August 25, 2011

ImAMarriedMan: Bobby Clark bangs Devon Hunter writes:

“Devon Hunter’s husband is currently away and invites over his straight friend, Bobby Clark, for a little fun. When he arrives, Bobby is shy at first, but quickly comes around and the two go at it.”

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August 25, 2011

ChaosMen: Manning gets serviced writes:

“Manning was down for a blow-job and I planned ahead to have Micah in town to do the honors.

Quite the dichotomy between hairy-dude Manning, and smooth-skinned Micah, but I actually like the way the two look together.

Micah had no problems blowing Manning, who kept trying to get Micah to, “Suck harder”.

Before the shoot, Manning thought there might be a chance that he would suck Micah’s cock.

So Micah, who was turned on by the fact he was keeping Manning aroused, made his cock available to him.

Manning eventually takes it out and strokes it, but just can’t bring himself to return the oral back. Ironically, though, Manning’s cock doesn’t wilt. A good sign!

Micah gives up on the idea of getting blown, so rubs his cock on Manning’s leg.

I love little body-language moments like this. It shows Manning, despite not being able to suck back, was not turned-off by Micah’s cock, and in fact, seems to get harder.

Micah does his best to showcase Manning’s ass, but I think rimming is beyond his limits.

Most of the guys say they can’t cum from a blow job, and if they are under 20, I tend to think they just haven’t been with girls experienced enough. But since Manning is 25, I figured he knew his body well enough to know his limits.

So we switch it up so Manning is upright and has a view of the pussy porn. Micah lays down under Manning and the two of them try to match their unloading.

You can tell that Micah is just ‘edging’ himself the whole time, waiting for Manning to spurt.

Manning nuts all over Micah’s chest, who moments later adds his own DNA to his body.

Two well-timed giant loads! Gotta love it!”

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August 24, 2011

NakedSword: Jocks Studios’ “Big Rock Cove”

Jocks Studios writes at

“Big Rock Cove is the perfect destination for a secluded jock get-together. A horned-up group of buddies find their way there for a fun-filled weekend of man-on-man action.

Inspired by the stunning scenery outside, these studs make major waves when they get indoors — pounding and splashing with major force.

This re-launch of the Jocks brand directed by Andrew Rosen takes the video line to a new level with the hottest studs delivering scene after scene of intense action.”

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August 24, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Thad

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cain is working out at the baseball park. Of course, our muscled stud doesn’t have an ordinary routine! From tricep dips on a trash barrel in the dugout, to effortlessly scaling the fence, Cain isn’t easy to keep up with at the gym, or in bed.

New freshman Thad meets up with Cain at the bleachers. He’s eager to get things going, so they head out to the bedroom. I’m not sure Thad knew what he was getting into, now that Cain’s all pumped up and ready to pump him!

Cain sucks Thad’s cock, then Thad enjoys sucking off Cain. Thad’s a good cocksucker and manages to go all the way down on Cain’s big cock. Cain tells him he’s going to fuck the shit out of him.

Thad and Cain 69 each other. Thad gets too aggressive, and Cain decides to show him who’s boss. He pushes Thad down and makes him suck his toes. Thad licks and sucks every single toe.

After worshipping Cain’s feet, Thad sucks Cain’s thick uncut cock again. Cain slaps his dick onto Thad’s tongue, and pushes his feet back into Thad’s mouth again.

Thad sucks on Cain’s nuts. Cain shoves his cock back in Thad’s mouth before moving around to sit on Thad’s face. Thad drives his tongue deep into Cain’s tight hole.

Cain feeds Thad his cock again, choking Thad with it. His balls slap Thad in the face as he drills Thad’s throat. He pushes Thad down on his stomach and slides his cock into Thad’s hole.

Thad loves that big dick deep in his ass. Cain pulls him back by the hair and pounds him. Cain jackhammers him, relentlessly slamming into him. Thad takes every inch, smiling even when Cain pulls his hands back behind him and fucks him harder.

Now that he knows Thad can take it, Cain moves Thad onto his hands and knees and slams into him doggy-style. Thad yells out as Cain gives it to him even harder, showing no mercy!

Thad sprays his load all over the bed. He flips onto his back and sucks the cum out of Cain’s cock. Cain shoots into Thad’s mouth. He eagerly licks it up. Cain wipes the last of his cum from Thad’s cheek into his mouth and kisses him. Looks like Thad proved he can hang with the big dogs!”

