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February 10, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Mario fucks Josh

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I don’t think Mario regrets in the least his decision to give some guy/guy action a shot! The sounds we’ve heard him make during his first couple experiences with a guy made it pretty clear he was enjoying it thoroughly, feeling good, and having himself a blast!

Mario arrived at CF knowing that if a guy is going to make some good money filming videos, he’d have to have some fun with a guy sooner or later! Thankfully, he chose sooner rather than later and we’ve been treated to some hot action since!

Here, he’s back for some more hot guy-on-guy action as he and Josh go at it!

Both of these young studs look like they’re having a whole lot of fun as the cameras get rolling and the action starts. They’re kissing deeply and letting their tongues roam all over one another’s bodies, while their hands also caress one another all over. Mario’s hand is the first to reach for some cock as he slides it into Josh’s pants, grips his dick, and starts to rub and stroke. Within seconds, he’s pulled Josh’s hard cock out from under his underwear and he’s sucking on it.

Mario eagerly swallows Josh’s cock as well as slaps it against his own tongue. His cheeks bulge out as he moves the head around in his mouth, and soon Josh’s dick is slick with spit as Mario works it over.

“Pretty fucking good!”, Josh can’t help but say.

Wanting to get Mario’s dick between his own lips, Josh is soon pulling down Mario’s pants and wrapping his lips around his cock, sucking on it for awhile before the two are again locked in some hot kissing.

It’s with Josh on his back, legs in the air, that the two then start to fuck. Mario wastes no time in starting to fuck Josh hard and fast, the whole bed shaking as they do it.

They then move around so that Josh is bent over, his own hard cock aimed forward, with Mario fucking him from behind. As Mario pants with each thrust, Josh is moaning and gasping as he takes it.

Still in this position, Josh bent over and braced against the bed, the two get closer and closer to cumming. Josh is the first to blow his load as he strokes his hard dick while Mario pumps his hole.

“Harder! Harder!”, Josh begs as he is about to shoot! Cum then starts to spray out of his cock and fly all over, Mario burying his dick as deep in Josh’s hole as he can to pump every last bit of cum out of him.

While Josh’s load was sprayed all over the bed, Mario’s goes right down Josh’s throat and all over his tongue and chin. He jerks a big, thick load out of himself and Josh eagerly laps up every bit of it that he can before sucking on Mario’s cock some more! Josh’s mouth still fill of cum, the two kiss and share the taste as they lay back, both thoroughly spent and exhausted!”

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February 8, 2010

Next Door Studios: Parker London bangs Mason Wyler

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Mason Wyler has his new buddy Parker London with him today. These two have met before and became very comfortable together.

Mason is a funny guy and Parker can barely keep a straight face while fucking him. They are fun and wild together in this hot fucking scene. Mason cracks jokes while being fucked and Parker has some good come backs as well but his biggest one is shoving his cock into Masons mouth so he will shut up for a bit.

With all the commotion going on between these two studs they sure do pull off this scene with the utmost sexy humor and some creamy loads for all to take in.”

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February 8, 2010

Dominic Ford: Topher DiMaggio drills Orlando Dawson

Dominic Ford writes:

“Topher has one of the hottest bodies we’ve seen in a while. His skin is perfect, and his rippling muscles bulge out from everywhere. In this scene he fucks Orlando Dawson, one of the hungriest bottoms we’ve met! Orlando started blowing Topher before the cameras even started rolling! There was no stopping him. Secretly, we were jealous because we wanted Topher SO badly ourselves.”

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February 7, 2010

Englishlads: Will Jamieson fucks new lad Tyler Martin

Englishlads writes:

“Will is back looking very lean and toned with newbie Tyler. The guys are soon kissing and Tyler strips down Will and sucks his cock which is second later rock hard. Will returns the favour, Tyler’s cock looking like its going to explode its so hard!

After a fantastic 69 Tyler is sat pushing on Will’s cock which is rubbing around his ass, they are kissing and Tyler is so aroused he part cums! This doesn’t stop him, he stays rock hard and gets a right good hard fucking from Will. He was very turned on and his cock just stays rock hard through all the fucking until he shoots another nice load!

Will pulls out and sprays his big load all over Tyler’s face, who then sucks Will dry. Two very horny guys!”

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February 6, 2010

ChaosMen: Hagan bangs Silas bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Wow! I just didn’t think this shoot would happen. After 2-3 oral videos, Hagan finally came around to doing full-on fucking.

He goes in my top 5 of Most Reluctants. He has a kick-ass body, 10-inch dick, and is gorgeous. He and I both figured the straight production companies would love to have him.

As it turns out, he got hooked up with one, got paid nearly nothing, and overall had a pretty negative experience. Thus he ended up back in my studio.

I was actually pushing him to do straight porn. His dick is pretty big, and with me having mostly straight guys, I have very few guys that wouldn’t take one look at his ginormous dick and turnaround and leave the studio.

But I figured I had a couple guys who always like a challenge. Silas being my first thought.

Silas sized him up and said he could do it. I asked around to a couple other models and they said they would be game too, though a few suggested that he should try bottoming himself. Which I will keep nudging him to do. He’s just been awful jumpy every time we have gone near his ass.

