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October 18, 2009

ChaosMen: Novak bangs Zane bareback

Chaosmen: Novak bangs Zane bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“I finally found someone to match Zane’s height, stamina, and size!

I had been stepping Novak through the idea of doing more with dudes, and the Edge video kind of snapped him into the idea of doing full-on work. So when he said he would top a dude, I knew Zane would love to take Novak for a ride.

And I really think Zane loved every minute of this video. He knew Novak would be nervous, got him hard with the skills he has learned, and he himself was hard practically the whole time. I think because finally someone could manhandle him!

Novak’s still not ready to suck dick, but Zane did sneak a short kiss out of him and we got Novak in a position to jack Zane off, I guess pretending Zane’s dick was his own. This gave ample opportunity for Zane to eat his ass out, truly one of the things he loves to do.

Novak soon got into it, and the notion of fucking Zane had him worked up.

Some amazing fucking going on as Novak and Zane are so evenly matched.

Once again we succeeded in having the cum fucked out of Zane. I love when this happens, because the top just can’t believe that the bottom isn’t in pain and is actually getting off to being fucked. I think that’s the reason some of the “I will only Top” guys change their minds and try bottoming.

Zane was done, but Novak kept fucking him, pulling in and out and using a combo of jacking-off and plunging into Zane’s tender asshole. He jizzes all over Zane’s hole, and cum fucks him a bit with his rapidly wilting cock.

Extra extra HOT ending!”

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October 13, 2009

ChaosMen: Big-dicked jock Hagan

Chaosmen: Big-dicked jock Hogan

Chaosmen writes:

“Hagan is of mixed heritage, making it hard for me to pick which race to categorize him as in the Search area. He seems to have gottent he best of all genetics. He’s a big dude. 6’4″ and all muscle and also all cock. His dick is HUGE.

Hagan is a quiet guy, not only during the solo, but just in general. But I have a feeling when he is with his buds, he does like to party, and I got the more reserved version.

Hagan says he wants to do guy-on-guy work, and I am for sure not passing up the opportunity to Service him.

The entire time he jacked-off I was thinking his technique was just my style, and how easy it would be to get him off!

So getting Hagan some oral action is my next mission!”

– See more of Hogan at Chaosmen.com

October 10, 2009

ChaosMen: Nash and Davin’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen: Nash and Davin's raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes:

“Nash was in town for a week to shoot a couple videos, and do a bar event with some other models.

The day he arrived, Nash almost missed his flight. And his scene partner missed his ride to the airport, then struggled with long lines and security and then almost missed his flight, so by the time he got to the gate, he said, “Everything was telling me to not get on the plane, so I bailed!”

I understand gut instinct (and of course his plane never crashed mid-air!), but I had one horny Nash on my hands, and he was ready and raring to go!

I knew Davin was going to be in town and he was prepped and ready to shoot.

Before officially pairing them last minute, I did warn Nash that Davin is extremely thick-dicked. I think Nash took it as a challenge, and figured how bad could it be after being fucked by Zane.

You REALLY see how big Davin’s dick is when Nash is trying to blow him. I think for a moment Nash thought he had literally bitten off more than he could chew.

Thankfully Davin enjoys sex in general and went bottom’s up first. There is some awesome footage, and for a pairing I wouldn’t have made, these two really clicked!

And when it came time for Nash to bottom, I will be danged if he didn’t take Davin’s big ‘ole cock AND not only stay hard, but kept almost busting! Watch for a quick moment when Nash pushes Davin’s hand away from playing with his cock. Danger! Too close!

Since Nash was so ready to bust with that ginormous cock in him, I quickly scrambled up a ladder (little shaky sorry) so I could see him spill while Davin fucks him, and angle often hard for me to get.

After Nash busts, Davin continues to fuck Nash, thinking he could cum. But Nash was ready to be “done” being fucked after nutting. Davin finally pulls out and squirts soon after – Nash’s dick barely wilting in the interim.

I think these two boys, not meant to ever work together, enjoyed each other and as Nash says at the end, “That was fun.”

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October 5, 2009

ChaosMen: Clay and Teo’s raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen: Clay and Teo's raw flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes:

“Clay decided he wanted to step up his game and I thought putting him with another uncut cocked boy would give him familiar territory.

He also said he would try bottoming for the first time, but for one position only. The irony is, after the shoot, he was psyched by how easy it was and that he didn’t actually hate it. I figure that’s as close as he was going to get to saying he actually liked it.

