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December 13, 2014

Corbin Fisher: Ethan barebacks Cain

Corbin Fisher: Ethan barebacks Cain

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“Ethan gets Cain worked up by working over his nipples with his tongue. Ethan feeds Cain his cock and then returns the favor by blowing Cain, while Cain sucks Ethan’s fingers.

Both guys get crazy when Ethan eats out Cain’s tight hole – and the only way to relieve the pressure is for Ethan to pound the hell out of Cain!

Cain takes every inch of Ethan’s cock and blasts his load… and then sucks Ethan’s load straight from his cock!”

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June 23, 2014

NakedSword: Corbin Fisher’s “Pura Vida”

NakedSword: Corbin Fisher's "Pura Vida"
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Corbin Fisher writes at NakedSword:

“All of your favorite CF guys – Cain, Dawson, Colby, Jeff, Travis, and Trey head to the tropics and the lush jungle forests of Costa Rica to do what guys do best! And that means hang out on the beach, snorkel, make waves out in the ocean, ride ATVs … and of course … suck, fuck, and eat cum like it was chilled juice on a hot day!”

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January 25, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Cooper rides Cain bareback

CorbinFisher: Cooper rides Cain
CorbinFisher: Cooper rides Cain

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Muscle meets music today when CF legend Cain takes on one of our hottest new freshmen, Cooper!

Cooper is a drummer in several bands, so he knows how to handle a stick – though he may not have ever handled a stick as big as Cain’s before. Cain, of course, is one of our star upperclassman and he never fails to make the guy he’s with feel great.

Pairing up the big bodybuilder with the smaller Cooper was a no-brainer. Cooper jumped headfirst (or is that “dick first”) into guy/guy action. He was open-minded from the beginning, but the way he relished his time with Harper and Dawson, I knew he would enjoy Cain.

He sure did! Cooper and Cain went after each other with abandon! They kissed a bit, but Cooper couldn’t wait to get Cain’s pants off and see that monster cock for himself. Cooper went down on Cain, sucking and licking that big dick and those nuts.

I think Cain was a little surprised that someone so inexperienced was giving him such a great blow job. Cooper had good teachers, but he certainly couldn’t keep his mouth off Cain’s dick.

That got Cain more than ready to fuck. Cain rims Cooper and slides a finger into his ass. He teases and works Cooper’s ass, until Cooper’s ready to ride that thick dick.

Cooper slides down Cain’s cock almost all the way as soon as he climbs on top of Cain. After a little coaxing and a few thrusts, Cain’s cock disappears deeper into Cooper’s ass.

Cain gets Cooper over the arm of the sofa and fucks him from behind, shoving his cock even farther into Cooper’s hole. Flipping onto his back, Cooper blasts a thick load all over his stomach and Cain follows up with a creampie.”

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Corbin Fisher
December 28, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Cain barebacks Hunter’s virgin ass

CorbinFisher: Cain fucks Hunter raw
CorbinFisher: Cain fucks Hunter raw

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“Cain’s back!

Our favorite bodybuilder has been super-busy with work (yes – he actually has a real job and does more than fuck on camera – damn it!) and hasn’t had the chance to come see us lately. Cain told me he’s missed being here and while he was only able to visit for a short period of time, he managed to make the most of it.

He clicked immediately with Hunter, who’s become a rapidly rising star here at CF. Both of these studs were totally into each other – Hunter loved Cain’s buff body and Cain loved Hunter’s lean physique.

Hunter has never bottomed either, so he was eager to try that. He wasn’t afraid to go big and start out by taking Cain’s huge cock!

The guys make out. Hunter surprised me by how enthusiastically he went down on Cain. He kept choking on that big dick going all the way down the back of his throat, but Hunter kept going back for more! I love that!

Cain may have been gone for a while, but he had no problems diving right back into action, blowing Hunter and rubbing his cock up against Hunter’s. The guys 69, Hunter kept amazing me at being able to take Cain’s dick so well. Cain pulls Hunter towards him and stuffs his cock into Hunter’s virgin ass.

Hunter moans loudly – it’s a lot of dick to take -but he loves it. He yelps as Cain pounds his ass. It may sound like Cain was a little tough on Hunter, but trust me, Hunter loved it. At one point, he yells out, “Oh yeah! Fuck me so good!” and he meant it. He was in ecstasy.

