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November 13, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Travis and Ty’s flip flop fuck

CorbinFisher: Travis and Ty's flip flop fuck

Corbin Fisher writes:

“People picked up on the chemistry between Ty and Travis during their first pairing immediately. Throughout that scene together, it was clear they were very much into one another and the action and were getting along incredibly well. There was no shortage of e-mails in response to that initial pairing demanding, “Let’s see more of them together! With Travis on top this time!”.

Truth be told, it helps to get e-mails reminding me to have Travis top! He’s such an awesome bottom that I immediately think about having him get fucked whenever we get him into some action. Fact of the matter is, though, he’s got loads of sexual energy and a nice, big dick and so there’s no reason he can’t deliver a good fuck as well as he receives them! Just to keep the Earth on its axis, though, this video is a flip flop! Yes, Travis tops. But he also gets fucked by Ty’s big dick, as well! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have that happen! ;)

Travis looks just as fascinated by Ty’s dick here as he was the first time he saw it. Once he pulls it out from Ty’s briefs, he takes his time admiring it and softly stroking and licking it before finally taking the head into his mouth and sucking. He truly wanted to cherish every moment of getting that dick hard and wet and working it over with his mouth. Ty’s certainly enjoying the attention Travis is paying to his cock throughout all of this, as well!

It’s soon time for Travis’ hot dick to get some attention, and he stands up so that Ty can lean forward, pull of his underwear, and take his dick into his mouth. Unlike Travis, Ty wastes no time in eagerly sucking on Travis’ cock. His head is bobbing up and down fast as he does his best to take as much of Travis’ dick into his mouth and taste as much of it as he can.

“Yeah, suck that dick!”, Travis gasps.

Neither can get enough of it, Ty continuing to throat Travis’ cock and Travis pumping his hips forward to fuck Ty’s mouth.

It’s Ty that’s on the receiving end of things first, as he goes from sucking Travis’ to getting down on his hands and knees on the bed and presenting his ass to him. In no time, Travis has his dick buried deep in Ty’s ass and starts to pump in and out, holding on to his hips as he does so and making Ty gasp and moan.

I think Travis wanted to be sure to take the chance to show off the fact that he can give as good as he can take, and so really goes to work on Ty’s ass! He moves his dick from side to side some, thrusts into Ty fast and hard, and really stretches Ty’s hole with that big cock of his! Ty is loving it, his own big dick flopping around with each thrust! They continue to fuck fast and hard with Ty on his back, legs in the air.

If it were not for the fact that each knew just how hot it would be to switch places and have Ty fuck Travis, they might have kept going on in this position! Neither looked like he wanted it to end, both obviously loving it! In Part 2, though, they finally do get around to switching places and getting Travis fucked!

With Ty still on his back, Travis pulls out, gets up on the bed, and then sits down on Ty’s dick. Once he’s got it in him balls deep, Ty starts to pump up into him. By now, I think Travis has completely forgotten about the fact that he was just fucking Ty and is entirely focused on the fact that he’s the one getting drilled!

Even as they change positions so that they can fuck doggy style, Travis can’t wait to get Ty’s dick back in him! He backs his ass up on to Ty’s cock so that Ty can resume fucking him deep and hard. Grunting, whimpering and moaning those trademark noises of his, Travis is gripping the sheets hard and gritting his teeth as Ty splits his hole apart and fucks him!

It’s all too much for Travis, and he starts spraying his load all over the place! I guess fucking Ty had gotten him closer and closer to the edge, so it didn’t take too much of getting fucked for him to finally cum! Ty still has some more fucking in store, though, and continues to pump Travis’ hole until pulling out to drench Travis’ back in cum!

Both guys soaked in sweat and cum, they head off to the shower to clean up and come down from their intense session!”

– Download the full-length scene at Corbin Fisher

November 12, 2009

ActiveDuty: Marine stud Jameson crosses the line with Conrad

This week at ActiveDuty: Marine stud Jameson crosses the line with Conrad

Jameson is a gorgeous green-eyed Marine just recruited into Active Duty. After a solo scene last week, he’s back this week in a duo with Conrad where he crosses the line for the first time! What started as just a double jerk-off session turns into a really hot oral scene, as Jameson is convinced by Conrad to suck his first dick ever!

