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November 25, 2017

ChaosMen: Big-dicked Calhoun creams Wren

ChaosMen: Calhoun creampies Wren

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Wren has been doing a lot more videos, and I kind of keep stepping up the size of cock he can take. He might have met his match with Calhoun!

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November 23, 2017

ChaosMen: Easton breeds Bennett

ChaosMen: Easton creampies Bennett

Bennett gets his hot bubble-butt pounded and creamed by Easton in this hot update at ChaosMen.com.

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November 20, 2017

ChaosMen: Nicholas Duff creampies Phineas

ChaosMen: Nicholas Duff creams Phineas

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Phineas’s schedule has been very busy. He finally got a free weekend. I love him as a bottom, and he also likes fetish play, so I am eager to pair him up with some other extra naughty boys.

Nicholas is a perfect match with Phineas. He loves to fuck a guy, and really likes to make him clean his cock after each round of fucking. He power fucks Phineas while he is on his stomach, and I can’t imagine how his girl can take such a pounding. Not a problem for Phineas!

The two have excellent chemistry, with a perfect cream pie ending!

Lots more to cum this week with tons of extra Butt Stuffing!”

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November 17, 2017

ChaosMen: Bronson pounds Timmy raw

ChaosMen: Bronson creams Timmy

Bronson fucks a huge nut out of Timmy before he creams his hole in this hot update a tChaosMen.com.

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November 3, 2017

ChaosMen: Easton creams Price

ChaosMen: Easton creampies Price

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Price said that he was a Power Bottom, and the bigger the better! So, I paired him with Easton who is an excellent Power Top.”

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October 30, 2017

ChaosMen: Timmy creams Wren

ChaosMen: Timmy creams Wren

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Timmy is always curious about who he is going to be working with. He is always wanting to make sure he has chemistry with the models. I had told him he was going to be playing with Wren, but I don’t think he looked him up on the site. The night before the shoot, he asked for some pics, so I sent some updated photos. Needless to say, he was blown away.

Wren also loves when there is a guy he is into. Although, I think I have been really good at pairing him up, because his last videos have been over the top hot. He is such a great bottom, and Timmy really gets to demonstrate his Topping skills with his ginormous cock.

The passion and chemistry in this video is so intense!

Not going to say more, but if you have not signed up for Monster Cock week, you are missing out on some of the best sex films of the year.

With one more to go for tomorrow!”

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October 27, 2017

ChaosMen: Calhoun and Jason Hillcrest creampie Bennett

ChaosMen: Calhoun and Jason Hillcrest tag team Bennett raw

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Both Calhoun and Jason requested to work with Bennett. And Bennett was out to prove he could not only suck on some giant cock, but take big cocks in his ass. I figured this would make a perfect video for Monster Cock week.”

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October 26, 2017

ChaosMen: Andreus and Zane feed each other their loads

ChaosMen: Andreus and Zane service each other

Andreus and Zane suck and rim each other at ChaosMen.com.

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October 24, 2017

ChaosMen: Vander and Zane flip fuck raw

ChaosMen: Vander and Zane flip fuck raw

ChaosMen.com writes:

“I have been hoping for this Dream Team match-up from the earliest days of ChaosMen. Zane did a few scenes, and then stepped away from porn. About that time Vander showed up in the studio. They just barely missed working together.

Now that I have both of them on the team, I just HAD to get them together.

Zane has been bottoming, and he is fine with that, but he does love to top. It is kind of the reverse for Vander; he is great at topping, but loves to get fucked more.

I thought I would get these two together to kick-off Monster Cock week!

You won’t be disappointed!

The fucking and energy is off the charts, and watching Zane fuck Vander until he cums, then Vander dumps his own load moments later, just shows this is a perfect pairing!”

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October 21, 2017

ChaosMen: Jalen and Jerome breed each other

ChaosMen: Jalen and Jerome breed each other

ChaosMen.com writes:

“Jerome always bring the hottest energy to the videos and I knew pairing him with Jalen would be magic. Both are extremely passionate, and this video sizzles!

I believe there are four cumshots in this video, though one of them we will have to take Jalen’s word for it. You can be the detective and try to find all four.”

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