Hunter rode Cain’s cock and grabbed Cain’s massive pecs – I can’t remember when I’ve seen a new guy take such a big dicking so ferociously!

Cain fucks a huge load out of Hunter. Cum sprays out as Hunter yells out for Cain to fuck him. Cain follows up by blasting his load into Hunter’s mouth. Hunter gulps it down.

Welcome back, Cain!”

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September 16, 2012

Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex: Cain fucks Cameron and Courtney

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cain and Cameron are all set to play with one of our newest coeds, Courtney. Connor teases Courtney that she has a crush on Cain – so he says Cain will have to tease her a little.

Cain leans over to grab Cameron and kisses him. Courtney doesn’t let herself get left out and jumps in to make out with Cameron – but then he pushes her down on the bed and gets back to kissing Cain!

Cameron makes it up to Courtney by helping ger her bra off and kissing her tits as she kisses Cain’s nipple. Cameron laughs, saying, “I’m so excited I don’t know what to do!” He figures it out quickly, never fear!

Cameron jumps onto the bed and makes out with Cain again. Cain strokes Cameron’s cock as Courtney kisses Cameron’s back. Courtney goes down on Cain, filling her mouth with his thick, uncut cock, Cameron kisses Courtney’s ass before Courtney flips around to suck him off.

Cain teases Courtney’s pussy with the head of his dick. “You just want to slam it in there, don’t ‘cha?” Cameron asks Cain. Cain stuffs his cock into Courtney briefly, then pulls out saying that’s all she gets.

Cain kisses Cameron and pinches his nipple, as Courtney sucks on both their dicks. Cain fingers Courtney from behind as Cameron goes down on Cain’s cock. Courtney joins in and they work on Cain’s balls and dick.

Cain fingers Cameron’s ass, spanks it, then fingers him faster. Cameron tells him he’s ready, so Cain shoves his cock into Cameron’s bubble butt. Cameron laughs that his ass might be tighter than Courtney.

Courtney and Cain kiss as Cain pounds Cameron’s ass. Cain fingers Courtney’s pussy and fucks Cameron. Courtney lies down and kisses Cameron, then sticks her ass in the air so Cameron can eat her out.

Cameron has a tough time keeping his face buried in Courtney, though, with Cain fucking him so hard! Cain lies down and Cameron climbs on top of him to ride him. Cain drills deep up into Cameron’s ass. Courtney strokes Cameron’s cock as he gets fucked.

Lying down next to Courtney, Cameron gets fucked in the missionary position by Cain. Cain fucks a big load out of Cameron. Cum sprays onto Cameron’s chest. Cain keeps pounding him until he’s ready to cum. He pulls out and blasts his load onto Courtney’s pussy.”

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September 1, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Cain and Harper’s bareback flip fuck

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I’m not sure how these guys keep in shape anymore… every time they go to the gym, they end up fucking! I mean, sure, it’s good cardio – but there has to be more to it to work out those amazing bodies. I will have to watch them more carefully to see if I can pick up any gym tips!

Harper and Cain kiss and immediately reach for each others’ cocks. Harper strokes Cain’s uncut dick, the rubs their cocks together as they kiss. Harper kisses his way down Cain’s phenomenal chest and nipples, to suck Cain’s dick.

Cain shoves his cock deeper down Harper’s throat, making Harper gag on his dick. Harper gives some oral attention to Cain’s luscious nips (and really, that’s a word you only get to use on certain nips – and Cain’s more than qualify!).

Harper gets a leg up on the bench and Cain takes his turn blowing Harper. Once he’s got Harper’s dick nice and wet, Cain bends over the bench and Harper eats out his ass. Harper spits on Cain’s hole and drives his tongue deep into Cain’s ass.

Cain wants Harper to fuck him. Harper slides his cock into Cain’s ass. Both guys watch themselves in the gym mirror. Harper smacks Cain’s ass as he fucks him. Cain flips around and lies on his back so Harper can fuck him in the missionary position.

Harper fucks a sweet load out of Cain. Cum sprays onto Cain’s abs and Harper jerks the last drops out for him. The guys head into the shower and start kissing. Cain kisses Harper’s chest, then slides his wet cock into Harper’s ass.

