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September 12, 2009

Sean Cody: Jake and Isaac’s flip-flop fuck

SeanCody: Jake bangs Isaac

Sean Cody writes:

“Out of all the guys on our trip, I think Isaac had the most fun. He was like a wide-eyed kid in a candy store. Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, beautiful men, and lots and lots of sex. He was one of a couple of guys who fully identified as being gay, so he was able to just be himself and sit back and watch the festivities!

Jake is still saying that he’s straight, but he sure seems to be enjoying the man sex.

After we were done filming Issac and Jake fucking each other flip-flop style, I asked Issac what he liked best. “I loved giving him head,” he said. “He has such a nice cock and the foreskin felt great my mouth.”

What did Jake like best? “Getting off,” he said. “I always love that!””

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September 12, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Ty pops Kenny’s ass cherry

CorbinFisher: Ty pops Kenny's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“You’ll have to pardon my giddy eagerness here. If you saw Kenny’s video over on ACS, you know I was quite fixated with his ass. I loved the way it looked as he fucked the girl, its pumping up and down and looking totally… well… delicious (I think that’s the first time I’ve used that word to describe anything)! As hot as it is seeing a cute guy’s butt pump up and down while fucking a girl, though, seeing it get fucked is just that much hotter! I was thrilled when Kenny decided to give bottoming a shot!

The fact that it’s Ty that’s going to fuck him is even better! We know Ty most definitely isn’t lacking in the cock department, with a big, nice dick between his legs. The prospect of that cock being Kenny’s first ever really had me worked up and ready to film this one!

Kenny was quite the trooper in being willing to give Ty’s dick a shot.

“Ty has himself a good-sized cock!”, I mentioned to him before we got to filming this. “Are you going to be able to handle it?”.

“I’ve never had anything up my ass, so I figure I’m kind of at the point where a small one, average one, or big one would all be the same!”, was his response.

That’s an interesting way to look at it, but there’s probably some truth to it! Despite facing the challenge of taking on Ty’s dick, Kenny was in good hands, here! We know Ty is enthusiastic, eager, and thoroughly into the action once he gets going and he was set to be sure to make this as fun and as pleasurable as could be for Kenny. We see this as the action starts off, with Ty quickly going down on Kenny, sucking his dick, and getting him hard and ready. Being made to feel so good at the outset can’t help but ease Kenny into what’s in store!

Sure enough, Kenny looks like he’s having himself a blast while Ty goes down on him. Once in awhile, he can’t help but smile. He’s moaning and his mouth is hanging open as he is caught up in how great Ty is making his dick feel. Ty slyly works his way up from sucking Kenny’s cock to licking and kissing his chest until, slowly, their lips meet and Kenny eagerly returns Ty’s kiss. They start to kiss more heavily and deeply as they rub their cocks together and Ty’s own clothes gradually come off.

During the frottage and Ty’s stroking Kenny’s dick, Kenny looks like he can barely take any more!

“You wanna taste me?”, Ty asks Kenny.

“Oh yeah!”, Kenny responses, before leaning forward to take Ty’s cock in his mouth. By now, Kenny’s totally consumed by it all and goes down on Ty’s dick, stroking and sucking it while Ty encourages him to take as much of it into his mouth as he can. Seeing Kenny have to open his mouth as wide as possible to fit Ty’s dick into it, we can only imagine what it’s going to look like sliding in and out of his ass! Before that happens, though, the guys make sure to get the most out of the sucking!

Ty rubs his cock around Kenny’s face, and it clearly turns Kenny on. Both guys literally have to tear themselves away from the hot sucking so that Ty can throw Kenny’s legs into the air, expose his ass, and bury his face in it. It we thought Ty was getting a reaction out of Kenny before, he really puts him over the top here! Kenny gasps and grunts as Ty licks his ass and moans, “Oh that feels good!” and “That tickles!” he moans.