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August 24, 2011

Randy Blue: Chris Porter jerks off in the great outdoors

Randy Blue writes:

“There’s just something about jerking off in the great outdoors. The sun beating down on you as you run your lube slicked fingers up and down the shaft of your nice big cock. The idea that just anyone might walk up and catch you adding to the thrill of being outside in the open air. If you’re Chris Porter this scenario is the ideal setting to show off your beautifully sculpted body.

You may have seen him somewhere before as he’s not new to the industry.

He’s has the look of those horny college guys, short brown hair, tattoos adorning his lightly tanned body, and big thick cock that’s just aching to see some action.

He runs his hands down his slick sunblock drenched body, lightly shuffling through the treasure trail that takes you down to the kind of dick that will make your mouth water just looking at it.

He runs his hands over to his sexy butt, lingering long enough to tease his hole. Then back to the front so he can get into some serious jack off action. He works himself up into a sexual heat and shoots a nice thick load all over his thigh.”

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August 24, 2011

BiLatinMen: Los barebacks his boyfriend Zapper writes:

“Model Zapper called us, and told us he has a new boyfriend named Los. New model Los is a natural, and you will love the video how he flips Zapper into any direction he wants. Zapper, like a willing bottom, takes that pounding like a man.

We’re sure these two Latin papis share a lot of hot nights at home in their bedroom.”

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August 24, 2011

Cocksure Men: Spencer Reed bangs Morgan Black writes:

“Morgan Black is definitely in the right place at the right time. His buddy, muscle stud Spencer Reed, is about to head to the gym and starts to get undressed. Morgan wants to see Spencer’s cock get even bigger and immediately starts sucking his dick, sliding his tongue up and down that thick shaft.

The head of Spencer’s cock swells up and Morgan then slides off his jeans and briefs so the two guys can enjoy some 69 action. Both men have amazing asses on full display.

Morgan gets on all fours and Spencer uses his spit to get that hungry ass lubed up before sliding his rock-hard dick inside. It’s the perfect match between top and bottom as these two studs fuck like crazy before Morgan blows his load while Spencer pounds him before he slides out and gets treated to an expert hand job, his huge load spilling out all over that gorgeous six-pack.”

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August 24, 2011

SouthernStrokes: Carson Carver busts a nut

Southern Strokes writes:

“We ran into Carson doing some repairs on a barb-wired fence out on a ranch in North Texas. He had run into town to grab some water and we happened to be stopped for gas. I pulled my standard excuse and asked for directions so that I could get a closer look and to my surprise, I hit the jackpot. There I was standing next to a sweaty shirtless hottie with a ripped body and probably one of the friendliest guys I have approached.

I really believe that Carson knew that I was there talking to him for more than directions and I think he was kinda liking it. I asked him if he ever thought about working naked so that he could do his fair share for the community. Carson then informed me that working on a fence was probably not the best time to be naked. Once thing led to another and before I knew it, Carson and I exchanged numbers and I had invited him up to the So Stro Ranch.

Carson showed up and took off his hat revealing a thick mop of curly hair. It was another hot summer day so I persuaded Carson to break the ice and let a couple of our models give him a haircut. Carson ripped off his shirt and sat down in a chair and said do whatever you want. I knew that Carson was going to give us a good show when he let the other models buzz his hair while they were naked.

Carson to do a little work for us on one of the pastures so that he could give the shoot some more thought. By the time he returned, he was hot sweaty and more than a little horny. Carson stepped out of the truck and we had him get naked and rub one out in the field. Carson has a nice tight upper body with great abs and pecs. He didn’t disappoint us with his big cock and sweet virgin ass of his. You can definitely expect to see more of this ranch hand.”

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August 24, 2011

Men Hard At Work: Berke Banks fucks Tommy Defendi

MenHardAtWork: Berke Banks fucks Tommy Defendi

MenHardAtWork writes:

“Tommy is having some plumbing issues so he calls Berke over to help take a look at his pipes. Of course, when he got the call, he’d hoped that Tommy was speaking in code. As it turns out, he winds up going to work under the kitchen sink, but once the job is done, he’s looking for another one. Since he fixed the drain, he now wants to get drained, and Tommy’s ass will fit this plumber’s bill.”

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August 23, 2011

Randy Blue: Jay Stone gets fucked by Jackson Kale and Max London

This hot hardcore threeway has Jay Stone getting his ass pounded by both Jackson Kale and Max London ending in a super hot facial.

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