January 31, 2010

Stag Homme: Damien Crosse gets fucked by Brazilian newcomer Apollo

Stag Homme Studios introduces Brazilian newcomer Apollo in a fuck flick that pays homage to New York thugs.

This black stud is one beefy dominant fucker who not only makes Damien gag on his fat cock but also gives Damien the best fucking he’s ever gotten on his back and on all fours.

If you’d like to see Damien get slapped around then watch “Apollo” right now! It’s all about raw and filthy animal lust in street gear.

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January 30, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Connor fucks Sam

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Sam’s first guy/guy appearance on CF went quite well, if I do say so myself! He and Levi had a heck of a lot of fun, and the action was both passionate and intense. Sam knew how to use that dick of his, Levi loved taking it in his hole, and both guys were thoroughly spent by the end of it all. It was certainly a great way to break both guys in to some hot, CF action!

Now, Sam is back and getting broken in a whole new way – Connor shows up to deliver an incredibly hot fuck that Sam definitely enjoys!

Sam mentions being a bit nervous at the outset of this one! Who wouldn’t be somewhat intimidated with a tall, hot stud like Connor around? Any nerves were quickly brushed aside as Connor started to go to work on Sam’s dick, though! With Connor eagerly sucking it deep and hard, Sam’s cock was stiff as could be as he mouthed, “That feels so good!”.

Connor wasn’t looking to spend too much time sucking dick, though! He wanted to bury his in a hot hole, and chooses Sam’s mouth first as he gets up on to his knees and presents his cock to Sam. Sam wastes no time diving forward, wrapping his lips around it, and sucking. The room is filled with Connor’s moans and Sam’s slurping, as Sam’s head bobs up and down on Connor’s cock and he uses his hand to play with and stroke Connor’s balls.

Sam looks up at Connor while he’s sucking his dick, taking in that hot face and awesome body while doing his utmost to deliver a great BJ.

Sam then lays back, his hole ready for Connor’s big dick. Connor slides it in, and Sam is grunting and groaning as his hole gets stretched. You can literally see Sam’s own cock get harder and harder with each of Connor’s thrusts!

Connor pulls all the way out, then plunges his dick back in, really giving Sam’s hole a workout! He then has Sam get up, turn around, and bend over so he can fuck him from behind. Even in this new position, Connor continues to work and tease Sam’s hole – fucking it with deep, long strokes as well as pulling all the way out to bury his dick back inside.

We know Sam shoots a hot, thick load and, while on his back with Connor thrusting in to his hole, he starts to do just that! Connor is still fucking him as each new spurt shoots out of his dick! Connor then pulls out to fire off his own load, coating Sam’s inner thigh with cum!”

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January 30, 2010

Randy Blue: Richard Pierce bangs Cayden Ross

Steamy hot shower, huge cocks, muscle and ink, and loads of cum. Cayden Ross and Richard Pierce make one hell of a video for RandyBlue.com!

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January 30, 2010

ChaosMen: Best buds AJ and Jasper pop each other’s ass cherries and fuck raw

Chaosmen writes about this scene:

“AJ got home after doing his solo and blowjob video and was excited about the money and how much fun he had.

He told his best friend Jasper, who immediately wanted to get in on the action. Apparently they discussed it all and had a scene together all mapped out, so they approached me about doing a scene together.

Despite it being a little weird having sex with your best friend, AJ was very nervous about doing full-on sex with a stranger the first time. Plus I think AJ has a little bro crush on Jasper. Jasper seem kind of cavalier and calm about the whole idea.

Also, Jasper thought it would be easier doing it with his friend. So we started with the premise of them doing a side-by-by side, but we pretty much knew that they were willing to try everything.

The video runs a little long as I kept the footage of them blowing each other until they got hard.

Jasper adjusted to getting fucked much more than AJ did, and you can tell it was both of these guy’s first time. A little clumsy, but that should be expected.

I plan on doing an oral video with Jasper, which will air in the coming weeks. He has a very military look and his eyes are quite nice, so I want to do a photo shoot with him.

For the ending, AJ busts all over Jasper’s hole, sliding his cock all around. Jasper nuts leaving a pure white load on his tummy.

Now to see how these guys do with some of the veterans!”

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January 29, 2010

Sean Cody: Tommy fucks Jared

Sean Cody writes:

“Jared, our hot little economist with the perfect body, has been having a blast! “It’s such a great break from school,” he said. “I’ve been so busy, and it’s nice to come out and relieve some tension.” He said that the master’s program in economics is not exactly hopping with hot guys, which I thought was hilarious!

We also found out this time around that Jared is flexible — actually, extremely flexible. He can actually put his legs behind his head! “I’ve never tried fucking like this,” he said as laid on the bed with his ass in the air. “I bet it would be fun though!” Tommy thought that was the funniest thing he’d even seen… “Man, I’ve never seen a dude be able to do that!” he said.

Tommy was in a great mood that day. Tons of energy and ready to go! He gave Jared’s perfect ass a great pounding! And the best part… in his last film, Tommy saw Trent lick cum off his fingers. And now Tommy wanted to try it!”

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January 29, 2010

Pride Studios: Drake Jayden pounds Matthew Rush

MenOver30 writes:

“We here at MenOver30.com feel just like you: the only thing hotter than seeing the round, tight booty of Matthew Rush would be seeing it rammed with a thick cock. We, along with the fat shape of sexy, hairy Drake Jayden, make that fantasy cum true.