– Watch this hot scene at ActiveDuty this week

November 12, 2009

ChaosMen: Hagan and Parker blow each other’s big dicks

Chaosmen: Hagan and Parker blow each other

Chaosmen writes:

“I knew that Parker had done a tiny bit of oral servicing in the past, and I also knew that Hagan was willing to give a guy a blow job, so I thought it we be perfect to put these two guys together.

Hagan is still on the fence on full-on interactive sex with a dude, so I wanted to make sure I got him in to at least suck a guy’s dick. Parker wants to ease into it, but I think he is going to be down for it all.

Many of viewers don’t believe these guys are straight, but you have to admit, they both are truly amateur at this. Parker at the very least throws lots of energy and enthusiasm in it, and he scores high in that. I think he needs a few lessons is all. But he kept Hagan pretty hard and did lots of showcasing. He did try to deep throat Hagan’s monster cock and gagged pretty hard. I whispered to him he didn’t have to do that…focus on his cock.

What I found surprising during this shoot is how quiet Hagan was. Hagan was not nervous before the shoot, very chill about everything, but he is practically motionless in this video.

When editing the video I couldn’t read his face. Was it not feeling good or hurting? Was he freaked out? And then I looked closely, and a couple times his eyes rolled back and his hand goes to his forehead. He’s trying to not nut a couple times! I remember him doing that in his Serviced video.

I know from my own Service video with him, that I made him cum real fast, and if you hit his bull-sized dick at the right spot he will nut.

Then came the part I was most nervous about. Would Hagan actually blow Parker? Parker took off his boxers, and moved closer for Hagan to reach out and jack him off. He kept leaning towards it, but it didn’t look like it was gonna happen. Finally Parker declared it was his turn from some head and went to the edge of the table where Hagan would have better access.

Ok, so Hagan is not a natural cock sucker. Hello! He is straight. So you gotta give him credit for doing it, and I must say he is even more handsome with a dick in his mouth! Both these guys are BIG, but they managed to do some 69 action up on the massage table.

I knew there wasn’t gonna be any cum eating or facials. So before the shoot I asked Hagan if it was ok if Parker shot on his chest, so we could see the load on his beautiful skin tone. He thought that was fine, just no aiming towards the face.

I made sure that Hagan nutted first, just in case Parker’s load being spilling out on him ruined his mojo and we would have to wipe it off so he could nut.

Hagan came quick, so Parker quickly had to ramp up.

Parker went into full aerobic mode to nut while Hagan kept his dick reasonably hard. Parker nutted soon after. Easy as pie! Hagan didn’t even fall asleep!

Also, before the shoot I asked if I could get a kiss out of them at the end. They both balked at this idea, which is so ironic considering they are sucking another dude’s cock. So I left it up to them to do it on their own. After they both nut, Parker gives a little shrug as if to say, “Why not?” and bends down and plants one on Hagan!

Dontcha love watching straight boys kiss!”

– Get the full-length scene at Chaosmen

November 11, 2009

Randy Blue: Nicco Sky tops Brett Swanson

RandyBlue: Nicco Sky tops Brett Swanson

Don’t miss Randy Blue‘s latest update … Brett Swanson gets topped by Nicco Sky, who is so horned up he shoots a load so huge it has to be seen to be believed.

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November 11, 2009

Sean Cody: Doug gets his ass cherry popped in “Hawaii Fuckfest”

SeanCody: Doug gets his ass cherry popped in "Hawaii Fuckfest"

Sean Cody writes:

“”It’s our last night in Hawaii,” I said as I was shooting the shit with Doug. “I think it would be a perfect time to finally get your ass fucked!” He’d been holding out for a while, but he’d also been talking about it. Even more so on this trip. Amazingly, he agreed to give it a try!

I think that he’d been around so much fucking and he’d seen some of the other guys (hi Pete!) enjoy it so much that he thought “what the hell.”

So there we were, early afternoon on the last day. Isaac, Matt, Keith, Jake, and Doug. We started out inside to get the guys warmed up. Then it was all-out fucking on the patio until dusk!!!

