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August 2, 2009

ChaosMen: Ceasar fucks Elliott

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Chaosmen: Ceasar fucks Elliott

Chaosmen writes:

“You get to see Elliott in a flurry of activity this couple weeks. Just two days ago you saw him Servicing Carter and in a week or so, he is doing another Serviced video. So sorry if it seems a bit much, but it just kind of all fell on the calendar this way. Next week I will be back to cock sucking!

This is the video where I realized, “Why the heck didn’t I get Elliott in here sooner?!?” He now lives closer and I took advantage of his proximity to blow some straight guys.

He clearly has that “something” that is a self-powering sexual energy thang. He just blithely ignores the straight guys fumbling and just goes full tilt. And in turn, especially in this video, Ceasar amps it up to keep up with him.

Ceasar’s dick splits Elliott in two, and the cum shot is kind of cool as they nut almost simultaneously on each other’s cocks.

A fun video with two evenly matched players!”

– Download the complete video at Chaosmen

July 30, 2009

ChaosMen: Carter gets serviced

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Chaosmen: Carter gets serviced

Chaosmen writes:

“I knew when I saw Carter that I wanted Elliott to work with him. Unfortunately I could tell Carter might only be down for a blow job, so even though Elliott had been up to bat a lot lately, I didn’t want to miss this double red head pairing.

And this is the epitome of straight guy oral Servicing! Stoic straight boy watching his pussy porn then surrendering to the oral sensations of a pro-cocksucker. Elliott is amazing as he keeps him hard, and I swear, a couple times Carter looks very serious, as if he is about to nut.

Every now and then I find guys who can only seem to nut sitting down or laying on their back. Some of them really want to do porn, but in porn, the guy is usually upright when he nuts ON TO something.

So I always struggle when a new guy comes along who has to lay down, but wont let someone else cum on them. It makes for a non-interactive cumshot. I’m not fond of the two guys laying side by side and nutting on themselves. Best Friends Vids…sure, but otherwise, there has gotta be at least a trade of DNA on to someone else!

Now Carter, he is just the opposite. Just like his solo, he wanted to be standing for the cum shot. Which is harder for most guys. So he is ahead in this game. Before the shoot I showed Carter’s jack-off technique to Elliott. That way, he would know how to handle Carter’s cock. An advantage I always get from filming their solo. So I showed him his milking technique, which Elliott uses at the end.

It’s kind of hot to watch Carter look at the TV then back at Elliott, then keep warning him he is gonna cum. He just kept tugging-n-tugging-n-tugging on him…till it all spills out!

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July 26, 2009

ChaosMen: Teo bangs Gavin bareback

Chaosmen: Teo bangs Gavin bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“When I interviewed Gavin during his solo, he said Teo was his favorite guy on the site. Teo was in town and ready to shoot, so while Gavin was here I thought I would make some magic happen.

Teo has been on a kick to Top as he has gotten more confident with staying hard to fuck. Not that he doesn’t mind being fucked, but topping involves less prep time for doing the shoot.

I think Gavin was in heaven as he finally got to suck on Teo’s uncut cock.

Some great fucking in this video while Teo tries to up the ante to try new things!

We all realize he has been on the site over a year now, and though I try to spread him out to one release a month, I know you, the audience, wants to see new things.

But his energy is so good, and he is a “ringer” when working with new straight guys. He is clearly straight as well, and for some reason that puts the new guys at ease. Plus he is a total goofball and that takes the grim seriousness out of the other model’s attitude.

While Gavin is not straight, it gave us the chance to do some new stuff… more freedom.

Gavin was eager to eat Teo’s load, and Teo himself suggest that after he dumps his load to go down for a cum-soaked kiss. While I don’t think he is ready to eat another guy’s load yet, he certainly went for it.

He’s nutted in his mouth by accident so it didn’t seem like it would be too hard to try. To be honest, I think most of it went down Gavin’s throat anyway, but you gotta give Teo props for trying something new!

You might have to replay the cumshot over and over as you watch Gavin squirt just as Teo fills his mouth! What Timing!”

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July 21, 2009

ChaosMen: Ginger stud Carter

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Chaosmen: Ginger stud Carter

Bryan of Chaosmen.com writes about this sexy redheaded stud:

“I sure have had a run on red heads lately, with more to come!

Carter is quiet rough and tough guy. He’s a bit shy but is proud to show off his equipment.

He has an unusual jack off technique, kind of a milking action. It’s definitely not conducive to showcasing his cock, but you can tell he is enjoying himself. This solo also has something else unusual, as our red-pubed boy nuts twice in a row!

He wanted to stand for the cumshot (a victim of having to jack off in the shower – the only private place growing up) so I set my camera down below and aimed for the shower of cum. He literally milks his cock right down on me. If you watch just after he cums, I pan back and there is still an intense look on his face.

I quickly scramble to do my “pan over the aftermath” by starting at his head and panning down to his dick, which immediately starts squirting again. HOT!

Stay tuned after the end for a little out take as I ask him about the double ejaculation!

Carter seems ok with the idea of having a guy suck his dick, and I think it would be hot to get Elliott to blow him. Red head lovers will be in ecstasy!

– See more of Carter at Chaosmen

July 19, 2009

ChaosMen: Nash and Zane’s hot bareback fuck

Chaosmen: Nash and Zane's hot bareback fuck

Chaosmen writes about this hot scene:

“This is like a dream pairing! I know both Nash and Zane really do love to fuck and get fucked, but they also are motivated to keep you fans happy.

