May 27, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Travis gets fucked by twins Luca and Liam

CorbinFisher: The twins Luca and Liam tag Travis

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Not only is this video the second release from our trip down to Costa Rica, but it also happens to feature some insanely hot action and quite the milestone for CF’s twins, Liam and Luca! Both of the twins, along with Travis, joined us on our trip out of the country and all three had themselves a blast while there! Not only did they all have some fun exploring Costa Rica, but you’ll see here that they had some incredible fun in the bedroom! What’s more, Liam does something he’s never done before – fuck another guy!

If it was just studly young Liam fucking another guy, that would be impressive enough in and of itself! We’ve seen this straight stud get in to some oral fun with another guy here at CF before, but he’s never buried his own cock in another guy’s tight ass! All that changes now, however, as he fucks Travis! Not only does he fuck Travis, though, but he also does it with his brother, Luca, right there with him! It must be pretty wild getting in to some hardcore fun with another guy for the very first time while your twin brother is not only right there with you, but also joining in on the action!

For his part, Luca looked totally blown away by the fact that it was all going on! He never thought his twin brother would be up for hardcore action with a guy, much less that he’d be right there to witness it and also be a part of it! To say the least, it was wild for all three of these guys!

An image that will forever stick in my mind after this hot session is that of Travis bouncing up and down, hard and fast, on Liam’s cock. Every time Liam thrusts up in to Travis’ ass, Travis’ stiff dick gets driven deeper in to Luca’s hungry mouth!

Another insanely hot image from the action is Travis’ load! While getting fucked by Luca and getting jerked off by Liam, Travis starts to spray cum everywhere – and I mean everywhere! His dick just doesn’t stop shooting, and cum is flying all over the place! If that wasn’t enough, both Liam and Luca end up drenching Travis with their own loads immediately thereafter!

As eagerly as Liam sucked, fucked, and kissed Travis, it was obvious he was quite glad to have decided to try some hardcore guy/guy fun! As turned on as Luca was to see his brother taking such a big step and being right there for it all, he really had himself an amazing time with it all as well! And as much as Travis clearly loved taking on both the twins’ cocks and getting fucked by one brother right after the other, he could not have looked any hotter or content!”

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May 27, 2010

Next Door Studios: Wade Holder and Brandon Lewis fuck each other with a dildo

Next Door Studios: Wade Holder and Brandon Lewis fuck each other with a dildo

NextDoorWorld writes:

“It’s one thing to catch your friend jerking off, but it’s another to find an open laptop with porn playing and a dildo laying next to it in your brothers house when you drop in unexpectedly. That’s exactly what happened when Wade Holder brought Brandon Lewis to his brothers house for a party.

When the two showed up, Wade’s brother was nowhere to be found, but there was some porn and a dildo laying on the coffee table.

After the shock wore off, the two, realizing they were alone, decided to make use of the skin flick and flesh colored ass plunger.”

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May 27, 2010

NextDoorHookups: Shane Reno and Brenden Bangs fuck a chick writes:

“When Shane Reno and his best friend Brenden Bangs made plans to go out on the town on a Friday to look for some women, they forgot to tell Shane’s girlfriend Lexy Mae. Luckily for these two, Lexy has a very open mind and convinced the two studs to not go out by letting them both tag team her. Now that’s fun right???

These two ripped young guys take full advantage of the situation. Like two wild animals, they strip Lexy down and then stuff their fat cocks into her mouth before giving her a thorough pounding.”

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May 26, 2010

Sean Cody: Jonah and Trevor fuck each other

SeanCody: Jonah and Trevor fuck each other

Sean Cody writes:

“You guys want to do a little flip-flop action?” “That would be fun!” Jonah said. “I’m feeling it!” Trevor agreed.

We had decided that we were just going to let them do whatever they wanted. Both of them know what they like, so watching them go after it was pretty hot!

Trevor took control and after giving Jonah some slow, intense head, he fucked Jonah’s ass hard.

Then it was Jonah’s turn. Jonah eased into it by eating out Trevor’s ass. Then Jonah fucked Trevor until they both came, leaving one big, sweaty, lube-soaked mess!”

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May 26, 2010

ActiveDuty: Spencer bangs Diego in “Double Time 7”

ActiveDuty: Spencer bangs Diego in "Double Time 7" writes:

“Active Duty featured the finale of Double Time 7 this week. The third and final scene from Double Time 7 features Diego and Spencer in a very hot duo.

