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May 27, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Calan barebacks Baker

Corbin Fisher: Calan barebacks Baker

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Baker takes Calan’s whole dick in his mouth as Calan fucks into him. Then he takes his cock while on his knees, taking great care to make sure that Calan gets as much pleasure from it.

Loving Baker’s ass, Calan didn’t hold back expressing how good his tight hole felt as he drilled deep into him. From below Baker, admired Calan’s hot body, rubbing his hands all over him.

Driving up into him from below, Calan hits Bakers G-spot which makes Baker cum almost immediately! Then it’s back to his knees again for Baker – to swallow up Calan’s load!”

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April 20, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Calan fucks Nicholas’ virgin ass bareback

Corbin Fisher: Calan fucks Nicholas' virgin ass bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“A cold front might have swept through the city, but the CF guys can always figure out how to heat things up. One of the best ways to get a guy introduced to something completely new and unexpected for them is to have the right guy around to draw out the freak within!

Calan is perfectly suited for this as he’s not only a genuine pleasure to be around and extremely sexy – he also knows how to make a guy feel comfortable and curious about what fun they could get into together! Leave a guy alone with Calan, and you’ll soon have him begging to be paired with the ripped stud!

We start the episode following Calan and Nicholas while they take their outdoor photos, all the while Calan is working his magic. Soon after Calan reaps his reward – breaking in Nicholas’s hole!”

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April 7, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Jacob’s raw gym fuck

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Jacob's raw gym fuck

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Want help with your lift? Let Calan know! Calan let Jacob take care of swelling and pumping his arms, chest, and legs – but then he takes care of Jacob’s cock himself!

Putting Jacob’s man muscle in his mouth, Calan doesn’t break until Jacob’s dick is rock hard and at full alert. With Calan taking care of the lift – Jacob puts in the pump!

Moving across the room, Calan and Jacob take advantage of every machine and fuck themselves into a horny frenzy that leaves Calan’s abs soaked in their loads and both of them pleasantly exhausted! ”

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March 12, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Calan creams Hugh

Corbin Fisher: Calan creams Hugh's hole

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It doesn’t take long for Hugh and Calan to get right down to it. Hugh is a happily willing bottom for Calan – and Calan has been dying to get a go Hugh!

Hugh has to stop Calan moments in so that he doesn’t blow his load too soon, but switching to riding feels just as good and a thick pre-cum oozes out of the tip of Hugh’s dick.

Moving to the floor, Hugh backs his ass up into Calan and we get a magnificent view of Calan’s ideal body in all its glory. His abs go on endlessly underneath his strong chest and bulging arms.

I’m impressed at how long Hugh can hold off from cumming, as he’s on the edge at practically every second of this shoot, but when Calan lifts him off the ground and sinks in deep Hugh finally blows. Flipping over, he power-bottoms the load out of Calan – taking Calan’s load deep in his ass!”

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February 9, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Barron creampies Calan

Corbin Fisher: Barron creams Calan

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Barron had a super-hot breakout scene with Hugh that’s left a lasting impression on the sexy blond. “I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely didn’t expect that! It was amazing.”

Needless to say that Barron was super excited for his second pairing – and even more so when he found out it would be with Calan! “I feel like a kid in a candy store” – and he certainly acted like one!

The two handsome jocks had a blast trying every position that came to mind. They looked like they didn’t want to ever stop, but alas, sex that good would make any man blast his load – ending with jizz raining down Calan, a creampie, and Barron eating the cum off Calan’s washboard abs!”

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January 8, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Quinn’s raw POV flip-fuck

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Quinn's POV

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Both Quinn and Calan have really been looking forward to working with each other on camera. After all, Quinn didn’t push his incredibly hot friend to come to CF to not have some fun with him!

So we handed the buddies a camera to see what they see – and get as close to the action as we can get!”

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November 24, 2016

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Dane cream Tom

Corbin Fisher: Calan and Dane cream Tom

Corbin Fisher writes:

“When the guys of CF aren’t fucking one another’s brains out, they’re hanging out. Of course this results in many conversations about who they’ve had sex with and who they still want to fuck. In one of these conversations, Calan shared his first on-camera experience with Tom. Notably, how much he loved it.

Hearing the juicy details gave Dane a boner, which brought a wicked idea everyone’s mind.

Flash-forward to today’s episode – both Calan and Dane have fun sharing and using Tom!”

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November 12, 2016

Corbin Fisher: Calan gets fucked bareback by Henry

Corbin Fisher: Calan gets fucked bareback by Henry

Henry bangs Calan’s tight hole raw at CorbinFisher.com.

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September 16, 2016

Corbin Fisher: Newcomer Calan creampies Tom

Corbin Fisher: Calan barebacks Tom

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I know I wasn’t the only one anxiously anticipating seeing Calan in action. Well Tom was the lucky guy here to ease his first time on camera.

Though the scene started with a lot of laughter, the moment Tom and Calan’s lips touch, the room turned serious and heavy. Kissing each other turned them on and then all anxiety from Calan slipped away to reveal a man ready and capable of giving one hell of a good fuck!”

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August 18, 2016

Corbin Fisher: Calan rubs one out

Corbin Fisher: Calan rubs one out

Corbin Fisher writes:

“West coast Stud Calan, through the suggestion of his friend (and fellow CF All-Star) Quinn, has decided to bring his handsome face, hazel eyes, and incredible perfect body to debut at CF! Obviously Quinn knows how to pick them – because this guy is beyond hot! Plus he has an incredible personality.

Along with being totally easy-going, he also came ready with a list of fantasies he wants to do, and believe me, we are going to make them all happen!

Calan looks good with clothes on – and just keeps getting better with every article removed! He shares that he thinks his butt might be too big, but Harper says it best, “Blasphemy!” – that ass is spectacular! Every view leaves us pining for more and although I’d like to jump right into watching this hot guy in action with a number of our CF men, I’ll be patient (for now) and enjoy the show he puts on with himself first.”

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