But it was a good intro to getting fucked, and now he is totally down for whatever. Clay even laughs at his own initial conversations with me, “I am not sucking dick and there is no way never ever I am gonna bottom!”

Not sure what switch gets thrown with these guys. I think it is because they work with other straight guys who take it and enjoy it, so they finally say to themselves, “Ehh, why not?”

Lot’s of energy of course, as Teo always amps it up. They both were balls deep during this video so I struggled to get good long strokes out of them.

Their cumshots are amazing as both huge uncut cocks nearly shoot simultaneously, both delivering there own brand of creamy DNA.

Would you like ‘Clear and Copious’ or ‘Creamy and Oozing’ with your uncut cock? Oh wait, you can have both!”

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September 26, 2009

ChaosMen: Devin fucks Elliott bareback

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Chaosmen: Devin fucks Elliott bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“We are working on pushing Devin’s limits. Still haven’t got him to touch/taste cock, but I am working on it. I think Elliott has that certain steamy “something” that you can’t help but respond to. He moves like a cat, toying with his prey.

I knew from his Serviced video that Devin enjoyed having his as rimmed. So I started him face down in his tighty whiteys. What is cool is with his downward slope of a dick, it is just sitting in almost full view, giving Elliott ample opportunity to taste his ass and suck his cock like a sample platter. Both boys got hard real quick!

You might also want to look at Elliott’s cock. It is a true meter of how hot things were and weren’t. When Devin truly gets excited, up goes Elliott’s cock…or when he knows he is pushing Devin’s boudnaries…up goes his cock!

And today’s boundary was kissing. One of the hardest things for straight guys to get past. The video is a little long, as Elliott kept coming up to kiss, then moved away, toying with him… all this build up to a simple but erotic kiss.

Finally Devin surrenders, and it is pretty hot to watch a kiss become so much more. AND his dick didn’t wilt either!

Devin has got skills when it comes to fucking, and with his rope-like length of a cock, you can see him diving in and out with long quick strokes. Poor ‘lil Elliott was walking funny the rest of the day. Even though he didn’t stay hard for the fucking, he LOVED every minute of it. I need to get him in to Top…he is really good at too!

Once again we took advantage of Devin’s cascading angle, and he gave Elliott a very hot facial, which only moments later made Elliott nut, cum all over his face.

Showman that they both are, Devin withstands some ticklish after-cumming cock sucking, telling Elliott to “Suck all the cum out of there.”

Frankly, I think he likes the idea of anyone being forced to eat his cum. He has a dirty streak that I hope we are only beginning to tap.

This is Premium Blend boys!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen

September 20, 2009

ChaosMen: Davin, Dyson and Zane’s hot threeway

Chaosmen: Davin, Dyson and Zane's hot threeway

Chaosmen writes:

“I don’t do very many TagTeams, mainly because they cost more, and I really don’t make more on them. So if you love more than two guys, tell your friends and get them to join, ‘cuz I like shooting them, but dang they get expensive. Economics aside, I thought I would just toss three of my veteran guys onto a bed and they would just go for it. Didn’t really happen that way.

Instead, all of them, even nutty Zane, seemed a lot more reserved. The video starts off a little awkward, but it does start to really ramp up during the sucking and fucking.

I had A LOT of footage and it was tough piecing it together AND keep the video to a downloadable size. Anytime a movie creeps up to the 25 minute mark, I know I will have members complaining about download speeds. There are some fast cuts and fades as I tried to edit this video down to a tolerable size, so forgive me if it seems a bit jumpy.

I thought for sure Zane would be the instigator, but Davin was the talker and he generally kept things going.

Dyson actually busts up inside Zane, and just like real life, there is just not much to show for it. I really tried to talk Zane into spreading his ass and squeezing the last drop out kind of thing, but I think I need to show them how it’s down for them to get it right. Thrust, thrust, thrust, pull out, squirt once, shove back in! But it’ the real deal.

What’s not real is Dyson swore he could stay hard after cumming. He can with a girl after all. But can you really blame him?

So we did give him some time to reset and he continued to fuck Zane for a few. Zane loves to get fucked while he cums. Well, Dyson was spent. Somewhere along the way he plops out but keeps on thrusting, and thankfully Zane nuts in no time. I think Davin’s giant cock in his face did the trick this time out.

And Davin! Talk about good timing! Zane barely catches his breath from nutting and is still in recovery mode when Davin cums all over his face.

