January 11, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Carson cums in Harley

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Carson not only has one of the hottest bodies around, hes one of the sweetest guys imaginable. Hes soft-spoken and intelligent, and a little on the shy side. Except in bed! Carson is aggressive, but his enthusiasm for fucking a tight ass never keeps him from being passionate with a guy, either.

Harley’s still new to guy/guy play, but after his initiation from Travis, he was eager to get some more experience. Harley doesn’t do anything by half, and once hed been fucked, he wanted more. Carson would be the prefect balance to Harley’s intensity.

Carson enjoys exploring a guys body fully, and that starts off with kissing them. Harley responded naturally. I would never have thought Harley was the type of guy who could be so tender with another guy – his military look and attitude made me think hed be more brusque. But first with Travis and now with Carson, Harley’s shown how much he really enjoys being with another hot guy.

The kiss lingers, each guy feeling the others body and crotch. Carson pulls Harley up and over to the bed, where he relishes Harley’s ripped torso with his hands and lips. He presses against Harley with his own massive chest, then licks and kisses his way down to Harley’s underwear.

Carson blows Harley, making his cock rock-hard. Carson stands up so Harley can suck his dick as well. I was impressed with Harley. Its only his second cock, but he swallowed down Carson’s thick dick like a pro, no matter how much it choked him.

Harley’s ready to get fucked. Carson eases a finger into his ass to get him ready. He teases his ass with his cock, then slides it in. Harley looks back at Carson as he gets fucked. You can definitely see a few times that Carson goes so deep that Harley is taken by surprise. But he never asks Carson to slow down or stop. He just keeps on riding the intense waves that are getting him closer to coming!

Carson gets Harley on his back and shoves his cock back inside. He rocks Harley back and forth on his dick. Harley’s abs tighten as he gets fucked. The guys continue to kiss as Carson pounds Harley faster. He fucks a huge load out of Harley. Cum shoots all over Harley’s ripped abs and chest.

Harleys ass tightens around Carsons dick as he cums – and that makes Carson shoot his load inside Harley!

Im glad to see Harleys enthusiasm. I wonder how he would do on top for a change …”

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January 11, 2012

Cocksure Men: Marc Dylan gets fucked by Cavin Knight

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Marc Dylan and Cavin Knight have stunning bodies with abs to die for. Of course they work out a ton so resting is important.

Normally Marc would hate being awakened from a nap, but with Cavin whispering in his ear and groping him, he doesn’t mind at all. It’s off with the underwear and out with the cocks, with passionate kissing along the way. The guys take turns shoving their rock hard pricks down each others’ throats. Cavin eats Marc’s sweet hole, priming it for his stiff dick.

Marc clasps at the bed, taking every inch of Cavin’s hard thrusts deep inside him.

The action is intense between the two studs and Marc loves Cavin’s fast and furious pace.

Cavin pulls out and sprays a huge, long load over Marc’s amazing chiseled body. Just moments later Marc shoots all over his own rock solid abs. Cavin quickly licks up Marc’s and his own cum off Marc’s rippled belly. They kiss and Marc can finally get some rest.”

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January 11, 2012

Falcon Studios: Marc Dylan and D.O. blow each other

Falcon Studios writes:

“Hot, ripped stud Marc Dylan has his lips wrapped around the massive cock of superstar D.O. Marc is absolutely worshipping D.O.’s stunning member with his mouth. With a cock like D.O.’s, who wouldn’t want to savor it in every way? Swallowing it to the base and taking it like a champion, Marc strokes his hot joystick.

These two lean and sculpted, exquisite specimens are fully engaged as Marc gets on all fours so D.O. can fuck Marc’s mouth, as streams of saliva pour out of Marc’s mouth. D.O.’s fiery passion and his equally handsome partner moves him to repay the oral favor and go down quickly on Marc.

Taking Marc deep in his throat, D.O. quickly gets Marc so excited that he shoots a load onto D.O.’s washboard abs. D.O. strokes and sprays his cum on Marc’s shoulder and chest!”

