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December 25, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Connor and Josh fuck with BelAmi’s Brandon and Sascha

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We have quite the special update for you today! Shot in Europe as part of our collaboration with Bel Ami, two of CF’s most popular studs, Connor and Josh, get in to a hot 4-way with Bel Ami’s Brandon and Sascha! Tons of muscle, hard flesh, and big dicks get intertwined and mixed together in what was definitely one of the most intense and action-packed videos we shot while there!

A scene with all 4 of these guys makes for quite the dilemma, though! Who tops?! Who bottoms?! Well, we know Connor is one of CF’s best tops – he has a dick that just does not quit and loves to bury it in a tight hole. For his part, Brandon is one of the best tops at Bel Ami and we’ve seen evidence of that here at CF before! So, while things could have gone in any direction at the outset, I suspect a few of us knew Sascha and our Josh were going to get fucked at some point!

At the end of it all, Sascha and Josh are totally caked in cum, all for of the guys thoroughly spent after such and intense session!”

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November 21, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Elijah fucks BelAmi boy Ariel

CorbinFisher: Elijah fucks BelAmi boy Ariel

Corbin Fisher writes:

“One of the funniest moments leading up to our shoot in Europe with Bel Ami involved Elijah as all of the guys set to go on the trip were sitting around talking about how much fun it would be, what it might be like, and what they could expect while there. Amidst all the comments about hot European girls, long plane flights, airline food, European nightlife and beer and all of the other things the guys were sure to discover, Elijah suddenly and in the most serious tone – along with that Southern twang of his – says, “Are they all uncut over there?”.

I couldn’t help but bust out laughing at that. He was so serious when he asked it and stared at me like whatever answer I was about to give was terribly important.

It didn’t take long after his arrival in Europe to discover the answer to that question! Hot, young Ariel, with whom Elijah is paired here in what is for both their joint CF/Bel Ami video debuts, has himself a nice uncut cock that Elijah gets to explore up close with his hands, lips and tongue. Likewise, Ariel spends plenty of time getting familiar with Elijah’s cut cock, sucking it deep and hard.

Indeed, the hardons here are both quite impressive! As Ariel sucks Elijah, Elijah is as stiff as can be, that dick of his pointing straight out from his smooth, tight body as he stands up over Arial to feed it to him. When Elijah gets down between Ariel’s legs to suck on his dick, Ariel’s cock is pointing skyward, straining as Elijah’s head and mop of hair bob up and down while he sucks it.

Neither could get enough of all the sucking, actually! After Elijah took his turn at sucking on Ariel, the guys passionately kiss and make out a bit, before Ariel is again swallowing as much of Elijah’s cock as possible! If that wasn’t enough, the guys can’t help but work their way in to a sixty-nine so that each can taste the other’s cock, all of it getting them both incredibly worked up and more than ready for the hot fuck that follows!

It’s extremely hot seeing Elijah pound Ariel’s ass. Ariel is almost bent in half on the couch, Elijah driving his dick in and out of his hole. Here at CF, we’ve seen just how much Elijah enjoys some fast-paced and furious piston fucking! But Arial had never seen it before and so didn’t know what he was in store for bottoming for Elijah! It doesn’t take long for him to find out, though, as Elijah pounds him hard!

George and I immediately knew Elijah and Ariel would make a good pairing when we compared our lists of guys we were going to involve in the shoot, and you can see why here! Elijah loves to fuck hard and fast and Ariel can not only take it, but looks like he truly loves it and can’t get enough of it! Their looks and physiques are quite similar, no doubt, but it’s really the sex that shows off just how compatible and what a good fit they were!

The harder Elijah fucks Ariel, the more and more he looks like he’s ready to cum at any second! When both of these hot young guys finally can’t hold back anymore and are ready to blow their loads, they make sure they don’t waste a drop as Ariel gets down in front of Elijah’s cock to take his load all over his lips, chin, and tongue before they switch places so that Elijah can likewise get a facial from Ariel!

Cut/uncut. American/European. None of those differences matter when you get two horny, young studs together for some deep and hard fucking that neither can get enough of!”

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Corbin Fisher
November 21, 2009

Behind the scenes with Elijah and Ariel

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September 18, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Dawson fucks BelAmi’s Dolph

CorbinFisher: Dawson fucks BelAmi's Dolph

Corbin Fisher writes:

“When word first got out that we had partnered up with Bel Ami to film some joint content together and mix and match our models in some scenes with one another, our Dawson and Bel Ami’s Dolph doing a scene together was something many people simply knew had, and was going, to happen. Dawson and Dolph are two of the most popular, trademark models of each of our respective companies and so it only made sense they’d end up paired together. “Dolph is like Bel Ami’s Dawson!”, and “Dawson is like Corbin Fisher’s Dolph!”, were comments frequently mentioned in e-mails we received about the collaboration.

Dawson and Dolph are indeed much alike in many respects. They’re both buff and extremely well built, blond, have a great presence in front of the camera, and are integral parts of what we each do and the videos we each film! Even George and I knew that this was a match up that just had to happen, and we were even tempted to film it before the full details of the collaboration had been laid out and agreed upon. We were so excited about the upcoming collaboration and all that it promised that we wanted to film a CF stud and a Bel Ami boy together as soon as possible, and Dawson and Dolph were set to be the ones to do it.

We resisted the temptation to film this pairing too early, though, and instead wanted to make sure Dolph and Dawson had plenty of time to get to know one another and hang out beforehand. When Dolph and Luke Hamill came out to the US to visit us, the two hit it off quite well and got along great. I think they both realized a scene between them was forthcoming and inevitable and so knew it would be worth developing a rapport between them and getting to know one another.

