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August 14, 2010

ChaosMen: Nash and Orlando’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chasomen.com writes:

“Orlando seemed very relaxed about doing more work with a guy. Top or Bottom, he didn’t seem to have any concerns.

You already have figured out that I rely on Nash to take the newbies through their first time. He is just so flexible in his thinking and is willing to try to work around any of the new guy’s issues.

Orlando starts off by sucking some dick quite well, and he Tops Nash pretty expertly.

Nash excels as usual, performing a great cum shot. For Orlando, come to find out, the reason he was so wobbly during his cum shot for his solo and oral, is the best way to make him cum is, well, while fucking!

I don’t normally do internal cumshots, but with Orlando, it was the only way to make him cum, and it is pretty hot knowing he was unloading deep inside of Nash. Nash does his best to squeeze out the cum, and it is a pretty sloppy load.

If you love gobs of cum spurting out of an ass, you will love this ending with Nash returning the favor!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen

July 31, 2010

ChaosMen: Parker barebacks Lansing

Chaosmen writes:

“I gotta admit, this is another perfect match, both visually and energy-wise.

To be honest, Parker Thorn was going to try bottoming for the first time, and Lansing’s dick was ready to plow his field, but after like 10 failed attempts, it just wasn’t going to happen.

So I let both of them do what they do best. Lansing as usual, blissed-out while getting fucked. Now officially a Total Top, I do believe Parker enjoys showcasing his big cock going in and out of a dude’s ass.. He is a pro at letting the cameras (And you!) see all the raw action!

The cumshot on this video is interesting. Parker blows his load all over Lansing’s ass, and then with a little bit of effort, Lansing shoots straight up in the air, ribbons of arcing onto Parker’s cock. A very well-timed cumshot.

There are just piles of DNA everywhere. Parker just keeps saying, “Look at all that cum!”

And he wasn’t wrong. There was a LOT of cum at the end of this video!”

– Download the entire scene at Chaosmen.com

July 24, 2010

ChaosMen: Taylor barebacks Antonio

Chaosmen writes:

“Ok, so I got a little overconfident with how much hole abuse Antonio could take. Honestly, I thought these two would be a great match-up. Antonio likes to get fucked, and Taylor loves to have his cock worshiped. Perfect!

They start off kissing and we get a little frottage action as Taylor rubs his cock all over Antonio’s. Taylor takes the lead giving Antonio head, but soon after climbs on top and basically does push-ups into Antonio’s mouth.

Taylor gets him doggy style and properly fucks Antonio’s face. Very hot and you see just how big Taylor’s cock gets. Then, unfortunately for Antonio, he gets to FEEL how big Taylor’s cock gets!

Can you say Ass Rape?

I dunno what was going on, but Antonio was running away from Taylor’s stick for the first part of the video. Is it pleasure or pain? (I say pain!) The funny thing is, Taylor just keeps at it, not letting him slide away!

Finally we switch to the couch and I let Antonio ride Taylor’s cock so he can monitor the depth. Taylor can’t stay hard with a girl when he is laying down, (he really is pretty dominate!) so I was hoping the sitting position wasn’t too much like laying down. Turned out fine and we really get to see Antonio split in two.

Finally, Taylor fucks him doggy-style, showing no mercy. He unloads all over Antonio’s asshole, fucking him with his cum.

A quick cut to Antonio busting his nut. Taylor instinctively took some of Antonio’s cum and started spreading it around Antonio’s mouth..well..chin. He was not sure if Antonio would go for it, and you can tell because he is a bit tentative about doing it.

Finally realizing Antonio wasn’t gonna put up too much of a fuss, Taylor bends over and they share a cum soaked kiss! Gooey stickiness everywhere!

So extra props to Taylor for not only delivering a great cumshot, but for pushing the limits of Antonio’s cumshot!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen

July 22, 2010

ChaosMen: Dwight ‘Edge’

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I was having a tough time convincing Dwight to do more with a guy, so I offered him an Edge video. He said yes, but took his time thinking about what he could do with another dude for the fantasy sequences.

I’ve been trying to ease out of cock sucking duties, and since I did his Serviced video, I thought I would finally take a chance and have someone else do the Edging. Ransom has come a long way with his cock sucking skills. He likes to dominate and be dominated. The thought of having a straight guy at his mercy really turned him on, “You mean I can do anything to him?” No of course, but the idea was to push his limits.

