January 8, 2012

Next Door Studios: Rhett Brenner, Eduardo Dante and Samuel O’Toole in “Internal Procedure”

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Rhett Butler has a seemingly unknown problem, so he has checked himself into the hospital. Feeling sort of ‘Blah’ as he puts it, he just doesn’t seem feel like himself on the inside. Luckily for Rhett, internal investigations are a specialty of Doctor Samuel O’Toole and his assistant, Eduardo Dante.

Known colloquially as Doctor Asshole, O’Toole has seen this problem plenty of times. So after having Eduardo loosen up his anxiety with an oral procedure, Doctor Asshole, er, O’Toole conducts a thorough examination of Rhett’s asshole, starting with the rubber glove test, and concluding with a procedure that Sammy likes to call, The O’Toole in the Butt Gimmick. Well what he lacks in creative titling he more than makes up for in his rectal knowledge, and soon enough, Rhett realizes he has cum to the right doctor.”

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January 7, 2012

Men.com: Bryce Star and Marc Dylan’s hot flip-flop fuck

Men.com writes:

“Bryce Star knew he was going to shoot a sexy model today, but when Marc Dylan stars to pose Bryce’s hands can’t help but touch. Pretty soon hands turn into lips and both model and photographer take turns fucking and getting fucked.”

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January 7, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Micky and Neil

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“This week, both boys in this update are brand new to duos. Micky and Neil are two stunning Fratmen we always enjoy seeing naked. Today, it’s even better as they meet for a steamy shower together.

After helping each other out of their clothes, Micky and Neil enjoy the hot water together while taking in pristine views of each other’s flawless, tight, muscular bodies. Neil stays very close to Micky, and they reciprocate gentle gestures of masculine affection. Clearly appreciating each other’s physical beauty, both our boys exchange blowjobs.

It’s particularly hot watching Micky pull back Neil’s foreskin and suck his cock, all while keeping hard himself.

After brief moments of kissing, mutual masturbation, and holding each other, Micky and Neil retire to the couch, where Micky cums all over Neil’s abs. This is a must-see update!”

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January 7, 2012

ChaosMen: Foster barebacks Patrick Rouge

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Patrick has been going through the site, looking for guys that he wanted to mess around with!

Darius is his favorite, but I knew he was coming in to do a 3-way and it would be a while to get him in.

Foster and Valentino were doing a scene together, and since I had the room with the mattress still setup from Darius’s 3-way, I figured why not do another 3-way? Patrick was certainly happy to be banged by two big-dicked dudes.

So this was supposed to be a 3-way. Valentino was all set. Tested and even the day before had me change his return flight. Then no show. No email. No text. Nada.

Foster was actually a little nervous doing a 3-way, but I told him they were easier (they are) and as long as he didn’t have to bottom he was down for it.

Turns out Foster, and myself, were relieved that Patrick was there, cuz at least I had two models, and not just Foster left with no one to work with.

Patrick was only mildly disappointed when he heard it wasn’t going to be a 3-way, and couldn’t wait for Foster to sit on his face.

And that is how we started this video. I hadn’t really seen Foster get his ass eaten, and he sure gets into it. He got all dirty talking and his dick boned up hard. It just makes you think that maaaybe someday he might try bottoming, but it is more likely he is a dominant dude who got turned on by making Patrick his bitch.

And the two have real chemistry! Foster fucks him every which way, and Patrick as usual is struggling to not nut.

We even get some pile-driving fucking, which was a hard to do up on the bed. Patrick thought he could cum this way, but Foster just couldn’t keep the speed, rhythm, and wood long enough. So we opted for the traditional missionary which made Patrick pop first.

And Foster, that boy can ice a birthday cake with his loads!

Ok, so it might have been more fun as a 3-way, but these two really clicked and it is one hot video!”

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January 7, 2012

Falcon Studios: Trystan Bull gets serviced by Marcus Mojo in “The Guys Next Door, Part 2”

Falcon Studios writes:

“Emerging from the hot tub, Trystan Bull strokes his cock through his undies. Pulling them down, he starts to stroke his fine uncut man meat admiring it — what’s not to admire. It is one of the hottest pieces on the planet — long, thick and meaty with a great head covered with the perfect amount of foreskin.

