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December 27, 2010

ChaosMen: Jamison fucks Clay bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Same height, similar builds, and I know Clay has turned into a bottom, this would be an awesome match.

Jamison’s first time sucking cock, and fat uncut one to start with, and the boy didn’t even flinch. He did however, flinch at the idea of bottoming. Still not quite there yet, but I am pretty sure he is willing to try, just not with such a fat cock.

I don’t know what it is about seeing Clay’s big fat dick in Jamison’s pretty mouth, but it’s hot. We spend a lot of time breaking in Jamison’s mouth.

Clay also does some pec worship of Jamison’s hairy chest.

They start off fucking with Clay riding Jamison’s cock. A little wobbly but they finally hit a rhythm.

The fucking gets more intense as Jamison takes a more active stance.

We get a pretty good creampie ending on this one too. Jamison dumps his load all over Clay’s asshole, and it is kind of funny to watching him try shove it in, but his cock is slippery like a bar of soap!”

– Download the full scene at Chaosmen.com

December 23, 2010

ChaosMen: Nash fucks Antonio raw

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Nash is an aggressive top, and Antonio is an eager bottom. Cocksucking, raw fucking, awesome breeding at the end. Antonio even unloads while being fucked! Enjoy!”

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December 20, 2010

ChaosMen: Ivan barebacks Rory

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Ivan informed me he was back from overseas and wanting to get back into the swing of things. He told me he was in great shape (though I think a little lean these days) but I didn’t count on him sleeping outside the nights before the shoot. Got himself quite a few ‘squiter bites and scraped up his backside too. ~sigh~

Rory was eager to show off his topping skills, and I was eager to prove to Ivan (again) that he was really a big ‘ole bottom.

But Ivan’s backside was in no shape to be filmed so Rory just rolled with it and said he would bottom, so we kind of filmed around Ivan’s lower back. I seriously think Rory is an amazing top, and I love seeing him get all aggressive.

It’s not THAT big of shame, because Rory actually enjoys getting fucked and rides his cock like a pro too.

We get a little POV cam (not too much, still not sure if it adds or subtracts from the experience) and finally Ivan fucks the cum out of Rory.

Two uncut boys…two great juicy cumshots. Enjoy!”

– Download the full scene at Chaosmen

December 9, 2010

ChaosMen: Nash and Micah fuck each other bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“These two practically look like brothers! I am so pleased to put them together!

Micah and Nash really hit this out of the ballpark.

We started with Micah giving Nash some head while he chilled in his chair. Micah finally stands up and WOW, his dick just seems to get bigger each shoot. Nash handles it with ease, and the two swap the POV camera a bit. Very hot!

Micah was up for trying to bottom during this video, but I knew he would be down for only one position. I also kind of had it in my head that he might be able to cum from being fucked. With that brand on his arm and tatt work, clearly the kid gets a little pleasure out of pain.

So Micah starts off fucking Nash in a couple positions, again we get some fun POV camera in there.

Micah did so well fucking AJ in a chair that we went for that again, and this time there was no fumbling about. This was some professional ass pounding!

Finally it was time for Micah to get fucked, and well, he really got off to it. While moving to get the undershot he mentioned that he thought it would make him cum, and I was like, “Well, that’s how we will do your cumshot then.”

Thankfully Nash stays hard long enough to keep fucking the cum out of dude, but honestly it didn’t take Micah long to squeeze the jizz out of his cock. GEEZ he came hard and intense.

Nash gives a big finale with a splash of cum to Micah’s pillaged and gaping hole.

I know they aren’t actually brothers, but if you have Bromance fantasies, you might be able to trick yourself into thinking they really are!”

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December 4, 2010

ChaosMen: Parker barebacks Silas

Chaosmen writes:

“I thought I would put Parker with someone who could really take a cock pounding. Parker has a lot of sexual energy and he really likes to ramp up and fuck hard.

Parker is usually hesitant to go full-force ‘cuz he is such a…well…baby about bottoming himself. His little adventure with a small toy and a couple times we have tried, he just has no tolerance to get over the pain.

The beginning of this video feels a little like Parker is about to get fucked, but I just wanted to showcase his ass, and Silas gets turned on eating a guy’s ass out. Parker didn’t seem to mind either.

Then the boys get down to it, with Silas riding on top of Parker’s big stick. It’s one of those challenging positions, but Parker has the stamina and energy to really fuck Up and Hard.

The two go at it for a couple more positions. Parker finally nuts, but he gets no distance and the cum basically falls on the blanket. How he missed being so well-prepared and sooo close to Silas’s butt hole is beyond my understanding?!

Fortunately he squeezes a few gobs of cum into Silas’s ass as he tells Silas tells Parker to breed him.

This actually makes Silas nut and I scramble to get out of the line of fire.

It’s hot because I get to pan out and see the last globs of Silas’s cum dripping out of his dick, while cum is still oozing out of his butt hole!”

