December 31, 2016

Corbin Fisher: Bryce pops Thomas’ ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We’re ending the year with a bang – as in two of our hottest newer men banging it out for us to enjoy!

Thomas and Bryce might still be green to CF, but the action they’ve had so far has been scorching hot!

The requests to see these two in action has been flooding in, so for today’s update we not only get to watch the two studs in action – but also see Thomas get fucked for the first time!

I’m not sure if it’s because I know it’s about to get fucked – but Thomas’s ass has never looked hotter! Both men are a vision as they stand naked, making out as their cocks grow more stiff.

Once those cocks are rock hard the real fun begin and we get to witness first hand Bryce help Thomas discover something about himself that many CF studs have learned before him – how amazing getting fucked feels!”

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Corbin Fisher

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