So this is Hagan’s first time fucking a dude and he did pretty good. I think he is always gonna be very quiet, and not much of a dirty talker. Silas threw some energy his way, but I think it bounced off of Hagan’s ripped exterior.

I also think Hagan needs to learn to fuck. I kept waiting for him to take long in and out strokes- his dick certainly was hard enough. But I suspect with a dick his size, he is used to taking it easy on the girls and just kind of finds a spot and gently fucks them.

REALLY nice cum shot on this one as Hagan pulls out and busts all over Silas’s hole, then shoves it in at out.. cum drippin out of Silas’s hole. Had to reset cameras cuz I was on th floor recording the Hagan’s cumshot, so barely caught Silas nutting after his hot creampie!

If you have been aching to see Hagan fuck a dude… it’s time to join!!!

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February 6, 2010

Cocksure Men: Bo Dean fucks Kelly Taylor

CocksureMen writes:

“Kelly Taylor is the latest bottom we have for superstar top Bo Dean. Don’t let Kelly’s innocent schoolboy appearance fool you. He’s done this before a time or two and takes Bo’s massive member down his throat and in his tight hole with ease. Bo does NOT take it easy on Kelly, and Kelly wouldn’t have it any other way.

The feeling of Bo’s big dick in his ass sends Kelly into orgasm while still bobbing up and down on his cock. Bo pulls out and jerks a load out onto Kelly’s smooth skin and both men collapse into each other’s arms.”

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February 6, 2010

Sean Cody: Jesse pops Kyle’s ass cherry

Sean Cody writes:

“As Kyle and Jesse were sitting together, Kyle’s big, blue eyes had this look of “what is going to happen?” Jesse seemed more confident, with a big smile on his face. Neither of them had fucked or been fucked by another guy.

It was nice to get them both together. They are both cute as hell!

I’ve got to give it to Kyle though. Jesse really fucked his ass hard, and Kyle took it like a champ. It was hot to see Kyle’s big hard dick swing back and forth as Jesse nailed him!”

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February 6, 2010

ThugOrgy: Black barebacking gangbang

ThugOrgy writes:

“Black barebacking gangbang at its best: and if that bit of alliteration wasn’t enough to convince you, just check out the hot condomless action in this video.

Raw black cock being sucked and fucked all over the room – it’s enough to make you dizzy in lust. Rock on you sexy muthas!”

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February 6, 2010

Corbin Fisher’s AmateurCollegeSex: Jared and Simon’s bi tag team fuck

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Neither of these young guys are strangers to some hot, bi, threeway action! We’ve seen each get in to some bi fun here at ACS, and we’ve also seen that each thoroughly enjoys it! So I was only happy to get them in to some more hot, threeway action and see Jared and Simon have themselves another round of hot fun!

As things kick off, Jared and Simon can’t keep their hands off one another. They’re making out deeply and their hands are roaming across one another’s bodies while Addison peels their clothes off and pulls their cocks out. The guys are hard right away, each eagerly anticipating the action that’s to follow. It’s not long after Jared’s hard cock is pulled out of his pants that Simon has it in his mouth, sucking on it and using his lips to work over the head.

Both guys get their last bits of clothes off, and Simon again gets Jared’s cock back in his mouth as soon as he can, sucking on it while Addison sucks him.

Jared’s big dick looks pretty hot sticking out from his lean body like that, and Simon must have been thinking the same thing as he’s soon lowering himself down on to it, feeling it slide in to his hole as Addison is still sucking him!

Simon looks like he can barely handle all of the intense feelings as Jared’s big dick fucks his ass and Addison swallows his cock! When he’s not moaning and groaning, he’s swinging his head around to kiss Jared deep as his ass gets fucked. The guys then move around so that they’re facing one another as Jared fucks Simon and Simon gets his cock sucked.

Both guys are ready to blow their loads now, and they each take turns fucking Addison fast and hard, pulling out to blast off their loads all over her!”

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February 5, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks a guy for the first time

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Immediately after filming Cain’s introductory solo, I went about discussing with him whether he’d be interested in getting into some guy/guy action with us. I felt he looked incredible on camera, felt he had a great attitude about everything, and knew people would love seeing him get it on with another guy! When we filmed him in his first bit of hardcore action with a girl over on ACS, all of that was only confirmed! He’s a total stud with an awesome body and a great dick, and we just had to get him into some action with another guy!

Thankfully, Cain was open to the idea! He had some reservations, mind you. He said he still had to think about what, exactly, he might be willing to do with another guy and what he felt he might be comfortable with, but there was something I knew about him that I felt would eventually overrule any hesitation and something he hadn’t quite realized yet. Precisely what was that?

Well… he’s 18! Newly 18, at that! So whether he even knew it would be a factor, he has a dick that’s eager and ready to feel good and have fun, he’s capable of being horny in just about any situation, and he couldn’t possibly be more into getting off and blowing a load once worked up! It almost sounds unfair to draw such conclusions but… well… just watch him in action here!”

…. After this intense fuck, I don’t think Cain was hesitant about doing any and all with another young stud anymore! And I think Josh was as happy about that as Cain!

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