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June 8, 2010

Twinks.com: Austin Wilde fucks Jayden Grey

Twinks.com writes:

“I can’t get over how hot this duo is. Austin Wilde’s been round for a little while, some I’m familiar with that stud’s creditials, but I certainly didn’t see Jayden Grey coming, and what a find he is. Seeing him ride Austin’s tool in this video made me both insanely horny and envious. I’m not sure who I want more.”

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May 20, 2010

Pride Studios: Scott Alexander fucks Ryan Raz

ExtraBigDicks: Scott Alexander fucks Ryan Raz

Extra Big Dicks writes:

“Scott “big, black and absolutely beautiful” Alexander returns to ExtraBigDicks.com this week, taking Ryan Raz’s beautiful pink butthole, and that “purty” mouth hostage.

Before Ryan’s jeans have come off, Scott’s pulled down his briefs to taste that thick cock of his. Ryan sits back and watches as Scott devours every inch of his meat. Scott strips and stands before Ryan as Ryan gets to work on his thick cock. Ryan chokes down as much of it as he can, shoving Scott’s meat deep into his throat. He bends Ryan over on the couch and goes to work on that hot ass.

He slides his tongue deep into Ryan’s smooth ass which only makes Ryan buck back, wanting that hot tongue deep in that ass. He starts fucking that ass deep in no time, as Ryan moans and groans, having his sweet ass stretched.

Scott slaps away at that ass as he fucks it. He then switches things up by having Ryan sit on his cock. Then it’s Ryan’s turn as he starts to ride that dick like he’s on a bouncy ball. They trade off fucking duties until they migrate into a hot missionary position on the chair.

Scott slams that dick deep into Ryan, who loves the fucking he’s getting. Ryan’s cock explodes as Scott continues to give him dick. Ryan’s load cascades out all over his smooth navel. Scott isn’t too far behind, as he pulls out and jacks his load all over Ryan’s cock and balls.”

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May 13, 2010

Pride Studios: Diesel Washington drills Ridge Michaels

ExtraBigDicks: Diesel Washington drills Ridge Michaels

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“Ridge Michaels will definitely remember this day on ExtraBigDicks.com after his smooth, jock ass gets officially introduced to Diesel Washington. Diesel: the man, the myth, the 9” python in his pants needs no introduction. At 39, Diesel has made himself quite the reputation as an accomplished actor in the adult industry.

They break the ice kissing softly on the couch as their hands begin to explore each other. Ridge’s curiosity gets the better of him as he slides off Diesel’s jeans. Diesel stands up and just watches as Ridge hauls out Diesel’s thick black cock through the fly of his boxers and goes to work. Ridge wraps that pretty mouth around Diesel’s 9” cock as Diesel moans and groans his appreciation. Diesel then wants some dick and goes to town on Ridge’s rock hard cock as Ridge writhes in ecstasy. Diesel uses his tongue all over that hot cock and balls before turning this Sarasota Stud around and getting that expert tongue up that hot ass.

Diesel buries his face deep in Ridge’s crack, as Ridge pushes his cock back towards Diesel’s mouth wanting more on his cock too. Diesel then sits back and groans as Ridge starts sitting on his thick cock. “Just have to get used to it” Ridge grunts as his ass slowly concedes. Once that hot ass is fully impaled, Ridge starts to grind his ass on that dick sending Diesel into a frenzy.

After a few minutes of taking that dick in a reverse cowgirl, Ridge wants a better view. He twirls around on that dick so he can face Diesel and get to make out with him as he gets that ass stretched. “Aww, fuck me” is all Ridge can say as Diesel impales that ass and even moves him from the couch and props him onto the chaise into a doggie position without ever pulling his python out of his ass. Show off!

Diesel then literally spins him around while on his dick into a missionary position then stands up with Ridge still attached to this cock and moves him back to the couch to fuck him missionary. Grandstanding we say! Diesel buries his cock deeper and deeper and soon they are both ready to explode. They dismount and unload as they jack their loads all over themselves before basking in the afterglow.”

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May 11, 2010

Randy Blue: Jackson Kale rubs one out

RandyBlue: Jackson Kale rubs one out

Jackson Kale shows off his beautiful black muscular body as he jerks off his rock hard dick at RandyBlue.com!

