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April 30, 2012

Randy Blue: Latino studs Marcel Cruz and Sean Zevran tag-team Jake Andrews

One wonders when blond jock stud Jake Andrews woke up this particular day if he had any idea there would be two hot cocks having a swordfight in his mouth during one of Randy Blue‘s hottest interracial threeways of the year.

Sean really got off on Marcel sucking his cock while he rode Jake, who was laying on his back on the floor with his legs in the air. And the look of pure ecstasy on Jake’s face when Sean is pounding his ass and he shoots his load is absolutely priceless.

But you almost don’t get a chance to savor it without pausing because right after that he’s on his knees getting tons of hot creamy spunk shot in his mouth and all over his face by Marcel and Sean.”

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April 30, 2012

Machofucker: Big-dicked SlimThug pounds LilPapi’s tight ass bareback in “Whose pussy is this?”

Machofucker writes:

“No doubt whose pussy this is, when nasty Motherfucker Slim Thug meets bubble-butt Bottom Lil Papi. Slim Thug roughly drags the poor boy into the room and takes charge of Papi`s holes from the very first minute.

For the lovers of dominant, nasty-talking, big-dicked Daddies and sexy, submissive Latino slut boys – our today`s update.”

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April 30, 2012

Hot House: Trenton Ducati fucks Alex Andrews in “Backroom Exclusive 28” writes:

“Alex Andrews gets a look at the guy doing landscaping on his Palm Springs property and lures him in with the promise of coffee. As soon as Trenton Ducati walks in it obvious that Alex has a lot more to give him. Alex gets on his knees, pulls out Trenton’s thick cock and gives him a juicy blow job.

Trenton fucks the young stud’s face then throws him up on the counter to get a taste of his ass. Trenton drives Alex wild by alternately licking his ass and sucking his cock until Alex can’t take it any more; he wants Trenton to fuck his hole.

Trenton loads his huge cock into Alex’s ass and fucks him like a pile driver. Trenton pulls out and shoots all over Alex’s back then tosses him back on the counter to suck a load out of him. Thanks for the coffee!”

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April 30, 2012

ActiveDuty: Tucker crosses the line with Axl writes:

“On Wednesday we introduced you to that very handsome stud named Tucker whose thick thighs, shredded abs, big rod, pretty bottom and gorgeous eyes made him an overnight sensation. Not only is he hot as all get out, but he’s got a personality to match. I mentioned before that Tucker had some secrets of his own that he shared with me and all I can tell you is that he experimented in high school with a couple of buddies and things went pretty far. Far enough, in fact, to make him comfortable enough to open up and experiment once more. Luckily for us, this time it was all captured on on video for us to enjoy.

Tucker and Axl hit it off right from the start and I could tell they wanted to get to know each other better. Axl can be quite the little tease when he wants to be and Tucker was hooked in no time at all. Maybe it was his pretty smile and flirty ways that first sparked Tucker’s interest in Axl or maybe it was the fact that Axl is just so smoking hot that he’s hard to resist for just about anyone. The attraction was mutual and that made it even hotter to watch as these two spent time together waiting for the scene we are releasing for you today to happen.

Once the big day arrived you could feel the excitement in the room. Axl woke up that morning telling me how anxious he was to do the scene and Tucker arrived all smiles. I knew something good was about to transpire, but I didn’t know just what. I can’t give you all the steamy details in this email, but I will say that say that this scene progresses from great kissing through both giving oral to Axl rimming Tucker. As a bonus, the full scene also includes Tucker’s first try at topping.”

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April 29, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Jonathan Agassi rides Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez’s hard dick in “The Last Day”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Issac Jones manages to escape from Adriano Carrasco after their dangerous and sizzling encounter and reunites with Will Helm and Kriss Aston. They find Jonathan Agassi at the docks where he intends to confront the crazed mastermind Damien Crosse. But Damien gets the upper hand and leaves Jonathan to drown in the waters of Ibiza. Issac refuses to allow that to happen and finds the courage to rescue his friend, and when Jonathan is free he pursues Damien.

He follows him to the bar of Bruno Fernando Gutierrez, a thug drowning his sorrows in booze. Jonathan walks into the bar, but instead of fighting with Bruno, he seduces him by saying he wants to have sex. Bruno is also hungry for sex and alcohol, so Jonathan uses it to his advantage.

