August 18, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Connor fucks Kenny

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Kenny. He told us he’s been itching to come back and hang out with us. I’m thrilled, because I get to see that incredible ass of his again!

He and Connor never had the chance to enjoy each others’ bodies alone. They shared Ashley in a hot bi tag team video last year. But sometimes it’s good to let the guys explore each other with no distractions.

These two guys have a great chemistry. You see it in the bonus footage of them playing frisbee and football. Horsing around comes naturally to both of them. After Connor throws Kenny into the pool, it’s time to get down to business!

It’s also been a while since Connor has been over on the ACM side of things. He has so much fun fucking all our girls at ACS! But I dragged him over here (as he says laughingly, “kicking and screaming,”) for this special welcome back fuck for Kenny.”

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August 18, 2010

RagingStallion: Berke Banks pounds Derrek Diamond writes:

“Berke Banks and Derrek Diamond are kissing on the sofa. Derrek rubs his hand down Berkes furry chest to find the bulge of his long, hard cock pressing against the fabric of his shorts. He frees the big cock and slams it down his throat. Derrek is down on his knees licking and sucking as Berke lies back and enjoys the service from this hot boy next door.

Derrek then stands up on the sofa so Berke can work over his own big meat. Macho, bearded Berke sucks Derreks cock until he is ready to pound that big bubble butt.

Derrek is happy to be plowed by this hairy Daddy and gives it up doggie style as well as on his back with his ass in the air. Berke pounds a giant load right out of the young stud that he sprays all over his chest. Berke pulls out and coats Derrek with another load of his own man juice.”

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August 17, 2010

Falcon Studios: Parker London fucks Tucker Vaughn in “Summer Heat” writes:

“Tucker Vaughn strolls the beach and quickly hooks up with studly Parker London. They rush home and start to make out. Tucker gets busy nibbling the tattooed surfer’s tits and running his tongue up and down his muscular chest.

Hungry for more, he slides the big man’s boardshorts down and sucks Parker’s porker for awhile before he attacks his manhole with his tongue. Then the tables turn and Parker clamps his lips around Tucker’s cock and sucks him off, sending the young beachcomber swimming through waves of pleasure.

He then rims Tucker’s ass before he finally spearchucks the primed hole with his pole. They fuck hard and fast and all Tucker can do is hold on before he busts his nut. Then he sucks on Parker’s dick, exciting the big man to finally climax and cum in his mouth.”

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August 17, 2010

Raging Stallion: Alexsander Freitas pounds Derrek Diamond writes:

“Derrek Diamond’s back for another tune-up. This time his ass is being well and truly remodelled by the very hot and hairy Alexsander Freitas in the back of the autoshop. After the duo swap blowjobs, it’s straight into that hard ass-pounding action we’ve come to love seeing Derrek receive.”

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August 17, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Dalton (aka Chaosmen’s Hagan) rubs one out

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Freshman Dalton is a 21-year-old bodybuilder and once I saw the size of his powerful thighs, I knew I needed to get him in front of the camera for some power fucking!

Despite his imposing size (he’s 6’4” and 215 pounds) Dalton is one of the nicest and most laid-back guys I’ve ever met. Every muscle in his body seems to bulge even when he’s sitting or standing still.

He’s devoted to working out, but laughs when Pete says he must hit the gym quite a bit. Dalton responds, “Not me, not me” with a sly smile. I guarantee that smile (not to mention all of his massive attributes) gets him any girl he wants.

Dalton’s first sexual experience with a girl was not that great, however. They were both nervous virgins and since he had no frame of reference, he though his 9 1/4” tool was normal! The poor girl was in pain the whole time and after an experience he calls “ a little mess, actually.”

A few months later, Dalton got a girlfriend and he discovered how great sex was and started having it every day. His ideal girl used to be blue-eyed blondes, but now gets into Hispanic girls with toned bodies and “somewhat of a butt.” His favorite position is doggy style and he loves kissing, because “you get everything heated up.”

One of his craziest experiences was on the road back from a theme park. His girlfriend’s brother was driving and Dalton and his girlfriend were laying in the back seat having sex quietly. And they still managed to carry on a conversation with her brother at the same time!

Dalton takes off his shirt to reveal his massive pecs. Butterflys and curls are his favorite exercises and it shows! He says he gets a lot of compliments on the V-cut below his abs, but his favorite body part is his arms.

