October 21, 2017

Sean Cody: Newbie Derick creampies Lane

Sean Cody: Derick creampies Lane
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SeanCody.com writes:

““Today, there’s a new guy I get to bang!” Lane was all smiles and excited to get started with the hunky Derick, who was also pretty eager to commence the day full of firsts.

Lane described the new hottie as “kind of a weird fellow”, but certainly in the most endearing way… he did like it after all!

Especially when Derick pounded his tight hole with his big dick, and then filled it with cum while asking Lane who his master was! We’re not mad about that at all… Derick sure knows how to make a guy feel special!”

Sean Cody: Derick creampies Lane
Sean Cody: Derick creampies Lane

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Sean Cody Special Offer


2 Responses to “Sean Cody: Newbie Derick creampies Lane”

  1. R47 on October 21st, 2017 3:02 pm

    Derrick was Liam @ CF. He had 4 scenes. A solo, a straight & 2 gay. He topped a guy, then bottomed for Marc. He did oral too. SC is slipping, this should have been a completely reciprocal flip.

  2. Fagalicious on October 21st, 2017 6:28 pm

    I think you mistake Derick for CF’s 2014 Liam (aka Zane Penn).

    Sean Cody’s Derick is 2016’s Liam at Corbin Fisher. That Liam only did a solo and a straight scene.

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