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September 28, 2009

ActiveDuty: “Twin Soldiers 2”

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Bryan and Ryan are real life twin twinks who love to show off their hot soldier bods, tight asses, and fat cocks. See them in hardcore man-sex action in Twin Soldiers 2 – at ActiveDuty!

September 23, 2009

ActiveDuty: Thomas, Randy and Chaz fuck in “Summer Recruits 2”

This week at ActiveDuty: Thomas, Randy and Chaz fuck in "Summer Recruits 2"

Active Duty writes:

“This week we celebrate the end of Summer with the big finale of Summer Recruits 2. This is the last scene and man what a hell of a way to say goodbye. Randy, Chaz and Thomas get together for a threeway fuck that nearly brought down the beach house.

The other guys were out on the boardwalk that led down beside the beach house all the way to the water and could hear all the hot action loud and clear. A few late night beach strollers got an ear full, too. But we didn’t care, the action was too hot to stop and say “shhhh”. DJ actually filmed this scene and he did a really great job of capturing all the right angles.

Randy continues his bottoming blow-out by taking on some of the biggest cocks we’ve got here at Active Duty. The boys have their way with him and he grunts and moans and yelps and hollers all the way to the climatic ending.

You don’t want to miss this one, troops. Randy is a real show-stopper when it comes to being a top. In fact, I’ve said recently that he’s one of the best tops I’ve ever seen. Well, add to that, he’s one of the best bottoms, too. Chaz and Thomas really manhandle him good in this scene and you’ll come away dripping wet with all of them.”

– Watch the entire scene at ActiveDuty.com

September 8, 2009

ActiveDuty: Dorian, Gage and Kasey in “Summer Recruits 2”

This week at ActiveDuty: Dorian, Gage and Kasey in "Summer Recruits 2"

ActiveDuty writes about this scene:

“This week in our continuation of Summer Recruits 2 and sharing this hot follow-up to Summer Recruits 1 with you, we’ve got the second scene of Summer Recruits 2 streaming for you in its entirety in our Videos Of The Week section.

This is the scene where I discover Dorian, Gage and Kasey sprawled out on a bed side-by-side with my laptop beating their meat to some porn. Everyone else is roaming around the house or beach or out on the deck talking, but these three decide to find something better to do.

Things quickly go from jerking off to full-blown wild sex as Gage takes it from Kasey and Dorian and Dorian takes it from Kasey and Gage. The highlight of this scene for me was when Gage was about to pass Dorian’s ass off to Kasey and in the midst of their change-over Dorian becomes impatient. He’s getting bossy and telling Kasey to hurry up and stuff his hole. So hot to listen as he grows anxious waiting.

These three end out a great scene by covering Dorian in three hot loads of cum. He’s drenched and looking delicious.”

– Watch the full-length scene this week at ActiveDuty.com
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September 3, 2009

ActiveDuty: Navy redhead hottie Aaron


Dink of ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Aaron is a 20-year old sailor that I met on one my outings to the local strip joint. These guys will blow all their money in these places in hopes of getting laid. When the night ends and the stripper goes out the back door with all these guys’ money stuffed in their bras, someone has to be there to console these fellows… Enter Dink stage left.

aaron_activeduty_002 aaron_activeduty_003

I had been eyeing this hot redhead all night long and had struck up a conversation with him several times and we hit it off. When the club closed I saw him getting in his car with his buddies in the parking lot and drove up and called him over to the car. He was very friendly. I gave him my number and told him I had a way he could make some cash.

The next day he called me at 8 AM. That’s way too early for me so I invited him to come over that afternoon. We shot his photos first and I caught some great evening sun on this beautiful redhead that just complimented him so much. What a real beauty.

aaron_activeduty_004 aaron_activeduty_005

(Photos: ActiveDuty)

After the photos we headed to the pool house and Aaron said he wanted to do some quick excercises. He demonstrates to us how he keeps that ripped, lean body in tip-top shape by doing some push-ups, sit-ups, leg raises and then kicks back on the bed as I ask him a few questions about himself. Aaron says he has high goals to improve his body even more (if that’s possible) and says he thinks he can reach his goals. With a body like he’s already sporting, I can’t imagine anything better.”

– Check out Aaron’s pics and video at Active Duty

More pics of Aaron after the jump …

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August 19, 2009

ActiveDuty: Dorian, Domenic, David and Conrad fuck each other in “Summer Recruits”

This week at ActiveDuty: Dorian, Domenic, David and Conrad fuck each other in "Summer Recruits"

Active Duty writes:

“The scene we’re streaming tonight in the Streaming Videos of the Week section is a big one. It’s the four-way between Conrad, Dorian, David and Domenic.

After some fooling around in the ocean and on the beach, the guys return to the house for some fun. The four fellas end up on the bed doggy style next to one another, with Domenic mounting Conrad’s hot ass while Dorian zeroing in on David’s sweet hole. David bounces back hard on Dorian’s stiff cock as it bangs balls deep in his ass. Conrad is taking Domenic quite well at the other end and everyone seems happy. They switch positions so that David and Conrad are face to face while the two of them get fucked deep and hard. They embrace in some hot kissing as their asses get pounded deep.”

– Watch the entire scene this week at ActiveDuty.com
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August 19, 2009

ActiveDuty: Cash, Kaden and Conrad suck each other in “Summer Recruits”

This week at ActiveDuty: Cash, Kaden and Conrad suck each other in "Summer Recruits"

Active Duty writes:

“Today we’re streaming the fifth scene in our Streaming Videos of the Week section for you and it features Cash, Kaden and Conrad doing just that – sucking each other off.

