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July 23, 2014

ChaosMen: Gennaro and Griffin get each other off

ChaosMen: Gennaro and Griffin get each other off

ChaosMen.com writes:

“I asked both Gennaro and Griffin if they had used Fleshjacks before, and neither had. They are kind of expensive, so it is not surprising that most guys have not spent a good chunk of change on one for personal use.

Griffin is a very sexual guy, and Gennaro was eager to get a nut off. Both guys are hard and ready to go even before we started. Griffin, though it is his first film, is clearly the more experienced, and the aggressor. They both REALLY enjoyed the Fleshjacks, and they take turns kicking-back and letting the other guy do the stroking.

Griffin’s biggest turn-on is sucking a guy’s cock, deep throating, and making him nut. He of course likes having his own cock sucked, but as he mentioned in his solo, they really have to have skills. Griffin attacks Gennaro’s cock with his mouth with expertise and enthusiasm! I think we have a new guy to work in the Serviced videos!”

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July 18, 2014

ChaosMen: Armani gets fucked raw by Cooper Reed

ChaosMen: Armani gets fucked raw by Cooper Reed

ChaosMen.com writes:

“After watching Armani perform in his very first full-interactive video, I knew he had the natural sensual vibe that I look for when doing a Pure video.

Cooper Reed always brings his ‘A’ game to these, and I just knew the video would be Pure magic, and it is!”

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July 15, 2014

ChaosMen: Griffin busts a nut

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ChaosMen: Griffin busts a nut

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Wow! What a great find Griffin is!

He found the ChaosMen via Tumblr, and instead of searching for videos to snag, he decided he wanted to be IN the videos.”

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July 12, 2014

ChaosMen: Bay and Byron flip fuck bareback

ChaosMen: Bay and Byron flip fuck bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Byron had a great time on his first video with Glenn. They flip-flopped, but Byron seemed to be more of an eager bottom. He did get some more confidence topping, so he mentioned he was still interested in flip-flopping. He just seems to like it all, but bottom heavy!

With Bay being a more aggressive top these days, and also quite good at working the massage table, I knew these two would click instantly. Bay has a “take charge” attitude, while Byron seems to be a willing play thing.

Byron seems real passive, and having him on the table having his feet massaged (with Bay’s cock!) and his ass rubbed and rimmed totally got him in the zone for getting his ass fucked.”

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July 9, 2014

ChaosMen: Graham gets serviced by Bryan

ChaosMen: Graham gets serviced by Bryan

Bryan of Chaosmen.com writes:

“Graham has a very busy work schedule, but we stayed in contact about doing a Serviced video together, and we finally got our schedules to match.

When he arrived this time out, he was a little less shy and more talkative. He truly is a fan of erotic massages, and has had a few on his own. He loves watching the ChaosMen ones, so he was psyched about doing this video.

This is one of those videos we shot pretty much straight through, with me occasionally adjusting a camera, not even taking a break to take high res photos.

Definitely an awesome massage table video, with a dude who was REALLY into it!”

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July 4, 2014

ChaosMen: Palmer barebacks Silas

ChaosMen: Palmer barebacks Silas

Gay porn newcomer Palmer fucks a guy for the first time in this hot bareback scene with Chaosmen veteran Silas.

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June 25, 2014

ChaosMen: Glenn creampies Byron’s virgin ass

ChaosMen: Glenn and Byron's raw flip-fuck

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Byron said he was down to try doing a full scene. His wife is fine with him making some extra money, and with her VERY pregnant right now, he is also extra horny.

Many of have been waiting for Glenn to get back into full-action while he went to cock-sucking school, so it is good to see him with his ankles in the air, and his big cock jammed into a dude’s hairy hole.

We push Byron’s limits right away by getting him to suck cock. He does a really good job of getting Glenn hard and standing at full-attention. Byron actually looks a bit more uncertain as he gets his own cock sucked. At first glance it may be Glenn’s cock-sucking ability, but I think it has more to do with Byron liking to be passive…the one who does all the ‘work’.

Byron of course wanted to start by topping, but he did confess his girl uses a good size toy on him, and it makes him hard and makes him cum super fast, and that bottoming likely wouldn’t be a problem. He is little wobbly as he fucks Glenn, and again there is some uncertainty there that just doesn’t make sense until you see Glenn take over the fucking.

Byron is clearly a bottom!”

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June 18, 2014

ChaosMen: Shiloh and Elias blow each other

ChaosMen: Shiloh sucks off Elias

ChaosMen.com writes:

“When I asked Elias if he wanted to do an oral, I suggested a couple models. His eyes really lit-up when I mentioned Shiloh would easily be available.”

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June 14, 2014

ChaosMen: Gennaro creampies Jet

ChaosMen: Gennaro creampies Jet

In this ChaosMen update, Gennaro fucks two loads out of Jet before unloading deep inside his ass.

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June 7, 2014

ChaosMen: Bay fucks Alec raw

ChaosMen: Bay fucks Alec raw

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Bay is such an amazing bottom. Clearly he loves to get fucked in each scene. He has only occasionally topped, which I believe we have had to resort to some sort of anal stimulation while he was topping.

But lately he has been feeling really bossy, and when he saw he was going to work with Alec, he got all “bossy daddy” on me, and said he we would love to fuck the shit out of him.

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