– Download the full scene at Chaosmen.com

November 27, 2010

ChaosMen: Ransom and Taylor’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen.com writes:

“There is no getting around it. Taylor is an awesome Top. He’s aggressive, takes delight in watching his thick cock split someone in two, and eager to fill someone’s hole with his load. But he wants to be a team player and also wants to mix things up a bit. He takes the initiative, not wanting to be a One Note Player. He did bottom for Nash, but he really struggled to find any pleasure in bottoming.

We both thought it was time for him to be properly fucked, and Ransom had the perfect dick to do it. But I wanted to play off of the video that Taylor did with Bastian. Taylor tied him up and had his way with him, but this time we would reverse the roles.

Ransom loosely binds Taylor’s hands and then face fucks him. We even get some POV Cam in there. Very hot to see him bound up and force fed a cock. Then my next goal was to get a butt plug up him and have it stay in him a good long while so his asshole would be nice and loosened up for the fucking. Of course Ransom makes him suck his dick some more while Taylor keeps his butt plugged ass in the air.

Finally Ransom takes it out, and eases his cock in…and no shrieks of pain from Taylor this time! In fact, it got him hard!

Ransom fucks him good, and I think Taylor is no longer afraid to bottom. Though he still likely going to be top dog most of the time..he is just too dominant. The dominant side come out a third of the way into the movie. Taylor gets up on the bed and makes Ransom finally suck his cock. We get some fun POV cam on that too.

Finally, Taylor is back in his element, teasing and toying with Ransom’s hole with his fat cock. Some POV cam here as well and you can see that Taylor has a little malicious side to him as he forces his cock on Ransom.

I timed this video so Ransom would have a cock in his ass just long enough that it would make him cum. Followers of the site know that Ransom is often jumping off the cock that is banging him for fear he is going to cum. So this time I just let him unload as Taylor fucks the cum out of him.

Taylor takes a few moments to ramp his cock up hard, and as always, delivers a perfect load all over Ransom’s hole, then stuffs it in, cum dripping from the top and bottom of Ransom’s hole.

We leave with Taylor fingering the cum, shoving any that got away back in up inside of Ransom.”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen

November 25, 2010

ChaosMen: Jasper barebacks Orlando

Chaosmen writes:

“Surprise! Another mid-week sexcapade!

I have a minor crush on Orlando. He is just one of the models that I think is boyfriend material. I get to spend time with when he is here, and I just adore his personality and presence. Too bad he has that whole heterosexual thing going on… and is half my age.

But I love working with him. He still has not regained his confidence to top and as he says, “I don’t mind bottoming at all.” Which I think is as close to getting him to say “It feels good.” as we are going to get.

There was a little bit of genuine chemistry, at least during the kissing. I think Orlando must be a really good kisser, and when he goes to take his pants off, he keeps his eyes right on Jasper.

Now Jasper, he had just broke up with his girlfriend, and was a little sad and hadn’t had sex in weeks. Didn’t even feel like jacking off that whole time. Uh oh.

I said to him, “Haven’t you accidentally cum too soon before?” To which he replied, “I will be fine, that was when I was getting fucked. I’m topping the whole time right?” Ok we should be fine, I thought. But a couple weeks is a long time to go without nutting when you are his age.

I set them upon each other, and the two kiss enthusiastically and trade blow jobs. Orlando sure can suck cock with the best of them.

Jasper then starts to fuck him and really gets some steam going. Perhaps too much steam.

A look of horror passes over his face as he realizes he is about to cum, then looks over at me as if to ask, “What I do?”

We just play right though and even though I didn’t have a close up, at least all cameras were aimed at him, and Orlando just runs with it.

As I am switching to get a Top shot, Jasper is apologizing and I am like, “Just go back to fucking him and do ‘something!’ scrambling to get my camera in focus.

So Jasper uses his cum to fuck Orlando then “kinda” starts licking it up off of Orlando’s back.

I thought, “Well, that’s one short video.”

Jasper was determined to finish the video, certain he had another load in him. Ok, so he is a little wobbly after we switch to Orlando on his back. Perhaps we should have given Jasper 15 minutes more to “re-set”. But sure enough, he hits his stride again, and fucking Orlando in a couple more positions pretty solid.

When it comes time to nut, his load falls short of Orlando’s hole, but he makes the best of it by shoving his cock in. Well, it was his second load after all.

By this time, I kind of felt sorry for my boyfri…I mean Orlando, and told him he could just chill and rub one off while he sucked on Jasper’s balls.

Next time though, I think I want to find out if Orlando can cum while being fucked. You know, we always have to set higher goals!”

– Download the full scene at Chaosmen

November 19, 2010

ChaosMen: Nash and Vander’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes about this hot scene:

“As I have mentioned in the past, Vander kinda likes that manly scent.

Nash is straight, but he is always running up to me making me smell his pits cuz he gets the funk going and knows I like it and tries to torture me by giving me a whiff and dashing away.

Nash liking the way a dude smells is about the only really gay thing I can think he does. Ok, so taking Vander’s cock up the ass is pretty gay, but I am talking Nash in Real World life.

