August 1, 2010

StraightGuysForGayEyes: Samuel O’Toole fucks a chick writes:

“At 5’5”, Samuel O’Toole’s height is about the only thing that isn’t BIG about him. He’s got a big smile, big muscles, he’s a big charmer, and has a BIG cock. And his girl…let’s just say she’s a BIG fan and you will be too.

Sam puts all his tools to work. He flashes his gorgeous grin as his muscles flex and strain as he pounds his girl hard, nearly sending her off the bed twice. Guttural moans of ecstasy penetrate the air as she takes every inch of that huge cock, which is quite an accomplishment.

The HOTTEST thing is yet to ‘cum’ though. Sam pops his load inside his girl, and then laps up every last drop as it oozes out of her pummeled pussy.”

– Download the complete scene at

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