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November 24, 2011

Sean Cody: Paul pounds muscle hunk Derek

Sean Cody writes:

“Wow, this was unexpected!

I kind of figured that Derek was a “top only” kind of guy. Derek comes across as very serious and somewhat aggressive. He’s a big guy with big muscles and I just assumed that he wasn’t going to be that flexible.

So, imagine my surprise when Derek not only asked if he could get fucked, but he was actually excited about it!

“My girlfriend uses dildos on me all the time,” he said. “It feels good. I’m ready to try the real thing.”

So appearances can be deceiving! Derek is actually a really sweet guy and the only aggressiveness I’ve seen from him was here… he’s actually a very enthusiastic bottom!

Paul is also a really sweet guy. He’s taller and a bit younger than Derek, but I just knew he would appreciate tapping a huge, muscular ass for his first time!

I loved the interaction between these two. They were talking and laughing like old friends.

Paul got the lotion out and gave Derek a nice muscle massage.

“Wow, I needed that,” Derek said with a big smile.

Then Paul got his dick sucked. This was a little big challenging because Derek has braces. Paul wasn’t that concerned, but Derek was a little cautious at first.

Now, Paul likes it a bit rough, so he told Derek exactly what he wanted.

“Pull harder,” he told Derek, who was tugging on his balls. “Grip my balls. Pull them down.”

The best part, though, was when Paul finally got to fuck Derek’s ass. Paul really slammed him. And Derek really loved it!”

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November 24, 2011

Fratmen: Mateo busts a nut

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Fratmen.tv writes:

“Our next Fratmen’s been at the Pad for a little while now. Meet Mateo, a tall, toned jock from the east coast.

When he isn’t hanging out with the other Fratmen, he’s pursuing various arts, or better yet, the art of self-pleasure.

Mateo returns home from a long day and decides to jerk off. It isn’t long until he’s completely naked and ready to cum!”

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November 24, 2011

Randy Blue: Jake Andrews rubs one out

Hairy muscular jock Jake Andrews is a total bottom who loves getting his ass pounded. He fingers his hungry hole while jerking his big thick dick in his first Randy Blue solo.

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November 23, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Skip’s virgin ass

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Skip was nervous but excited for his first time with another guy. He surprised us all when he said he’d watched some of Cain’s scenes and was hoping he would get paired up with muscled Cain. Lucky Skip – that’s exactly who I had in mind for him!

They kiss and get their shirts off. Cain works his way down to Skip’s feet and sucks on his toes. Skip watches and plays with his cock through his jeans as Cain licks each toe.

Then it’s Skip’s turn. He worships Cain’s feet and toes as Cain goes back down on Skip’s feet. I’m not sure if there’s a technical term for it … but here we have a foot 69!

Skip jerks his cock as he licks Cain’s toes. Cain comes up and sucks Skip’s dick. Skip looks like he’s in heaven! He rubs Cain’s back as he receives an awesome blow job from the bodybuilder.

Cain stands up and feeds Skip his massive cock.

Cain makes Skip try to deepthroat it. Skip does a great job trying to take the whole thing! Cain slaps his dick against Skip’s tongue, then face fucks him.

Skip swallows both of Cain’s balls, then sucks Cain’s uncut dick again. He gets on all fours and Cain eats out Skip’s ass. He spits on it, and fingers Skip’s ass, getting it ready for his uncut cock.

Cain shoves his cock into Skip’s virgin ass. Skips asks him to take it easy on him, and Cain does … for about a minute. That tight ass feels too good and soon Cain is ramming his dick home!

Skip is sliding off the edge of the bed as Cain pounds him. Cain slows it down, so Skip can feel every inch of his cock drilling into him. Cain pulls all the way out, then slides back in several times.

Cain buries his dick inside Skip. Pulling Skip back onto the bed and lifting one leg over his shoulder, Cain does some pushup thrusts into Skip’s ass.

Skip strokes his cock as Cain fucks him in the missionary position. Skip moans as Cain slams his cock into him faster. Cain tells Skip he wants him to come. Skip shoots his load onto his stomach.

Cain keeps pounding Skip’s ass. He pulls his cock out and drenches Skip in cum. Skip strokes Cain’s cock to make sure he gets every drop out.

Skip tells Cain his first time was amazing and the guys head to the showers.”

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November 23, 2011

BelAmi: Ariel Vanean, Florian Nemec and Erik Bouna fuck each other bareback (Parts 1 & 2)

BelAmiOnline writes:

“A lazy sunny day washing a car with Ariel Vanean, Florian Nemec & Erik Bouna becomes a hot 3-Way condom free fuck quite quickly.

The boys head inside to the couch and the hard cocks come out. Ariel goes to work on both Florian & Eirks big uncut cocks until they are rock hard. Soon Florian goes for Ariel’s beautiful bubble butt while Erik stuffs Ariels mouth with his thick cock.

Ariel cums with Florian’s cock deep in his ass, Erik shoots a giant load all over Ariels mouth and Florian unloads a big load all over Ariels hot ass!

Don’t miss Part 2 of Ariel Vanean, Florian Nemec & Erik Bouna where Ariel & Florian tag team Erik’s huge bubble ass condom free. After a short rest the boys get back into action sucking cocks and eating ass but soon Erik serves up his huge bubble ass for each stud to fuck.”