Jonathan strips his clothes off and soaks his cock in beer before turning around and sticking the head of the bottle up his ass, the only lubrication being alcohol. Bruno loves the crazed attention and rushes to eat out Jonathan’s beer-soaked ass before taking off his shirt and pulling down his pants. His cock is big, fat, and hard, and Jonathan knows what he has to do with it. He sets onto it with a hot and hard blowjob, sucking the piece of meat thrust in his face.

But it’s Jonathan’s ass that Bruno wants, and goes for it again with another tongue bath before bending Jonathan over a bar table and fucking him straight up the ass. Jonathan said he wanted to have sex and sex alone, so that’s exactly what Bruno delivers to him: Bruno treats Jonathan like a whipped animal as he pumps and pounds his hole. Bruno gets tired of doggy style and sits Jonathan right on top of his cock and lets him ride until they both cum an explosion!

With Bruno drained and tired, Jonathan easily overpowers and restrains him as he runs toward the final showdown with Damien. Whose last day will it be?”

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April 29, 2012

Gay Room: Conner Habib bangs Emanuel Brazzo

Hairy stud Conner Habib fucks Emanuel Brazzo’s ass at!

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April 29, 2012

TrystanBull: Justin Beal gets fucked by Tyler Torro and Trystan writes:

“Justin Beal is either brilliantly conniving or he has terribly fortunate luck. Either way, when he gets together with Trystan Bull and Tyler Torro, no matter what they decide to do, he never seems to come out ahead. Like today, when the guys decide to draw lots, Justin pulls the short one and doesn’t even seem phased by it. Of course, it could be that with these guys, getting the shaft means actually getting the shaft. Two of them, in fact.

Totally used to the drill, Justin assumes the position and in no time Tyler and Trystan both have their dicks out. Pressing them together, Justin takes them into his mouth as their heads rub against each other in his mouth. Getting ready to go for the gusto, Trystan bends Justin over as Tyler fucks his face.

Justin has been here before and he willingly gives his ass over to Trystan as Trystan pounds him into submission. Tyler decides to get a little bit for himself and they switch, flipping Justin over as Trystan sits on his face while Tyler fucks him missionary and he jacks himself off, cumming as he sucks on Trystan’s sweet hole.

With the spooge party already started, Trystan and Tyler both turn around and spray Justin down with their meat hoses, covering him in a sticky sweaty mess. As he rubs it into his skin, one gets a feeling that in Justin’s mind, this is the kind of “shaft” he’d gladly take again and again.Enjoy!”

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April 28, 2012

Randy Blue: Derek Atlas pounds Brett Swanson

Randy Blue writes:

“So there you are with Derek Atlas slamming his balls against your chin and his cock filling every inch of your watering mouth. Are you really going to complain?

Brett Swanson found himself in this very same position, surrounded by big hard muscle as Derek, who’s one of the hottest hung bodybuilders around, was using his face like a Fleshjack.

But that just made his hole hungry for some major ass ramming as he flipped over and took that huge hunk of beef and rode it for all it was worth. The look of pure contentment is so sexy as you watch Brett just take it all in stride. And it’s especially wild knowing full well that Derek’s enormous cock is totally pounding his rear. No wonder he’s got such a reputation for being such a super hot bottom.

And the contrast of having Brett, who’s pretty muscular in his own right, up against Derek’s huge muscle stud frame is pretty striking. And even better when Brett lets out a torrent of cum so huge it splatters his whole stomach.”

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April 28, 2012 Valentin Petrov and Johnny Rapid flip fuck in “Day Laborer” writes:

“Johnny Rapid hires day laborer Valentin Petrov to do “a little screwing” for him. When Valentin arrives at the work site, he find out the screwing Johnny had in mind was ass screwing and a hot flip flop fuck session begins!”

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April 28, 2012

Falcon Studios: Topher DiMaggio fucks Marc Dylan in “Picture Perfect”

Check out muscle stud Marc Dylan getting fucked by Topher DiMaggio in Falcon Studios‘ latest movie “Picture Perfect”.

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Falcon Studios