August 24, 2009

Randy Blue: Super hottie Dawson Riley

RandyBlue: Super hottie Dawson Riley

With a bright personality, hot muscular body and nice ass, Dawson Riley is sure to become a fan favorite on Randy Blue.

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August 24, 2009

Cocksure Men: Jeremy Hunt and AJ Irons’ hot flip-flip fuck

CocksureMen: Jeremy Hunt and AJ Irons's hot flip-flip fuck

CocksureMen writes:

“It doesn’t matter what we say about this scene, it will not do it justice. You’ve got two hot guys, and one them (AJ) is in a military uniform. They’re both vocal, aggressive, and the chemistry is undeniable. They flip-flop fuck and suck each other’s big, thick dicks until they both release their sticky loads onto AJ’s ripped abs. Did I mention both the guys are hot? Just watch the scene. You’ll thank us.

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August 24, 2009

Sean Cody: Tyler and Kurt fuck each other

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SeanCody: Tyler and Kurt fuck each other

Sean Cody writes:

“Tyler was being very coy. He was sitting next to Kurt on the bed and he claimed that he’d never seen Kurt’s cock. “No, I haven’t,” he said, looking away. But I knew he had. Before the shoot, he was asking if it was as big as it appeared in the pictures. So maybe he meant he hadn’t seen it “in person.”

Anyway, straight bottoms are always concerned about the top’s cock because they’re afraid it might be too big. Tyler wanted to make sure it was “too big!” I think Tyler also loved Kurt’s ass because he went down on it pretty hard. And when Kurt fucked him, Tyler’s toes were really curling!”

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August 24, 2009

SouthernStrokes: Wade fucks Brandon

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SouthernStrokes: Wade fucks Brandon

SouthernStrokes writes:

“I have a lot of favorite models here at Southern Strokes but I think that these two are definitely among my top 10. The first time I saw Wade’s big, fat uncut cock, I just knew that I had to watch him fuck. The only question was who would be able to handle him. As soon as Brandon started playing with his hot hole during his solo, I just knew that I needed to have Brandon take Wade’s cock.

Although Brandon and Wade had never met in person, they definitely both knew of each other and they were both eager to play together. It took a while to get their schedules coordinated but we were finally able to set a date for them to meet at the Lake House. I can tell you that the crew was just as excited and anxious as the models. We were all ready to watch Brandon bottom for Wade.

These guys are such pros that when they first met, they were talking like they were about to go on a double date or something. Brandon was even more tan that the first time we met him and Wade just keeps getting hotter and hotter each week. We certainly didn’t need to have any conversations about limits with these two. Wade came loaded to pitch and Brandon was ready to catch anything that Wade through his way.

We decided to take advantage of another hot Atlanta summer day and film the boys out on the deck. Before we had a chance to set up some positions for the two of them, we noticed that they were already nibbling on each other’s necks. We quickly turned on the cameras and just let them go at it. These boys are definitely the closest thing to a bi-sexual guy that I have seen. It was obvious that they were both turned on as they kissed and checked out every inch of each other.

As Brandon was lying on his stomach, Wade shoved his huge cock deep inside Brandon’s hole. Brandon let out a moan of pleasure as he opened up for his new found playmate. We went through two sets of tapes watching these guys go at it for almost two hours. Brandon was on his back getting drilled when he just couldn’t hold it anymore and shoots a huge load of cum all over his tanned chest and abs. Wade pulled out and completely hosed off the rest of Brandon’s torso as only Wade can do. It was so hot seeing Brandon’s ripped body covered with man juice.”

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August 23, 2009

Randy Blue: Leo Giamani tops Devin Draz

RandyBlue: Leo Giamani tops Devin Draz

Leo Giamani gives Devin Draz a happy hardcore butt bang as their muscular bodies collide on!

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August 23, 2009

ChaosMen: Nash and Vance’s bareback flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen: Nash and Vance's bareback flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes about this hot scene:

“Talk about two evenly matched players! Visually, I just thought Nash and Vance would look amazing together. They are about the same size and height, and they both were good for a flip-flop fuck.

