June 13, 2009

Randy Blue: Leo Giamani busts Malachi Marx’s ass cherry

Leo Giamani pops Malachi Marx's ass cherry at RandyBlue

Not only does Malachi Marx get his ass pounded for the first time but he gets Leo Giamani to do it!

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June 12, 2009

Waiting for you …

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Waiting ...

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June 12, 2009

Next Door Studios: Taj Waters and A.J. Irons’ hot shower fuck

A.J. Irons and Taj Waters at NextDoorBuddies

It’s always good to see new faces especially when these two studs meet for the first time!

A.J. Irons is a stocky piece of sexy meat who loves to hit the waves and hang out at the beach all day looking for young hunks jogging. Taj Waters is a tall piece of art but at a nice young age of 23 and rocking a huge beefy cock which is around 8 inches. He loves to hang out at the beach as well and he also takes his skateboard to the streets.

Taj and A.J. are getting hot and heavy in the shower cleaning themselves up and making out intensely. You can watch the soap suds drip down these chiseled bodies as the light gleams off each ripped muscle. They both love to suck dick and switch it up in the shower but only A.J. wants to feel a huge throbbing cock in his ass.

Come and watch A.J. take this big dick in his tight little hole. He can barely withstand Taj’s pulsating member. You have to listen to the moans from A.J. cause it sounds like he can’t take it but he loves it anyways as he gets fucked hard and slow.

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June 12, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Troy fucks a guy for the first time

Troy fucks a guy for the very first time at Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men

Hot-bodied young diver, Troy, is back! This time around, he’s taking a shot at some action with another guy for the first time ever, as he fucks Travis!

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June 11, 2009

SeanCody.com: Harley fucks Pete

Harley bangs Pete at SeanCody

Sean Cody writes:

“Pete met Harley a few months ago, before they got together to do this film. There were both out over the weekend doing separate films, but ran into each other at the pool. I think the guys have learned that when they see another hot guy at the hotel, the chances are high they are here for us! Anyway, they struck up a conversation and spent the afternoon hanging out.

Apparently, Harley made a big impression on Pete. I was talking to Pete the day after he met Harley, and Pete kept hinting that he wanted to be in a film with Harley. Finally, he just came right out and said it. I was making him work for it, because I suspected one thing: “You have a little crush going there, don’t you?” I asked with a smile. “Yeah,” Pete said. “I really like him.”

So I knew I wanted to get them together. However, Harley is busy with a lot of different things, so it can take some time to get his sexy ass out here. I don’t know for sure, but I think that the two of them had exchanged numbers and were talking in the meantime. Because it seemed every time I saw Pete he was more anxious to hook up with Harley.

So the day finally arrived, and we just had to tease Pete a little: “So is it true that you have a little man crush on Harley here?” “A little bit,” he said with a shy smile on his face. “What do you find attractive about him?” “Everything!” he said. Straight to the point!

I could tell Harley was flattered. But he’s hot so he probably gets that all the time! “I’m looking forward to having a good time,” Harley said. “It looks like Pete is going to enjoy today and I think I’m going to do the same.” Awwww!

“I’m anxious,” Pete replied. “I want to do this…” “Have you seen his weiner yet?” we asked. “I have,” Pete said. Hmmm. Wonder when that took place?

“How big is it?” “It’s pretty big,” Pete replied. “So yeah, I’m eager…””

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June 10, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Adam pops Keith’s ass cherry

Adam pops Keith's ass cherry at Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men

When Keith had his first time on CF’s Amateur College Men (fucking Travis) it lit a bit of a fire in him. He had an amazing time and it showed! As he and Travis went at it, they ended up having such hot sex that the video became one of the most popular clips on CorbinFisher.com!

In CF’s latest update Keith is back in action – this time on the receiving end of things! You gotta see how much fun he has as a bottom!

Adam made a great candidate to be the first to ever top Keith. He’s new to CF, yet definitely knows how to fuck and fuck well. He loves to top so Corbin wasn’t the least bit concerned about having a new arrival to CF be the one to break in another straight college jock.

Both of the guys did, as well, as their dicks are hard from the get go!

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June 10, 2009

NextDoorMale.com: Marcus Mojo busts a nut

Marcus Mojo at NextDoorMale

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Marcus Mojo just keeps on getting sexier and sexier. Every time this hard body shows up he has a newly defined muscle. As you can tell he spends lots of his time at the gym working on his gorgeous physique.

We find him lying down on the carpet stroking his nicely shaved cock. After a little carpet burn he gets situated in a nice cushioning chair where he shows us how great he is at masturbating. Soon after he’s up and standing by the fireplace jerking his lovely meat and busting a nice warm load all over the fireplace mantle.”

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June 9, 2009

MasonWyler.com: D.J. fucks Mason

Mason gets fucked by D.J. at MasonWyler.com

MasonWyler.com writes:

“Mason was so excited that D.J. was coming back to fuck him that they wasted no time in introductions and got right to it.

Mason pushes him down on the couch and quickly starts to remove D.J.’s attire. Next you know it Mason is choking on his buddies cock and drooling all over the place. Hard and ready to fuck Masons tasty smooth hole D.J. plows right in.

When at least you expect it these two hard bodies lick and eat all the cum off their bodies and face, not a drop is left behind.”

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June 8, 2009

Stag Homme: “30 Loads of Facials – Episode Two”

Stag Homme Studios writes:

“30 Loads of Facials returns this week with Damien Crosse stepping in this time for Francesco to take some fat loads on his face from more horny anonymous straight and bisexual men with really big cocks. Unscripted, unedited and as real as you can get.”

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Stag Homme
June 8, 2009

LucasKazan.com: Ettore Tosi fucks Giuseppe Pardi

Ettore Tosi fucks Giuseppe Pardi at LucasKazan

Ettore and Giuseppe play table football. What’s at stake? Who’ll win, who’ll lose? Great chemistry between Italian star Ettore Tosi and newcomer Giuseppe Pardi. Both in top shape and hornier than ever.

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