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November 22, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Bruno Knight fucks Leo Helio in “Auditions 43: Euro Guys”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi takes charge of the first interview for “Auditions 43: Euro Guys” — and who better than him to talk to the burly, sexy Bruno Knight and Leo Helio, whose sweet face and tight, killer body scream sex.

As the guys chat with Jonathan, it’s easy to get swept away by Bruno’s British accent, a fact apparent when seeing the chemistry between him and Leo. Jonathan knows the boys are after sex, so when the discussion ends, the real fun begins! Bruno is an aggressive top: he tears off Leo’s clothes (along with his own) as they bump and grind into each other.

There’s lots of heavy kissing, touching, pit licking, and moaning to enjoy — all in the boys’ tight white briefs. Bruno is both dominant and passionate, and he wastes no time throwing Leo on his back, slipping off the blond’s underwear, and using his mouth to pleasure Leo’s beautiful, erect dick. Bruno’s bearded lips pucker up and suck happily on Leo’s meat; Leo loves submitting to the strong top before getting rolled over and having his ass eaten out.

When Bruno is ready to be serviced, he stands up, pulls Leo to the edge of the bed, yanks down his briefs, and presents his cock to Leo, who eats it up, sucking and swallowing to please Bruno.

The guys spend a lot of time making each other stiff and excited, and when Bruno’s ready, he slips on a condom and invades Leo’s ass. Bruno is a loud and powerful guy in bed, and Leo’s tight ass is just the ticket to get him off and hot to fuck his boy’s tight hole.

These two hot guys have apposing body types, and they couldn’t look sexier together: Bruno’s furry frame thrashing into Leo’s smooth, tight body as he lies on his back with his asshole opened wide, it’s no wonder they reach the explosive cum shot that they do!”

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November 22, 2011

BiLatinMen: Benardo barebacks his boyfriend Trucho

BiLatinMen.com writes:

“Our photographer shot these two real-life lovers fucking bareback. Trucho loves it rough, so Benardo fucked him rough with his fat uncut pito. They went at it for a long time as you will see in the video.”

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November 22, 2011

HardBritLads: Jonny James fucks Jake D

HardBritLads.com writes:

“New lad, thick dicked hottie Jonny James, pushes sexy tough skinhead power bottom Jake D to his limits in this strong, intense scene. Deepthorating & throat fucking, arseplay, hard power fucking in 3 positions, culminating in huge messy cum facial. Not for the faint hearted!”

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November 22, 2011

Broke Straight Boys: Jason fucks Chad

BrokeStraightBoys.com writes:

“Jason, one of our most popular models, is back in the studio along with Chad. Sitting side by side on the bed, Jason and Chad jerked themselves off with relish and didn’t take long to get hard. It was obvious that Chad thought Jason was hot as he couldn’t help but grin slyly even as he tried to discreetly watch Jason wank off.

However, as Jason was an old hand at giving blowjobs, he went first, grasping Chad’s dick in one hand and swallowing it down. Right away, Jason had Chad sighing in pleasure as he slid the long dick in and out of his very experienced mouth. Slowly bobbing up and down, Jason broke off for a moment in order to exclaim, ‘that’s monstrous!’ before going back down.

Now, it was time for Chad to show Jason just how much he had learnt so far. Leaning over, Chad slid the hard dick into his hot, wet mouth and started bobbing up and down even as he played with his own cock. There was no doubt that Chad was enjoying the taste of cock and Jason was more than appreciative as he moaned in delight. Jason was loving the blowjob so much, I told him to show off Chad’s ass hole so that the Broke Straight Boy’s members could see what he would soon be fucking.

Chad lay down on the bed, knees bent back and legs up in the air while Jason knelt between them. Pushing Chad’s legs right back, Jason bent down and started to lick Chad’s ass.

This was totally new for Chad and from his expression, he really wasn’t sure what to think as Jason ran his tongue along his ass hole. Soon enough though, Chad was loving it, admitting that although it felt pretty weird, it also felt awesome.

With Chad so relaxed, Jason decided they would start the fucking as soon as possible so he rolled on the condom and was able to slid into Chad’s ass in one go. Chad clutched at the side of the bed with one hand and cupped his balls with the other, all the while, Jason set himself a steady pace. It wasn’t long before Jason was thrusting in and out in a fast rhythm, making Chad moan in pleasure. Jason was going faster, punishing Chad’s ass but Chad was loving it. The two boys had a great connection, grinning at each other even as they couldn’t stop touching one another.

Only minutes later, Jason pulled Chad’s face close towards his cock and unleashed a torrent of cum over Chad’s face. Chad was so turned on by the facial, it only took him seconds before he came, cum dribbling down onto his stomach and into his cropped pubes.”

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November 22, 2011

HotBarebacking: Miguel Temon and Gabriel D’Alessandro fuck each other raw

HotBarebacking.com writes:

“Latin hotties Miguel Temon and Gabriel D’Alessandro return with their equally enormous cocks to deliver a man-sized serving of bareback skin-on-skin action.

After loosening him up a bit, Gabriel really starts bringing the dick, pumping hard and deep into Miguel’s tighter-than-tight ass. Gabriel orders Miguel on all fours and drives his dick even deeper in this time, finally shooting his load all over Miguel’s balls and ass.

Just when you think this video is over, Miguel, craving to shoot his own load demands the favor is returned and pins Gabriel on the bed in one swift move, pounding away aggressively.”

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