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October 14, 2010

ActiveDuty: Justin, Joel and Dakota hot threeway in “Firewatch 2”

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Active Duty shared the second scene from their forthcoming DVD, Firewatch 2, featuring three of their hot newbies Joel, Dakota and Justin. Two of these new recruits, Joel and Dakota, made their debuts the hardcore way! We get introduced to them in their first hardcore scenes, instead of seeing a solo followed by some oral-only warm-ups.

Joel is a big-dicked sexy blonde that was eager to please. You can tell he loved what went on as his cock never once went down the entire scene. He fucked the daylights out of both Dakota and Justin, showing them both how good a big dick can feel up your tight ass.

Little did sexy twink Dakota know that Justin and Joel had already gotten acquainted at Dink Flamingo’s place one night about a week prior to shooting this scene. Dink invited the two of them over for a test run and Justin let Joel fuck him that night just to see how good it would feel.

He must have really enjoyed it because he was back for this scene and eager for more. After Dink clued Dakota in on Joel and Justin’s secret, he was all game for getting involved. Once left alone, Dakota was the first one to strip down and Joel and Justin quickly followed his lead. It wasn’t long before something came up.

Joel was the first to pull out his hard cock and Dakota was on it like white on rice. It’s a big, nice piece of meat and would tempt even the best of us. Joel is such a regular everyday guy and there’s something extremely sexy about him, maybe it’s that not-so-average cock. All these guys are sporting some major wood. I can’t remember the last time I saw three near-perfect cocks in the same room together.

Justin is packing some serious heat with his beautiful cock and perfect low-hangers and Dakota has one of the most suckable cocks I’ve seen lately. Together these three make up a cocksucker’s dream. Dakota has a perfect bubble butt that will make your mouth water and you’ll love watching it get reamed out by Joel’s fat meat. Hang on to your hand-grenades, troops. This threeway is off the charts!”

– Watch the entire scene at Active Duty

October 11, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Pullin’ Rank”

This week at ActiveDuty: Thomas fucks Colt in "Pullin' Rank"
This week at ActiveDuty: Colt, Kaden, Brian and Trent fuck each other in "Pullin' Rank"

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“This week, we’re treating you to the full-length streaming debut of Pullin’ Rank, which features five fellas all ready for action. Not only does it have an eye-popping four-way with Kaden, Trent, Brian and Colt, but it also boasts an almost-too-hot-for-TV scene between Thomas and Colt. (We’re pretty sure Thomas didn’t know what hit him, as bottom boy Colt is so demanding and forceful with his desires in this scene — it’s just one of those things where you stop and go, “alright, who the hell is in charge here?”)”

– Watch this movie at ActiveDuty.com

October 6, 2010

ActiveDuty: Austin fucks Evan in “Firewatch 2”

Active Duty writes:

“Active Duty released the first scene from their forthcoming DVD, Firewatch 2, for their members and man is it a hot one. This will be the 200th release in Active Duty’s line of movies featuring real military men.

Not long ago, Active Duty’s stunning “superstar turned director” Kaden, shared his luscious find Evan over at Amateur Straight Guys. Well, this little hottie Evan was actually a little better suited for Active Duty since he’s actually a military guy. Dink Flamingo teamed Evan up with delicious Austin and those two really hit it off.

Dink let Kaden film this scene. I think you’ll all agree he did an amazing job of directing these two in one really hot scene. All the bases were covered and I’d say Kaden, Evan and Austin all three hit a home run with this one, troops.”

– Watch the entire scene at ActiveDuty.com

September 28, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Rear Gunners 3”

Elijah has his video debut in ActiveDuty‘s “Rear Gunners 3” … with Dean, Cole and Chaz.

– Watch this movie at ActiveDuty.com

September 27, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Alpha Tango”

ActiveDuty: Dorian, Shawn and Austin's hot threeway

In ActiveDuty‘s “Alpha Tango” Jake has his DVD debut, thanks to the helpful hands (and mouth) of Blake … meanwhile, Dorian, Shawn and Austin team up for a memorable threeway.

– Watch the full-length movie this week at ActiveDuty.com

September 22, 2010

ActiveDuty: Vinny fucks Shawn in “The Frontline”

Active Duty writes:

“This hot streaming video is from their forthcoming DVD, The Frontline, and features that super stacked and muscled Vinny who returns to turn things up a notch and take it to the next level.