It’s dang hard to get these guys to cum near or at the same time and 3-ways are even more challenging. But each guy was able to cum in their favorite position(fucking, fucked, facial!), so not a bad ending to a crazy TagTeam!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com

August 31, 2009

ChaosMen: Sebastian shoots his load into Kay’s ass

Chaosmen: Sebastian fucks Kay bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“Kay [aka Jason Crystal] used to be a pretty heavy football player and he has been working on morphing his body into a lean mean muscle machine. At the time of shooting this, he hadn’t bottomed before. He suggested that he would be willing to bottom, but only if I found a guy that wouldn’t split him in two. Well, Sebastian is my ringer. He stays hard and can go slow for first-timers.

Kay said he would bottom, but didn’t think he could suck dick or even kiss. Before the shoot, I took Sebastian aside and told him to keep trying to kiss him at the beginning. If he didn’t relent then we could just start over. So we gotta give Sebastian credit for really pushing the kissing thang. You can tell Kay really didn’t want to, but when he committed, he REALLY committed!

Kay turns out to be quite a talker, so for those of you who find these amateur guys lacking in vocal skills, he should please ya!

Sebastian ever so gently fucks Kay until he cums, and bless Kay’s little heart, Sebastian was close to cumming and ramped up to shooting his load right up inside of him.

“Creampies” are always a dicey thing to pull off, you never know if it’s gonna be messy, or goop will come out, but Sebastian really fingers him until his load starts dripping out. It’s not a lot, but hey, it’s a genuine creampie! HOT!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com

August 23, 2009

ChaosMen: Nash and Vance’s bareback flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen: Nash and Vance's bareback flip-flop fuck

Chaosmen writes about this hot scene:

“Talk about two evenly matched players! Visually, I just thought Nash and Vance would look amazing together. They are about the same size and height, and they both were good for a flip-flop fuck.

Vance still struggles with bottoming, but Nash treated him right and I think this is the first time he realized he could get off to it. As for Nash, well, we know we can make him nut by getting fucked, and I just love an ending where you can see he is clearly being fucked and busting his load. The intensity is amazing!

Vance took advantage of the fact he was close too, and continued to fuck Nash long after he cums. Certainly not the most comfortable thing to happen for the bottom. He gets himself close then pulls out and adds ropes of his jizz to Nash’s. A BIG creamy load!

Great energy and great sex for a sizzling pairing!”

– Download this scene at Chaosmen

August 17, 2009

ChaosMen: Devin bangs Gavin bareback

Chaosmen: Devin bangs Gavin bareback

Bryan of Chaosmen writes about this hot scene:

“This video goes to the top of the list of best videos.

New members of Team Chaos, Devin & Gavin. go at it fast and furious, complete with dirty talking!

Gavin prefers to top in his daily sex, so he was a bit nervous taking on Devin’s slinky sized cock.

Gavin must give great head, cuz he worked Devin’s cock from soft to hard, and had him telling him to, “Suck that dick!” under his breath. Asking Gavin if he wants him to fuck him with his fat cock. Hot!

Devin starts of slowing inserting over and over, trying to ease Gavin into his long rope of a dick, but after that, the words, “No Mercy” come to mind.

Since Devin has such a downward angle on his dick, I figured we could do an upside down fuck scene. It’s very hot as you see Devin dip his bare cock into Gavin’s hole.

The cumshot is a little crazy. Devin had a lot of lube and pre-cum dripping and Gavin thought Davin was busting, so he bust a little before him, but thankfully this allowed me to get both cumshots.

And when I say Devin has a rope of a dick, he also spews ropes of cum, all over Gavin’s face and body. He scoops up the cum and forces it into Gavin’s mouth, then tells him forcefully to suck the rest of the cum out of his long dangling cock.

I know this is a great video, because I bonered up when I was editing it!”

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Ultimate 3 way
August 16, 2009

ChaosMen: Santana fucks Teo raw

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Chaosmen: Santana fucks Teo bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“I can’t remember exactly where Santana was with his limits, but I do remember during the time of filming he still wasn’t willing to put a dick in his mouth. Pretty sure I finally said to him, “Ok, this guy sucked your dick and he IS straight, so you need to pony up and give as good as you get.” But this time out he tried jacking Teo off a bit.

I wanted to do something different, and I knew Teo could handle all kinds of positions, so we used a couch to fuck on. It’s actually pretty challenging, and there is a bit of height difference between the two.

This video is little “jumpy” as it was tough to transition from one position to the next gracefully.

I gotta say though, the cumshot is A++ as Santana and Teo race to nut, Santana spills his load all over Teo with Teo only moments later dumping the most massive load of his porn career! It’s crazy!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen