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December 12, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Lucas fucks Brody

CorbinFisher: Lucas fucks Brody

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I don’t think there’s any denying that, during those last few moments of his first bottoming experience, a switch was tripped in Brody! He’s often so quiet and reserved, and even spent most of that hot session too caught up in what was happening to utter a word, yet as he finally blew his load while getting his ass fucked – and had another guy cumming on him – he just couldn’t contain how hot he found it all to be and we saw him at his most expressive! It was a risk having his very first guy/guy experience involve getting fucked, but it worked out wonderfully!

I just had to get Brody back in front of the cameras and bottoming again, as that first time at it was not only thoroughly hot but also revealed a great deal of potential for further, even hotter, action! Whereas, during his first time, Brody had no idea what to expect and had to discover those incredible sensations in the midst of such a strange and new experience, things would be different this time around. Brody came in to this session with CF veteran Lucas knowing that what was about to happen was going to feel really darn good, and looking forward to being able to enjoy all of those incredible sensations again!”

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December 11, 2009

Randy Blue: Mike West and Benjamin Bradley fuck each other in “Well Suited”

RandyBlue: Mike West and Benjamin Bradley fuck each other in "Well Suited"

Randy Blue writes:

“Mike West has been with us for a while and always does such a great job. We were having a casual conversation and got on the topic of turn-ons. I asked what really tripped his trigger and he admitted that he’s had a major suit fetish for some time. Something about a man in a well tailored, crisp new suit really gets him hot.

Even though Leo’s snazzy polyester leisure suit in That 70’s Gay Porn Movie wasn’t the sexiest thing in this day and age, it did add a little something extra for Mike in shooting that scene. So we figured we would do something really special for him. It seems that having a suit fetish feeds into a full on job interview fantasy, so we set up some cameras in our very own board room for the ultimate sexy interview.

And in trying to figure out which of our guys would look great in joining Mike all suited up, I decided to engage my love of contrasts and dress up someone you probably would never expect to see wearing a jacket and tie… Benjamin Bradley. I must say, they both look absolutely stunning. And with Benjamin’s incredible body, the suit we got for him fit perfectly.

I swear, clothes just love that guy, as much as we all love seeing them off of him. And watching the two of them go at it, with the suits on and then slowly stripping out of them, I can definitely see how someone could develop a fetish for them. Hmmm, maybe it’s time to start hanging around the business district on my lunch breaks.”

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December 11, 2009

Sean Cody: Jake fucks Jay’s tight hairy ass

SeanCody: Jake fucks Jay's tight hairy ass

Sean Cody writes:

“Jay has become quite the little bottom boy! “When are you going to switch and fuck someone?” I asked.

“Not yet,” he replied. “Why not?” “I’m actually kind of enjoying this,” he said, referring to being on the bottom. “It feels good and it’s less work!”

When a straight guy gets fucked, sometimes you have to take it slow. But now that Jay has become a “seasoned” bottom, I felt safe bringing out the big gun! And that big gun belongs to Jake!

Damn, it was hot seeing Jake’s fat cock fucking Jay’s big, beefy, hairy ass!! And, of course, Jake is always so fun!”

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December 11, 2009

SDBoy: Kody Kenshaw fucks Virgil Knox

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SDBoy writes:

“Young stallions, Virgil and Kody are out playing tennis shirtless in the hot sun. Their lean muscular torsos free for us gay guys to perve on. Virgil falls so the boys decide to head home for a massage. Back home, Kody’s hands roam to areas of Virgil’s body that are not injured, but still in need of attention. And, I don’t know if Virgil believes Kody’s big cock is a thermometer but Kody sticks it up Virgil’s ass, except he’s not taking his temperature!

The net result is that things hot up though – these 2 muscular studs look really hot fucking. Virgil’s ass gets taken in a number of ways before Kody spills himself onto Virgil’s waiting belly. Then Virgil’s adds to the pools of white cum laying on top of himself by milking his own balls – the 2 sets of DNA mingling on Virgil’s belly. Get their balls in your court at SDBoy.com!”

