October 27, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Trey rides Sean

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I can’t believe I haven’t put Sean and Trey together yet! These two dark-haired studs are sensual with other guys. But I knew if they were in bed with each other, the sexual energy would go off the charts.

It’s kind of obvious how much both guys are getting off of each other’s bodies. But they’re also getting off on the chemistry between them. They were eager to touch and kiss each other.

Trey tells Sean to put it all the way in his mouth. Trey shoves his long cock into Sean’s throat. Then Trey strokes their cocks together.

Sean lies down and Trey rubs Sean’s body eagerly before he deep throats Sean’s cock. He licks up and down the shaft. He massages Sean’s foot and thigh, then eagerly sucks each of Sean’s toes.

Trey spends a lot of time on Sean’s foot, working them both into a frenzy. They move into a 69 so Sean can blow Trey. Both guys suck on the other’s nutsack. It’s clear these two are thoroughly enjoying each other.

Sean fingers Trey’s ass, making him moan with pleasure. But fingers aren’t enough for Sean. Pushing Trey’s legs up, Sean dives down to eat out Trey’s ass. He sticks his tongue deep in Trey’s hole.

Sean says he can’t wait to be inside Trey. Trey can’t wait either! Sean teases Trey’s hole with his cock. Trey can’t take it – he needs that dick!

Trey pants and moans as Sean stuffs his cock deep inside his hole. Sean holds Trey by the throat as he pounds him. The passion these two are generating is intense!

Sean lies down. Trey climbs up and rides Sean’s cock. They kiss hungrily. Trey grinds up and down on Sean’s dick and they kiss again.

Trey and Sean are playing rougher, testing each other’s limits. Trey holds Sean by his throat now, then pushes and holds Sean’s hands above his head. Once his hand is free again, Sean smacks Trey’s ass.

Sean drives back into Trey’s ass doggy-style. Sean slams into Trey, their bodies slapping together loudly. Trey yells out as he blasts his load all over the bed!

Sean pulls out and sprays his load all over Trey’s ass. They kiss again, as Sean rubs Trey’s chest. They head to the kitchen grab some leftovers and talk about how hot their fuck was and how next time they have to switch it up. I’d be up for that!”

– Download the full scene at CorbinFisher.com


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