I put Dwight out of his comfort zone right away with some very tight blue undies that fit him snugly. Despite him being a hard and fast baggy-boxer-boy, the undies themselves got him hard. He thought he looked weird in them, but did admit it felt good and his package was really showing. Frankly I think he looked a bit like a bound-up superhero!

I extended the fantasy sequences, so they are practically a movie in and of themselves. I feel like the oral part gets lost, but I keep getting feedback that you all want more. This is a long Edge video at 27 minutes!

It was awesome to be free to film, get a few more angles that I don’t normally get, yet retain the ‘feel’ the other Edge videos have. The star of the show was actually the massage device my barbershop uses. I practiced on myself first (Research!) and sure enough it felt amazing. Dwight loved it too, and there is even an out take at the end showing just how much he liked it!

Dwight left the studio thinking that maybe doing more might not be as hard as he thought, so who knows, maybe he will be back for more!?

For those of you who enjoy my cocksucking skills, there is a Serviced video with him as well, but I figured it had been far too long since I aired an Edge video.”

– Download the entire scene at Chaosmen.com

July 15, 2010

ChaosMen: Vander gets serviced by Ransom

Chaosmen writes:

“For the first time ever, Ransom got shy with a model, and I think it was ‘cuz he really thought Vander was hot. Ransom is mostly straight, but every now and then a dude attracts him, and Vander was it!

There is just something about Vander anyway. He’s calm, confident, nicely built, big cock, and as I said, just smells great. But something that says raw sex.

Ransom keyed into all of these things the minute he walked into the room that Vander was waiting for him in. I left in some of his nervousness at the beginning of the film. But once his clothes are off, all bets were off and this seriously turns into a feeding frenzy.

Vander is very verbal, and I don’t think I have ever seen Ransom suck a cock so eagerly…or eat ass!

And watch Vander, his eyes never leave Ransom’s body, totally drinking him in and worshiping his body. Though Vander was a bit wobbly at times, we finally got what he needed, a cock in his face, compliments of a very turned on Ransom.

Knowing that Vander likes to fuck ass, Ransom then sits practically right on Vander’s face, toying with him. Vander gets even harder having a hole to play with!

As I said, Ransom really went to town rimming Vander, rubbing his scent all over himself.

Vander from the get go said he doesn’t usually cum from blow jobs, and when a gay guy says that, I tend to believe it. So I knew we were gonna skip out on having Ransom try.

We get Ransom to feed him his cock and that gets him to blow his load easily. Ransom didn’t take to long to play catch-up and adds his load to Vander’s hairy pecs.

I gotta say, this is one of the best Serviced videos! Finally some competition! ;-) Maybe I can retire my kneepads?!

This video is just plain old-fashioned hot chemistry!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com

July 13, 2010

ChaosMen: Dwight busts a nut

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Chaosmen.com writes:

“Dwight kind of reminds me of a country boy – more Iowa, than deep South.

He was kind of along just for the ride. Didn’t really think that the whole porn thing would really pan out, that the plane tickets would work, or that someone would pick him up at the airport. Then when he got to the studios, he was like, “Oh, this is legit!”

He is quite charming during the interview as you can see he just can’t believe he was doing a solo video.

His brain may not have been clued in, but his dick was. He was hard the moment he had to take his shorts off during the photo shoot. He nervously hoped that wasn’t a problem. A problem?! If all my shoots were like that it would be dreamy!

So we know his dick likes to show off, but his head still is not quite in the “entertain” the audience mode.

Still he is super cute, hot bodied, and man..what an ass!

He showed up for the shoot thinking we would only ever never ever do anything but a solo. But when he learned he could make even more money, he could buy the car he had been looking at. Apparently, his tranny blew on his current car. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that my version of a tranny blowing is very different than his!

So innocent!

He thought about it over night and waaaay early the next day, we got up and did a Serviced video, which of course you can see next week.

For now, go ahead and explore his hot body that pumps out a hefty load!”

– See more of Dwight at Chaosmen

July 12, 2010

ChaosMen: Hayden and Nash fuck each other bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“I thought it was time for Hayden to get properly fucked. He’s got a great cock, and he is an awesome Top, but he is always kind of talking up about how tough he is.

We went pretty gentle with him with Jayce, but of course Nash knows how to give as good as he gets.

I will be danged if Hayden’s dick didn’t shrink either, and I think he discovered that “zone” – the fine line between pleasure and pain.

They both start of doing some great cocksucking. Both have come such a long way, and it is awesome to see Hayden stay hard while sucking a dude’s dick. Something he swore he would never get past.

