August 25, 2010

Hot House: Kyle King and Heath Jordan’s hot flip-flop fuck writes:

“Hot House Exclusive Kyle King makes sure he’s the last soldier in line for his “high-and-tight” from military barber Heath Jordan. King strips down and hops up in the chair giving Jordan a good look at the bulge growing in his skivvies. When the shears go down the cocks come out and the hung studs swap juicy blow jobs.

After eating King’s huge round ass, Jordan takes his place in the barber’s chair so King can sit down on his fat cock. To show his appreciation for Jordan’s excellent service, King flips him over and fucks him hard. Hot and sweaty, both enlisted men drain their loads!”

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August 25, 2010

Fratmen: Paintball stud Theo

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“This week we bring you our paintball warrior with a six pack Theo! Thickly muscled and as athletic in physical stature as you can possibly get, Theo boasts nothing short of a soldier’s frame from head to toe.”

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August 25, 2010

PerfectGuyz: Charlie Roberts busts a nut writes:

“A sexy Redhead is always a treasure, and Charlie Roberts is as good as it gets! We were immediately drawn to his handsome boyish face, gorgeous blue eyes, and of course, luscious red hair. His pecs and torso are smooth and broad, with a rippled six-pack and a narrow red treasure trail going from his navel to his pubes. And yes, Charlie has beautiful cock surrounded by a tuft of soft red hair.

As he began to shower, his cock instantly swelled under the wet white linen shorts. Charlie was highly sexed as he lathered his biceps, nipples and abs. The lather clung to his red pubes and spilled over his now totally hard man-sized tool. Charlie Roberts, although boyish in appearance, has a masculine sensuality that is absolutely intoxicating. Enjoy this special PerfectGuyz presentation featuring Charlie Roberts.”

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August 24, 2010

Randy Blue: Ash Taylor fucks Porter Wescott writes:

“Ash Taylor goes all out for his first hardcore scene with Porter Wescott, blowing him, rimming him, fucking him, making him cum on himself and ending it all with a white hot facial.”

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August 24, 2010

FetishForce: Alessio Romero and Josh West’s wet fuck

Fetish Force writes:

“Hard and horny, Josh West pulls out his engorged cock and begins to stroke it for Alessio Romero before he drops to his knees to take West’s large member into his waiting mouth. West soon needs to relieve himself and pulls his cock from Romero’s mouth and pisses in it. Romero laps up as much as he can but it’s too much to consume. After the stream has ended, Romero goes back to sucking to get every last drop from West’s thick man meat. Now its Romero’s turn he stands up and pisses all over West’s cock then drops back to his knees and sucks up his own piss. ”

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August 24, 2010

Dominic Ford: Dayton O’Connor trains Ashton Rush

Dominic Ford writes:

“This movie is not to be missed. In it, seasoned pro Dayton O’Connor trains newcomer Ashton Rush (no relation to Matthew!) on how to fuck. Dayton’s credo? LONG, DEEP and HARD.

I thought poor Ashton was literally going to split in two, and probably lose a tonsil during this session. Dayton shows absolutely no mercy, and shows Ashton how to take it like a man if he’s going to succeed. This video is beyond hot!”

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August 23, 2010

Men Hard At Work: Danny Brooks and Jake Austin’s hot flip-flop fuck writes:

“Danny and Jake are working their tails off painting, while their boss is out taking care of a few loose ends. When they crack into more of the paint, they find they have the wrong color to finish the job. They have to kill some time while they wait for their boss to return, so they drop the brushes, and their clothes, to work on their tails and paint each other with their full loads. ”

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August 23, 2010

Raging Stallion: Spencer Reed pounds Tristan Phoenix

RagingStallion writes:

“Tristan Phoenix is another of those well-known bottoming stars you can’t help but love watching get fucked because he simply looks like he’s having such a great time while being hammered. Here, he’s got a real cowboy to ride with Spencer Reed -cowboy hat and all – ready to mount his pony like he’s at the rodeo.”

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Raging Stallion
August 23, 2010

ActiveDuty: “The Surge 3”

ActiveDuty writes:

“The Surge 3 features two hot studs giving up their manhood for the first time. Levi has come so far since signing on with us here at Active Duty. This shy, sexy country boy who grew up living the simple life on a ranch before joining the Navy went all the way from solo to bottoming and what an experience it was to watch him as he progressed.

There’s also another well-known performer who crosses over from another studio to make a new home with Active Duty and do something for me that he’d never do for his previous studio. Mr. Woods—yes, one of those infamous Woods twins of Internet fame made friends with me and agreed in his first video to bite the pillow and give up his virgin ass for the first time ever.

I’m honored and glad that Active Duty was able to make this happen for all of Mr. Woods fans. The Surge 3 delivers the goods. Be sure to get your copy now or join now and watch it tonight!”

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August 23, 2010

Englishlads: Straight jock Josh lets Jason be the first man to suck his cock

Englishlads writes:

“Str8 Hunk Josh is just back from holiday and his tanned body makes his bright blue eyes look even sparklier than normal! Today “experimental” is his middle name and Josh is standing chatting when Jason comes in and feels up Josh through his jeans!

Luckily Josh is good at saying yes today and Jason is soon playing with Josh’s cock; very gentle, just a finger teasingly fiddling with Josh’s uncut cock and before long there is a stirring and Josh’s foreskin comes back, his meat gets a little semi and the next thing Jason is licking and gobbling down on Josh!

Josh closes his eyes and thinks of a fantasy and up pops his cock filling Jason’s mouth! From this moment on Josh’s uncut cock doesn’t seem to leave Jason’s mouth and after some more playing Josh pumps it hard and shoots his load in Jason’s mouth! Wow this str8 lad certainly stepped up today!”

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