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September 30, 2012 Andrew Stark and Jessie Colter bang each other in “Handling the Hose” writes:

“Sexy poolboy Andrew Stark isn’t watching what he’s doing and knocks Jessie Colter (and his phone!) into the pool. Jessie is outraged and demands Andrew make it up to him in Drill My Hole style!”

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September 30, 2012

Sean Cody: Coner cums twice getting fucked bareback by Brandon

Sean Cody writes:

““My boyfriend is gonna be so jealous when he hears who I’m working with today!” Coner said. He was clearly excited!

You know he can suck his own dick?” I said, nodding toward Coner. Brandon’s eyes got wide. “No way!” he said, turning his head. “For real?”

Coner blushed a little. “Yep,” he said quietly as he swung his legs over his head for a quick demonstration. “Wow!” Brandon said with a look of fascination. “He’s flexible!”

I think that Coner wanted to impress Brandon and it worked!

“He’s so hot!” Coner told me earlier. “I love his chest and his butt!”

Brandon was also excited. “I like his body,” he said. “I think he’s gonna be fun to fuck!

One thing we didn’t expect (but it was a nice surprise) — Brandon blew his load up Coner’s ass!”

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Sean Cody Special Offer
September 30, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Chuck barebacks Dawson

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Chuck is diving right into his CF education! First he got sucked off by Zeb, then banged Tiffany and now he’s going to have his first, full-on guy/guy action with Dawson. Chuck says his blow job was quite an experience and now he’s eager to go all out.

The guys kiss and Dawson helps Chuck off with his shirt. Dawson kisses Chuck’s lean torso, then gets him on the bed and gets his shoes off. Dawson sucks Chuck’s toes
and licks his feet. Dawson pulls down Chuck’s jeans and plays with Chuck’s cock through his briefs.

Dawson rubs Chuck’s cock and sucks it through the thin fabric. Dawson strips and jerks both their cocks together before going down on Chuck. He sucks Chuck, then feeds Chuck his dick. Chuck blows Dawson eagerly, taking dick in his mouth for the first time. Dawson moves over Chuck to 69 him.

Dawson climbs on top of Chuck to ride his cock. Chuck thrusts up into Dawson’s ass, drilling into him. Dawson gets on all fours and Chuck fucks him doggy-style.

Chuck pounds Dawson from behind. Dawson’s massive shoulder glisten with sweat as Chuck fucks the bodybuilder hard and fast. They both fall back onto the bed.

Dawson sucks on Chuck’s thick dick. Chuck slides his cock back into Dawson’s ass and holds his legs apart as he fucks him. Chuck slams his dick in and out of Dawson’s hole.

Chuck fucks a big load out of Dawson. Cum sprays up to his massive chest and over his ripped abs. Dawson sucks Chuck’s cock again. Chuck watches as Dawson sucks a creamy load out of his dick. Cum drips out of Dawson’s mouth as he sucks Chuck dry!”

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September 30, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian, Alex Marte and Trenton Ducati bang each other in “Awake”

Lucas Entertainment writes about this hot scene:

“Jessy wakes up and while Jonathan is still asleep he sneaks out and heads to Mitchell’s photo shoot. His temptation and guilt continue to lead him into delusion but Mitchell’s attraction only heats up. After Mitchell is done photographing his models Alex Marte, Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati, him and Jessy leave to explore the beautiful beaches.

Adam, Alex, and Trenton head outside and spread out their towels to soak up some sunshine: they’re always anxious to further bronze their sculpted muscular bodies. But the guys don’t even allow themselves to lie down and relax. They quickly move from admiring each other’s physiques to kissing.

Adam lands in the middle of their mutual affection; Trenton runs his hands all over his muscular ass while Alex kisses him and pulls out his hard uncut cock, which Adam slips into his mouth. Trenton takes off Adam’s Speedo and wraps his lips around the thick shaft that is revealed. Adam happily bottoms and services the two tops at once; Alex and Trenton are towering walls over muscle standing over Adam as he sucks on both their hard fat cocks.

Alex and Trenton stand Adam up and reward him for his hard work: Trenton sucks on Adam’s cock once more while Alex works on his legendary ass — he tickles Adam’s tight hole with his eager tongue. A daisy chain forms soon after: Trenton eats out Adam’s ass while Alex moves behind him and licks him clean.

With all of the guys prepped for penetration, Adam is the first to get fucked. He sits down on Trenton’s big dick and bounces up and down while Alex stuffs his own cock into Trenton’s mouth. Adam turns into a double-stuffed whore when he spreads out on his back: Trenton continues to fuck his ass while Alex grabs his face and pumps his mouth.

Trenton surrenders his hole next, and Adam is the one who takes it: he fucks Trenton on a ledge overlooking a stunning view of the sapphire-blue Aegean Sea. Alex decides he’s ready to fuck some ass himself, so the guys move over to the pool: Adam sits down for a blowjob while Alex takes Trenton from behind and pounds his ass.

