March 13, 2010

ChaosMen: Eli and Lansing’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen: Eli and Lansing's raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes about this hot scene:

“Lansing was finally getting confident with his dick staying hard for shoots, so he asked if he could try topping. Eli has no problems bottoming. Actually, I think he is excellent at both positions.

But we started off with Eli giving Lansing the briefest of massages, playing with his hole and generally getting him worked up to be fucked.

Eli wanders around front and feeds his fat cock to Lansing, and that did the trick. He flips Lansing over to get a quick kiss in just before Eli starts sucking on Lansing’s dick, which is standing straight up. Eventually, Eli bends him over the table and slowly inserts his cock, stretching his hole and letting us all see how big his dick is.

Lansing then turns over and Eli crawls on top and sits on Lansing’s dick. Lansing plays with his cock and they kiss. You can tell that both of them are really into it. At last! Lansing finally tops! Lansing did admit that Eli was pretty skilled, and we both wanted to see if Eli could fuck the cum out of him.

I know the “On The Back” position is usually the best, and sure enough we get to witness one of the best cum fuckings I have ever seen. Without missing a beat, nor wilt of Lansing’s cock, Eli pulls out and splooges all over Lansing’s hole, shoving his cum-soaked cock in and out.

I gotta put the massage table into play more often, cuz this is seriously one of the best vids on the site. It’s got great video coverage, there is chemistry between the models, and, of course, a creamy pie at the end!”

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March 13, 2010

MyBrothersHotFriend: Micah Matthews fucks Turk Mason writes:

“Turk went over to play some stick before watching the ball game with his brother’s friend, Micah, but while the brother is away the boys reveal they’d rather play with each other’s balls and sticks. In this game, anything below the belt is encouraged.”

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March 13, 2010

MenAtPlay: Dr. Stevens bangs Dr. Maxwell writes:

“The horny Doctor Stevens is at it again, this time with the even hornier Doctor Maxwell. When Stevens get’s his tie stuck in the filing cabinet Maxwell seizes the moment and begins a sexual assault on the willing victim.

Maxwell sucks on Stevens big hard throbbing cock and jerks it until he can take no more and shoots his hot semen! Maxwell cuts Stevens tie free and proceeds to leave but the stud Stevens has other plans. He takes Maxwell over the examination table, diving his cock deep into Maxwell’s tight hole, ramming it hard until Maxwell shoots a load of thick creamy cum!”

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March 12, 2010

ManAvenue: Matthew Rush pounds Alex

ManAvenue writes about this hot scene:

“We were giving Alex a ride from the gym last week and he spotted Matthew Rush walking down the sidewalk. He almost broke the car window getting it down to yell at Matthew.

It didn’t take too long and before we knew it, Alex was sucking Matthew’s huge dick in the back seat. Alex asks Matthew “So you wanna fuck me?”

After sucking each other’s dicks for a while, Alex climbs on top and rides Matthew while his dick bounces up and down. When Matthew has had enough, he flips Alex over on his back with Alex’s hairy legs in the air and gives him a hard fucking.

After blowing his load all over Alex, Matthew leaves him in a hurry to get home to his boyfriend.

Alex is pissed off he didn’t get to cum … yet!!!”

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March 12, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Elijah gets fucked by Bel Ami boy Luke Hamill

CorbinFisher: Elijah gets fucked by Bel Ami boy Luke Hamill

Corbin Fisher writes:

“This hot clip is the latest release from our joint shoot with Bel Ami that took place in Europe last year, and it was one of the most fun to film! By the time this video was shot, Elijah and Luke had known each other for quite awhile! They were each there when Bel Ami and CF models first met in the US to get to know one another and first start really planning out the big, European shoot that was to follow. So, by the time Elijah and the other CF guys got to Europe, he and Luke had already developed quite the rapport and got along great.

I think they saw some of themselves in one another, which went a long way towards helping them get along so well! They’re both youthful, mischievous, ever-horny, and fun-loving. It’s not hard to imagine both of these guys getting in a ton of trouble if left alone together and to their own devices!

Thankfully, they limited the troublesome fun they got in to with one another to the action in this hot video, though, and it turned out great! Each one really gets in to having the other suck their cock, and the early parts of the action are filled with some very intense foreplay! At one point, Luke is fucking Elijah’s mouth from above, his dick sliding in and out past Elijah’s lips as Elijah eagerly sucks it.

When Luke starts to rim Elijah, the intensity doesn’t stop. He buries his face in between Elijah’s ass cheeks and really goes wild on his hole, while Elijah’s legs are spread apart as far as they’ll go and he moans and pants in response. Occasionally, Luke will come up for air, and deep throat Elijah’s cock, before going back to dig his tongue in his ass and rim him.

After tons of rimming and fingering, Elijah’s hole has been mercilessly teased by the time Luke finally begins to slide his dick in to him.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”, Elijah is soon moaning, as Luke pumps his ass. Elijah’s hole gets quite the work out, and he’s loving every bit of it!