Nash fucks Hayden first, and I think that is when he had the epiphany about getting fucked. Between takes he admitted that it could easily make him cum. Sweet!

Nash eventually climbs on top and ride’s Hayden’s cock, like the pro he is.

For the cumshot, I was determined to have Hayden cum while being fucked. I didn’t get my cameras just right to see Nash’s cock, but rest assured, Hayden came quite easily while being fucked.

Nash shoots all over Hayden’s hole, and though you would be hard pressed to call it a creampie shot, Nash certainly was trying his “hardest to press” himself inside after he came.

As usual, anytime Nash is involved, there is lots of great energy in this video!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com

July 3, 2010

ChaosMen: Ian fucks Jasper bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“This video is one of those where both guys can’t believe they are doing what they are doing. They start off a little goofy cuz they “have” to kiss, but once Jasper sucks Ian’s dick, they get right down to business.

Jasper gags on Ian’s cock till his eyes water!

I also wanted this to be a flip-flop video, as I was eager to see Ian get fucked.

But as it unfolded, Ian was staying rock hard, and Jasper was being fairly passive, so we just let Ian have his way with him. Jasper seems to like bottoming and isn’t real confident topping yet. So he may be a solid bottom.

Pretty cool cumshot on this as Jasper rides Ian’s cock. Ian pulls out and gets his dick close to cumming and then tells him to sit on it as he nuts, jizz dripping out of Jasper’s hole.

Jasper got himself close, and even though Ian looks like he’s about to get a dodge ball to the face, it’s a nice creamy load.”

– Download the complete scene at Chaosmen.com

June 26, 2010

ChaosMen: Lansing, Vance and Van’s hot threeway fuck

Chaosmen writes:

“Lansing’s first sex video was with Vance, and I have always wanted to do another one with them, sans the rubber. I thought a re-match would be great but wanted to add a twist to it- that twist being Van!

I have a bottle-neck of too many models needing work, and mixing & matching is getting tougher as some of the guys won’t bottom. Top heavy as usual. This time though, I was a little bottom heavy.

Lansing and Van have primarily bottomed, so I thought they would look good together being fucked. So why not combine these three taste treats together.

Vance, being the veteran, takes charge and for most of the shoot Van is Lansing and Vance’s bottom boy. I get such a kick out of seeing Lansing top. He’s really pretty good, taking nice long strokes so you can see his long veiny shaft dip in and out.

After Vance and Lansing finish fucking Van, Lansing gets on his back to get fucked by Vance. Van bends down and sucks on his cock, and the look on Lansing’s face as he tries to not cum is fun to watch.

Typical of TagTeam videos, it runs a little long, so I basically had everyone cum at different times to keep it under 24 minutes.

Continuity is a bit off as I just edit them together, but you have to catch Lansing’s cum shot! It shoots out of him like a laser beam, and you can see Lansing trying to stifle a laugh, as he must have shot five or six feet!”

– Download the full scene at Chaosmen.com

June 24, 2010

ChaosMen: AJ and Ransom’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes:

“If I remember correctly, AJ worked with Eli last. AJ topped the entire time. Mainly ‘cuz he was being a bit of a baby about bottoming but also ‘cuz he had a tennis ball-sized bruise between his legs.

Now Ransom, we know he loves to get fucked. It’s hard for him to NOT cum while being fucked. But I also know he can top really good, and he also knows the sweet spot to nail a guy’s prostate.

So AJ thought he was going to top this entire video but as Ransom road his cock, he saw how hard Ransom was. He thought maybe he could take it. Clearly Ransom was loving getting fucked, so why shouldn’t he?

I really need to leave the cameras rolling between takes. It was so funny to watch AJ admit he was loving getting fucked. We had to stop once because he said he was gonna pee or cum, which cracked both Ransom and I up.

AJ was determined to cum while being fucked, and though it sure looks like it isn’t going to happen, AJ kept telling Ransom where to hit his sweet spot. “Not so deep, slower, no faster…no…right there!”

I have seen a lot of porn and usually when it takes a while for the bottom to cum, the top usually becomes droopy. But Ransom stayed rock hard and fucks him after AJ cums, pulls out and then busts all over AJ’s hole – shoving his cum-covered cock in, breeding AJ’s ass.

Ransom is normally not much of a talker, but listening to him tell AJ to take his load is VERY hot!

As for AJ, I think he has no fear of bottoming and is now looking forward to the extra intensity of cumming while being fucked!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com