January 30, 2011

RagingStallion: Brandon Lewis fucks Dylan Roberts

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Our golden boy Brandon watches adorable Dylan lay naked from across a shimmering pool. It’s just too inviting! He decides to ‘dive into the deep end’ and swims over to him. He offers his big cock, which Dylan devours with excitement. Young Dylan has been waiting for this moment!

Brandon eats Dylan bubble butt; greedy Dylan begs for more while he plays with his uncut cock. As the sun rises to a high point the two find a shelter. But it’s their powerful chemistry that really cooks! Sweat pours off their bodies Dylan rides on his top bouncing with glee. Brandon takes over and gets Dylan on his back pounding away poolside!

He drives home with his eight and half thick inches until both young men blow loads. The video ends in a passionate kiss.”

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Raging Stallion
January 29, 2011

Cocksure Men: “The Engagement Part 1 – The Party”

CocksureMen.com writes:

“It’s a Cocksucking Spectacular as all six Cocksure Men exclusive guys get together to celebrate the engagement of Kevin Crows and Brady Jensen. What stars as some congratulations turns into a series of “last chance” blowjobs and before long, the shirttails and ties come off as our sextet show just how much fun a bunch of buddies can have when the pants hit the floor.

Kevin pulls Mitch Vaughn and Robert Axel into the bedroom for some hardcore fucking fun while Brady (not even taking the cock out of his mouth to say “bye”) keeps Morgan Black and Guy Jones with him so he can top them both. Culminating in a cumshot spectacular, part one ends with a BIG bang. We can’t wait to see what happens in part two…”

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January 28, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Connor pops Miles’ ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Connor and Miles play pool. I’m sort of surprised Miles won – Connor’s so competitive at everything he does. But since Miles ends up getting fucked for the first time, I’m not sure either one of them would consider themselves anything but winners!

Our football receiver Miles has never been on the receiving end of a guy. In fact, his only experience with guy/guy action was here when he fucked Josh. So he’s breaking new ground – or is it Connor that’s breaking the new ground?

Both of these muscular guys have big cocks, so its hot watching Connor break this freshman in. Connor has an amazing talent for breaking in newbies. Maybe we should change his Dean’s List name to the Dick Whisperer! He kisses Miles and seductively works his way down Miles’ taut chest and abs. By the time he gets Mile’s long, uncut cock out of his pants, it’s rock hard!

Connor himself has a boner that never quits.

He pushes it into Miles’ mouth. The pair quickly move into a 69 position. Connor goes down on Mile’s uncut cock while Miles swallows Connor’s long dick. Miles rims Connor, which, of course, drives him wild.

Miles tongues and teases Connor’s hole, getting him completely worked up. “Does that taste good?” Connor asks. Miles says it does and goes right back to rimming him. It’s one of the longest rim jobs I’ve ever filmed. Miles clearly likes to eat ass! Meanwhile, Connor plays with Miles’ ass, getting it ready for his big cock.

Connor says he wants Miles to sit on his dick. Miles slowly slides down Connor’s cock. Miles’ virgin hole is super tight. Connor loves how it feels. Miles takes it like a champ, slowly getting acclimated to having so much cock shoved into him!

Miles’s dick is rock-hard as he’s being fucked. Connor reaches up to stroke Miles’ shaft. Connor drills upwards, loving the way that ass grips his cock. Miles gets on all fours and Connor sticks his dick in his ass.

Fucking Miles doggy-style, Connor doesn’t pull any punches! He rams him deep and hard. Miles is loving it, grinding back up against Connor. Miles’ stiff cock swings up and down as he pushes his ass all the way down Connor’s dick.

Flipping him onto his back, Connor takes Miles in the missionary position. Connor fucks him deep. Miles’ stiff uncut cock reaches past his navel. He takes it in hand and starts stroking. He blasts a huge load all over his ripped abs.

Connor, turned on by Miles’ hot load, pulls out and shoots in Miles’ mouth. Miles sucks Connor’s dick dry. The guys kiss and Connor gives Miles’ first fucking a big thumbs up!”