After they’re done fucking the cum bursts from their cocks!

But these three aren’t the only men getting naked. As we see local Mitchell Rock showing Jessy the beaches of Mykonos and seducing him to let go of his relationship and enjoy what he can offer. Jessy reluctantly gives in but there comes a high price for his infidelity. Jessy begins to reflect into himself but journey becomes intense as he opens his eyes and begins to feel everything. But the man in the mirror starts to shattered quickly as it is man against himself.”

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September 29, 2012 Tony Newport gets fucked by Robert Axel, Tommy Defendi, Rocco Reed and Zane Michaels at “The Gay Dating Game” writes:

“Gay Dating Game contestant Tony Newport has a set of questions for 3 potential partners. In the end he can’t choose between Tommy Defendi, Robert Axel and Zane Michaels so he takes all three for an orgy adding cameraman Rocco Reed for good luck!”

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September 29, 2012

Dominic Ford: Topher DiMaggio fucks Duncan Black

Dominic Ford writes about this hot scene:

“Chemistry. That’s the magic word here. The minute Topher met Duncan (they both stayed at my place the night before the shoot) the sparks were flying. I literally could not keep them apart.

They promised me they wouldn’t sleep together before their scene, but they certainly kissed a lot and cuddled all night. In the morning they were so excited to finally get to fuck each other. They were joined at the hip for the next several days while they were staying with us.

This scene is incredible and shows how hot it is when two guys want each other so badly they can’t wait any longer to finally do it!

You can see how close they got when you look at some candid photos I took in the photo gallery.”

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Dominic Ford
September 29, 2012

NakedSword Originals: Christian Wilde fucks Dylan Roberts in “Wilde Road: Episode Four”

NakedSword writes:

“Series Finale! Christian’s been through sleazy truckers, cosmic partners and stoned love in his sexual coming of age — now, in the climactic ending to Wilde Road, it all comes together with a bang!

After a revelation with Jessie Colter, Christian returns to best friend Dylan Roberts, ready to take the plunge. Water-soaked jeans and warm lips lead to heavy breathing and hot pounding, as Christian finally fucks Dylan Roberts — and realizes that a good homecoming can make the whole journey worth it.”

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September 29, 2012

Next Door Studios: Samuel O’Toole fucks Bryan Cole in “While You Were Sleeping” writes:

“As Samuel O’Toole sleeps blissfully one morning, trying to recuperate from the previous night’s debauchery, Bryan Cole is up early and ready to start the day off right. Feeling around inside his shorts as he watches Sammy dream away, Bryan’s desires get the best of him, and so he decides to indulge in some harmless groping, slowly and lightly touching Sammy’s thighs and making his way up to his meaty ass.

Sniffing at Sammy’s waistline, Bryan cannot control his urges, so he pulls down Sammy’s shorts a bit to expose his bare cheeks, plunging his tongue deep into Sammy’s ass.

This stirs Sammy from his sleep, and upon waking, he rolls over to reveal his morning wood to Bryan, who does not hesitate in falling on top of Sammy’s cock.

Taking Sammy deep in his mouth, he gags a load of spit all over the massive shaft, all the while stroking his own dick. Moving onto the bed, they switch up and Sammy sucks on Bryan’s rock hard dick while fucking Bryan’s face at the same time.

After the 69, Bryan is primed and ready for Sammy’s huge meat stick, which Sammy offers up willingly, plunging his cock deep into Bryan as Bryan moans in anticipation. Leaning back a bit, Sammy arches his back and throws his hips into the thrust, pounding Bryan’s ass relentlessly until they are both ready to begin this day with a hearty splash!”

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September 29, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Micky and Vincent writes:

Vincent is back! And look who he shakes hands with first, but can they keep it at that or do these hands know no self control?

Vincent has been a great part of the cast at the Fratpad for quite some time. He’s most well known for his horse playing and teasing attitude around he employs with fellow guy friends.

It’s great to have him back but we notice a few changes in his disposition from his last appearance. A sense of maturity and seniority, Vincent feels he can bestow his experience on some of the new guys.

Vincent doesn’t know that Micky is anything but a rookie. When worlds clash and these two guys horse playing some catch, Vincent reminds us how teasing can be the hook and sinker for an exciting endeavor with a new partner.

Micky and Vincent really hit it off and are determined to show each other who the more experienced one is, so to speak. The ending is a magical climatic moment circumstantially the result of great profound chemistry.

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September 29, 2012

ManHandled: Derek Parker fucks J.R. Bronson in “Fuck Buddies II” writes:

“As the night continues Derek Parker and J.R. Bronson start off kissing in bed. But as the night progresses the play starts to get a little more exciting. The quick romance is over.”

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