If there were ever a virgin hole desperately ready to get fucked, it’s Kenny’s right now! For his part, Ty looks like he can hardly wait to slide his dick into Kenny’s ass, rubbing it along his hole and poking at it, teasing Kenny with it.

“You ready?”, Ty asks.

“Yeah!”, Kenny breathes in response.

With that, Kenny soon finds himself lowering his ass down on to Ty’s cock and filling himself up with it. From that point on, it’s all Ty fucking Kenny hard and fast and Kenny taking every inch of Ty’s cock – and loving it!

The rest? Well… you’ll just have to watch it! Suffice to say, Ty gives Kenny’s hole quite the work out and Kenny discovers that getting fucked feels good – damn good! And there’s even a second part with bonus footage!”

– Download this hot scene at Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher
September 12, 2009

Cocksure Men: Lance Bennett and AJ Irons fuck each other

CocksureMen: Lance Bennett and AJ Irons fuck each other

CocksureMen writes:

“Lance Bennett and AJ Irons are working at our warehouse when AJ stumbles upon a DVD with Lance on the cover. It looks pretty hot, so they decide to pop in the DVD in the breakroom’s TV. AJ’s impressed with Lance’s performance and lets him know he wants to experience it first hand.

After struggling with Lance’s belt, he whips out Lance’s gorgeous cock and gives him a hot blowjob. Lance returns the favor and gets AJ rock hard only to bend him over and spread his cheeks for a thrusting fuck.

AJ loves every inch of Lance’s cock, but flips the tables and pounds Lance’s super tight hole. You can tell by the expressions on his face that Lance’s hole has never been penetrated by a thick cock like AJ’s. After fucking they lay side-by-side and jerk off, popping their loads onto their hard abs. It’s the best coffee break ever!”

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September 11, 2009

TommyDxxx: Kelly Taylor gets fucked by Tommy D

TommyDxxx: Kelly Taylor gets fucked by Tommy D

TommyDxxx.com writes:

“Kelly Taylor has been heating up the screen for a little while now and this time he’s throwing down some action with TommyD himself. These two are pros and know how to spark serious electricity. Kelly’s a laid-back surf dude with a meaty, 8.5 inch cock, who loves to cook at home when he’s not waiting tables at work. He’s hangin’ with Tommy this time, just tryin’ to catch some cool vibes and get radical, 69 style. Get ready for this beach stud who knows how to take a proper pounding like only Tommy can give.”

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September 10, 2009

Next Door Studios: Noah River fucks Gavin

Next Door Studios: Noah River fucks Gavin

NextDoorWorld writes:

“It’s a couple of horny guys goin for an old-fashioned “roll in the hay.” When Noah River meets up with the blonde, muscular Gavin, things heat up fast! They decide to skip the small talk and get down to some cock stroking. And the action doesn’t end there; Gavin’s wanted a dick in his ass all day.

Noah shows how much he loves to bob knob just before fucking the Gav man. It’s easy to tell a true cock lover, and these two definitely fit the bill. Check out Gavin’s phenomenal intensity as he takes this glorious pounding.”

– Download the full-length scene at NextDoorStudios

September 10, 2009

Fratmen: College jock Caden

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Fratmen.tv: College jock Caden

Fratmen.tv‘s latest stud Caden is a second year college student on the East Coast who enjoys wrestling, mountain biking and skiing. Watch Caden’s well defined muscles twitch and the fur on his chest stand up, as he caresses himself to a rock solid hard on.

This guy has an outdoorsman’s tan and an almost tantric quality to the way he pleasures himself.

Caden has the most descriptive facial expressions while jacking off, making it easy to imagine yourself right there in the room with him.