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January 28, 2011

Stag Homme: “30 Loads of Facials – The Sequel: Episode Two”

StagHomme.com writes:

“The world’s nastiest series is back!!! Stag Homme returns with another 30 anonymous straight men to shoot their fat loads all over Francesco and Damien’s faces!! “Episode Two” adds fucking to the mix making this sequel unstoppable from the start!!! Watch all the uninhibited action unfold here at Stag Homme, home to the nastiest reality porn!”

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Stag Homme
January 28, 2011

BiLatinMen: Cholito pounds Hipnotik

Cholito pounds Hipnotik’s ass at BiLatinMen.com!

January 28, 2011

College Dudes: Jarrod Price fucks Rob Ryder

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Both Jarrod and Rob have a little experience when it comes to fucking – however, this scene stands out among their work to date. To start with, Rob Ryder was completely hard even before we started the photo-shoot, even with his clothes on. His cock was standing at attention even with his gym shorts on, and it would not go down, so we just started the scene like that. Maybe it was the prospect of getting fucked by Jarrod, who is know pretty well known for his power-fucking?

At any rate, Jarrod was very excited to finally get a crack at Rob and his hot tight asshole, so the scene is out of sight from the beginning.

The passionate kissing leads into some hot cock-worshipping blow jobs, and after Jarrod preps Robs hole with his tongue, Rob rides Jarrod like a maniac. The fucking is intense, and Rob and Jarrod put on quite the show. After Rob finishes riding Jarrods cock, Jarrod bends him over on the bed and fucks him silly, then flips Rob on his back and fucks the cum out of him.

The ending is hot – after Rob cums, Jarrod licks Robs cock clean before proceeding to unleash a huge load himself. Fucking great!”

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January 28, 2011

Machofucker: Lukas barebacks Romeo

Machofucker.com writes:

“See what happens, when a cute hustler like Romeo gets in the hands of a horny Doctor. “Doctor Lukas”, to be precise. But much better known as the Hole Wrecker from Hungary.”

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January 28, 2011

Sean Cody: Oscar bangs Curtis

Sean Cody writes:

“I have heard some in-depth conversations regarding careers around here. These guys show up, wide eyed and excited about trying something new. They share their goals and aspirations. It’s very refreshing. Some want to be chefs, firefighters, accountants and even lawyers. It turns out Curtis wants to be a trauma surgeon.

“Do you go to school?” I asked Curtis. “Yup. Started in January.” “What are you studying?” “Well, I’m getting my A.A. right now in pre-med biology.” “What do you want to do with that?” I curiously asked. “Trauma doctor.”

Well, if he is as dedicated to his studies as he is to cock, then I have no doubt that he will be a great doctor! Just ask Oscar. Curtis swallowed his thick cock with ease. It’s great to see how much Curtis enjoys dick. It seems like the bigger it is, the more excited he gets and Oscar fits the bill of a nice big fat dick.

Curtis’ hard-on bounced around in every direction as he rode Oscar. His cock stayed hard the whole time and he was getting fucked properly in every way — until his load blasted over his head and onto his chest. That must have turned Oscar on beyond the point of no return… he pulled out of Curtis’ ass and also shot all over Curtis’ head, face and chest.

“You, my friend,” I teased Curtis, “have cum in your hair, in your mouth and I think it’s in your eye and it’s in your nose!””

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Sean Cody Special Offer
January 28, 2011

ChaosMen: Vander fucks Jake Lyons bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Jake has done a lot of work, so I never know if even he remembers all he as done. But he was psyched about doing it, and after the scene said it was definitely the highlight of his year.

And Vander couldn’t be more in daddy heaven calling him boy and fucking him hard and fast with his fat cock.

And Jake loved it! So much so that Jake cums, and then Vander breeds him, which made Jake cum a second time, cum dripping out of his ass.”

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January 28, 2011

Raging Stallion: Antonio Biaggi fucks Alessio Romero

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Alessio Romero sucks on Biaggi’s big cock to get this encounter starting, spitting and gagging as he goes. Covered in sweat, Biaggi flips Romero over on to all fours, so he can get at his hot hairy crack. Biaggi spits, before his tongue dives deep into his hole. He then takes his giant member, and inserts it swiftly into Romero’s eager ass. Biaggi grabs hold of Romero’s hips, and rides him wildly; the two exuding unbridled man sex.”

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