Zane’s dick tricks me everytime with it’s deceptively “normal size” that is in scale with his giant body. It looks like a normal sized cock, but when you see it in dude’s mouth or ass, I realize I might have made the bottom bite off more than he can chew!

Thankfully Nash is not afraid of a little pain (clearly since he finished his arm tattoo!) So I thought he could handle Zane’s width. And with no muss or fuss, he sat right down on it. Slowly but surely grinding on it so he can control it. Some awesome footage here!

Nash stays wobbly during the fucking, but peps right up when it is time to fuck Zane, who is always in hog heaven when he has a dick up his ass.

Zane starts to feel like he is gonna nut while being fucked, so we switch back to Nash bottoming, and I think we got some different angles from underneath by using a nearby side table. Nash tries to nut in this way, but I think he needs to be on his back for that trick to work.

So we zipped on back to getting Zane’s legs back in the air and I barely had time to get my cameras setup before he was nutting.

Nash gives Zane a facial and sucks the last bit of cum out of his dick!

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen

July 14, 2009

ChaosMen: Asher rubs one out

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Chaosmen: Asher rubs one out

Chaosmen writes:

“Oh boy is Asher ever a cutey! Shy but confident, and not at all concited, he just seems like a well put together kid.

He told me he was a wrestler, and I can’t belive I didn’t notice his banged up wrestler’s ears during the entire shoot (Perhaps I was looking elsewhere)

I would love to get him come back to do more, but I think he hit is limit on the solo. So he is one of those guys you should enjoy now for sharing a little glimpse into their private life. It’s a shame ‘cuz I think he is just one of those guys that really responds well to being filmed, showing off, and generally can get into playing with the audience. I will keep my fingers crossed!”

– Download the complete scene at Chaosmen.com

July 13, 2009

ChaosMen: Vance bangs Ivan’s virgin hole bareback

Chaosmen: Vance bangs Ivan's virgin hole bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“Ivan is headed off for foreign lands, and he wanted to do a video before being out of commission for a while. He figured he would go out with a bang, and finally agreed it was time for him to not only suck some dick, but to take it up the ass.

I wanted someone who had experience but wouldn’t split him in two and scare him away from doing more. Vance was just the man, and I thought I would get out the ‘ole massage table to do the scene on.

Usually the “top” takes control, and Ivan has struggled with knowing what to do. So it is great to see him be more passive, and Vance takes control of the situation. What is so awesome about this video is Ivan is clearly turned on by this. His dick rarely wilts, and it’s so cool to see his dick hard with a butt plug up his ass, and a cock in his mouth!

In between takes, he was basically commenting, “Golly gee, I think I can cum while being fucked!” Duh! He was always very skeptical that the guys he was fucking were actually enjoying it.

Never one to pass up that opportunity, we recycled the “on his back, legs in the air” position. Vance tentatively fucked him until he nuts. He pulls out just as he is cumming, but overall, a pretty good “fuck the cum out of your buddy” shot. You can tell Vance thinks Ivan will not nut if he pokes him too much, but Ivan is yelling “Harder!” What a reversal!

Vance has a tough time playing catch up, so it takes him a minute or two to bust. Ivan’s dick goes down, but the cum is still wet when Vance nuts all over Ivan’s spent cock.

It’s a very hot video where Ivan finally gets a cock in his mouth and ass!”

– Download the entire scene at Chaosmen

June 29, 2009

ChaosMen: Teague fucks Degan bareback

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Chaosmen: Teague fucks Degan bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“Teague would check the site for his projects, and he kept seeing Degan. I think he had found a kindred tattoo buddy, but he kept saying he wanted to fuck the heck out a muscle daddy. I figured fans of tatted guys would dig seeing the two together. If you aren’t into tatts, don’t skip this raw video – Teague is a dirty boy!

Degan is very passive, and he’s just happy to have someone fuck the cum out of him.

Teague had watched some of Degan’s videos and he felt that the guys just didn’t take control and treat him right. He was eager to prove himself as a bossy top.

As soon as we got done doing some preliminary photos, I told him to just take control. Which he did.

Teague sucked his dick and ate out his hole until Degan was aching to have a cock in him. Teague whispering dirty things to him to drive Degan over the edge.

Teague fucks Degan until he nuts, and cum eaters will be happy as Teague laps it up off his stomach.

Teague wasn’t done consuming jizz. As usual Teague had to beat his dick into submission, and shot a giant load all over Degan’s back and ass…which he promptly cleaned up with his tongue!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen

June 1, 2009

Chaosmen.com: Dyson and Nash fuck each other bareback

Chaosmen.com: Dyson and Nash fuck each other bareback

Chaosmen writes:
“I could sit and watch these two kiss all night long.

Even the gay guys are reluctant to kiss – just too personal. So getting the straight guys to mug is always a gamble. But I had seen Dyson really throw himself to it and wow, was I every surprised at how good of a kisser Nash turned out to be. They both REALLY seem like they are into it!

Nash had been staying with me a week or so in order to do several scenes, and this was the first time he actually was doing guy-on-guy. Dyson called last minute with some emergency expenses, so I tossed these two together on a whim.

This was a such a great pairing. Dyson agreed to flip-flop, and Nash said he would be down for whatever. Nash, not a complete virgin to gay sex, but his past experiences was more receiving (getting head, topping – not too initmate) So I was thrilled to see his energy and to watch Dyson toss it right back at him!

Lots of raw action with two amazing dudes!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com