August 15, 2009

Cocksure Men: “Locker Room Knockout” with Bo Dean, Dane Hyde and Brock Heart

CocksureMen: "Locker Room Knockout" with Bo Dean, Dane Hyde and Brock Heart

CocksureMen writes:

“Bo Dean is pounding away on a heavy-bag but it’s flying all over the place. Brock offers to steady the bag and Bo winds up clocking him on the chin, laying him out on the bench! Dane doesn’t miss a beat and quickly begins to administer CPR while Bo compresses Brock’s chest. Brock comes to, cracks a smile and says he wasn’t really knocked out. Just for that, Dane shoves his cock in Brock’s mouth and the action begins.

Done pounding the heavy-bag Bo pounds Dane’s ass while he’s 69’ing Brock. Then, it’s all aboard the fuck train! Bo gives it to Dane while Dane gives it to Brock. The last stop brings them back to where they started with Brock laid out on the bench, getting fucked until all three guys pop all over him. ::ding:: ::ding:: ::ding:: And the winner by unanimous decision is…you!”

– Get the full-length scene at CocksureMen


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