He’s not the only one who is admiring it. Marcus Mojo watches from a distance and Trystan notices, smiles at Marcus and starts to show off a little. Now, Marcus knows it’s his chance to get a taste of the hot cock attached to Trystan’s hard body.

He swallows it down, working it head to base and coating it with saliva. If sucking cock was a sport, Marcus would hold all the titles. It’s quite possible that he can take a cock in his throat better than any living man, and his prize for this round of cock sucking is major squirts of cum shooting out of Trystan’s cock.

Pleased with his performance, Marcus congratulates himself by squeezing out a load as well.”

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Falcon Studios
January 6, 2012

Next Door Studios: Rod Daily gets fucked by Brody Wilder

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Rod Daily is basically bored and horny, surfing the internet one afternoon, when he comes across the site for Brody Wilder. After one look at Brody’s chiseled abs and winning smile, Rod decides to call and set up an appointment. Brody is surprisingly available for such an in demand escort, which is lucky for both of them, because little do they know they are about to make fucking magic happen.

When Brody arrives, Rod is taken aback by how much hotter he is in person, and Brody almost forgets he’s being paid when Rod starts deep-throating his swollen cock. After some trading off and a little 69, Rod commands Brody to fuck his brains out.

Done and done, thinks Brody, and no sooner is the warrant issued that Brody is pumping Rod’s ass like crazy. When Rod flips over and rides Brody, it is only a matter of time before he cums all over Brody’s chest.

Now for Brody, all he has to do is decide whether this was really work or pleasure.”

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January 6, 2012

Men.com: Tony Paradise pounds Randy Star

Men.com writes:

“The director needs Tony Paradise to help break in a new str8 boy recruit. Tony is more than happy to help after he sees Randy Star!”

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January 6, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Tom fucks Dawson

Corbin Fisher writes:

“When I first met Tom, you would have had a hard time convincing me this moment would ever come! Tom is the masculine, athletic, popular, alpha-male type, and he definitely didn’t seem all that interested in the idea at first.

The more I got to know him, though, the more apparent it was Tom’s a totally laid-back, easygoing guy and might actually be willing to take things further with us; he’s open to new experiences and confident enough in himself to try new things – he is, after all, the football jock that agreed to take a shot at joining the cheerleading squad to, “throw girls in to the air”, and ended up being so good at it he got a cheerleading scholarship! If we could get him to try this new experience and take a shot at some guy/guy fun, I had no doubt he’d excel at this, too!

Seeing this buff ex-footballer in action with Olivia, showing off that intense sexual energy of his, just made me all the more sure we absolutely had to see him in some action with a guy. Sure enough, despite his initial reservations, Tom’s easygoing yet confident demeanor eventually had him deciding he’d give it a shot – thanks in no small part to his spending some time hanging out with Dawson, and Dawson’s way of making new guys feel at ease!

Since Dawson and Tom were getting along and Tom’s being comfortable with Dawson helped get things to the point where Tom was willing to get in to some action with another guy for the very first time, it only made sense we pair Tom and Dawson up together; these two do not disappoint!”

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January 6, 2012

Sean Cody: Pavel fucks Karl

Sean Cody writes:

“”Oh man,” Karl said in excitement. “I love how hairy he is.” I always get a kick out of how happy Karl gets when he meets a new guy. He’d barely met Pavel and he was grinning from ear to ear.

“So you like?” I said. “Uh, yeah,” Karl replied. “I mean, look at him!”

Karl wasn’t shy at all. He had Pavel’s cock down his throat and he had his face buried in Pavel’s hairy ass crack.

Pavel was really impressed with Karl’s skills. “That was the best blow job I’ve ever had,” he said. “Better than any of the bitches could do.”

Karl obviously loved the compliment, but he was ready to get fucked.

It became clear that Karl was going to be aggressive when he got on top of Pavel and really rode him.

And Pavel was really into it to. He was even smacking Karl’s ass so hard he left what seemed like a permanent hand print!”

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January 6, 2012

Randy Blue: Jarrett Rex fucks Jake Andrews

Jarrett Rex rides Jake Andrews like a wild pony, feeding him his cock, pulling his hair and ramming his dick up Jake’s hungry hole in this smoking hot update at RandyBlue.com!

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