Cain pounds Harper as the water drenches them. Harper shoots his load all over the shower, and tells Cain to keep fucking him. Cain thrusts in and out of Harper. He lifts up one of Harper’s legs and leans him against the shower, continuing to pound him. Cain pulls out and shoots another load!”

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August 17, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Kent barebacks Cain

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cain and Kent are, in day-to-day life, two of the most relaxed and chilled-out guys I’ve ever met. That changes the minute they get into bed with anyone. Cain’s aggressive nature comes out and he’s ready to fuck or get fucked like crazy.

Kent’s only a little more reserved! He is an extremely passionate guy, about sex, studying – everything. He jokes around and hangs out, but once his clothes come off – watch out!

So it’s no surprise that the second I put these two studs together, they were all over each other like hungry wolves! The shirts fly off and Cain kisses all over Kent’s body. Kent’s the same, eager to get into Cain’s pants and stroke his cock.

Neither of them let up from the start. Kent went down on Cain’s big cock, pausing only to lick his way up Cain’s ripped abs before going back to swallows that dick.

Kent strokes their dicks together, and plays with Cain’s nuts. He feeds Cain his cock, still stroking Cain. Kent gets into a pushup position to shove his dick deeper into Cain’s mouth. Kent rims Cain out, getting his tight ass ready for his cock.

Kent slides his dick into Cain. He pounds away at Cain’s ass, pushing Cain’s feet over his head. Cain smacks Kent’s ass as Kent fucks him.

Cain gets on top of Kent and rides his cock. He bounces his meaty ass up and down. Kent grabs Cain’s discarded underwear and collars him with it, pulling him down deeper onto his dick. Cain rubs Kents pecs as he gets fucked.

Cain blows his huge load into Kent’s mouth. He bends over onto the couch and has Kent spit the load out onto his ass to lube it up for Kent to fuck him again.

Kent rams Cain’s ass until he’s ready to blow. Kent pulls out, blasts his load onto Cain’s ass and finishes him off with a creampie!”

June 25, 2012

Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex: Josh and Cain’s bi bareback threeway

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cain and Josh make out with our new coed, Courtney. Her blouse and bra come off together and Josh and Cain go straight for her nipples.

Josh pulls Cain’s cock out of his jeans and starts sucking that thick, uncut dick. Josh and Cain sandwich Courtney in between them, then she bends over to suck Cain’s cock. Josh tongues her ass and fingers her pussy from behind.

The guys kiss as Josh pounds Courtney and she blows Cain. Cain stands up to feed Josh his cock while he’s fucking Courtney. Cain plays with Josh’s nipple. They flip Courtney onto her back so Cain can stuff his cock into her.

Courtney sucks Josh’s dick as Cain fucks her. She yelps as she takes every inch of his cock. Josh kisses her toes and she sucks him harder. Josh bends over to suck Cain and eat out Courtney. He climbs over her, shoving his dick in her mouth. Cain tells her to spread Josh’s ass cheeks, that he wants to see his ass.

Cain pulls out of Courtney to tease Josh’s ass with his cock. Josh’s cheeks are red where Courtney’s gripped him while Cain fucked her. Josh moans as Cain slides into him. “How good does that feel?” Courtney asks.

Courtney tells Cain to fuck Josh harder. Now Josh is sandwiched in the middle, fucking Courtney as Cain fucks him. Courtney slides out from under the two of them and smacks Cain’s ass while he’s balls-deep inside Josh. She pulls Josh’s cheeks apart again for Cain.

Josh kisses Courtney, then lies on his side. Cain fucks him from behind. Courtney leans over them to jerk Josh’s dick while he gets fucked. Cain pounds him while Courtney strokes his cock.

Courtney kisses Cain’s nipple, then climbs over his face so he can eat her out. She moves over to Josh and sits on his face, then sucks his cock.

Josh pushes Courtney’s head down on his dick. She strokes his cock while Cain nails him. Cain grabs Josh’s throat as he blasts his load all over his abs. Cain pulls out to shoot his load onto Josh’s ass, then creampie him!”

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June 16, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Cain breaks in Avery bareback style

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Avery certainly gets broken in the right way … starting off with a hot foot massage from Cain! Cain rubs our new freshman’s foot, then licks and sucks his toes. Avery loves how it feels as the bodybuilder caresses and kisses both his feet.

