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March 5, 2011

Randy Blue: Chip Tanner, Gabriel Cross and Nick Sterling’s hot threeway

Gabriel Cross, Nick Sterling and Chip Tanner star in this super hot threeway, featuring deep kissing, hot rimming and deep throating a big dick.

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March 5, 2011

Falcon Studios: Donny Wright fucks Corey Martin in “Parker’s Mirage”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Donny Wright and Corey Martin haven’t even left their room; they’re too busy getting better acquainted. Corey plants his face in Donny’s crotch, his lips encircling his partner’s stiff cock as he sucks it down his throat. Then they change roles with Donny now nursing on Corey’s cob, its thickness and length stretching his mouth wide open. Ready for more, Corey climbs atop his buddy and squats over him, opening his asshole to take in Donny’s big dick.

They fuck without taking a break, moving into different positions, both of them panting with pleasure until Donny pulls out and coats Corey’s backside with showers of his warm cum. Then leaning back against Donny’s chest, Corey jerks himself off until he finally blows his wad.”

– Watch the entire scene at Falcon Studios

March 4, 2011

College Dudes: Paulie Vauss fucks Rob Ryder

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“This hot fuck vid features Paulie Vauss in his first time with another guy, and Rob Ryder takes Paulies rock hard cock like a champ!

After making out and getting sensual, Rob turns his attention to Paulies dick and gives him a long wet BJ. Paulie returns the favor before Rob sits down on Paulie and begs for a good, hard fuck.

When Rob hops off, Paulie swings him over the arm of the couch and really goes to town. Paulie ends up fucking the cum out of Rob and then dumping a very large load himself all over the place. Hot scene!”

– Download the full scene at CollegeDudes

March 4, 2011

ChaosMen: Parker barebacks Kent’s virgin ass

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Kent was eager to start doing full on work, but really wanted to top again.

Enter Parker, who just has a mental block on the whole bottoming thing.

I told Kent that Parker didn’t exactly have a starter cock, as his dick would give his own cock a run for length and width. But he was keen on getting a new car, well at least to start working so he could start saving for one.

So Bottoms Up as they say!

They trade oral for a bit, but they basically get down to trying to break in Kent’s virgin ass. Kent had done some “prep” before the shoot and I think it made him a bit nervous.

But Parker really slowly eased into him and Kent took his first cock with relative ease.

I think Kent even got surprised that his dick stayed hard and it was making him close. He certainly nuts a huge load!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com

March 4, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Travis fucks Derek

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Derek is back! It’s been a long time since we’ve had this stud in front of our cameras. I’m thrilled he could take a break from work long enough for us to pair him up in a rematch with Travis!

He looks as good as ever, if not even better! And the chemistry with his old buddy Travis is stronger than ever, too. The two guys kiss passionately. Travis licks Derek’s abs and chest, savoring every inch.

Derek is all smiles as Travis pulls his jeans off to massage Derek’s cock through his underwear. Derek flips Travis over and kisses his way down to Travis’ cock. He kisses and swallows Travis’ rock-hard shaft.

“It’s been a while, I’ve forgotten how big this thing is!” Derek says. He doesn’t seem to have any problems deepthroating Travis, however. The guys continue to kiss. Travis takes Derek’s cock in his mouth. He straddles Travis’ chest and watches as Travis blows him.

Travis sucks Derek’s big cock, and Derek pushes his head down so Travis sucks him all the way to the root. Derek pulls Travis’ ass up to his face so he can eat him out. He smacks Travis’ ass as he rims him deep and hard.

Derek sits on Travis’ face. The guys enjoy a hot rimming 69. Now, Derek’s ready to prove he’s still got what it takes! He sits on Travis’ long dick. He slides down to meet Travis’ upward thrusts.

Travis drills up inside Derek’s ass. Derek’s own cock bounces up and down as Travis fucks him. Travis pounds him harder. Derek moans with pleasure.

Derek moves into a doggy-style position so Travis can fuck him even deeper. Travis shoves his cock into Derek’s bubble butt and rams it home. Derek yells out how good it feels. Travis drives his big dick into Derek even faster. Derek moans in ecstasy.

Travis flips Derek onto his back. He fucks him sideways as Derek jerks his own cock. “Yeah, get that deep in there,” Derek says. Travis pounds faster and faster.