Sure enough, that all played out perfectly when it came time for them to finally get together to film the hot scene we have here! You can see just how well these two get along as their interaction is not only highly charged sexually, but also playful and fun! Their cocks are stiff as boards and aching to go right from the start, while making out and playing with one another in the bathtub. Once they throw themselves on to the bed to continue on, they can’t keep their hands or tongues off of one another!

One of the things I found quite remarkable is when Dawson seemed totally fascinated by Dolph’s uncut cock. It was only when Dawson made a comment about it that I realized he’d never actually been that up close and personal with an uncut guy before! Any time he’s been paired up one-on-one with a fellow CF stud, his partner has been cut (a bi 3-way over at ACS is the only time he’s ever been around an uncut guy)!

Dawson’s fascination gets him to go down on Dolph like a man on a mission, taking as much of Dolph’s cock in to his mouth as he can and driving Dolph nuts with the blowjob he’s giving. Expertly working over Dolph’s dick is the least Dawson can do, given what comes next!

Dolph lowers himself on to Dawson’s stiff dick, gradually taking the entire thing in his ass as he then starts to bounce up and down on it. Dawson thrusts up in to Dolph at the same time, his balls bouncing up and down as he does it and every pump getting a moan out of Dolph. Dawson’s dick is doing the trick, also, as Dolph is rockhard while he’s getting fucked! Going back and forth between quick and fast pumps to deep and hard thrusts, Dawson thoroughly fucks Dolph’s hole before they work themselves around to having Dolph squatting above Dawson in the “reverse cowboy” position.

Dawson can really drive his dick in to Dolph as deep as possible in this position, and we can also see Dolph’s own cock hard and pulsing with each thrust from below!

Eventually, they move off the bed so that Dolph can bend over in front of Dawson and Dawson can fuck him from behind. Both guys’ amazing bodies look hotter than ever now, the sweat building up as Dawson pistons in and out of Dolph’s ass. All that fucking works Dawson up to a massive orgasm, as he pulls out to totally paint Dolph’s ass in a massive load of cum that looks like it will never stop shooting! After Dawson has sprayed Dolph with his load, Dolph can’t help but reach back to squeeze a few more drops out of Dawson’s still-hard dick.

Having just blasted that big load of his own, Dawson then gets down in front of Dolph to stroke him off to orgasm, aiming Dolph’s spurting dick right at his mouth and face!”

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July 17, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Luke Hamill fucks Josh

CorbinFisher: Luke Hamill fucks Josh

Corbin Fisher writes about this super hot scene:

“I’m thrilled to be releasing the first of many jointly-produced scenes featuring CorbinFisher.com and BelAmiOnline.com models! We shot a great deal of material with our guys and Bel Ami’s guys together on our recent trip to Europe, and this should give you a good idea of the hot stuff that was captured over there! Here, we have two full-length videos – one in which our Josh and Bel Ami’s Luke Hamill fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck like wild, and the other filled with loads of bonus footage from their filming session and other moments in Europe!

There was a great rapport between them from the start. Josh and Luke first met in San Francisco, when Luke and Dolph Lambert came out to shoot some G-rated still photos. Both Luke and Dolph speak fairly good English, and so were able to communicate quite well with our models. In some of the fun, playful photos shot in SF, as well as some of the racy and sensual photos shot in Europe, you can clearly see there was a connection between both Josh and Luke. They had similar senses of humor, spent a lot of time joking around and chatting, and were palling around like old friends.

They were the perfect pairing, as both were nervous about this scene and knew a lot was riding on it, yet were able to put one another at ease and get one another entirely caught up in some hot sex to the point where nerves were entirely forgotten.

Just watch these two go down on each other early in this video! They are literally gagging themselves on one another’s cocks, as if they were competing to see who could deepthroat the best. It got to the point where Josh was swallowing Luke’s dick down his throat so deep, he was bringing tears to his own eyes – and then going back for more!

If they weren’t swallowing one another’s cocks, they were eating out each other’s assholes, making out deeply and passionately, and doing whatever else two horny, young, energetic guys could get into!

Ultimately, that meant fucking. And Luke truly fucks the daylights out of Josh! He slowly slides his dick into Josh’s ass at first, but it’s not long before we’re treated to the sound of Luke’s balls slapping Josh’s flesh – and it’s loud! Their moans and groans are just as loud, though, and every one of Luke’s thrusts elicit a deep moan from Josh.

These two get into some pretty revealing positions while going at it, fucking all over the loft-bed they were in and using everything they could to get creative and crazy. At one point, Josh is hanging from the wooden ceiling beams as Luke thrusts up into him!

I’m sure they could have gone on forever, but it eventually gets to the point where both were more than ready to blow their loads, as well. Josh is the first one to shoot as Luke continues to drill his ass, and he fires off a massive load all over his chest and abs and clear up to his neck and face! Luke keeps pumping his hole a little while longer before pulling out of Josh’s ass, sliding up to where his dick is right in front of Josh’s face, and then giving Josh a hot facial that Josh could not have looked more happy to take!

I’d mentioned the bonus footage that accompanies this video, and there is a ton of it. There’s quite a bit of action in it, as well – outtakes from the actual filming of the scene itself! Before filming the scene, though, the guys got together with the gaggle of photographers capturing images of them (some of our crew and Bel Ami’s – you’ll even notice Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston among them!) and taking the still photos that accompany this video. It was a lot of fun watching them interact while taking those still photos and we’re sharing a lot of that footage here!

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