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December 11, 2009

All-AmericanHeroes: Firefighter Maddock fucks Marine Sam

All-AmericanHeroes: Firefighter Maddock fucks Marine Sam

All-AmericanHeroes writes:

“A Firefighter and a marine walk into a room. They have idle chatter and walk out with grins on their satisfied faces. What happened during the time between? A marine had a wild ride on a firefighter. That’s right, when Sam met up with hunky Firefighter Maddock, Maddock was bound to have his first fuck with a guy. Who better to show this young hottie than the older, more experienced Sam?

Sam showed Maddock how to suck off a guy by putting his tight wet mouth around Maddock’s bulbous, purple head and sucking it tenderly till Maddock had a full erection. Licking around Maddock’s thick shaft, Sam tries to deep throat the mammoth sausage and gags horrifically but doesn’t quit. He tries again and succeeds in engulfing Maddock’s delicious member.

Desperately wanting more Sam begs for Maddock to fuck and of course Maddock agrees to sink his magnificent cock into Sam’s hungry hole. Straddling Maddock like a cowboy, Sam begins to ride his stallion with in a rhythmic bucking. It wasn’t until Maddock decided to turn the tables, and plow his giant horse dick into Sam that it started to get intense.

With Maddock fucking Sam like a rabid animal, Sam moaned and grunted in unfathomable ecstasy. Shivering with pleasure with each deep thrust of Maddock’s rock-hard pecker, Sam begins to clench his ass tighter making it a sheer impossibility for Maddock to hold his load in any longer.

Exhausted from his ass being fucked into submission, Sam lies on the corner of the bed awaiting the sweet retribution that will spew out of Maddock. Like a hot, steamy geyser, thick, white cum sprays out of Maddock’s throbbing cock. Showering Sam, warm jizz lands everywhere, leaving glistening white drops of cum that sparkle in the lime light. Sam’s face is aglow with sparkles of moist, creamy, cum splattered from forehead to chin.”

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December 10, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Dru pops Kirk’s ass cherry

CorbinFisher: Dru pops Kirk's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Kirk’s gotten himself into some hot guy/guy action at CF so far, and now we’re getting to see all of that culminate with his bottoming! When he agreed to try out guy/guy, he was aware right away that this day would come. Though understandably nervous about what was to come, his laid-back demeanor set him up to take to things quite well and even be a bit intrigued by what was in store. Knowing he was as gung-ho as anyone could expect a straight guy experiencing guy/guy action for the very first time to be, I wanted to be sure it all took place with a guy that would really treat him right and make it as much fun as possible – which is where Dru steps in!

Dru’s quickly proven himself to be one of our most energetic and enthusiastic studs, and he’s always super horny and ready for some fun. If there was anyone that could make this as wild an experience as possible for Kirk, it was him!

Both of these studs were on the trip out to the farm with us, which is where the action here takes place. Kirk got to explore quite a bit while up at the farm, but I think this was definitely his biggest adventure of all! Dru is all over him right from the start, throwing him back on the couch for some kissing and almost tearing his clothes off, revealing Kirk’s muscled frame before going down and swallowing his dick.

When Dru sucks, it’s like he’s fucking his own throat with the other guy’s cock! He relentlessly goes after Kirk’s dick, swallowing it hard and getting it dripping wet with spit before he’s even gotten out of his own pants. Thankfully, Kirk didn’t plan on letting Dru’s clothes stay on for long, and – caught up in Dru’s energy – he’s soon pulling off Dru’s shorts and getting his dick out so he can wrap his own lips around it and start sucking it fast and hard.

By now, both guys are rock-hard and eager for what’s coming. Despite this being his first time getting fucked, Kirk is so consumed with the sexual energy that’s filling the room he not only looks like he’s ready for it, but like he can hardly wait for it and thoroughly wants it! In no time, he’s lowering his ass down on Dru’s dick and feeling it slide in to his hole. He is definitely enjoying it, and he’s soon taking Dru’s dick harder and faster, really bouncing up and down on it while Dru pumps up in to him.

