January 24, 2010

Corbin Fisher’s AmateurCollegeSex: Elijah and Travis’ bi tag team

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s hot enough seeing both Elijah and Travis get into it with one another and a girl at the same time, but I got an extra kick, while filming this, out of seeing Travis do some fucking! We’ve gotten so used to seeing him get fucked that the occasional reminder he can give as good as he gets and has an awesome cock perfect for drilling a hot hole is fun to see!

In fact, it’s not long into the action here that Travis is sliding that big dick of his in and out of Ashley, pumping her hard and fast. He goes from long, deep strokes to fast and hard ones, really giving it to her good! Meanwhile, she’s working over Elijah’s cock and driving him wild with her hands and mouth!

When the guys switch places, it’s Elijah’s turn to bury his bone and Travis’ turn to get his hard dick sucked, both continuing to have a total blast in the new positions and really putting on a hot show!

Travis then takes Ashley’s place on the bed, on his hands and knees in front of Elijah. Elijah slides his hard cock into Travis’ ass and begins to fuck him good and hard. It’s almost as if Travis’ dick is totally attached to his hole, as you can literally see every pump of Elijah’s cock make Travis’ own dick pump and stiffen more and more, getting harder as his ass gets worked over.

Elijah continues to fuck Travis with both guys on their sides, while Ashley is treated to the hot show up close and personal while Travis’ fingers play around with her.

The hottest action takes place with Travis on his back, though! He’s completely bent in half, as Elijah drills his hole and Ashley jerks him off. Travis starts moaning that he’s going to cum, as both Elijah and Ashley do all they can to work a load out of him! He starts to spray a load all over the place as Ashley’s hand strokes his dick and Elijah pumps him! Then, Elijah immediately pulls his own cock out to fire off a load all over Travis!”

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Corbin Fisher

2 responses to “Corbin Fisher’s AmateurCollegeSex: Elijah and Travis’ bi tag team”

  1. B says:

    Barebacking…nice! Elijah is amazing.

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