These three get all hot and sweaty playing football on the beach and just watching their tight, muscled bodies glisten in the sun is enough to send one into sensory overload. Talk about hot bodies, these three are one fine shining example of what good genes, hard work and lots of boyish play can get you. Summer Recruits celebrates this by showcasing these guys in a setting meant for as few clothes as possible.

– Watch the full-length scene this week at Active Duty
– Buy “Summer Recruits” at GayDVD.com

August 13, 2009

ActiveDuty: DJ, Brian, Dorian and Kaden’s hot fourway in “Summer Recruits”

This week at ActiveDuty: DJ, Brian, Dorian and Kaden's hot fourway in "Summer Recruits"

This scene, set on a lazy summer afternoon at the Beach House, kicks off with Dorian vacuuming up the hair from Brian’s buzz cut (which is featured in full in the Behind The Scenes footage streaming for members in the War Chest section of ActiveDuty.com).

DJ, Brian and Kaden are relaxing on the couches. It should be a law that we all have our own naked Marine to vacuum our house. Don’t you agree? Meanwhile Brian is sporting a full hard-on as he watches porn. DJ and Kaden are playing with their hard cocks through their shorts and Dorian joins them. It won’t be long before all the clothes are off and all the boys are having fun. The porn must have been awful because all the boys can seem to do is make fun of it. It’s more comedy than inspiration so they must find other ways to inspire themselves. Something tells me that won’t be hard at all.

They form a circle on the floor with DJ sucking Kaden, Kaden sucking Dorian and Brian sucking DJ. They get some great shots from above to show off the circle and these four hotties are lost in the taste of one another. After the circle of sucking they move back against the couches where Kaden sucks Dorian and Brian sucks DJ. Dorian and DJ embrace in a deep kiss while the other two men service their cocks.

They saddle up for the ride and Kaden positions his ass in the air for Dorian to take and Dorian moves right in and does just that. Meanwhile Brian gets in position for DJ to take his ass and it’s on. Dorian goes in slow and deep on Kaden’s tight ass as Kaden pushes himself back, Dorian slides in further and further until he’s balls deep in Kaden’s ass. DJ works his way into Brian’s hot ass and the four are fucking their brains out. DJ crams all nine of his thick inches balls deep into Brian’s tight ass and Brian grunts and groans. DJ and Dorian find a rhythm as they fuck these two hard and fast, almost in step with one another. Talk about marching to the beat. Man, these two are fucking Brian and Kaden like there’s no tomorrow.

DJ and Dorian offer up their asses to Kaden and Brian after they’ve fucked them both good and hard. Brian tears into DJ’s tight ass while Kaden and Dorian watch for a minute. Soon, Kaden is buried in Dorian’s ass while Dorian and DJ both stroke their hard cocks. They’re going to town and making sure everyone leaves with a good fucking. DJ is the first to pop his load as Brian plows deeper and deeper into his ass he blows a huge load all over himself. Dorian is the next to go as he covers his dog tags in hot manjuice while Kaden plows his ass hard. With no warning at all, Brian starts shooting his hot load all over DJ’s chest. Finally, Kaden is ready and Dorian is waiting as Kaden shoots a fat load on him. They go for one last cum-covered kiss. Mission complete. At ease!

– Watch this hot scene this week at ActiveDuty.com
– Buy “Summer Recruits” at GayDVD.com

July 29, 2009

ActiveDuty: Behind the scenes of “Summer Recruits”

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Active Duty has a very special movie coming out this summer, and as usual, they are delivering to the member’s first! Summer Recruits is a special five hour movie with five sex scenes and tons of extras, including two hours of Behind-The-Scenes.

The Behind-The-Scenes footage not only gives you a glimpse of the real personalities of these eight gorgeous men, it also has jerking and sucking. All two hours of Behind-The-Scenes are streaming for members now at Active Duty.com!

summerrecruits_activeduty_01 summerrecruits_activeduty_02 summerrecruits_activeduty_03 summerrecruits_activeduty_04 summerrecruits_activeduty_05 summerrecruits_activeduty_06 summerrecruits_activeduty_08 summerrecruits_activeduty_09 summerrecruits_activeduty_10

(Photos: ActiveDuty)
– Watch the entire scene at ActiveDuty.com
– Buy “Summer Recruits” at GayDVD.com

June 24, 2009

ActiveDuty: New recruit Conrad gets fucked for the first time in “Battle Cry 3”

Gorgeous new recruit Conrad bottoms in "Battle Cry 3" this week at ActiveDuty

Active Duty writes:

“The first scene of Battle Cry 3 features Dorian, Kaden, Conrad and Payne and it’s Conrad’s first time bottoming. Who does the honors? Our hunk of Marine Dorian takes Conrad’s virginity and promises that he’ll never get it back.

Kaden also bottoms for that sexy uncut beautiful cock of Payne’s and does a mighty damn fine job of taking the fat cock hard and deep. Conrad kept asking me the night before if I wanted him to bottom on this trip and I said it wasn’t necessary but he kept insisting, “but you really want me to bottom, don’t you?” I assured him again that he didn’t have to but he insisted, “Yeah but you want me to, right?” So what the hell was I supposed to say? Talk about persistence.

So, I got Dorian all lathered up to the idea and Kaden was surprisingly eager to bottom for Payne and once you see how well he took it, you might figure out why he was eager. I was amazed. I’m filming Dorian bang Conrad’s virgin ass and I look over and suddenly Payne is buried balls deep in Kaden’s sweet ass.”

– Watch the entire scene at ActiveDuty.com