Diego was so horny he could not keep off Spencer. Spencer loved it as much as Diego; these two nearly set the room on fire. The boys trade licks on their dicks before Diego ups and decides to lower himself down onto Spencer’s long cock.

They switch it up for a bit, where Diego gets on his knees, bracing himself against the bedroom wall. The boys eventually wrap the scene in yet another position, with Diego on top, ending with a very messy conclusion.”

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May 26, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Levi

CorbinFisher: Connor bangs Levi

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I’m always excited by the opportunity to see Connor fuck a fellow CF Stud with that big, hard dick of his. Likewise, I can never get enough of seeing Levi get fucked hard and deep! You can imagine how happy I was to make all that happen at the same time here, with Connor fucking Levi!

Just watch how eagerly Levi sucks Connor’s cock at the start of this video! He does all he can to get every inch of that dick in his mouth and down his throat, worshipping Connor’s dick as he slides his lips and tongue all over it! Connor is clearly having fun being on the receiving end of such an incredible blowjob, and gets quite the kick out of slapping his big dick across Levi’s face and seeing Levi hungrily go after it with his mouth!

Levi knew all about CF when he applied to become a model, and knew what a hot top Connor is! This pairing is one he was looking forward to as much as I was, and when he gets on to his back and throws his legs up, he just couldn’t wait to feel Connor’s cock sliding in to his ass!

The visuals here are hot enough, but the strained moans, grunts, whimpers and groans coming from Levi as his ass gets pounded by Connor are beyond hot, as well! His head is thrown back, eyes closed tight, mouth agape while he tightly grips the sheets with one hand and holds on to Connor’s muscled chest with the other, bouncing back and forth on the bed as he gets drilled!

As he sits down on Connor’s cock, Levi’s own dick is rock-hard and aimed skyward! “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!”, he can’t help but moan as Connor fucks him and reaches around to stroke his dick!

It’s a shame this hot fuck had to end, but it does so in spectacular fashion as Levi blasts out a huge load while Connor pounds his ass and Connor immediately pulls out to fire off his own while both guys’ eyes are locked on one another’s, intense and passionate looks on each of their faces!”

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May 25, 2010

Randy Blue: Nicco Sky plows Diego Sans

RandyBlue: Nicco Sky pounds Diego Sans

When sexy boytoy Diego Sans angers Nicco Sky, Nicco must show him who’s got the big dominant dick in the arrangement. Lots of hot hardcore action with these hot Latino bad boys at!

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May 25, 2010

Men Hard At Work: Trevor Knight, Ari Silvio and Tucker Scott’s jail fuck

MenHardAtWork: Trevor Knight, Ari Silvio and Tucker Scott's jail fuck

MenHardAtWork writes:

“Ari is going to pay his debt to society by heading to the big house, and his first day is going pretty much as he imagined. Officer Knight is giving him a rough time and intentionally puts him with another inmate, Tucker, who isn’t thrilled for the company. As far as room-mates go, these two are off to a rocky start, until Knight separates them to find Ari is hard as a rock. Looks like this fresh meat comes with a bone, and these men are ready to feed the need.”

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May 24, 2010

Falcon Studios: “INNtrigued”

FalconStudios: "INNtrigued"
FalconStudios: "INNtrigued"

FalconStudios writes:

“Behind its quaint exterior the Inn hosts a horny clientele seeking refuge in this nest of intrigue. Its Victorian and placid facade belie what this special bed and breakfast inn is all about. All the hot and bothered guests who’ve come down for some rest and relaxation quickly find the Inn’s hospitable front desk man and his cohorts generous to a fault; all of them eager to generate enough fierce manaction to blow the Inn’s indulgence rating off the charts.”

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May 24, 2010

Next Door Studios: Hot threeway fuck with Mason Wyler, Adam Wirthmore and Paul Wagner

MasonWyler: Hot threeway fuck with Mason Wyler, Adam Wirthmore and Paul Wagner writes:

“This week, Mason has a new buddy to play with. Meet Paul Wagner. This hulk of a man is huge, hairy and hung! Oh, and he goes both ways! Did we also mention that joining this duo is Adam Wirthmore.

Yeah, that’s right, a good ol’ 3 way cock fest! These three studs swap cock, ass and cum.

This is one hot scene!”

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