February 14, 2017

BelAmi: Rhys Jagger creams Jeroen Mondrian

BelAmi: Rhys Jagger creams Jeroen Mondrian
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BelAmi’s ‘Month of Romance’ continues with Rhys Jagger topping Jeroen Mondrian in a romantic and chemistry filled scene that put you in the mood for love.

BelAmi: Rhys Jagger creams Jeroen Mondrian

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“I am not sure if teaching Jeroen how to role his own cigarette can count as being a bad influence, but both boys are definitely correct when they say that Rhys is an expert at many things. Luckily for all of us (and Jeroen), his biggest talent is in love making.

We need to add a little Czech/Slovak lesson in here to help understand the joke at the beginning. Both languages use the verb ‘to smoke’ also for giving a blow joke, so when Rhys is asking Jeroen ‘but you know how to smoke, right?’ the inference is very clear to Jeroen… just maybe not to the rest of us.

Regardless of whether we get this little play on words, we can all enjoy the action that follows.”

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