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May 27, 2014

Broke Straight Boys – Behind the Scenes:
Tyler White arrives at the BSB mansion

Go behind the scenes with Broke Straight Boys newbie, Tyler White, as he comes to town and hangs out with Ian Dempsey, gets advice from veteran BSB star Paul Canon, and gets ready for his first sex scene… with a guy!

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April 12, 2014

Broke Straight Boys – Behind the Scenes: Interview with Tyler White

Newcomer Tyler White tells all in this behind-the-scenes video from Broke Straight Boys.

Catch Tyler discussing how he began his career in gay for pay porn, where he grew up, and what he thinks it takes to be a real porn star.

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January 30, 2014

Broke Straight Boys – Behind the Scenes: Interview with Vadim Black

Check out hot Russian porn star Vadim Black and see why he is an instant internet sensation.

In this interview, Vadim talks about growing up in Russia, what turns him on, and how he got his start in porn.

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November 1, 2013

Connor Maguire on the set of Falcon Studios’ “Bucks County”

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July 5, 2013

High Performance Men: Matt Stevens gets fucked by Jeremy Stevens in “Bedroom Romp”

High Performance Men: Matt Stevens gets fucked by Jeremy Stevens in “Bedroom Romp”

HighPerformanceMen.com writes:

“High Performance Men presents Matt Stevens & Jeremy Stevens (no relation) in this very hot and passionate Bedroom Romp!

From the moment these two met each other, they could barely keep their hands off each other and we knew that this was going to be one hot scene to film.

Starting out with a scorching hot make out session, it does not take Matt very long to reveal Jeremy’s rock hard throbbing cock. He wastes no time in wrapping his lips around Jeremy’s thick long shaft as he does his best to deep throat this massive cock. Jeremy buries his face into Matt’s hairy armpits and after taking in his scent, he begins licking on his pit hair before working his way down to Matt’s groin and taking his cock deep down his throat.

He soon has Matt rolled up with his legs over his head as he drives his tongue deep into Matt’s beautiful hairy ass. After getting his ass all wet, he puts on a condom and drives his cock deep into Matt’s ass while Matt groans in pure delight. With every thrust of Jeremy’s massive cock in his ass, Matt’s facial reactions and guttural moaning show he is loving every inch of Jeremy. Matt is then bent over the edge of the bed as Jeremy drives his cock even deeper into Matt’s ass. He then lies on his back and Matt lowers his ass down onto Jeremy’s cock and gives him a ride he soon will not forget.

So turned on, Matt blows a thick creamy load of cum all over Jeremy’s tight hairy abs. Jeremy then returns the favor and blows a super load of cum all over Matt’s hairy chest.

The two collapse onto each other, out of breath and give each other a deep kiss. Enjoy!”

Download Video: MP4

Backstage with Jeremy Stevens & Matt Stevens

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High Performance Men
June 25, 2013

Men.com: Paul Walker gets his ass cherry popped by real-life best friend Paddy O’Brian in “Mates, Part 4”

Men.com: Paddy O'Brian pops Paul Walker's ass cherry in "Mates, Part 4"
Men.com: Paddy O'Brian pops Paul Walker's ass cherry in "Mates, Part 4"

Men.com writes about this scene:

“MEN.COM’s acclaimed porn drama reaches its conclusion when the chemistry between Paddy O’Brian & Paul Walker becomes too intense to ignore. Paul is fucked for the first time by real life best friend Paddy O’Brian!”

Download Video: MP4

Download Video: MP4

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May 25, 2013

Men.com: Behind the Scenes – Paul Walker interviews Paddy O’ Brian

– See more of Paul Walker and Paddy O’Brian at Men.com

March 15, 2012

Marc Dylan nude in The Castro

Download Video: MP4

Fresh after his performance in Colt / Buckshot’s “California Boys” Marc Dylan decided to take advantage of of San Francisco’s Castro District nudist laws. As you can see, Marc does nothing half assed!

– Check out Marc’s hot scene in COLT’s California Boys
– Visit Marc’s personal website at MarcDylanBlog.com

December 22, 2011

Titan Men: Francois Sagat with Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed in “Incubus”

TitanMen writes about this hot scene:

“During a wild night of partying, Francois Sagat passes out on the dance floor — and wakes up naked on a desert hillside. He stumbles back to the house from the previous night’s party and finds fellow muscle men Shay Michaels and a latexed Spencer Reed kissing as their boners throb.

Francois inserts himself into the action, the two feasting on his dirty bod before he drops to his knees. Spit gobs fall to the floor as Francois deep-throats the strangers, with Spencer soon returning the favor.

Shay and Francois piss on Spencer, the three soaked before Francois deep sucks them again.

The three men cum, Francois licking his load off Spencer’s boot. Spencer then takes turn fucking the two men, snapping up Francois’s boner as he plows. Francois then rams the moaning Shay (“Fuck me! Please fuck me!”) before Shay and Spencer take turns ramming Francois — who is soon coated in cum and piss.”

Download Video: MP4

– Watch the full scene at TitanMen.com


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November 9, 2011

Behind the scenes with Marc Dylan on the set of Men.com

Check out this GaySexAfterDark Exclusive Interview with Marc Dylan. The interview was conducted on the set of Men.com.