November 24, 2010

Fratmen: “Greatest Shots v2” writes:

“Bigger. Better. Wetter. Fratmen lets another one loose with 50 cum scenes from 51 men in some of the best and hottest moments from Fratmen.

Daniel getting himself in the chin, Riley hitting his mouth, David shooting over his head. Kent and Alan shooting it on Ricky. The hottest cum scenes are in this update, with plenty of cum shots and behind the scenes fun from Fratpad.”

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November 24, 2010

Falcon Studios: “Big Wood”

FalconStudios writes:

“The woods are lusty dark and deep … and nine intrepid scouts are out for the adventure of their lives. Along the hidden trails, within their private campsites and around some rustic cabins, there is pleasure to be found and our horny cast is on the prowl eager to stake their claim and watch their mighty timbers rise and fall.”

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Falcon Studios
November 24, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Josh fucks Austin

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to find some special pairings for our members. In going through past videos, I realized Josh and Austin had never fucked. Josh is topping a lot lately and Austin is always an awesome bottom.

What I didn’t realize was underneath Josh’s cute, All-American face and bod, lurked such a nasty guy! But I know Austin enjoyed it, and I think everyone else will, too!”

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November 24, 2010

Cocksure Men: Johnny Torque bangs Darius Soli writes:

“Johnny Torque is aptly named. His sex appeal truly is “a twisting force.” Darius Soli, on the other hand, is a cocksucker extraordinaire. Put these two studs in a room together, then sit back and enjoy the show!

The action begins with passionate French kissing but Darius soon has his sights set squarely on Johnny’s erect and throbbing penis. He swallows, licks, and teases it with such expertise, Johnny comes close to spilling his load a couple of times.

His star-shaped tattoos must be from the Hollywood ‘Cock of Fame’ because he drills Darius the way every good bottom boy likes to get fucked. From every angle with depth and precision!”

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November 23, 2010

Randy Blue: Chad Hollon fucks Ash Taylor

Ash Taylor sucks Chad Hollon’s thick meaty cock and rims his hot ass before Chad rams his dick deep into Ash’s hungry hole.

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November 23, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Aiden jerks off

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Smoking is bad for you. I don’t smoke. I never encourage people to smoke. But after shooting Aiden’s solo … I need a cigarette. Right NOW. Aiden is one of the hottest, most engaging and flat-out amazing guys we’ve ever had at CF. He’s got superstar written all over him.

Aiden’s smile is boyish and charming. His body is built like not one, but two or possibly three brick houses. If there is a god of college jock guys, he just sent me the answer to a lot of people’s prayers.

This outgoing 23-year old lifts weights at the gym three hours a day. It shows. He’s also an artist and juggles his free time between drawing and working out. I’m curious about what Aiden likes to draw. Maybe some nude self-portraits if we’re lucky!

Aiden’s had his first sexual experience when he was 17. He met a girl at a party and they went to her house. He said it was over too quick – “I was a ‘two-pump chump.’” I don’t think anyone could ever classify this hunk as a chump! He laughs a lot and seems very comfortable in his skin. He clearly enjoys his life, and his sex life.”

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November 23, 2010

College Dudes: Blake Autry busts a nut writes:

“Blake Autry shows his stuff this week – starting with his incredible body-builder frame, nice long dick, fuckable ass, and very open attitude. Blake confesses in his vid that he has a high sex drive and is very interested in trying out man-on-man action.

Maybe this is what he is thinking about as he works up his dick and strokes it. He gives us a nice view of his body, which is remarkedly muscular for a teenager, and after he has pleasured himself enough, he gushes a lava-like flow of hot jizz all down his dick and hands. Hot stuff!”

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November 22, 2010

MyBrothersHotFriend: Rod Daily bangs David Chase writes about this hot scene:

“David heads over to visit his friend, Rod’s brother, who is out running errands. Rod can tell something is on David’s mind and wants to help. “My girlfriend won’t let me do anything kinky, like lick her ass…” David explains. Getting excited by what he hears Rod offers to help David with his kinky desires.”

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November 22, 2010

Next Door Studios: Oliver Saint rubs one out writes:

“This guy is a total stud! And he’s also a complete exhibitionist. We told him not to look at the camera during the shoot, but he wouldn’t listen. He likes talking to his audience. Asking how how you think he is, teasing you with his massive uncut cock and begging for you to help get off.

Meet Oliver Saint. He’s a true hunk!”

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November 22, 2010

FetishForce: Scott Tanner and Paul Wagner’s wet fuck

FetishForce writes:

“Paul Wagner and Scott Tanner grope each other through their baseball uniforms in the backroom at Jock Night at Chaps. They deep kiss, grope and spit in each other mouths before Paul forces Scott to his knees and takes out his cock. A stream of hot piss coats Tanner’s face, throat, and torso.

Tanner then chows down on Wagner’s thick cock getting it all wet with his saliva. Tanner spews a thick yellow strip of piss covering Wagner’s boyish face and over his chest soaking his T-shirt until it’s piss-soaked. Think that’s good? Wait till he lifts Paul’s legs and pisses on his hole, rims it then fucks him while he pisses all over himself.”

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