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November 4, 2010

ChaosMen: Micah fucks AJ bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I knew Micah was going to be on for guy-on-guy work, as long as we took it slow.

Since AJ discovered he can cum while being fucked, and had ‘escaped’ getting fucked in a previous video, I figured he could do all the work with Micah.

I like watching Micah get his dick sucked by AJ. AJ does a really good job, and Micah seems to really like to watch having his dick sucked by a dude. He is into it for sure.

AJ crawls up eventually to give Micah access to his cock, but couldn’t bring himself to suck dick. I told him after the shoot, he needed to tackle that limit in the future and he thought he could. They are always more optimistic about doing more after a successful shoot. But he blanched at doing it this time.

We start of doggy style, so Micah can see what he is doing, and get the angle right. AJ takes it like a champ too.

Micah was staying so hard, that I thought we would try fucking in a chair. This is a hard position for these amateurs to take on. Lots of falling out and re-inserting, but eventually they find a really good rhythm and you can see how big Micah’s cock is as they both spread AJ’s bubble-butt cheeks apart to really showcase the action.

Finally AJ gets fucked on his back. He felt a couple times that he might be able to cum while being fucked. I’m not entirely sure Micah stayed up inside of him while he came, but AJ’s cum shot is EXPLOSIVE. It’s completely over the top in volume!

There is one great screen capture that shows how he coated his entire torso- even the pillow at his head!

Micah needed to ramp up after that, but it sure didn’t take him long unload all over AJ’s hole, and shove it in, breeding him good.

AJ hams it up for us by rubbing his cum into his stomach and taking a little taste.

This is a great pairing, and Micah did an awesome job for his first time fucking a dude!”

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October 31, 2010

ChaosMen: “There” with Gerin, Heath and Bryan

Bryan of Chaosmen.com writes:

“So I had several issues I wanted to solve during this video.

Gerin is a voracious bottom, but he seldom stays hard while being fucked, which is odd cuz the straight guys usually don’t have too many issues standing at attention while being fucked. Gerin is certainly enjoying it, but what’s missing for him is….The Daddy Effect.

Gerin is gay, but he likes his guys mature. Oh he likes a really big cock as much as next power bottom, but add some gray hair in there and a dominating voice and he gets way turned on. He actually thinks I’m hot, proving there is just no accounting for taste! (and perhaps airing this film after the Serviced video early this week is a bit too much “Bryan”)

My other issue was, well, doing something different. I myself have tried doing some POV work with my There series. I tried doing it once with Felix, and then one other attempt where I wasn’t part of it. And despite my numerous appearances, I try to lay low in most of the videos. (Yeah I know hard to believe.)

But I wanted to give the POV ;There’ thang another try and I thought I could solve two problems at once.

In other words, get Bossy with Gerin. Integrate myself into the video so I could keep him hard and turned on, and at the same time, give you all the feeling that you are There, taking part in the scene.

You will all have to be the judge, but I think this video is VERY VERY hot. Everything but the kitchen sink thrown in!

I’m not real fond of me being in it, but I dunno, there is just SOMETHING about this video that I think will appeal to most of my viewers.

So don’t miss this movie. I don’t want to say much more, but I think it will be a fan favorite!”

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October 24, 2010

ChaosMen: Rory barebacks Teo

Chaosmen.com writes:

“It is nice to see Teo back in the saddle again. Literally!

And I honestly think I found a perfect match for him, at least cock-wise. Rory and Teo virtually have the same cock, and actually jack-off pretty much the same way. Teo said it was the easiest cock he has ever worked with because it was just like his. Normally Teo gets a little soft while concentrating on giving head, but this was one of those times where he stayed hard, pretty much imagining he could suck his own dick.

This was Rory’s first real sex scene, and I was surprised at the passion he threw into it. He is smooth, sensual, and aggressive! Rory is pretty much a Top, but says he will bottom for the right guy, so I am gonna find the RIGHT guy! He certainly excels at being a Top though!

I think my favorite part is when Teo rides Rory’s cock cowboy style (get the saddle reference now?) and Rory just barely wilts in an otherwise exhausting position. He pummels Teo and kisses him at the same time.

Teo gives us a HUGE and explosive cum shot as Rory fucks the cum out of him, followed up by a nice creampie and breeding action from Rory. A perfect match!

I wonder how many other perfect matches I can find for Rory?”