– Download this hot scene at Sean Cody

November 11, 2009

HotBarebacking: Calvin Hudson gets gang-banged

HotBarebacking writes:

“Five tops please themselves with Calvin Hudson’s hot ass in this horny gangbang. Phoenix Rising comes on the scene to get his fair share and then the young guns arrive: Leon Knight, gay-for-pay David Marritt, punk rocker Ethan Palmer, and Latino boy Tommy. They make a hell of a raw ass-slamming team and you’re going to want to see all their skills.”

– Get the full-length scene at HotBarebacking.com

November 11, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Dru fucks Simon

CorbinFisher: Dru fucks Simon

CorbinFisher writes:

“I’ve been having a whole lot of fun filming Dru in action and, judging by some of the e-mails we’ve gotten from members, people have been having a lot of fun seeing him in action! He has an incredible sexual energy that is very apparent in his videos, and I have no doubt the CF studs he’s been partnered with so far have come away from those sessions thoroughly satisfied… and sore!

Here, it’s Simon’s turn to take on Dru’s big dick and be on the receiving end of his intense sexual energy. Simon’s come quite a long way since first arriving at CF, and that certainly helps here as he’s going to need every ounce of energy and stamina to take on Dru!

From the get go, Simon looks like he’s more than ready for the task at hand! He eagerly sucks Dru’s dick, keeping those lips of his locked on Dru’s cock as Dru starts to fuck his face. When Dru gets Simon on to his back so he can suck his dick, the pleasure is obvious on Simon’s face as Dru swallows his cock and bobs up and down on it!

We know Dru is quite the passionate kisser, and he and Simon don’t hold back in locking lips as often as possible and mixing their tongues up in some deep, wet kisses! Soon enough, Simon is totally ready to take Dru’s dick in him, and the two break from kissing long enough for Simon to throw his legs up in the air and present his hole to Dru. Dru wastes no time in sliding his dick in to Simon’s ass and fucking him with long, deep strokes.

I was quite surprised by just how much Simon was loving it at this point! He can’t help but smile a bit as he stares up at Dru, reaching down to grab on to Dru’s ass and pull him in to him deeper! He even grabs Dru’s head to pull his face down so they can kiss, as Dru continues to pump in and out of his ass!

Once Simon bends over the sofa so Dru can fuck him from behind, his moans and groans start to get louder and louder, “It feels so good!” occasionally escaping his lips. I think this is certainly the loudest Simon’s ever been in front of our cameras, and I can hardly blame him for moaning so loudly given the hot fuck he’s taking!

As hot as they look in that position, getting the guys back down on to the sofa, this time on their sides as Dru fucks Simon from behind, looks even better! Simon’s again able to look Dru in the eyes and lean in to kiss him as he gets fucked, Dru pumping his hole hard. As Simon’s dick gets harder and harder, he’s soon moaning that he’s going to cum and then does just that, whimpering and gasping while blowing a load all over his abs! Dru gives him some more fast, hard pumps before it’s obvious he’s about to cum, as well! He pulls out and moves around so he can cover Simon’s body in more cum!”

– Download this scene at Corbin Fisher

November 11, 2009

Fratmen: Casey is back

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Fratmen.tv: Casey is back

Casey is back at Fratmen.tv .. and he went to the beach!

November 10, 2009

ChaosMen: Muscle boy Taylor

Chaosmen: Muscle boy Taylor

Chaosmen writes:

“Taylor is hot little muscle boy who has experience with Personal Training, so is way into fitness for himself and others. He says he only works out twice a week. Grrrrrr…Those work outs must be 6 hours long, cuz he has one hot body!

Not his first solo, so he was comfortable showing off his thick dick and playing to you, the audience.

He says he likes it when girls massage his ass while he fucks them. I am wondering if that is just a polite way of saying he likes his hole played with. But he did specifically say his taint, but it makes me wonder!

Taylor is another guy that liked to be up-right for his cumshot. It’s pretty hot to see him jerk out his load…it just spills out!

Taylor is down for doing more, so stayed tuned for more than just a solo. I think we have a Chaos team player!”

– See more of Taylor at Chaosmen.com

November 10, 2009

Random Fagaliciousness: Jockstrap jocks II


(Photo: Jockbutt)
Sexy jocks in nothing but jockstraps … again!

angel-dust dininginrear30 jock141 jocknaughtycharlie jockpeek jockshave sprinkler tattsandjock2

(Photos via Bill in Exile)
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