Vance still struggles with bottoming, but Nash treated him right and I think this is the first time he realized he could get off to it. As for Nash, well, we know we can make him nut by getting fucked, and I just love an ending where you can see he is clearly being fucked and busting his load. The intensity is amazing!

Vance took advantage of the fact he was close too, and continued to fuck Nash long after he cums. Certainly not the most comfortable thing to happen for the bottom. He gets himself close then pulls out and adds ropes of his jizz to Nash’s. A BIG creamy load!

Great energy and great sex for a sizzling pairing!”

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August 22, 2009

CorbnFisher: Dawson pops Sean’s ass cherry

CorbnFisher: Dawson pops Sean's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes about this scene:

“Young Sean has experienced quite a bit of new stuff since arriving at CF. Jerking off and having sex in front of our cameras are big enough deals in and of themselves, but fucking a guy for the very first time – and doing so while all of us are watching – is quite the step to take also! That first time seemed to have gone well for Sean, though, and he didn’t mind it one bit!

When Dawson asks him how it went, Sean answers, “At first I was really nervous about it, but it ended up being not as bad as I thought.”

That’s definitely a good thing, as Sean’s set to take an even bigger step here – getting fucked for the very first time! And it’s Dawson that’s going to break him in! While Sean is clearly nervous and anxious to start, repeating those feelings he had early on with his first topping experience, there’s no doubt that by the end of this one it not only ended up, “not as bad as I thought” but even turned out to be a pretty hot, intense, and enjoyable experience for him!

Dawson really goes out of his way to make Sean comfortable here, and while stripping him down spends plenty of time making out with Sean deeply and engaging him in some hot kissing. Sean clearly isn’t quite sure what to do (or where to place his hands, even!) but you can see that once Dawson starts to kiss him or play with his cock, Sean just gets more and more at ease and into it. Once Dawson starts to suck on Sean’s cock, Sean is hard in no time and moaning his approval!

By this point, Sean is putty in Dawson’s hands! Dawson has no trouble at all throwing Sean’s legs up into the air so he can bury his tongue in his hole and start to rim him. Hole totally exposed to whatever Dawson wants to do with it, Sean is soon moaning with his mouth hanging open as Dawson slides one, then two fingers into his hole and introduces him to feelings he never knew were possible, much less could be so incredible.

It’s all Sean can do to bite his lip while Dawson gets his hole ready for what’s to come, occasionally gasping in response to everything Dawson is doing to his ass – and Dawson hasn’t even started fucking him yet! While still fingering and getting Sean’s hole ready, Dawson places his free thumb on Sean’s lips and Sean eagerly starts to suck on it, as well as the fingers Dawson slides into his mouth soon after. It’s clear that, at this point, Sean is into anything Dawson wants to do to him! Dawson replaces his fingers with his dick, and Sean readily takes that into his mouth as well, sucking Dawson’s cock and letting him fuck his face!

Sean’s hands, which originally had no idea where to go or what to do as things started, are now grasping on to Dawson’s legs and muscular back by the time they get into some frottage, rubbing their hard dicks together while kissing.

Then, when Dawson again throws Sean’s legs up in the air to expose his hole and slide his dick in, Sean happily takes it and moans his approval. Dawson pumps him good and deep, then hard and fast. Every movement he makes gets a gasp, groan or grunt out of Sean as he fucks his hole and jerks his dick. Once they’re up off the bed, Sean bent over it with Dawson sliding in him from behind, Sean’s dick is hard and throbbing. You know, from that look on his face, his orgasm can’t be far off – and it isn’t! Gripping his dick tight, Sean starts to spray a huge load all over while Dawson continues to fuck him! Then, with Sean’s dick still dripping cum, Dawson pulls out to blast off his own big load and add it to the mess!”