He’s teamed up with one of my favorites, Active Duty’s very own “Fun Size” Shawn. Talk about a hot duo.

These two complement each other so well and the chemistry is bubbling from the moment the camera comes on.

Shawn is excited to get the chance to bring Vinny further across the line. By the time the sucking, ass eating and fucking is over, Shawn is so riled up he can’t hold back much longer as he blows his load all over his chest while Vinny keeps pounding. He’s drenched and Vinny is about to add to the mess as he stands up and blows a huge fucking load all over Shawn, sending gobs flying past his head, and mixing it in with Shawn’s hot load.

Vinny reaches down and spreads the hot love around as he plays in the massive loads. Ok, still breathing? If you haven’t already lost your load by just reading the description, you will once you check out the scene!”

– Watch the full-length scene at ActiveDuty.com

September 15, 2010

ActiveDuty: Shawn, Fox and Elijah’s hot threeway in “The Frontline”

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Active Duty served up a really juicy streaming sex scene featuring Shawn and Fox with Elijah back in the mix to spice things up. Elijah has been away for awhile but he’s looking as good as ever and he’s always super horny. I think this time around he was especially ready for some long over-due man sex as he told Dink Flamingo in a text message a few days before his trip out, “I need some bromance and you always line up the best.” Elijah always enjoys the newbies and he had his hands full with Fox and Shawn in this scene. You really need to see Elijah and the boys pull off this hot three-way!”

– Watch this hot scene at Active Duty

August 26, 2010

ActiveDuty: Ethan, Damien and Jack’s hot threeway in “Fire Watch”

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Today we’re bringing you another hot threeway in the streaming Streaming Videos of the Week from our forthcoming DVD release, Fire Watch. This hot trio features one of our latest recruits, Ethan (see him in the War Chest) who just loves good sex with other hot men. Ethan personally requested to work with Damien and I made his wish come true. Jack joins them and things get so hot you’ll need to be sure you’re A/C is cranking before you watch it.”

– Watch the full-length scene at Active Duty

August 23, 2010

ActiveDuty: “The Surge 3”

ActiveDuty writes:

“The Surge 3 features two hot studs giving up their manhood for the first time. Levi has come so far since signing on with us here at Active Duty. This shy, sexy country boy who grew up living the simple life on a ranch before joining the Navy went all the way from solo to bottoming and what an experience it was to watch him as he progressed.

There’s also another well-known performer who crosses over from another studio to make a new home with Active Duty and do something for me that he’d never do for his previous studio. Mr. Woods—yes, one of those infamous Woods twins of Internet fame made friends with me and agreed in his first video to bite the pillow and give up his virgin ass for the first time ever.

I’m honored and glad that Active Duty was able to make this happen for all of Mr. Woods fans. The Surge 3 delivers the goods. Be sure to get your copy now or join now and watch it tonight!”

– Watch the complete movie this week at Active Duty

August 19, 2010

ActiveDuty: Austin and Kaden fuck each other in “Direct Orders 2”

ActiveDuty.com writes:

“Austin is a beautiful Marine with a baby face and pretty blue eyes. Pairing him up with the ultimate pretty boy Kaden was a match made in porn heaven. They start some really passionate kissing and begin their journey that’ll lead them to some really hot sex.

Kaden is the first to go down on Austin’s cock and what a nice cock it is. After Kaden has tasted Austin’s perfect cock, Austin goes down for his own taste of Kaden’s. Austin reaches back and spreads Kaden’s cheeks to reveal his nice pink hole and rubs the head of his cock all over the precious pucker. Austin saddles up and Kaden begins the ride.

After a nice long fucking Kaden is ready to return the favor and Austin is all smiles as he throws his legs in the air and plays with his hot hole. Kaden discovers that Austin’s ass is very tight and it takes a little work to get inside him at first.

Austin strokes his hard cock while Kaden pounds his sweet ass. He can’t hold back any longer and shoots a huge load all over his chest. This gets Kaden excited and he starts banging him harder and faster, working up his own explosive load and landing it right in with Austin’s. They go for another hot kiss and you can tell Austin is in heaven.”

– Watch the full-length scene at Active Duty