October 25, 2016

Trailer: NakedSword’s “Scared Stiff”

NakedSword's "Scared Stiff"

Check out the trailer for NakedSword’s Halloween release “Scared Stiff”, featuring Ryan Rose, Colby Keller, Seth Santoro, Jack Hunter, Wesley Woods and Tom Faulk.

“Five horny studs from the class of ‘85 head up to a cabin in the woods for the weekend. They’ve got weed, booze, and the girls are on the way. But a knock on the door brings chilling news… there’s a killer on the loose!

Who is the man behind the mask? Who will be the first one killed? Will anyone make it out alive? Most importantly, will the guys get laid? Find out in… SCARED STIFF!”

– “Scared Stiff” will be releaaed on October 28 at NakedSword.com

Special Offer from NakedSword.com

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