His muscular body is amazing to watch in action. After he gets completely naked, he sits down and strokes his long, curved cock. Dalton takes his huge cock in hand and slowly pumps it. He rubs his huge pecs as he strokes, the veins in his arms standing out.

There’s not an inch of his powerfully-built frame that’s not hot to look at. The thick curve of his cock would send anyone’s prostate into an intense orgasm. He rubs his ripped abs and his ass before sitting back down.

Finally, that load of cum is ready to travel all 9 inches! He leans back, strokes hard and groans. “Feels so good,” he says. A thick spurt explodes up and over his shaft and his knuckles. This is one stud I think everyone will want to have a chance to play with!”

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August 17, 2010

ChaosMen: Rory jerks off

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Chaosmen writes:

Rory was formerly in the Air Force, and wasn’t liking the boredom of it all. When he was offered a chance to get out early, he jumped on it. As of this airing he has only been out a month or so.

So he still has that military tang to him. Very polite, and “Yes sir No Sir.”

Rory crashed his motorcycle and took a good knock to his head. Apparently the insurance will repair everything, but re-aligning his one eye. So believe it or not, his quest to do porn is about getting surgery to correct his eye. I love it when the guys take their money and use it for self improvement, like Nash and his braces. Which will soon be off just in time for him to have done so many movies you will be tired of seeing him. (I hope not ‘cuz he is awesome to work with, and I want to see him take a facial with his perfect teeth!)

Rory is also exploring his bi side. He’s had full on sex with guys, top and bottom, but prefers to top. He’s kind of passive though, so not sure if that makes him a Lazy Top, but hopefully we will see him in action soon.

For the solo he says he has been dating mostly women, but I played gay porn for him, which he really liked. I can tell already he has a fondness for little tight twinks, and I have in mind a few guys he could fuck. So I think he has already has developed a “type” of guy he likes, so I think he might be on his way to the gay side.

I dunno. Ransom spends most of his free time with women, but if a dude is involved (and money!) he’s happily down to play with him.

Hmmm..Ransom ought to look real good with Rory. Maybe I will have them do a blow job video together?

I am actually really interested in where we go with Rory. See if he broadens his boundaries, do his self-improvement project, and also see how he handles civilian life.”

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August 17, 2010

Randy Blue: Micah Brandt blows Justin Blakely writes:

“Micah Brandt gives Justin Blakely his first onscreen blowjob using every inch of that powerful mouth to make Justin squirm with pleasure.”

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August 16, 2010

Sean Cody: Jamie fucks Esteban

Sean Cody writes:

“Esteban and Jamie have a lot in common. They both wrestled in high school, and both are extremely hot and very horny! I thought it would be fun to get them together and although Jamie has always liked to get fucked by very large cocks (like Esteban’s), this time I wanted to let Jamie expand his horizons. Jamie and I were both very excited as this would be Jamie’s first time as a top!

“Well, I’m usually the top,” Esteban said, referring to his limited experience so far. “But today, I’m going to do something new.” “Are you excited, a little nervous, what’s going through your head?” “I’m a little nervous,” he replied.

Jamie was really sweet with Esteban — making out with him and sucking his cock. I saw Jamie’s eyes when he noticed how large Esteban’s cock is — almost as if he was second-guessing being a top this time around!

Esteban worked Jamie’s dick with his lips and tongue before sitting on it. I was surprised by how good Jamie was at fucking, and Esteban really seemed to enjoy it!

Jamie pounded into Esteban and stroked his big uncut dick, until finally Esteban came while Jamie was still inside him. Jamie eagerly licked up Esteban’s cum and then gave him a long, deep kiss.

Esteban finished Jamie off by fingering his asshole, making Jamie shoot his load all over his stomach. Although I still think Jamie loves to get fucked, he definitely loved this taste of something new!”

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August 16, 2010

PatAndSam: Austin, Damian, Hector and Seth in “The Hotel – Part 1 – PUMP!”

Austin, Damian, Hector and Seth play with toys and each other at!

August 16, 2010

Hot Jocks Nice Cocks: Brenn Wyson and Vince Ferelli pound each other

HotJocksNiceCocks writes:

“Vince Ferelli is a man’s man who has been wanting to learn how to box for some time. His good friend Brenn Wyson happens to be a boxing instructor, but ends up pushing Vince too hard and he winds up throwing his shoulder out. Brenn quickly comes to his rescue to massage his wounds, along with his cock.”

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