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May 5, 2010

ImAMarriedMan: Diesel Washington pounds Scott Alexander

ImAMarriedMan: Diesel Washington pounds Scott Alexander

ImAMarriedMan.com writes:

“Diesel’s wife hates basketball so much that he practically has to take a vacation to watch his favorite game. He gets his first chance in the hotel room, but somebody on the team dropped the ball. Scott, from house keeping, comes in to do a little clean up, but he winds up making a big spill…on Diesel’s crotch. Slippery fingers on the court can’t be helped, but a slippery cock is a different matter. Who cares if his team can’t get it up? Diesel can, and he’s going for the rim-shot.”

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April 5, 2010

ChaosMen: Prentice busts a nut

Chaosmen: Prentice busts a nut

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Prentice is friends with Ransom. He had sent me his pictures several months earlier, but Prentice moved to the East coast to take care of his grandmother. After an extended stay, he was eager to get back to Austin, and I believe he is staying with Ransom. “Of course Ransom would prefer a paying roommate, so he once again approached me to work with Prentice.

So after what seemed like almost a year, we finally got Prentice in the studio. He’s very active, and you can tell he works out hard. He has modeled and was joy to work with.

Prentice also really enjoyed showing off, and his solo has that extra something that some of the more nervous participants seem to be missing.

He’s not sure about doing guy on guy work, but Ransom seems to be encouraging him every step of the way, so we might get him in for at least a blow job. But I am not holding my breath. He seems very reluctant.”

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March 4, 2010

Pride Studios: Scott Alexander fucks William Vos

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“Scott Alexander and his fat, chocolate uber cock reign supreme at ExtraBigDicks.com this week. Its most loyal subject of all is lucky William Vos, who makes every massive inch of the cock disappear in every hole he has.

The chemistry between these two is unmistakable as they kiss passionately and continue exploring each other’s bodies. William gets more than a mouthful as he starts sucking on his cock. “Look up here at me, Babe” Scott says, as he slowly starts to face fuck William, who’s doing his best to take every thick inch of Scott’s black cock that’s being forced down his hungry throat. Soon, William’s cock is deep inside Scott’s hungry mouth.

Scott loves to suck cock, and goes to town on William’s pole. All this oral action is leading to some intense action, and things are only getting started. Judging from the look on William’s face, he loves every minute of it. “Awww that’s a big fucking dick!” William groans with delight, as Scott picks up the pace. The grin on William’s face is priceless as Scott continues to drill his ass.

They then switch into Missionary, which will do the trick. William’s the first to nut as he stands over Scott and bathes him in his load. That’s enough to send Scott over the edge as he too blasts his load ALL over William’s chest and face.”

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February 6, 2010

ThugOrgy: Black barebacking gangbang

ThugOrgy writes:

“Black barebacking gangbang at its best: and if that bit of alliteration wasn’t enough to convince you, just check out the hot condomless action in this video.

Raw black cock being sucked and fucked all over the room – it’s enough to make you dizzy in lust. Rock on you sexy muthas!”

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February 3, 2010

MenAtPlay: Steve Hunt pounds Eddie Diaz in “Filthy Rich”

MenAtPlay writes about this hot scene:

“Hottie Eddie Diaz lays naked with a throbbing cock when his mother’s servant the sexy Steve Hunt brings him breakfast! Eddie is a rich spoilt brat who blackmails Steve into getting his cock out.

Soon Eddie is sucking on Steve’s ample cock, almost choking on the size of it! Steve’s cock and balls are huge and ready to play!

He pounds on Eddie’s tight ass until Eddie can take no more and explodes his hot white jizz all over Steve. Steve’s cock is rock hard and wants more! He ties Eddie to the bed and fucks Eddie hard and rough – just the way he likes it!

The sexual chemistry between these guys is explosive and Steve deserves an Oscar for this performance!”

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January 31, 2010

Stag Homme: Damien Crosse gets fucked by Brazilian newcomer Apollo

Stag Homme Studios introduces Brazilian newcomer Apollo in a fuck flick that pays homage to New York thugs.

This black stud is one beefy dominant fucker who not only makes Damien gag on his fat cock but also gives Damien the best fucking he’s ever gotten on his back and on all fours.

If you’d like to see Damien get slapped around then watch “Apollo” right now! It’s all about raw and filthy animal lust in street gear.

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