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October 16, 2010

ChaosMen: Hayden and Orlando’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I thought I would put wholesome looking Orlando with bad boy Hayden.

I really like Hayden. He is mature, so I can relate to him better than the other models. But Orlando, my friends and I all agree, he is definitely boyfriend material. If only we all were 20 years younger and Orlando was actually gay.

He is just so adorable, and every time I am around him I think how much fun it would be to snuggle with him. That smile of his is irrepressible! (Actually Hayden would be fun to play with too!)

But Orlando brings out the romantic side out of you, whereas Hayden makes you think dirty thoughts.

So we start of this movie with Orlando taking the lead, kissing down Hayden’s body and sucking his cock till it is hard. I tossed in some POV-CAM for fun, and I am really like this new feature. It’s not too obtrusive, and kind of fun to watch the guys filming each other work their equipment.

It’s a tricky thing to pull off as I kind of need guys like Hayden who’s dick stays solid for a long time. It takes skill to fuck and hold that camera!

Orlando has pretty much resigned himself to being a bottom, consistently struggling to stay hard when he Tops. But I wanted him to give it one more try and he did great. I still think Bottom works best for him and a couple times his dick got hard while being fucked, so he is now finally enjoying it, rather than just “taking it.”

I have been scoring some really good cum shots lately. Hayden unloads his first squirts all over Orlando’s hole, then lets the second half breed him good.

Hayden has become aware that he has filmed a half dozen films and is keen on keeping you interested in him, so actually suggested a facial to show he is pushing his limits for you.

It took Orlando some time to ramp up, and Hayden busted another small nut, which actually made Orlando cum. Hmmmmmm….

Not sure where all of Orlando’s cum went, but I know some got in Hayden’s mouth as he spits some up and I coaxed Orlando into kissing Hayden with his cum in his mouth.

He didn’t even flinch.

Just awesome.”

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October 9, 2010

ChaosMen: Vander barebacks Silas

Chaosmen writes:

“I just couldn’t bring myself to break this video into two parts. It’s s rather long, with a run time of almost 30 minutes.

This video has everything, thanks to both Silas and Vander’s broad limits. It turns out Vander is a Dirty Boy! Dirty Talking, Dirty Sex, Dirty Mind!

He’s got a thing for the way a dude smells – that ‘oh so ripe odor’ and I made sure Silas was funky for him. We get to FINALLY see some armpit licking. I too love this scent and I think I had a boner the entire video.

Lots of bossy talk from Vander, and some mutual ass eating. I don’t think I have ever had both models eat each other’s asses out. Just another First I had to leave in.

We get some fun POV-CAM action on occasion, so you feel like you are There amongst them, helping Vander get his giant cock up Silas’s eager hole.

Top that off with some breeding followed by Vander eating Silas’s load and them sharing a cum-soaked kiss!

You will hate yourself if you don’t join nor wait for this incredibly long download time. It’s worth every second! ”

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September 30, 2010

ChaosMen: Danny and Jamison get serviced

Chaosmen.com writes:

“If you have been following along with the solos, then you know Danny and Jamison are Best Friends.

For some reason, they didn’t think they could do a side-by-side jerk-off, well, not without cracking up too much. But getting blown at the same time sounded easier to do.

I’m glad they did the Serviced instead of the side-by-side, cuz you can just tell it was a bit awkward for them. More so I think for Jamison, who fortunately was closer to the TV. Which they both pay a lot of attention to.

You can really see the height difference between these two. Jamison is about 5”6” while Danny is 6’3”.

I was kind of excited because in the many years of this site, I have never had two guys getting Serviced at the same time! A ChaosMen first (I know, so sad!)

I’ve watched a lot of guys get Serviced. It’s one of my favorite type of videos (Obviously!). One thing I have never liked is when there is only one guy doing the blowing. Works fine if the guys getting head are gay and can wait their turn. But the straight guys just lose their hard ons when no one is paying attention to their cocks.

So I join in for a lot of the video, tag-teaming with Ransom to suck and rim both boys.

After we get both boys riled up, I step away on occasion and let Ransom handle both boys at once.

I dunno, I like this video. It still has the rhythm of my Serviced series, but has twice the meat, and twice the special sauce!”

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September 22, 2010

ChaosMen: Danny rubs one out

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Danny is Jamison’s best friend since Jr. High. When he heard what Jamison was doing, he wanted in on the action. So I scrambled and got them out at the same time.

