September 13, 2011

Randy Blue: Dean Wildwood fucks Ash Taylor

Ash Taylor gets one fuck of a rim job from Dean Wildwood, who also gives him a kick ass blowjob and hardcore ass fucking.

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September 13, 2011

Fratmen: Muscle jock Hudson writes:

“What a stud! Fratmen Hudson is a tall, dark skinned and well groomed young man who takes his athletics very seriously.

Living a day in his life, we watch hudson get naked in the locker room, take a shower and masturbate like any college jock does.

With copious amounts of testosterone were lucky enough to watch Hudson ejaculate twice with no despair.

Whew, what a slam dunk!”

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September 13, 2011

Sean Cody: Brandon pounds Jeffrey

Sean Cody writes:

“Jeffrey is a really fun guy and I love how he’s continually exploring his own sexuality! He gets really excited just talking about it. Put him in a room with another guy and his cock gets rock hard!

Brandon… well, he’s still a bit shy about things. But, he’s kept an open mind about his new experiences and he was ready for more!

“You’ve done a film before… you got your ass eaten and a blow job. Which one did you like better?” I asked Brandon. “Blow job,” he replied.

“Why?” I asked. Jeffrey was surprised that he didn’t pick the rim job. “You didn’t like your butt hole eaten out?” he asked in disbelief. “…just new,” Brandon replied. “I wasn’t used to it.”

“Did you like it though?” “Yeah,” he answered with a shy smile.

This time it was Brandon’s turn to suck some dick. I have to say that he did a pretty good job! He also gave Jeffrey a great fucking and he looked damn near perfect doing it!”

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September 13, 2011

College Dudes: Tom Faulk busts a nut

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“Tom Faulk lights up the screen with his energetic personality, tremendous looks, and extremely inviting body. At only 18, Tom has a beautiful toned torso, washboard abs, a laid-back surfer attitude, and a sexual appetite that is out of this world.

Tom strips down and works up his hot cock, stroking his favorite play-toy and rubbing his chest. Tom is not the least bit shy, and starts enjoying giving us the show. He gets down onto the bed and humps it like a wild man before getting back up onto all fours and giving us a peek at his juicy freshman asshole. Tom is the total package, and he knows it.

As he lean back onto his elbow, his stroking becomes more vigorous until he cannot hold it any longer. Tom lets out a heavy sigh as he shoots a creamy load of teen man-juice all over himself. Awesome jerk-off!”

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September 13, 2011

TrystanBull: Trystan Bull, Nick Reeves and Max Morgan in “My Stepdad Banged Me” writes:

“When Trystan Bull married Max Morgan’s mother, Max was thrilled to be part of a new, blossoming family. Then there was the first time he saw his new stepdad without a shirt. Max couldn’t help but stare at Trystan’s flawless upper body while his penis grew erect. Trystan noticed but never said anything to Max or his mother about the large boner Max popped on that particular occasion. But he never forgot.

The stresses of daily life and competing for Max’s mother’s attention have sometimes put a strain on Max and Trystan’s relationship. Today Max is hanging out with his pal Nick Reeves, a friend Max’s mother forbid him to see due to an incident that involved the boys being caught at school naked together in a bathroom stall.

When Trystan finds the boys lounging poolside in the backyard on a weekday, he lectures his stepson about ditching school. And if Max doesn’t want Trystan to tell mom that Nick has been hanging around, someone’s gonna have to suck stepdad’s big, hard cock.

But that’s simply not enough to get these disobedient truants off the hook. After their hungry mouths share the Bull’s boner, Max will need to take a banging from his stepdad… no ifs, ands, or buts…well, some butts.”

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September 13, 2011

HardBritLads: Luke Desmond and Leo Helios’ hot flip-flop fuck

Mega-hung Luke D & hot stunner Leo Helios have an incredible session, as Leo deepthroats Luke 9 incher, gets face fucked, then they take turns fucking each other hard, climaxing with Leo spunking into Lukes face and mouth.

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September 13, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Shay and Dominic Pacifico fuck each other in “Auditions 41: Rock Hard”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“The handsome Shay returns to help introduce his sexy scene partner, Dominic Pacifico, to the ways of Lucas Entertainment. They share a discourse with the help of Michael’s personal iPad before moving onto hotter and steamier activities.

Dominic makes it his mission to service Shay: he worships the sexy Israeli’s torso, licking his nipples and passionately kissing his pecs and stomach. Shay loves the attention, grabbing his partner’s head and guiding his lustful actions. When Dominic reach’s Shay’s pants, he tears them off and swallows up the boner that pops out.

Dominic takes special care of Shay’s cock — he spends all the time needed to lick and suck it, making Shay hard and ready for when Dominic slips a condom on it and sits on Shay’s lap. The Israeli stud grabs hold of Dominic’s hips and lets him ride aggressively.

But in a twist, Shay turns around with a hungry hole, one that Dominic happily fills. Dominic pounds Shay as he’s bent over a couch, bringing them both to a cum-eating orgasm!”

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September 12, 2011

Stag Homme: “Public Menace” – Carlos Gustavo

Stag Homme Studios writes:

“Stag Homme introduces tatted up and hairy muscle-god Carlos Gustavo in his porn debut as he takes you a long with him throughout the city wanking his fat cock in the most daring locations all in broad daylight; a laundry mat and public stairwell in a square both of which have full length windows, in a rowboat in a highly-trafficked city park lake, in a shop, and even in the actual streets of the city center with people walking by.

Carlos Gustavo is one hot fucker who shows you what balls he has in this 100% guerilla adventure, “Public Menace”.”

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September 12, 2011

Randy Blue: Danny Harper’s super hot bonus photo set

Randy Blue writes:

“This incredible bonus photo set features our smokin’ hot redhead Danny Harper showing off the fact that there just might be something to the guys who have a suit and tie fetish.

Between the dark rimmed glasses he’s become known for and the way his six pack abs and rock hard pecs peek through the crisp white dress shirt as he pulls the tie aside, this look is perfect for him.

Of course, the fun of dressing up someone like Danny is a suit and tie is taking it off of him. Just one look at that patch of fiery red pubes perfectly framing his deliciously plump dick can drive any man wild. And his chiseled muscles make his entire body absolute perfection.”

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September 12, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: “All Star Studs”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Everyone wants a man who knows exactly how to get them off: touch, taste, and hit every right spot. Enter the “All Star Studs.” These ripped and ready pros know their way with men and are here to please.

Watch hot and aggressive Adam Killian as he slams Carsten Andersson.

Mega-porn star Pierre Fitch hammers Brandon Jones.

Powerhouse Robert Van Damme fucks pig-bottom Jessie Colter.

Kyle DeAnthony submits to Israeli hunk Matan Shalev.

Then hungry bottom Jesse Jordan drains another thick load of cum out of Shalev.

All five scenes are busting with passionate, intense, and hard “All Star Studs”!”

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