December 16, 2009

BoyNapped: Max, AJ and Bailey

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“Max & AJ are out in the country when they see Bailey hitchhiking. They offer Bailey a lift and then make him please them in the van. They shag him, make him cum and then leave him on the roadside stranded.”

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December 16, 2009

Sean Cody: Trevor bangs Brendan

SeanCody: Trevor bangs Brendan

Sean Cody writes

“Brendan has been really excited about his new “experiences.” First, he got fucked by Pete, then he flip-flopped with Nate. So, he’s some had experience on both ends, and seems to genuinely enjoy whatever he does.

Which does he prefer? “I gotta say, I prefer bottom,” he explained. “It just feels really good. You get to let go and… well it just feels really good!”

As he was sitting on the floor, with Trevor seated behind and above him, Brendan was playing with Trevor’s feet. I could tell they liked each other!”

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December 16, 2009

Fratmen: Army brat Preston

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“Preston is an army brat; the son of an army serviceman stationed in the South. If Preston looks familiar it’s because he’s the older brother of Fratmen Pierce! You can tell that Preston has lived a hard life but he’s always played sports and taken great care of his body. Preston is young, fit and full of cum!

In scene one watch Preston sit back on the couch, barefoot in his jeans and tee-shirt, slowly caressing himself and stripping down to reveal nice pecs, totally smooth tan skin, and low hanging balls. Watch Preston reluctantly turn over and fuck the couch, showing off his perfect smooth ass and full balls. After cumming he takes a hot shower and we catch up with Preston a few days later, this time in the bedroom where he finishes off by shooting a full load between his chest! If you like college aged army kids with an attitude Preston is your man.”

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December 16, 2009

Broke Straight Boys: Michael, Chasen and Mike suck and fuck

BrokeStraightBoys: Michael, Chasen and Mike suck and fuck

Broke straight boys Michael, Chasen and Mike suck and fuck for cash

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Broke Straight Boys
December 16, 2009

Cocksure Men: Lance Bennett and Jeremy Hunt hot flip-flop fuck

CocksureMen writes:

“There are two things a guy can count on in the morning: morning breath and morning wood. Lance and Jeremy tackle the first with some breath spray, and the second with a flip/flop fuck. We’re certainly not ready to label Lance as a ‘power bottom’, but he’s well on his way. No longer a novice, he’s really starting to enjoy the feeling of a thick cock in his ass. We certainly enjoy presenting it to you.”

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December 16, 2009

ChaosMen: Muscle dude Lazaro

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Chaosmen: Muscle dude Lazaro

Chaosmen writes:

“Can you believe how fucking hot and masculine this dude is?!? Truly he is a man’s man and there is not much one could find in fault with him. He’s more mature than recent models (If you can call 27 ‘mature’). But he is definitely an adult male, and his body hair and shape screams masculinity.

He has an engaging smile with perfect teeth, and when you go South of the border you will find a nice cock with lefty curve to it. He hails from the heartland, so has been tanning to try to stave off Winter pallor. So he does have a few white spots where the fake sun don’t shine.

Lazaro is a former body builder who has recently gotten back into shape ‘naturally’. He has been hitting it hard for this shoot, and I think it shows. His guns are awesome!

I like hanging and talking with him. I can tell what a difference 5-6 years makes when communicating him versus the younger models. His interests are a bit more mature. He is relaxed and confident in himself. Confident enough, that I believe he will be able to get Serviced by another dude. So stay tuned for more Lazaro!”

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December 15, 2009

MasonWyler: Mason pounds Rod Daily

MasonWyler: Mason pounds Rod Daily writes

“Rod Daily just returned from the gym and is checking out his ripped physique in the mirror when Mason Wyler steps through the door. Mason is a sucker for buff, muscular guys. Good thing they don’t call him for no reason.

These studs don’t waste any time before they’re jerking each other off and rubbing dicks together like a pair of horny animals. Rod loves 69ing and isn’t afraid to let Mason plunge his tongue deep into his ass. Rod could tell by the passionate manner in which Mason ate his ass that he was in for a wild ride on a hard cock. Boy was he right!”

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Next Door World
December 15, 2009

Randy Blue: Sexy dude Joey Jacobs

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RandyBlue: Sexy dude Joey Jacobs

Randy Blue‘s latest stud Joey Jacobs has a great mixture of adorable good looks, an amazing toned body and a uninhibited wild side.

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December 15, 2009

Next Door Studios: The Studding twins rub one out

NextDoorMale: The Studding twins rub one out

NextDoorWorld writes:

“The Studding Twins are just returning from an afternoon on the lake, kayaking and swimming. Dave and Matt had an especially good time meeting a group of hot young ladies who were enjoying the cool water as well.

They made plans to meet up with the girls later and are very excited because the twins know it’ll be an opportunity to tag team multiple girls and get their dicks wet. However they don’t want the girls to think they’re immature. Just to be safe, the guys decide to stroke their eager cocks now so they last longer with the sweet babes later. These guys are geniuses!”

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Next Door World

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December 15, 2009

College Dudes: Tony Falco busts a nut

CollegeDudes: Tony Falco busts a nut

CollegeDudes writes:

“Tony Falco is our latest addition at Collegedudes247 – you are going to love watching this stud jerk off. Tony has nice Italian-American olive skin, sexy bedroom eyes, and a thick cock that is hard and ready to go! After describing his move from studying to be a minister to stripping on camera, Tony throws off his clothes and proceeds to beat his meat.

Tony has a nice chest great butt, and reall bushy pubes. But our favorite part of this jerk-off was getting to see Tony lose himself in his own pleasure and shoot a thick warm load of cum. Hot solo!”

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December 14, 2009

Stag Homme: Manuel Lopez, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse in “REC”

StagHomme writes:

“We brought Manuel Lopez back for another fuck, this time with Francesco D’Macho. REC starts off with Manuel Lopez doing some pull-ups on his sunny outdoor terrace while fucking Francesco’s face. What was supposed to be a sweaty two-way fuck scene turns into a three-way when the horny camera man (Damien Crosse) can’t keep himself out of the action in just about any part of the scene including feeding his dick to Manuel while he pounds Francesco on all fours, joining Manuel Lopez to piss in D’Macho’s ass and even blows his load with Manuel on his face unleashing an enormous simultaneous double facial all over Francesco.

As soon as the first couple of squirts gushes onto Francesco’s face, he shoots all across his hairy chest making this one of the hottest simultaneous 3-way cumshots we’ve ever seen!”

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