December 10, 2016

Broke Straight Boys: Rowan Adams fucks Issac Lin raw

Broke Straight Boys: Rowan Adams fucks Issac Lin raw

Rowan Adams bends Issac Lin over and fucks him hard and raw at writes:

“Rowan Adams and Issac Lin haven’t had a very productive day, but after all that relaxing they’re ready to make the most of their time in the studio and Rowan volunteers Issac to get things started.

Issac goes down on Rowan, deepthroating that big dick and grabbing Rowan’s balls as he pulls that cock in and out of his mouth, massaging Rowan’s shaft with his soft lips.

It’s Rowan’s turn to give Issac oral next and he works Issac’s meat until it’s hard, licking that sweet cock as Issac face fucks him.

Issac strokes Rowan’s meat with his hand, making sure it’s good and hard before climbing on top and straddling that dick, lowering his ass onto it reverse cowboy style and riding it bareback.

Rowan turns Issac onto his side and shoves his cock inside of him, fucking him raw and deep, his balls slapping against Issac’s ass as he pounds him.

They try another position and while Rowan stuffs Issac full of his big dick, Issac strokes out a huge load and then lets Rowan cum all over him!”

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Broke Straight Boys

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