tells a story. It’s the story of two guys who are mostly straight, but who will fuck around with boys on the side from time to time.

Johnny Squirt is a college frat jock who has about 10 different girlfriends at any one time. But, that’s not enough for him. Besides always wanting more sex than they can deliver, he says most of the girls he knows won’t get dirty enough for him.

Seth is a biker bad ass who likewise fucks women all the time. But, just like Johnny Squirt, he frequently wants something strange. Seth was in a motocross bike accident about 6 months ago. It really fucked up him up, and in particular it trashed his knee. He’s been on his ass trying to heal up, and it means he put on some extra weight, and he’s got a brace on his leg. We think it just makes him look tougher and more menacing and Daddy like.

So, these two studs went to a race together, and afterwards were at a hotel relaxing when they decided they wanted to fuck a whore. Naturally they called Denver’s most notorious Madame, Miss Mandi Monroe for the hook up.

Unfortunately, all Mandi’s girls were booked, and so the only thing she had to offer them was a dirty slut boy. Knowing that these two studs fuck hard, she offered up the one slut she knew could take them on and survive. Chico.

Chico is a sexy hot, Latino, dick loving, cock hound who simply can’t get fucked hard enough. He wants it all, and he wants it rough. Even then you can be sure he’ll just want more.

What you’ll see in this scene is just how hard two straight guys can go on a willing little gay slut. In fact, at one point they start hurting the poor thing, but that only gets them hotter. But, Chico, being the champion whore that he is, takes it with only minor whimpering.

Of course, in the end Chico gets all their hot cum right in his face and down his throat. Johnny Squirt predictably delivers another fountain gusher of a cum shot, and Chico is right there for every drop. Blast after blast after blast of searing hot nut juice all over his face. It’s really a great shot. Anyone who likes a good cum shot will LOVE this one.

Then, to top it all off, these boys show Chico just how nasty a gay whore has to be in order to impress these straight boys.

After fucking him so hard he starts to cry, and then pumping enough baby batter all over his face to float a battleship, these two “straight” boys drag dick loving Chico into the bathroom, throw his ass into the tub, and they each take a long hot steaming piss right into his greedy open mouth!

Yep! Gallons of scalding straight piss all over a well fucked cum whore gay boy!

Oh, and our cameraman Sam has to join in on that bit of action by contributing his own bladder full of used beer for Chico to enjoy.

So, this scene ends with now Grand Champion Gay Whore Chico wallowing around in yellow, licking it up, and trying to stuff some of it into his now fucked sloppy boy hole.”

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May 30, 2011

Cocksure Men: Robert Axel fucks Conner Habib writes:

“Robert Axel is Cocksure Men’s own version of Iron Man. The guy’s muscles are huge! After he and Conner Habib’s make-out session turns into something much, much more, you can see Conner’s eyes grow wide when he gets a look at Robert’s massive biceps.

Conner has some impressive attributes himself,one of them being his superb oral skills. He and Robert both moan with pleasure during their 69 session, which we capture from every possible angle. Simultaneous rim jobs are added to the mix as well. Someone’s about to get fucked. Guess who?

Normally quiet Conner suddenly gets real verbal as he slides down on Robert’s superhero pole and goes for a nice long ride. His pleasure is multiplied once he’s on his back and Robert pries his legs wide open. Both of our studs shoot their loads for this very hot scene’s climax.”

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May 30, 2011

NakedSword: SX Video’s “Fuck Bareback”

SX Video writes at

“Hunky Justin Jameson and beefy Miguel Temon show their versatility as both powerful tops and submissive bottoms in several scenes along with extra-muscled Juan Steel and stud bottom Dominik Rider. Newcomer Lan Andrews, Jay Allan and Simon Pike round out the cast.”

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