April 2, 2011

Randy Blue: Johnny Hazzard gets banged by Chris Rockway

Randy Blue writes about this hot scene:

“When gay porn superstar Johnny Hazzard decided to work with Randy Blue his first solo and live show both got our members so hot they could hardly stand it. That beautiful cock, iconic tattoo and handsome face was destined to fit right in with our group of hotties.

The big question was, who do we pair him up with for his first Randy Blue duo? It didn’t take much to figure it out because he revealed in his live show that he always wanted to do a scene with Chris Rockway.

The cameras came out and the pants went down. Johnny engulfs Chris’ meaty cock before his pants are still wrapped around his ankles. Chris blows Johnny’s mind with a blowjob that could curl his toes. And when Rockway rammed his dick deep in Johnny’s hungry hole his rock hard cock was bouncing up and down on Chris’ six pack abs. Then he flipped Johnny over and rammed him doggy style before shooting his load all over his ass.”

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April 2, 2011

Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex: Josh and Aiden’s bi threeway fuck

Corbin FIsher writes:

“It’s no April Fool’s joke how hot this scene is! Muscle god Aiden and lean athlete Josh are eager to please Valerie in this bi tag team scorcher! Aiden’s sexual antics have quickly become legendary and Josh is always up for anything.

All three kiss passionately, and start pulling each others’ clothes off. Aiden and Josh kiss Valerie’s perfect breasts. Josh kisses Aiden’s sensitive nipples. In no time, Valerie is on the bed, with both guys kissing her tits.

Josh gets between Valerie’s legs and eats her out. Aiden kisses her up and down, then he takes a turn at licking that hot, sweet pussy. He fingers her as she sucks Josh’s cock.

Both guys stand up on the bed so they can feed their dicks to Valerie. Aiden kisses Josh, then works his way down Josh’s chest. Then Josh bends over so he can suck Aiden’s huge cock himself.

Valerie gets on all fours so the guys can stuff her from both ends. She swallows almost all of Aiden’s thick cock as Josh pounds her from behind. Aiden asks Josh how that pussy is. He says its good and rams her even harder.

Aiden wants a turn, so Valerie flips over on her back. She sucks Josh’s dick after its been fucking her. Aiden fucks her hard and Valerie’s tits bounce up and down. Aiden kisses Josh as he rams Valerie with his big cock.

The guys kiss and Josh licks Valerie’s pussy while Aiden is fucking it. Now Aiden wants to fuck Josh! He pulls out of Valerie and fucks Josh doggy-style. Aiden loves how tight Josh’s ass feels.

The massive bodybuilder slides it in slowly at first. Josh is amazed at how big that dick really is once it’s inside him! Valerie tells Aiden to fuck Josh faster. Josh enjoys every inch of Aiden’s monster dick.

Aiden kisses Valerie as he pounds Josh face first into the bed. He smacks Josh’s ass. “Oh, yeah, fuck me” Josh begs. He flips over on his back so Aiden can fuck him missionary-style. In moments, that huge cock fucks an incredible load out of Josh!

Then Aiden pulls out and blasts his load all over Josh’s abs, drenching him in cum! It’s a hot start to the month with these three!”

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April 2, 2011

Sean Cody: Jamie blows Byron

Sean Cody writes:

“What guy doesn’t love a good blow job? That’s what I asked Byron. He made it clear he was eager and open to anything and had asked if there was any way he could have his dick worked over by someone really good… to get him started. I think his curiosity was really kicking in!

After seeing Jamie hungrier than ever in his three way with Calvin & Oscar, I set it up. Two hot young studs. One naked and hard, the other there to please and make sure that Byron got his rocks off. It couldn’t have worked out any better.

There was a thick sense of anticipation on Byron’s end — almost as if he had been waiting for this to happen for quite some time. He did mention that a lot of guys are not very open where he is from so maybe this was his chance to cut loose.

“You’ve never had an interesting…” I started, but he jumped in and completed the question:

“Experience? Maybe a friendly kiss on the cheek but… I am ready for my first kiss!” he smiled. So he went for it.

“What’d you think of it?” I asked.

“I mean, that’s pretty intense. I like the way it’s going. I don’t really wanna stop.”

It was time for Jamie to work his magic. He gets off on how good he has become at this. He kissed, licked and sucked on Byron from top bottom and did not stop. The sweat dripped from Byron as things kept getting hotter and hotter. At one point Jamie was doing such an awesome job with his mouth that he made Byron’s legs shake at the knees. There is no doubt that Byron was extremely satisfied and Jamie, well he enjoyed a mouthful as well!”

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April 1, 2011

College Dudes: Carter Nash fucks Matt Spiers

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“When we first started talking to Matt, he told us he was not much for bottoming, but Carter Nash changed that really quick. This scene rocks with some hardcore, crazy fucking – just the kind we like!

After making out, Matt shows us how much he loves a big thick cock. Matt licks, slurps, gobbles, and deepthroats Carter. Carter takes a turn on Matts big uncut cock before turning his attention to Matts hot butthole. Flipping Matts ass upward, Carter preps Matt for the best fuck of his life!