Nash didn’t have to go but a day, and was a little musky, and when Vander walked into the room, you could tell he was turned on by not only Nash but just the way he smells. Like a dude. No cologne or deodorant.

My goal for this video was to do I have never got on film, but get plenty of suggestions for, and that is for fuck some armpits fucking. Youknow, get the cock nice and musky, and make the other dude suck it. Lick some pit and kiss with the smell of the other dude all over you. Trading scent.

You may be a bit vanilla for this one, but it is pure hotness for me and those who like the way a dude REALLY smells. The two are way into it too. You can just tell.

This is one of the very few videos that I could do a Director’s Cut. People ask me for them all the time, but frankly I use every last bit of useable footage.

The video was over 36 minutes and there was scene where Nash fucks Vander, doing push ups into him. It’s hot, but hit the cutting room floor to get the video down to a downloadable size.

That’s not to say this video is lacking in any way. It is off the hook energy, and both guys creampie each other. And there is plenty of fucking. I just wanted the focus to be on pit worship.

Nash discovered that fucking Vander while doing push ups was making him get too close, so we used that to cum and its one of those rare moments when you see a guy fuck someone till he starts to actually cum, pulls out, and then shoves back in, cum oozing down Vander’s back.

If you are grossed out by the armpit worship, I am sorry, but this video had me hard when I shot it, and when I edited it.

It’s a keeper! Sniiiiiifffff!

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com

November 8, 2010

ChaosMen: Parker barebacks Dante

Chaosmen.com writes:

“This video has a little secret right in the center of it. One that Parker didn’t share with me until we took a break.

As I have said in the past, Dante has resigned himself to being a bottom, despite his domineering attitude. Truth be told, the dude can take pretty much any dick I have shoved in him. And Parker is actually quite hung.

The pairing seemed a little off to me- Lean tall muscular Parker with beefy mature Dante. But geez, when they got in the room togethere they went at it full-tilt, full-energy, and full-thrust! Parker fucks Dante with wild abandon!

Now the secret is Parker came twice in this video.

While Parker was fucking Dante doggy-style, I was underneath getting an under shot. Now normally, we have to start and stop during filming to get hard (Yeah..they are straight and have to watch a little straight porn to get back in the zone), but Parker was rockin’ hard this time and he just kept fucking him. Like he hasn’t been able to fuck anyone before. Dante was really taking it!

And then white stuff started oozing out of Dante’s ass. I was thinking, “Well as long as it not brown we are good and that sure looks like jizz.”

Sure enough between takes, Parker admitted that he “kinda” came while fucking him but he was staying hard and thought he could bust a second time. So didn’t bother mentioning it or make any noise the he was cumming. He knew I would worry that his dick would be out of commission for a couple hours.

Turns out he was a bit wobbly when he lays down and Dante rides him. I will be damned if he didn’t get that sucker hard and up in him in no time. Seriously, we didn’t take even a 3 minute break- Just enough time for me to smack my head and say, “You came?!?!”

Parker also fucked Dante with the POV cam and he is just so hard in these shots. It’s pretty amazing. Holding that cam and fucking a dude (a hairy dude too!) presents a special challenge for the “advanced” performers.

Parker delivers his second nut on Dante’s hole and then breeds him again.

We give Dante a break to ramp up, and he shoots like four loads straight up in the air!

A very hot pairing from one that I didn’t think would work! Stellar!”

– Download the entire scene at Chaosmen.com

November 4, 2010

ChaosMen: Micah fucks AJ bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I knew Micah was going to be on for guy-on-guy work, as long as we took it slow.

Since AJ discovered he can cum while being fucked, and had ‘escaped’ getting fucked in a previous video, I figured he could do all the work with Micah.

I like watching Micah get his dick sucked by AJ. AJ does a really good job, and Micah seems to really like to watch having his dick sucked by a dude. He is into it for sure.

AJ crawls up eventually to give Micah access to his cock, but couldn’t bring himself to suck dick. I told him after the shoot, he needed to tackle that limit in the future and he thought he could. They are always more optimistic about doing more after a successful shoot. But he blanched at doing it this time.

We start of doggy style, so Micah can see what he is doing, and get the angle right. AJ takes it like a champ too.

Micah was staying so hard, that I thought we would try fucking in a chair. This is a hard position for these amateurs to take on. Lots of falling out and re-inserting, but eventually they find a really good rhythm and you can see how big Micah’s cock is as they both spread AJ’s bubble-butt cheeks apart to really showcase the action.

Finally AJ gets fucked on his back. He felt a couple times that he might be able to cum while being fucked. I’m not entirely sure Micah stayed up inside of him while he came, but AJ’s cum shot is EXPLOSIVE. It’s completely over the top in volume!

There is one great screen capture that shows how he coated his entire torso- even the pillow at his head!

Micah needed to ramp up after that, but it sure didn’t take him long unload all over AJ’s hole, and shove it in, breeding him good.

AJ hams it up for us by rubbing his cum into his stomach and taking a little taste.

This is a great pairing, and Micah did an awesome job for his first time fucking a dude!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com