– Downlaod Caden’s hot solo video at Fratmen.tv

September 9, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Connor fucks Sean

CorbinFisher: Connor fucks Sean

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Sean has certainly come a long way since first arriving at CF! He was only a high school senior the first time he came out to shoot, and we actually waited to release his solo video until after he graduated! He gave guy/guy action a shot, and nervously experienced what sex was like with another man in front of our cameras and eyes. It’s hard to picture that nervous, tense young man when you see Sean on his back here, with Connor’s dick pumping in and out of his ass, and an unmistakable smile on Sean’s face! He’s come to appreciate how good this all can feel, that’s for sure!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just what a nice, big dick Connor has. He’s such a tall, muscular guy with such an imposing frame that I sometimes overlook the fact that his dick is just as imposing as the rest of him! It’s long, thick, and when it gets hard he can keep it that way forever. As it’s thrusting in and out of Sean’s tight hole, splitting his ass apart with each pump, you’re really reminded of what a hot dick it is! Though Sean’s only discovering it for the first time here, I’m sure he had quite the appreciation for it by the time this was all over!

The guys start by making out, but quickly get to blowing each other out by the pool. Sean sucks Connor’s dick first, before Connor returns the favor and also starts to play with Sean’s hole. Sean’s ass is definitely going to need a fair bit of warming up, having only been fucked once before! Connor knows what he’s doing, though, and soon has Sean squirming and moaning as he fingers him and gets his hole ready.

As Connor starts to fuck Sean, we can literally see Sean go from straining to take it and holding on for dear life to breaking out in to a smile and starting to totally, completely love what Connor’s dick is doing to his hole. Eventually, Connor lays back so that Sean can ride him and Sean begins to eagerly fuck himself on Connor’s big dick.

Sean doesn’t last long in this position! He rises up as far as he can on Connor’s cock before sliding all the way back down, balls deep, on to it… and then starts to cum all over Connor’s abs! Still not able to get enough, he enthusiastically bounces up and down on Connor’s cock a bit more to fuck the last bits of cum out of himself, putting Connor over the edge too!”

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September 8, 2009

ActiveDuty: Dorian, Gage and Kasey in “Summer Recruits 2”

This week at ActiveDuty: Dorian, Gage and Kasey in "Summer Recruits 2"

ActiveDuty writes about this scene:

“This week in our continuation of Summer Recruits 2 and sharing this hot follow-up to Summer Recruits 1 with you, we’ve got the second scene of Summer Recruits 2 streaming for you in its entirety in our Videos Of The Week section.

This is the scene where I discover Dorian, Gage and Kasey sprawled out on a bed side-by-side with my laptop beating their meat to some porn. Everyone else is roaming around the house or beach or out on the deck talking, but these three decide to find something better to do.

Things quickly go from jerking off to full-blown wild sex as Gage takes it from Kasey and Dorian and Dorian takes it from Kasey and Gage. The highlight of this scene for me was when Gage was about to pass Dorian’s ass off to Kasey and in the midst of their change-over Dorian becomes impatient. He’s getting bossy and telling Kasey to hurry up and stuff his hole. So hot to listen as he grows anxious waiting.

These three end out a great scene by covering Dorian in three hot loads of cum. He’s drenched and looking delicious.”

– Watch the full-length scene at ActiveDuty.com

September 7, 2009

Sean Cody: Fuller bangs Ryan

SeanCody: Fuller bangs Ryan

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“Ryan was super excited to hook up with Fuller! “I love muscle guys,” he said as he was watching Fuller get ready. “This is going to be fun.”

They had met just a few minutes prior, but already there was sexual tension.

Fuller heard what Ryan said and just kind of smiled. I think he knew he was going to enjoy it too, especially because I had warned him that Ryan was probably going to be a pretty aggressive bottom!”

– Download the full-length video at SeanCody.com

September 6, 2009

Militaryclassified: Kellen and Mitch get serviced

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Rob of Militaryclassified writes:

“I met this dynamic duo together but have worked with them individually before they told me that they had always talked about fucking a chick together but never had the opportunity. Kellen and Mitch are pretty much best friends, they play music together and they’ve had this ongoing disagreement as to who had the bigger cock and today I put these two together for the first time to see who was right. Today these guys have consented to dual blowjobs with each other in the room and you could feel the energy and tension between these two. Take a look!”

– Download the full-length scene at Militaryclassified