Dru’s also having himself a blast, getting quite the kick out of being the first to ever fuck Kirk and enjoying having a guy so receptive and so obviously liking it! The sofa is squeaking and creaking as he thrusts his dick upward, driving it in to Kirk’s hole.

Kirk’s been able to control most of the pace up to this point as he’s been riding Dru, but eventually he’s ready to bend over and let Dru take control of it all! Dru is more than up to the task, getting behind Kirk and sliding his cock in to his hole before starting to work his dick in and out with long strokes.

From this angle, we can really see every inch of Dru’s dick going in and out, and can imagine what that must feel like for Kirk! Not only is he getting fucked for the first time, but it’s by a big-dicked stud who is making sure he feels every single bit of it and gives his hole a real work out! Kirk’s moans tell the story at this point, as does his facial expression! Dru’s in total command of his ass and not letting up on it one bit!

The guys move around so that Kirk is on his back with his legs up while Dru fucks him. Dru seems particularly fond of this new position, as he can look down at his bottom’s face and see every reaction as he pumps his hole. Dru is spurred on by every response he gets out of Kirk, and when Kirk blurts out, “Oh, I’m about to cum!”, Dru speeds up his thrusts, determined to fuck a load out of Kirk. As much as Kirk must have been surprised at how good getting fucked felt, he surely was caught offguard by being able to cum so hard while it was happening!

Seeing his partner’s orgasm was enough to send Dru over the top, too, and he pulls out to start spraying his own load while gasping and grunting, adding to the already substantial mess covering Kirk’s abs!”

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December 10, 2009

Broke Straight Boys: Logan, Tyler and CJ fuck for cash

lBrokeStraightBoys: Logan, Tyler and CJ fuck for cash

Check out this scene on BrokeStraightBoys.com with Tyler and CJ and see how Logan takes it for the first time.

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Broke Straight Boys
December 10, 2009

Hot House: Tim Kruger bangs Johnny Gunn

HotHouseBackroom: Tim Kruger bangs Johnny Gunn

Hot House Backroom writes:

“Heavy lifting in the gym turns into even heavier lifting in the locker room when Johnny Gunn pulls out Tim Kruger’s 10lb cock. Johnny manages to take almost all of it before Tim gets down and sucks on Johnny’s extra-long tool. Ever the eager bottom, Johnny insists on being fucked – and Tim is only too happy to comply. Spoiler alert: Johnny shoots across the room! Catch it all now, exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!”

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December 10, 2009

Next Door Studios: Brent Biscayne fucks Kelly Taylor’s tight ass

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Kelly Taylor had made plans with Brent Biscayne to go meet up with some other guys, but now Kelly’s feeling a little lazy. When Brent arrives to pick up Kelly, he’s a little annoyed, but very turned on when Kelly says he just wants to stay home and jerk off!

Brent lies next to Kelly and joins in on the stroking. Before too long, Brent is slurping down Kelly’s fat dick and loving every inch. When Kelly soon after tells Brent that he’s never experienced a cock in his ass, Brent knows his mission is to fuck Kelly silly. A tight asshole is a terrible thing to waste.”

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December 9, 2009

Randy Blue: Richard Pierce bangs Eddie Diaz

RandyBlue: Richard Pierce bangs Eddie Diaz

Randy Blue writes:

“There’s nothing like waking up on Christmas morning wrapped in the arms of the man you love… especially if he’s a gorgeous porn stud like Eddie Diaz or Richard Pierce. When Eddie opens his special present from Richard and finds it’s a glass candy cane dildo he gets a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face. Richard can’t wait to plunge his yuletide treat deep into Eddie’s holiday hole. And rather than the traditional eggnog and turkey dinner, Eddie decides to dine on Richard’s huge meatstick.

With all the excitement of big tools fitting into not-so-tight places Richard can’t resist any longer and jams his ramrod right where Eddie wants it most. He fucks him good and hard making Eddie let loose with the kind of heated moaning that’s enough to trim your tree and pretty soon Eddie’s dumping his gooey sweet man sugar all over his beautiful six-pack abs.

And if you like that, just wait until you see Richard shoot a load so big he almost hits Eddie in the face. What a perfect way to spend the holidays.”

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