The guys move around so that Elijah is bent over the bed, with Luke fucking him from behind. After just a couple quick minutes (if even!) of stroking his dick while Luke fucks him from behind, Elijah starts spraying a huge load all over the place as his whole body is racked by the orgasm! Luke keeps pumping his ass, picking up pace before pulling out to shoot his own thick load all over Elijah’s smooth ass!”

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March 12, 2010

College Dudes: Carter Nash fucks Ryan Middleton

CollegeDudes writes:

“Newbie Ryan Middleton is an 18 year old with a masculine demeanor, a cute face, nice butt, and sweet pink asshole. Although he admitted to being fucked once before he was not quite prepared to be pounded by Carter Nash.

After Carter and Ryan make out and Carter sucks him off, Ryan learns what it is like to go all the way down on a huge thick cock. The fun begins as Ryan tries to ride Carters cock. You can tell he has never ridden a guy before, but after a few minutes he really starts getting into it.

Having accomplished that, Carter jerks Ryan over to the corned of the bed, lays him down flat with his face in the mattress, and really pummels Ryans tight ass. Carter is relentless as he makes sure Ryans hole is good and worn out before he lets Ryan spill his load, and then sprays his own warm jizz all over Ryans chest. Intense Fucking!

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March 12, 2010

LucasKazan: Gió Frattani gets fucked by Ettore Tosi

LucasKazan: Gió Frattani gets fucked by Ettore Tosi

Lucas Kazan writes:

“Talk about a swimmer’s build… A real swimming instructor, Gió Frattani boasts rock-hard abs, strong pecs and long, wavy hair. Though only 21, this handsome Italian knows who he is (a voracious bottom) and what he wants in bed. Can you believe his boyfriend dumped him?

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March 11, 2010

Next Door Studios: Rod Daily gets pounded by Nash Lawler and James Jameson

Next Door Studios: Rod Daily gets pounded by Nash Lawler and James Jameson

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Rod Daily is passed out after a long night of partying but this doesn’t stop Nash Lawler and James Jameson from sneaking into his room.

The two sexy men creep into Rods room and try to wake him up by rubbing their cocks in his face but Rod doesn’t budge. After a few tries of cock rubbing the two decide to wake his ass up.

After the rude awakening Rod is confused but soon enough James cock is being sucked and Nash is drooling all over Rod’s tasty dick.

James and Nash take turns fucking Rod’s tight sexy ass and mouth. Nash loves to talk dirty and takes control of this hot three way action.”

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Next Door World
March 11, 2010

Randy Blue: Taking a shower with Rafael Gallo

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Greek God Rafael Gallo shows you how he milks his cock so perfectly that it shoots high in the air like a geyser of cum.

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March 11, 2010

ChaosMen: Straight muscle jock Gennaro gets serviced

Chaosmen writes:

“It took a while, but Gennaro kept circling the studio (figuratively) with the idea of getting his dick sucked.

He thought he could do it, if he didn’t have to see the dude. An EDGE video was out of the question ‘cuz there was no way he was going to be able to do the fantasy sequences.

The the idea of being blindfolded and tied-up did seem appealing to him. He has fantasized about a girl doing it to him- hence the rather loud porn playing, sorry about the loud girl in the video, but I thought it would help him.

I am not overly fond of the blindfolded Serviced video. I dunno, it implies a little shame or maybe even not having the guts to fully go through with it. If a straight guy can’t see the other dude, I have always relied on the Glory Hole, now no longer available. I have GOT to scout a new one…mmmmm..Research!

So I went for doing some very lite bondage. This is a rather long Serviced video. More typical of the length of a sex film. But I just felt like I had to leave it all in, but even then I did a fade to shorten it and keep it under 20 minutes.

The tying up, the getting him hard, the rimming..typical fare for a Serviced video. But half-way through the video, something shifts in Gennaro, so you kind of have to watch the first half till after the rimming, and then wow, he really gets into it! It’s like night and day.

There is one portion where he ask me to slow down, cuz he is gonna cum, and I was like, “Uh, you’re supposed to cum now.” But he was more keen on making it last, and I don’t think that has ever happened in one of these videos.

Finally, I decided talking dirty would put him over the top, and you can litterally see his cock get bigger and it’s just very hot to seem him get turned on by a dude wanting to eat his cum, and not the annoying girl moaning and groaning on the video.

This video was a long time coming, and it was worth the wait!”

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March 11, 2010

Men Hard At Work: Leo Forte bangs Sean Adair

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MenHardAtWork writes:

“Sean is looking for a job, and is a little nervous about his first interview. It’s always hard trying to figure out what a potential employer is looking for, but the day manger, Leo makes it easy. Every interview is an opportunity to feel out a new employer as well as a chance to probe a perspective employee, these guys just take it a little more literally.”

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