October 6, 2009

ClubJeremyHall: Taylor gets fucked by Jeremy

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ClubJeremyHall: Taylor gets fucked by Jeremy

Club Jeremy Hall writes:

“Taylor is from Texas. He’s been emailing me for over a year begging to get his ass fucked. He told me that he was a virgin. Yeah right, and I go to church every Sunday. I was actually really impressed with how I could face fuck him against the wall. He also let me cum in his mouth and that was pretty hot too.”

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October 5, 2009

Randy Blue: Jonathan Bartell gets off on jerking his dick

RandyBlue: Jonathon Bartell

Randy Blue writes:

“Jonathan Bartell looked so hot in that pair of brand new aussieBum underwear that it was almost a shame to get him out of them… almost, but not quite.”

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October 5, 2009

MasonWyler: Manny Vegas gets serviced by Mason

MasonWyler: Manny Vegas gets serviced by Mason

MasonWyler.com writes:

“Manny Vegas knows his way around an engine. He doing his friend Mason Wyler a favor and taking a look at his ride to see if he can fix the problem. Mason can’t help but notice Manny’s impressive physique. Manny’s large muscles have Mason drooling right off the bat.

Actually, Manny couldn’t help but notice Mason’s lean, sexy body also. He’s been sneaking peeks in between checking out the engine. Mason takes this opportunity to coax Manny out of his tank top. One thing leads to another, and before the guys realize it, fixing Mason’s busted gasket is the last thing on their minds! Now Mason’s doing a little work on Manny’s lug nuts. Mason’s no car expert, but he knows how to handle a cock shaft like a pro and Manny Vegas is one finely tuned piece of ass!”

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Next Door World
October 5, 2009

Cocksure Men: Lance Bennet fucks Tucker Scott

CocksureMen: Lance Bennet fucks Tucker Scott

CocksureMen writes:

“Lance and Tucker spice it up with some fiery foot play. Lance pours hot sauce onto Tuckers toes and laps it up, his tongue tracing every crevice. The heat is cranked another notch as Lance eases his thick cock into Tucker’s ass. Sparks fly as the intensity of Lance’s pounding brings Tucker to the boiling point. He lets loose a wave of cum all over Lance’s chest. Lance gets up and hovers over Tucker’s head, jerking wildly until he splatters Tucker’s face with cum.”

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October 5, 2009

ChaosMen: Clay and Teo’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen: Clay and Teo's raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes:

“Clay decided he wanted to step up his game and I thought putting him with another uncut cocked boy would give him familiar territory.

He also said he would try bottoming for the first time, but for one position only. The irony is, after the shoot, he was psyched by how easy it was and that he didn’t actually hate it. I figure that’s as close as he was going to get to saying he actually liked it.

But it was a good intro to getting fucked, and now he is totally down for whatever. Clay even laughs at his own initial conversations with me, “I am not sucking dick and there is no way never ever I am gonna bottom!”

Not sure what switch gets thrown with these guys. I think it is because they work with other straight guys who take it and enjoy it, so they finally say to themselves, “Ehh, why not?”

Lot’s of energy of course, as Teo always amps it up. They both were balls deep during this video so I struggled to get good long strokes out of them.

Their cumshots are amazing as both huge uncut cocks nearly shoot simultaneously, both delivering there own brand of creamy DNA.

Would you like ‘Clear and Copious’ or ‘Creamy and Oozing’ with your uncut cock? Oh wait, you can have both!”

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October 5, 2009

Raging Stallion: David V and Logan McCree fuck each other

RagingStallion: David V pounds Logan McCree

RagingStallion writes:

“It looks like someone’s cards came up right in this new scene with David V and, the man who needs no introduction, Logan McCree. McCree plays a gypsy-like magician with a penchant for card tricks (and for deepthroating it would seem). It’s hard to imagine two hotter guys together in a scene. Both versatile performers have the time of their lives riding each other’s holes. From the facial hair-on-facial hair kissing to David’s skillful butt-licking, this is a scene you’re not going to want to miss.”

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October 3, 2009

ClubHancock: Johnny Castle bangs Jenaveve Jolie

Club Hancock writes:

“What happens when a couple of friends drop by to say “hello”? If those friends are Johnny Castle and his girlfriend Jenaveve Jolie, you might just get more than you bargained for. With these two, it’s a good thing! After just hanging out and having a good time, of course we started talking about sex. These two love birds started teasing me with their sexual innuendo. Once they got all hot and bothered, they didn’t care who was in the room. Of course I got my cameras rolling! What I wouldn’t give to have been in the middle of these two. Take a sneak peak into the real bedroom lives of two of the hottest stars in the business, my friends Johnny Castle and Jenaveve Jolie, this week at Club Hancock!”