Cain kisses Avery, who eagerly feels Cain’s massive chest and arms. Avery kisses Cain’s nipple as he unbuckles Cain’s belt. By the time Cain goes down on Avery, sucking him through his briefs, Avery is rock hard!

Avery plays with his own nipple and chest as Cain blows him. Cain stands up so Avery can go down on him. He pushes Avery’s mouth all the way down on his thick cock, shoving it all the way down Avery’s throat.

Cain licks Avery’s fingers while Avery worships Cain’s uncut cock with his mouth. Avery makes out with Cain, then lies on his stomach so Cain can rim his ass. Cain eats him out, grabbing Avery’s balls and cock and sucking his dick as well. Cain smacks Avery’s ass, and Avery says, “You’re leaving your mark!”

Cain slides his cock into Avery’s ass. “God, you’re huge!” Avery exclaims. Cain tells him to tighten his ass.

Cain fucks him slow and deep. Avery begs him to pound him, so Cain ramps up the speed.

Avery sucks on Cain’s finger as he gets fucked. Cain lies back and Avery climbs up to ride his big dick. Avery grinds against Cain, bouncing up and down on his cock. Cain drills up into Avery’s ass.

Cain rolls Avery onto his back. He plunges his dick deep inside Avery. He fucks a hot load out of Avery. Cain keeps fucking him.

Cain pulls out and blasts his thick load all the way up to Avery’s chest. We may need to have Cain break every new freshman in this way!”

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May 24, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Nine hot studs bang each other bareback in “CF 9-XXX Workout”

Corbin Fisher writes about this uber-hot scene:

“Nine hot CF studs. Eight creampies. Four DP’s. A lot of hot action all over the place. It’s definitely one of the hottest, funnest and downright filthiest videos we’ve ever done.

There’s over 50 minutes of heavy lifting – and I don’t mean barbells!

Duncan, Kenny, Dawson, Connor, Tom, Cain, Zeb, Marc and Harper are working out, pumping up, spotting each other and of course, trying to outdo each other. It was a lot of testosterone for one gym! As the guys worked out their pecs, biceps, backs and shoulders, one thing was clear – they were getting sweaty and turned on – and turning me on, too.

When Connor pulled down Kenny’s shorts as he did pull ups, things started getting frisky. Connor challenges Zeb and Kenny to fight out the number of pull ups – and the loser has to suck Cain’s big uncut cock.

Zeb loses (or wins, really) and sucks Cain’s thick dick. That sets off a chain reaction of cock-sucking in the gym. Dawson blows Marc, Duncan takes on Harper, Kenny sucks Tom off, and Zeb takes turns working on Cain and Connor.

From there, the action shifts to rim jobs (with some dick sucking still going on!) with Cain and Marc getting Zeb and Dawson ready to get plowed. Before long, Kenny is getting nailed by Tom, Harper is pounding Duncan, Marc’s balls deep in Dawson and Connor’s taking his turn at Zeb’s tight ass.

Cain shifts over to fuck Kenny as Tom feeds Kenny his cock as he stands over Duncan. Marc sucks on Dawson’s toes as Cain sucks Duncan’s. It’s a frenzy of cock – and especially once Dawson takes Connor and Cain’s massive cocks at one time!

Zeb steps up … and on to Cain – and follows Dawson’s lead taking two huge dicks in his ass at one time. The dynamic DP duo doesn’t stop there – Kenny hops on and takes both Connor and Cain’s big cocks in his tight hole.

Dawson bends over the weight bench and Cain pounds his ass as the other guys watch, jerking their cocks in anticipation. Connor slides in and fucks his buddy hard. Then Tom, then Marc… alll eight of the guys run a train on Dawson, making him take cocks of every size and shape.

Connor steps back up to the plate and creampies Dawson. The other guys follow suit, until Dawson’s been creampied by all eight guys! Dawson takes load after load, until he’s filled with eight guys’ cum. Once Cain finishes Dawson off with the last creampie, the guys hit the shower.

Whew! It was a totally amazing shoot, and I don’t know if we could ever duplicate the intensity of that room again. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t try ;)!”

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