Matt’s cock is the first one out as Drake seizes the opportunity to get a better taste. He wraps his lips around Matt’s thick shaft and begins to bob his head on his cock, taking it all the way down. “Oh that feels so fucking good”, Matt grunts, as he hauls Drake up so that he can kneel and get in on the oral fun. Matt loves the dick Drake’s giving him, so Drake stands up to fuck Matt’s face and stroke it as Matt works his balls.

Drake then preps that thick ass for a proper pounding by shoving his tongue up inside it, which only drives Matt to take a forceful seat on Drake’s dick. Matt’s cock is rock hard and thumping against Drake’s furry chest with every bounce. Soon, Drake wants more control. He puts Matt on all fours and slides his cock in for more. Matt is cock-crazed and begging for more.

Drake starts to piledrive his rock hard cock up into Matt’s ass as he starts to stroke Matt’s hard cock. “Oh, fuck my ass!”, Matt grunts, as he slams his ass harder and harder back onto Drake’s dick before falling next to him. They stroke to a mutual, and mutually explosive, shower of man juice.”

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January 28, 2010

ActiveDuty: Dorian fucks Dallas’ tight ass in “Double Time 5”

In the smoking hot first scene of Active Duty‘s new movie, Double Time 5, sexy Dallas gives up his virgin ass to muscular Dorian! This former Marine gives up that beautiful ass so willingly and takes Dorian’s pounding like a real man. He doesn’t do any whining other than moaning and telling Dorian to fuck him harder and Dorian obliges by doing just that.

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January 28, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Josh bangs Lucas

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s high time we got Josh and Lucas together! “Upstart” Josh had made quite the splash since his first landing at CF and is certainly among our crop of popular blond studs. Lucas is practically the first CF blond superstar so you know that, with them paired up together, we’re in for some hot action!

That’s precisely what we get right away, here, as Josh goes about totally devouring Lucas’ cock! He sucks, licks and swallows it with incredible energy and enthusiasm, making Lucas writhe and moan! Lucas has gotten his fair share of great blowjobs but I think even he was taken aback by just how incredible his dick was feeling in Josh’s mouth!

It’s all Lucas can do to pull Josh’s lips off his cock so he can get Josh to lay back, strip off his clothes, and take a turn at sucking his cock now! Lucas starts off by working over the head of Josh’s dick with his mouth before moving down to suck on and lick his balls. As the last bits of Josh’s clothes come off, Lucas’ head is bobbing up and down on his cock as it just gets stiffer and stiffer! Lucas makes sure he gets to play with Josh’s feet a bit, then returns to swallowing his big dick before throwing Josh’s ass up in the air and burying his face in it!

If there’s anyone who appreciates some attention being paid to their hole, it’s likely Josh! He’s obviously loving the rimming he gets from Lucas while he’s bent in half, ass up in the air! He loves it so much, in fact, he pushes Lucas around to get his hole exposed and then plants his face between Lucas’ cheeks so he can tongue his hole and rim him back! Josh attacks Lucas’ hole with his tongue, playing with and stroking his hard dick at the same time, before finally plunging a finger in! A second finger soon joins the first in Lucas’ spit-soaked hole, which by now is more than ready to get Josh’s dick inside it!

Josh teases Lucas’ hole with his cock for awhile, rubbing the head against it. Neither can take anymore teasing, though, and Josh’s hard dick is soon sliding into Lucas’ ass, making Lucas jump and moan in response! Josh buries his dick balls-deep in Lucas, and then starts to pump away while Lucas’ hard dick bounces around with each thrust.

Josh picks up speed as we hear Lucas grunt, “Oh, fuck me!”. Josh’s quick thrusts turn into long, deep ones as he’s really giving it to Lucas good! When the guys switch positions so that Lucas is riding Josh’s cock, we get a great view of inch after inch of hard dick driving into Lucas’ hole hard and fast, while Lucas’ own rock-hard cock points straight up into the air!

You can tell that Lucas wants to cum bad, and Josh wants to fuck a load out of him! The guys get into one last position so they can make that happen, Lucas on his back with his legs up while Josh fucks him hard.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”, Lucas is moaning within seconds of getting into this new position! He then starts to spray cum all over the place, drenching his hard chest! Josh isn’t done fucking him, though, and continues pumping his ass until he builds up to his own climax, pulling out to fire off a load that also drenches Lucas’ chest in cum!”

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January 28, 2010

SDBoy: Virgil’s tight college jock ass gets pounded in “Ball Jocks”

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SDBoy writes about this scene:

“Watch Virgil (the biggest, roughest looking jock) get his ass fucked out by fellow gay college boys, Kye and Alex in a number of raunchy ways on the sofa. He takes it doggy then interchanges between Kye and Alex’s cock, going for a ride up and down on each. And his ass must feel nice and tight as both boys comment on how good it feels as their cock slides in and out.

Finally all the raw sexual energy of young college men gets unleashed as the three watch each other spill their loads over themselves on the sofa.”

Scene Trailer

Movie Trailer

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January 28, 2010

Broke Straight Boys: Kevin, Nathan and Ridge

BrokeStraightBoys: Kevin, Nathan and Ridge

Broke straight boys Kevin, Nathan and Ridge suck and fuck for cash!

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Broke Straight Boys
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