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August 22, 2009

Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex: Tom and Connor’s tag team

CorbinFisher's AmateurCollegeSex: Tom and Connor's tag team

Corbin Fisher writes:

“You had to have known this one was coming! Though filming Connor and Tom in a tag team together wasn’t in the cards when Tom first joined Connor among CF’s stable of studs, it didn’t take long for it to become a “must-film”. While I just didn’t pick up on the resemblance at first, just how much Connor and Tom look alike did become more and more apparent with each new e-mail I got from members about it – and there were a lot of e-mails! Indeed, many were convinced they are brothers and were accusing me of holding out on that bit of information for some reason!

Again, they’re not brothers. But they certainly do look alike! So, I simply had to get them filmed in a tag team together so that we could watch both of these tall, buff, blond studs go at it side-by-side. If there were any situation that would highlight their similarities (and differences, for that matter), this would be it!

As the action kicks off here, those similarities really do stand out. Heck, just the short bit of talking at the beginning, with the camera looking down at these three, really highlights just how much Connor and Tom look alike! As the clothes start to come off and Connor and Tom take turns getting their dicks sucked, they’re looking all the more like one another! Their impressive physiques, big pecs, hot asses, tall frames and handsome faces sure do share a lot in common, and there are moments looking down at them where you could forget which is which!

Their hard dicks do distinguish them, though! While both have big, thick cocks, Connor’s curves up while Tom’s curves down. Any devoted fan of both could point out a great many other things that make them distinct from one another – each of their unique and incredible features that are parts of why we find them so hot in the first place! They are each their own man, there’s no doubt about that!

Ultimately, the similarity between them that stands out most of all here is that they both love to fuck and are damn good at it! Each one spends plenty of time here pounding away and burying their cock in a tight hole. They’re each clearly turned on by sharing a cute girl between them and can’t help but admire the other’s skill while at the same time showing off their own!

It’s Tom who shoots his load first, after gradually picking up speed while pumping away doggy style to the point he’s furiously thrusting in and out of Chloe. You can tell he’s about to cum when he starts to wildly pump and pound away and then does just that – pulling out to cum on her ass. Connor quickly moves in right after, and with Tom encouraging him and talking dirty to them both, fucks his way to his own orgasm!”

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August 21, 2009

College Dudes: Buddy Davis fucks Tucker Vaughn

CollegeDudes: Buddy Davis fucks Tucker Vaughn

CollegeDudes writes:

“The most amazing thing about filming Buddy Davis with Tucker Vaughn was the immediate chemistry these two had together. Buddy had a rock-hard cock poking out of his jeans from the first second Tucker touched him, and we could tell that Buddy would give Tucker everything he needed.

Tucker had texted a week prior to the shoot letting us know that it had been a while since he was, in his own words, fucked good, and Buddy is the perfect guy to give it to him. There are so many things about this scene we enjoyed, from the passionate making out, Tucker struggling to take Buddy all the way down his throat, Buddy deep-throating and then fingering Tucker … this before Buddy got his cock into Tuckers tight ass! Buddy ravishes Tucker until Tucker blows a huge wad – and then Buddy is so turned on he busts within seconds of Tucker.

These two athletic studs finish off with a final passionate kiss. Hot Scene!!

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August 21, 2009

SpunkWorthy: Marine buddies Ben and Darian

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SpunkWorthy writes:

“Ben and Darian are best friends who met in the Marines. They’ve tag-teamed lots of girls together so when I talked with them about doing a side-by-side jerk-off video they were pretty cool with it.

I asked them who had the bigger dick.

“Well, right now he does,” Darian admits. ‘But when fully hard mine is longer. His is thicker.”

That’s probably accurate. Ben does have a nice thick one.

The guys sneak a few peeks at each other during the shoot, but it’s really hot to watch them as they check each other blowing their loads. Ben goes first and it’s probably his biggest cumshot yet. Darian shoots out a big one, too, even though that horny little dude had already jerked off an hour earlier.”

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