Cater leaves Matt on his shoulders and pounds him from above, going deep inside and making Matt moan in ecstasy, before Matt takes a turn being on top and riding Carters dick, going for the deep long strokes until Carter puts Matt on his back and fucks the cum out of him. Hot fuck!”

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April 1, 2011

Machofucker: “Ruff Rider 3”

Machofucker.com writes:

“Our Brazilean Master-Top strikes right again, impaling a sexy white bottom boy with his everhard black fuck spear. The roughest Ruff-Rider ever!”

April 1, 2011

Fratmen: Jerry

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Check out Jerry’s hot solo scene at Fratmen.tv!

March 31, 2011

Randy Blue: Kurt Madison shows off his big dick

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Kurt Madison shows off haunting green eyes, a handsome scruffy face and a cock so big it would make any bottom quiver with anticipation.

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March 31, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Quinn

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Photo shoots are a lot of fun, especially when you have models as hot as Cain and new freshman Quinn. We start off with some footage of their shoot. It never ceases to amaze me how hard Cain stays – all the time! I think he could get hard just reading furniture assembly instructions!

Lucky Quinn gets to play with that thick, uncut (and rock-hard!) cock all through the photo shoot – and in bed! He licks Cain’s incredibly muscled chest, sucks that cock and sits on top of it, all before they even get into action.

Once they do get into bed, the energy only ramps up. Quinn starts out by sucking Cain’s toes. Cain turns out to be ticklish, but enjoys Quinn’s hot mouth on each toe. Cain unzips his jeans and jerks his cock as Quinn gives his feet a tongue-bath.

Cain pulls out his thick boner. Quinn licks the shaft, then sucks the head. He swallows Cain to the root, surprising Cain with his talent. I haven’t heard Cain moan like this in a while, and he says Quinn is better than most girls.

Once Quinn is flat on the bed, Cain kisses and licks Quinn all over. Cain’s pretty damn talented himself! After kissing Quinn’s nipples, chest and abs, Cain goes down on Quinn’s cock. He sucks it eagerly – no surprise, there. Cain’s competitive and if Quinn can suck cock well, Cain’s going to show he can do it even better!

Quinn watches with admiration as the hot bodybuilder goes down on him. The guys move into a 69, and they are so hungry for each others’ dicks, they don’t bother to get their underwear off. It’s one of the hottest things in the world to see two hot guys truly enjoying each others’ equipment like this.

Cain wants to face fuck Quinn. Quinn leans off the bed and Cain towers over him, pumping his cock down Quinn’s throat. Quinn takes Cain’s balls into his mouth before deepthroating Cain’s big dick again.

Quinn bends over the bed and Cain spits on his hole. He buries his tongue deep into Quinn’s ass. He slides in one finger, then his tongue again. “Tastes so fucking good,” Cain says. He then sticks two fingers inside Quinn’s ass, prepping it for the thick dick that’s coming.

Cain teases Quinn’s hole with the head of his dick, and smacks Quinn’s ass with his cock. He lets the lube drip down into Quinn’s ass crack and spreads it out with his cock. Then he plunges in, splitting Quinn’s tight ass apart with his dick.

Quinn moans as Cain pounds his ass. Quinn hangs onto the bedspreads as Cain drills him. Cain pulls out and Quinn begs him to tease his hole again, before Cain slams it back inside him.

Cain pulls all the way out and piledrives back inside Quinn, one slow thrust at a time. Quinn gets on his side and takes Cain’s dick that way. “Oh, yeah give it to me!” he says. Cain pumps his cock deep inside Quinn’s tight hole.

Quinn moans in ecstasy as Cain jackhammers him. He pushes Quinn’s knees up in the air and fucks him in a missionary position. Quinn can’t stop telling Cain how good he feels inside him. Quinn shoots a thick load all over his abs while Cain pounds him.

Cain shoots his load inside Quinn’s ass, pulling off the rubber to show Quinn how big his load is. “You’re ass felt amazing!” Cain says as they kiss passionately.”

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March 31, 2011

Cocksure Men: Robert Axel and Logan Scott’s hot flip-flop fuck

CocksureMen.com writes:

“They say a good man is hard to find but we couldn’t disagree more. We not only found two good men, but they’re hard as well!

When we last saw Logan Scott, he was having a great time getting topped by hottie Mitch Vaughn. But now that he’s hooked up with major stud Robert Axel, Logan’s decided to see what it’s like being on his back.

Our dynamic duo start things off with some tongue-swapping before exchanging blow jobs and adding a very sensual session of 69ing to the mix. Comments like “just like that” never sounded so hot. Once you see how expertly Robert finger fucks Logan, you know something good is coming (as does Logan!).

After Robert does some push-ups with his cock over Logan’s mouth, the fucking begins. There’s lots of heavy breathing and sweating as our guys go all out before these guys perform a surprise twist that leads to double the cum load!”

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March 31, 2011

HotBarebacking: Dominik Rider gets double-fucked by Miguel Temon and Leo Rivera

HotBarebacking.com writes:

“Dominik Rider’s ass never had it so good as it does in this video. Buffed-out, hairy-assed Latino Miguel Temon and homeboy Leo Rivera take over Dominik’s hole in every way they can until they double fuck it. After Leo drops a load, Miguel pumps in one of his own and pushes Leo’s in deeper.”

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