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August 12, 2010

Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex: Travis and Cole’s bi tag team

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Sandwich, anyone?

Travis is a sexual adventurer, willing to try just about everything. He’s got an incredible attitude, a hot body and a handsome face. And he comes like a freaking geyser. Now that Prop 8 is overturned, I’m ready to marry the guy!

Instead, I paired him up with Cole, who Travis wanted the chance to play with. I knew Travis and Chloe had a great time fucking previously, as did Cole and Chloe. So, it’s no surprise the three of them turn in one of the hottest bi scenes since … well, since our last bi-weekly bi update where Trey and Ethan teased Cassie!

There’s something about adding a CF girl to the mix that often ramps up these guys’ game. Maybe it’s the natural inclination to compete. But when Travis and Cole start their matchup with Chloe, the fierce competition goes into overdrive.”

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May 12, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Cole

Cain fucks Cole at CorbinFisher

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Anyone that knows Cain and Cole already knows this is going to be one hot video! An enthusiastic and hyper-sexual newcomer, Cain is a total stud with a big dick and loves to fuck! Likewise one of our most enthusiastic, energetic, and sexually intense guys, Cole seems to absolutely love anything that enjoys getting pleasure!

Pairing these two up together, and there’s no doubt we’re in for some wild fun!

Just seeing the look on Cole’s face as he and Cain make out at the beginning of the action here makes it obvious he can hardly wait to get Cain’s dick inside him! As the two get naked, Cole wastes no time swallowing Cain’s cock and getting it down his throat! He then lays back so that he and Cain can sixty-nine, a “Yeah!” escaping his lips as he thinks about the prospect of getting his own dick sucked while working over Cain’s tool at the same time!

The guys really go all out during the sixty-nine, each one tonguing and slobbering all over the other’s cock before Cain gets on to his back so Cole can lower himself down on to his dick. Both of these studs are moaning deep as Cain’s cock slides in to Cole’s ass, moving up into him until he’s in Cole balls-deep! Cain then wastes no time in starting to pump and thrust his hips upward, driving that cock into Cole’s ass.

Cole’s clearly loving this, as is Cain! From this point on, the fucking is hard and fast! Cain is drilling Cole’s hole, the two also kissing deep as they’re on their sides and going at it.

As they fuck with Cole on his back, legs up, Cain’s using every inch of his dick to pound Cole’s ass! Cole then starts to spray a huge load all over, the first spurts flying through the air and covering his ripped chest in cum! Cain then pulls out to stand up on the bed and blast his entire load into Cole’s mouth!”

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March 17, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Cole fucks Levi

CorbinFisher: Cole fucks Levi

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s great to have Cole back in some action! He got very busy with stuff back home and dropped out of touch for awhile. Then, one day, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from him when he let me know he’d certainly not forgotten about us and wanted to come back and do some work! The funny thing about his message was that there was almost an apologetic tone, and it was obvious he was uncertain we’d even want him back at all. Of course we’d want him back! His performances are always great, he’s always eager and super-horny, and he’s a definite stud!

I figured a great way to welcome him back would be to introduce him to one of CF’s newest young arrivals, Levi! Both of these young men love sex and would no doubt get along great with one another – and that’s all borne out here!

The guys start off with some enthusiastic sucking, each taking turns swallowing the other’s cock as they also gradually work their way out of all their clothes until their hard, ripped bodies are fully naked.

While straddling Cole’s chest and getting his cock sucked, Levi reaches back to grip Cole’s hard dick and stroke it. I’m sure, as he’s feeling it up with his hand, he can’t help but think how good that’s going to feel inside him. I’d almost forgotten what a great dick Cole has, as we’d gone a long while without seeing him while he was away! But seeing it here, hard as can be the entire time, is quite the reminder of how every bit of this stud looks good!

Cole gets Levi on his back with his legs in the air and starts to rim his hole, working it over with his tongue as Levi moans in response.

It’s then time for the guys to start fucking, and Cole is soon sliding his hard dick deep in to Levi’s ass. Hearing all of the different noises Levi makes while Cole pumps his ass is enough in itself to get off, but certainly the image of Cole’s hips moving back and forth as he fucks Levi is even hotter!

Likewise, Levi looks incredible as he sits down on Cole’s cock and starts to bounce up and down while stroking his own hard dick. It’s all obviously doing the trick for Cole, as he moans, “It feels so good!” and smacks Levi’s ass a few times.