Derek shoots a thick load all over his abs. Travis pulls out and immediately blasts his huge load onto Derek’s cock and balls. Derek strokes the last drops of cum out of both of their dicks. The guys laugh and kiss, then head to the shower.

In the shower, they talk about some of their past experiences together, and joke with cameraman Connor about the pink soap in the shower and a DP scene they did. And they’re not talking about Dolly Parton, Connor!

We’ve all missed Derek! It’s so great to see him in some hot, guy/guy action again. I hope I can get him to take some more work breaks!”

– Download the full scene at Corbin Fisher

March 4, 2011

HotBarebacking: Brian Peters gets fucked by Miguel Temon and Gabriel D’Alessandro

HotBarebacking.com writes:

“Asian power bottom Brian Peters gets his ass stretched to the limit by Miguel Temon and Gabriel D’Alessandro in this video.

First Brian gets face fucked hard by Gabriel before being flipped over and having his hole filled. Gabriel loosens him up really well and invites Miguel in to have a turn. Brian bounces on Miguel’s thick cock cowboy style for a little bit and then Gabriel comes around from behind and shoves his dick in there along with it.”

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March 3, 2011

Falcon Studios: Aden Jaric fucks Bobby Clark in “Fleet Week 2”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Aden Jaric is an officer and a gentleman who reunites with his first mate Bobby Clark, both of them ready to go overboard and take the wind out of each other’s sails. The two men batten down the hatches in their hotel room where they lock themselves in each other’s embrace. They get out of their rigging and Bobby hits the deck to begin sucking Aden’s cock.

The sensations ebb and flow throughout the officer’s body and soul and to keep things on an even keel, he reciprocates and goes down on his buddy. They quickly get into a 69 position where they continue sucking cock and then rimming ass.

Bobby soon finds himself adrift in a sea of sexual bliss. Then Aden lowers the boom as he jams his dick up Bobby’s rear. The studly CO is relentless with his ass assault; he knows he’s got his chum over a barrel but he won’t leave him high and dry. They fuck some more until they separate to jerk themselves to climax.”

– Watch the entire scene at Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios
March 3, 2011

ImAMarriedMan: Phenix Saint bangs Seth Knight

ImAMarriedMan.com writes:

“Phenix is relaxing in his hotel room when room service comes in with fresh towels. “Here are your towels Mr. Saint,” says Seth. “Call me Phenix,” replies Phenix. Seth asks if there is anything else Phenix or his wife needs but Phenix is set. “Are you sure…” Seth asks.”

– Download the entire scene at I’m A Married Man

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March 3, 2011

MaverickMen: “Blue Collar Man Meat”

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MaverickMen.com writes about this hot scene:

“So, there is a big construction job across from our place and Hunter has been cruising and checking out the construction workers for months, he has been begging me to go snag this one particular guy that works there that’s always looking up at us when we are out the window or when we walk by the site.

I bumped into him on his lunch break at local Dunkin Donuts (go Dunkies!) lol. We talked and it turns out he is a chill guy and obviously bi curious, so after over a month or chatting him up on his lunch breaks and having him over he finally decided to seriously mess around with us.

It’s a big step for him, but we made it clear that we were not going to mess around with him unless it was on camera, and man oh man was that a great idea because what we got on video is HOT in a big way.

We know for a fact that he had sucked dick before and has had his hole fingered and once let his cousin stick it in but he had never been truly fucked in the ass by a man, and he had never kissed a man. So it was a serious challenge but we finally got him relaxed enough to bottom, woo hoo!, you guys will love this video.”

– Watch the entire scene at MaverickMen.com
– Check out the MaverickMen’s blog for more scenes and behind the scenes footage

March 3, 2011

Next Door Studios: Jeremy Bilding fucks Kyle Quinn

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Kyle Quinn is looking to buff up a little at his local gym. Not that he’s out of shape, he just wants to work on certain areas of his physique. Or at least that’s his excuse. Truth be told, the physique he really wants to focus on belongs to Jeremy Bilding, the trainer at the gym. So when Jeremy has him go through some reps on the bench, it becomes obvious very quickly what kind of workout Kyle is really interested in.”

– Download the full-length scene at Next Door World