October 15, 2009

ActiveDuty: Soldiers Conrad and Brian bang each other in “Double Time 4”

This week at ActiveDuty: Soldiers Conrad and Brian bang each other in "Double Time 4"

This week, Active Duty is finishing the stream of their newest release featuring all hot duos, Double Time 4, with Brian and Conrad. These hunky exclusive straight amateurs are coming from the military straight to your bedroom in a delicious scene where they suck, try some deep-throating, 69, do a little rimming and both bottom! This scene is streaming now for members, along with 8 other full-length features!

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October 15, 2009

NextDoorHookups: Chris Taylor bangs Kelly Summers

NextDoorHookups: Chris Taylor bangs Kelly Summers

NextDoorHookups writes:

“Chris Taylor is having a hard day. First an old man at the bus stop grabbed his ass, and now his car conked out on the side of the road. But his luck is about to turn around as Kelly Summers picks him up and brings him home to use her phone.

As soon as Kelly saw the ripped biceps and robust pecs on Chris, she knew she had to have his cock in her mouth. And Chris is eager to return the favor. His dick had been hard the whole ride back to Kelly’s place and now he’s gonna give her a hard fucking, Next Door Hookups style.”

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Next Door World
October 15, 2009

Next Door Studios: Christian Wilde and Manny Vegas

Next Door Studios: Christian Wilde and Manny Vegas

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Christian Wilde and Manny Vegas are on their way home from baseball practice, and it was a strenuous practice to say the least. Not only did the coach ride Christian and Manny especially hard, Manny couldn’t get rid of his pesky boner! Nobody noticed, but Manny just couldn’t concentrate. All he could think about was getting laid. Now on the way home, Manny takes a chance and mentions to his good buddy Christian how horny he’s been. Christian is totally understanding.

In fact, Christian suggests they find a nice place to stop a while and jerk out a little frustration together, the way only good pals can. Manny is definitely game! These guys soon realize that it feels way better when a friend strokes your cock. And even better…a blowjob from a good buddy.”

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October 14, 2009

Randy Blue: Zachary Cook blows Gunner Pierce

RandyBlue: Zachary Cook blows Gunner Pierce

Randy Blue studs Zachary Cook and Gunner Pierce look so hot together, especially with Zachary’s head bobbing up and down between Gunner’s legs and Gunner bucking his hips and fucking Zach’s handsome face.

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October 14, 2009

Fratmen: Italian college jock Madison

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madion_fratmen-tv_011 madion_fratmen-tv_010 madion_fratmen-tv_012 madion_fratmen-tv_008

Fratmen.tv writes:

“Madison is called streamlined Maddy by his buddies on the swim team. On the college team for 2 years now you can see there is little fat on Madison, a great tan line that highlights his olive colored skin, and a well defined athletic physique. If you like Italian college jocks with a nice attitude, great body and rock hard cock then Madison is for you.

Watch Madison get all worked up in the gym after practicing in his Speedos. See him caress his cock through his Speedos unti he can’t take it anymore and unleashes the monster.

After jacking off to himself in the mirror and giving us a great cum shot Madison takes a shower and goes another round on the bed where he shoots a heavy load all the way to his chest.”

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October 14, 2009

Cocksure Men: Bo Dean fucks Marcus Hogel

CocksureMen: Bo Dean fucks Marcus Hogel

CocksureMen writes:

“Everyone knows it’s hot down in Miami, but the ocean is brought to a boil when Bo Dean and Marcus Hogel get down and dirty. Bo is as ripped as ever and always ready to fuck. Marcus has some of the most kissable lips you’ll ever see, and an asshole that begs for Bo to plow it. A voracious top, Bo fucks Marcus hard and long, both men moaning and gasping with intense passion. Finally, with dicks side-by-side, they both create a hot cum stew all over Marcus.”

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October 14, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Bryan fucks Vince

CorbinFisher: Bryan fucks Vince

CorbinFisher writes:

“The last time we saw Bryan and Vince together, it was Vince getting to bury his ass in Bryan’s ass in the midst of a hot, hardcore, bi threeway over at ACS! Now, it’s Bryan’s turn to top and get that big dick of his deep in Vince’s hole – and both Bryan and Vince seem more than happy to have that happen!

Even before the fucking, Vince looks like he can hardly wait for what’s to come. Bryan starts to fuck his mouth with his big, uncut dick, and we see Vince’s own cock pulsing, straining and as hard as can be while that happens. It’s pointing towards the sky, swaying back and forth while Bryan thrusts in and out of Vince’s mouth, feeding Vince his dick.

As much fun as both guys look like they’re having with the oral, they can’t help but move on to some deep fucking, as Vince lays back and throws his legs up so Bryan can slide his dick in to him.

“Oh yeah! Fuck my ass!”, Vince moans, as Bryan slides more and more of that cock in to him. Vince is still totally hard himself, loving the feeling of Bryan’s big dick filling his hole.

Bryan keeps pumping away, pulling all the way out a couple of times before sliding his uncut dick back in to Vince’s ass and getting a deep groan out of Vince each time he does that. He continues to fuck him good and deep as they switch positions, with Vince bent over in front of Bryan and exposing his ass to him fully.

Vince is taking quite the fucking by this point – way more than he gave Bryan during their bi threesome! But neither seems to mind that, least of all Vince!

“Your dick feels so good!”, he tells Bryan.

By now, he’s bouncing up and down on it, fucking himself on Bryan’s cock as Bryan lays down under him. It’s not long before Vince is shooting a load all over Bryan’s chest as Bryan fucks up in to him, covering Bryan’s abs in cum. Bryan keeps fucking Vince more, working his way up to his own orgasm as he starts to spray his own load all over Vince’s ass.”

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October 14, 2009

Sean Cody: College jock Casey

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SeanCody: College jock Casey

Sean Cody writes:

“Besides having a lean, tight body, a handsome face, and a sweet personality, Casey is sporting one big, thick cock! He’s 21 and from the midwest (which he finds “boring”).

He was very nervous when I first met him and didn’t seem to relax until his clothes came off! He’s got a year left in school and after that he hopes to move someplace else. “Probably New York,” he said. “Someplace big!””

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October 13, 2009

Broke Straight Boys: Logan fucks Holden

BrokeStraightBoys: Logan fucks Holden

Logan fucks Holden’s hot tight asshole for cash!

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Broke Straight Boys
October 13, 2009

ChaosMen: Big-dicked jock Hagan

Chaosmen: Big-dicked jock Hogan

Chaosmen writes:

“Hagan is of mixed heritage, making it hard for me to pick which race to categorize him as in the Search area. He seems to have gottent he best of all genetics. He’s a big dude. 6’4″ and all muscle and also all cock. His dick is HUGE.

Hagan is a quiet guy, not only during the solo, but just in general. But I have a feeling when he is with his buds, he does like to party, and I got the more reserved version.

Hagan says he wants to do guy-on-guy work, and I am for sure not passing up the opportunity to Service him.

The entire time he jacked-off I was thinking his technique was just my style, and how easy it would be to get him off!

So getting Hagan some oral action is my next mission!”

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October 13, 2009

Raging Stallion: Pistol Pete bangs RJ Danvers

RagingStallion: Pistol Pete bangs RJ Danvers

RagingStallion writes:

“Furry pup RJ Danvers get’s locked and loaded by Pistol Pete’s sweet piece of weaponry in this hot encounter. RJ starts by deep-throating his ripped partner before Pete works his tongue and facial hair on RJ’s hot ass. When he gets his cock in there, he looks at RJ with incredible intensity only strengthening the connection of the masculine duo. This is a match you’re not going to want to miss.”

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