Then, while on his hands and knees and getting fucked from behind, Levi gets closer and closer to cumming. He’s going back and forth between stroking his hard cock with his left and right hands when, in the midst of switching hands, he starts spewing a load all over! He’d not even resumed stroking himself as he started to blow, totally caught off-guard by his own powerful orgasm!

“Your turn,” he then moans to Cole. Cole straddles Levi’s chest and, with a few strokes, starts to spray his load all over Levi’s face and in to his mouth before using his fingers to feed more of it to Levi. What a way for our new stud, Levi, to welcome Cole back!”

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Corbin Fisher
July 29, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Cole fucks Ty

CorbinFisher: Cole fucks Ty

Corbin Fisher writes:

“With two of our newest horniest, and most sexually energetic guys here at CF, the ingredients were in place for a scorcher! That’s definitely what we got, as well! Cole and Ty waste no time getting into some deep, intense making out and are all over one another from the very start! Not only were they clearly into having some fun and getting off with one another, but both of these guys are just thoroughly and totally into sex and of itself so neither holds anything back here!

There was so much action between the two, in fact, that this video is a two-parter! In the first is all of the hot foreplay, with the second being full of all the hot fucking (as well as some extra footage of the guys in the shower after they both got off). As for the foreplay, it’s as deep and intense as the kissing! The guys were really having fun with one another, and seeing Ty’s dick gradually get harder and harder as Cole works it over with his mouth as the guys keep talking to each other and urging one another one was incredibly hot to film and watch! Cole looks like a man on a mission as he sucks Ty’s dick and Ty looks like he couldn’t possibly be enjoying it more. The only way Ty was able to get Cole off of his cock – or be willing to have him release it from his lips, for that matter – was to push him back on the bed and get on top of him so the two could make out and kiss some more.

Beyond the kissing, Ty clearly had a plan when he pulled Cole’s mouth of his cock – he wanted to get Cole’s dick in his own mouth! He promptly does just that, eliciting moans and groans and some great facial expressions out of Cole as he blows him! These guys are so expressive and into it that it was actually quite stressful filming this scene! I was convinced either of these two could blow their loads at any second and so was on edge making sure I’d be able to react in a split second and capture it on camera if that happened! Thankfully, they manage to hold out – likely ’cause they both know there’s some fucking in store, and neither wanted to miss out on that!

If the kissing and sucking weren’t intense enough, Cole really goes to town rimming Ty’s ass and driving Ty wild in the process!

“Does that feel good?”, Cole asks Ty between tongue-ing, sucking and slapping his ass. Obviously, it was a rhetorical question as Ty’s pants and moans and writhing around on the bed made it pretty obvious it felt damn good already! Were it not for the fact that they had some fucking to look forward to, they probably could have gone on for hours with Cole eating out Ty’s hole!

I love being able to watch a guy slowly slide his cock into another’s ass and Cole and Ty give us a great view of that as they start to fuck. With each of them moaning their approval, Cole’s dick is soon balls-deep in Ty’s hole as he prepared to start pumping and thrusting. Tight and defined, Cole’s body is looking hotter than ever as he thrusts in and out and we see every muscle flex in the process.

I have to confess – I sometimes find the old “slap the bottom’s ass while you’re fucking ’em” thing to be a bit cliche and usually have to refrain from giggling a bit (if not cringing) when I see it. But these two seem to really enjoy it! Cole slapped Ty’s ass early on, while rimming him, and got quite the response out of Ty when he did it. With Ty on his hands and knees, getting fucked from behind by Cole, he’s actually asking Cole to keep slapping him and thoroughly getting off on it every time Cole does! They’re really doing all they can to not only be as intense with one another as possible, but also as playful!

If there was any doubt Ty was totally loving Cole’s dick in his ass, that’s long gone by the time we see Ty sitting on Cole’s cock as Cole pumps up into him. His big dick is as hard as could be! As they move over on to their sides, they do all they can to make sure Cole’s dick stays deep in Ty’s ass – neither wanting the fucking to stop.

By now, it’s totally clear we’re going to see at least one of these guys spraying a load soon! Sure enough, Ty’s the first one to blow! You can see Ty get that look on his face and he’s then totally overcome with a powerful orgasm that has him writhing and bouncing all over – and Cole looks like he enjoys it as much as Ty!

When you get a hot fuck like this, someone has to end up with a face covered in cum! Ty happily ends up that way for us, as Cole fires off a massive load all over his face and into his mouth and, again, Ty looks like he enjoyed Cole’s orgasm as much as Cole did!”

– Download this hot scene at Corbin Fisher