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Falcon Studios
January 10, 2012

Fratmen: Braxton busts a nut

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Fratmen.tv writes:

“In an era where the boy next door element, overdone by heart melting charmers can seem overrated, Fratmen Braxton must be from another dimension by giving us the best of both worlds. Preppy from head to toe, sweet and kind from mannerisms to disposition, Braxton carries no shame in being shy when stripping bare bottom naked for the ultimate display of eroticism.

Reserved as he may be, Fratmen Braxton prevails in the daring adventure of a slow warm jerk on the patio and seemless transition to the bed where he finishes what he intended.”

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January 10, 2012

HotBarebacking: Antonio Biaggi fucks Dominik Rider raw

HotBarebacking.com writes:

“Antonio and his intimidating 11 inch dick return again, this time to show fellow Latin stud Dominik what he is capable of. Dominik starts sucking Antonio’s colossal cock, attempting to deep-throat but chocking halfway down.

Antonio pulls out of Dominik’s mouth, throws him on his back onto the bed and plunges his giant dick all the way inside Dominik’s hole until he lets out a scream.”

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January 9, 2012

ActiveDuty: Brian and Ethan pop Bentley’s ass cherry in “Drafted 4”

Active Duty writes:

“Today we’re back with a new DVD release, Drafted 4. We’ve also got a really hot scene from this DVD that has never been released on Active Duty. Our sister site, Amateur Straight Guys, had many very popular models over the years and one of them was the lucky chap in today’s scene with our very own popular model Brian and another Active Duty find, Ethan.

Bentley was among the most popular models on the ASG roster for many years. He’s cute, sweet and super hung. He’d been a regular on ASG and had done many scenes, but one thing he’d never done at ASG that he does in today’s scene was give up that sweet virgin ass of his.

He had garnered a big following based on his cute boyish face, great personality and HUGE dick alone. So, as you can imagine this scene was very different for Bentley and what happens by the time it’s over was a big step for this cute Amateur Straight Guy.”

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January 9, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Real-life best buddies Trey and Ross try blowjobs for the first time

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Trey and Ross are going to do a duo! Both boys are hot college jocks who have been buddies for a little while now. Ross is a strong football player, and Trey is a super cut surfer with shaggy, blond hair.

Fratmen Trey and Ross take a shower together, and after a bit of hesitation, there is a blowjob. Hot stuff.

After that, these guys take to the bed and jerk their cocks until they both cum.

You have to see these two hot jocks explore each other in this amazing video!”

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January 9, 2012

Randy Blue: Jeremy Walker bangs Jorge Fusco

Jorge Fusco gets a wild ass fucking from the huge hung bodybuilder Jeremy Walker.

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January 9, 2012

Lucas Raunch: Scott Carter takes Bruno Knight’s hard dick and hot piss in “Urine Ibiza”

LucasRaunch.com writes:

“British pornstar Bruno Knight takes charge in every situation: he pulls over on the side of the road to take a piss, but instead of just relieving himself, he decides he’s going to humiliate his passenger, Scott Carter, first.

Scott gets out of the car and drops to his knees, waiting for Bruno to treat him like a urine whore. Bruno whips his dick out and starts shooting a stream — Scott has his mouth open wide, begging for every last drop. Scott follows his yellow bath up with taking out his own dick: he’s hard and Bruno slips the gay pornstar’s uncut cock down his throat, sucking on and getting him excited before turning him around and eating his ass out.

Bruno is anxious to fuck shortly after, and Scott doesn’t stop him from slipping his hard dick up his ass. Both Bruno and Scott are big and muscular, and Bruno’s powerful frame slamming into Scott’s ass makes for a hot session of fucking.

Afterwards Scott’s own bladder pops: he shoots off a stream of piss at Bruno, who revels in the steaming shower. It gets Bruno so hot and hard that he slams Scott up against a tree and starts pissing on him and fucking his muscular hole deep until they both blow their white loads!”

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January 8, 2012

JocksStudios: Marcus Mojo gets fucked by Brandon Lewis in “Escape”

Brandon Lewis bangs Marcus Mojo’s muscular ass in this smoking hot scene from Jocks Studios‘s latest movie “Escape”.

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