He is almost the opposite of Jamison, who is quiet, short, thick- whereas Danny is 6’3” lean and long. He’s got a lean and long 9 inch dick too, and full set of pubes. Just like the good ‘ole days!

Danny and Jamison weren’t too keen on doing a side-by-side jerk off or interacting together, but I have them talked into getting blown at the same time. I think that is something I haven’t ever had on the site.

So enjoy Danny’s solo, and next week tune in for Danny and Jamison being tagteamed orally!”

– See more of Danny at Chaosmen.com

September 18, 2010

ChaosMen: AJ barebacks Gerin

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I’m not sure why I had my doubts about putting AJ with Gerin.

After all, AJ is the type of guy who gets too drunk and ends up making out with everyone around him, guys included. So he is definitely not in the 100% straight category.

I had him figured for being into big buff guys that could lift him up and toss him around, like the scene he did with Nash.

Turns out he is a dominate little scamp, and their skin tone and matching size really looked great together! And their energy was awesome!

AJ LOVED having someone he could bitch around! Which of course makes Gerin happy. He prefers older guys, another reason I worried this pairing wouldn’t go smoothly, but he totally got off to worshiping AJ’s cock, and making him hard.

And of course, getting fucked HARD by AJ’s over-sized cock.

They were clicking so well, we moved over to the couch and took on a challenging position. Gerin road AJ’s dick cowboy style without nary a slip out! They just kept fucking and fucking and fucking!

Though Gerin seems to be one of those bottoms that doesn’t seem to get hard while getting fucked, he truly was enjoying himself. We got him in his favorite position, and AJ, like a porn champ, fucks him until Gerin gets hard, and nuts all over the place.

AJ shoots all over Gerin’s hole, dipping in and out, and making Gerin’s hole all happy to be cum-soaked! (and not bruised this time!)”

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September 12, 2010

ChaosMen: Parker barebacks Ransom

Chaosmen writes:

“Ransom’s been getting a lot of gigs lately. Mostly I am having him help with the oral videos. He’s so good at making the guys nut. It gives me a chance to ease up and “semi-retire.”

So it might seem like there is heck of a lot of Ransom going around, but that’s what happens when I start dishing out the Serviced videos to some of the local guys.

Having said that, he is so incredibly “fuckable” that I just love to get him fucked. He loves it too.

Ransom is one of the few models that that their dick never wavers while being fucked. And if you have been watching him over the years, you know my main issue with him getting fucked, is he is constantly halting the action because getting hammered is going to make him cum too soon – hands free.

Which I don’t think has ever actually happened.

It is kind of funny though. The irony of this issue is, the model who Tops sees how turned on Ransom gets, and they begin to think maaaaybe they are missing out on something.

This was a great pairing. Parker KNOWS how to fuck and I think it turned him on seeing Ransom so hard the entire time. The massage table was also a good location, as the two are very different heights. Kind of leveled the playing field.

Parker is getting better and better at sucking dick too. I think he is definitely a pro at it – seems to strike the right note with Ransom anyway.

As usual with Ransom, he prefers to be fucked while he cums because it makes the orgasm twice as intense.

Parker unloads a MASSIVE load all over Ransom’s hole, and shows no mercy, shoving it in and out.

We leave the video with Ransom’s asshole spread wide open with a total gloppy mess of cum everywhere.

That vision alone will make you want to nut!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com

September 2, 2010

ChaosMen: Micah gets serviced by Teo

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Teo took some time off the site. He is one of my favorites and so easy to work with, but didn’t want you to get tired of him. So he is back and looking good and ready to do a blow job video!

Micah was down with getting a blow job, though once again I watched him jack off the day before and thought, “Dang he jacks of like I do and could easily make him nut!” But I knew I had Teo coming in, and Teo was determined to take some cock sucking lessons and amp up his game.

This included a wee bit of ass eating (and I mean a small bit, which is a shame cuz Micah was into it). But most of of all, he was willing not only take a facial, but to let a dude cum in his mouth.

Micah was a great to work with. Nervous. Snuck peeks at the porn playing for him, but really Connected with Teo at times.

As I said, he got off on having his ass showcased, but most off, delivers a mighty load into Teo’s mouth, and Teo licks the rest of, cum dripping from his chin.

Welcome back Teo!”

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