November 24, 2016

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Dane cream Tom

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Dane cream Tom

Corbin Fisher writes:

“When the guys of CF aren’t fucking one another’s brains out, they’re hanging out. Of course this results in many conversations about who they’ve had sex with and who they still want to fuck. In one of these conversations, Calan shared his first on-camera experience with Tom. Notably, how much he loved it.

Hearing the juicy details gave Dane a boner, which brought a wicked idea everyone’s mind.

Flash-forward to today’s episode – both Calan and Dane have fun sharing and using Tom!”

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Dane cream Tom
Corbin Fisher: Calan and Dane cream Tom

“Not only does Dane want to get off – he also wants to see a show! He prompts Calan to fuck Tom harder and harder while stuffing Tom’s mouth with his cock.

You just have to admire how far Dane’s come. Shy and inexperienced at first, little by little Dane has come into his own – now he has no problem directing two other studs to fuck in front of him for his viewing pleasure!

Not that he was just there to watch – he wanted to feel the fun that Calan told him about for himself. Together, the two friends force immense pleasure on Tom – and the normally Alpha veteran loves the attention!

Together they make Tom cum. Then Dane blasts his load. He tags Calan in so that he can jerk off and watch as Calan fucks and fills Tom’s hole with his cream.

How’s that for a Thanksgiving stuffing!”

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One response to “Corbin Fisher: Calan and Dane cream Tom”

  1. Steve says:

    Ugh, Corbin Fisher needs not only better writers but better models. Dane once again spends most of the sex scenes with his eyes closed…and if he\’s so excited it\’s not obvious. He doesn\’t even go down on anyone. More bad straight boy antics. CF sucks these days.

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