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Club Hancock
October 2, 2009

Randy Blue: Xander Scott fucks Nick Hurley

RandyBlue: Xander Scott fucks Nick Hurley

Randy Blue studs Nick Hurley and Xander Scott sucked each other off, getting them so horny that Xander just had to hit it.

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October 2, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Connor pops Micah’s ass cherry

CorbinFisher: Connor pops Micah's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“You can tell this is going to be a fun one as soon as the cameras are turned on! Micah admits to having tried bottoming before, but never actually being able to go all the way. At CF, a challenge is but an opportunity, so we had to take a shot at helping Micah finally get fucked for the very first time and give him the chance to discover just how great it can feel!

Poor Micah looks as nervous as can be at the outset, hesitating and even stumbling a bit when answering Pete’s questions. Meanwhile, however, Connor just can’t conceal that big smile on his face! He’s obviously getting a kick out of the entire situation! Indeed, it wasn’t too long ago that Connor was the nervous newcomer and so he knows exactly what Micah’s likely going through and thinking. He also knows, though, that if things go right Micah will end this session thoroughly satisfied, well-fucked, and regretting having taken so long to finally go all the way!

Despite his nerves, Micah wastes no time in going down on Connor’s big dick and sucking it deep. If there’s anything that works great at helping a guy get more comfortable in new and even intimidating surroundings such as what Micah finds himself in here, it’s being made to feel incredible and getting overcome with lust, and Connor does all he can to make sure that’s precisely what happens! After Micah has sucked him for awhile, he gets Micah on to his back so he can return the favor and swallow Micah’s cock. He also soon gets Micah’s legs up into the air so he can tongue and eat out his hole, causing Micah’s mouth to drop open as he breathes deep and moans, unable to keep from staring down at Connor and being totally mesmerized by what he’s doing.

While Connor’s presence, strength and experience make him ideal for breaking in a new guy, there’s no denying his big dick might pose a problem! If Micah was unable to get fucked before, taking Connor’s dick in him isn’t going to be an easy task! He’s horny and ready for it by the time Connor gets done rimming him, though, and that nervous look on his face has been replaced by that of an eager, curious and even hungry young man who can’t wait for what’s coming!

“Why don’t you sit on me?”, Connor tells Micah, letting Micah ease himself down on to his dick to start things off. Micah does just that, gradually lowering himself down on to Connor’s cock and taking it deep in his ass. Able to take it at his own pace, he’s soon bouncing up and down on Connor’s dick and feeling it fill him up, occasionally glancing back into the mirror to get a glimpse at himself doing what he’d tried but failed to do before!

There’s no doubt Micah is loving Connor’s cock in him, and so Connor begins to take over as he thrusts his hips up, driving his cock into Micah’s ass deep and hard.

Once Connor gets Micah on to his hands and knees, he continues with his hard and deep thrusts as Micah braces himself and takes it! Likewise, with Micah on his back, Connor keeps delivering a hot fuck as Micah takes it all with ease.

If the size of Micah’s load is any indicator as to how much he liked it all, he loved it! He starts to spray a huge load all over the place, totally coating his ripped abs and chest in cum. He even looks caught off guard and surprised by the fact that he’s not only cumming, but cumming so much, staring down at his spraying cock in stunned silence. Connor continues to fuck Micah’s ass before pulling that big dick out to shoot off his own big load – again mesmerizing Micah with that visual.”

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October 2, 2009

College Dudes: Calvin Conners fucks Kurt Wild

CollegeDudes: Calvin Conners fucks Kurt Wild

CollegeDudes writes:

“Calvin Conners really gives it to Kurt Wild in his first fuck scene. Calvin has a big cock, and you can tell by Kurts expression how much he loves it and loves being pounded by it. After some passionate kissing, these two get down to business, and after trading blowjobs, Calvin slurps up Kurts pink asshole so that it is ready for his fat one. Calvin pounds the cum out of Kurt and sprays a hot warm cumshot all over him. Hot scene!”

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October 2, 2009

ManAvenue: “Hard Attitude” with Berke Banks


ManAvenue writes:

“We get tons of requests for more hairy guys and more ass! Who better to deliver the goods than Berke Banks.

In “HARD Attitude”, Berke really turns up the heat and shows us everything we’re boned up for – big dick, hairy body, some serious posing and flexing with a full boner, a load of messy cum all over his furry chest…then it’s off to the shower for some wet hairy ass crack. Geez. Does it get much better???

After this horny episode and choking down Girth Brooks’ huge cock a few weeks ago, Berke keeps proving he’s all man…a real MAN.”

berke-banks_manavenue_02 berke-banks_manavenue_03 berke-banks_manavenue_04 berke-banks_manavenue_05 berke-banks_manavenue_06 berke-banks_manavenue_07 berke-banks_manavenue_08 berke-banks_manavenue_09 berke-banks_manavenue_10 berke-banks_manavenue_11 berke-banks_manavenue_12

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