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May 27, 2011

Randy Blue: Diego Sans bangs Brett Swanson

Randy Blue writes:

“Brett Swanson and Diego Sans are leaving the fate of their asses to chance. Brett ended up losing, but after Diego giving him the fuck of a lifetime, I think they’re both winners.

Hell, after watching these hot jocks shoot their loads, we’re all winners.”

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May 27, 2011

College Dudes: Nick Stuart fucks Rob Ryder

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“After talking to Nick for several months, we finally got him to agree to dip his toes into man-on-man sex. Nick was nervous before meeting Rob ryder, but these two college dudes got along instantly.

What was most surprising was the passion these two exuded throughout the scene! Nick was rock hard well before Rob even touched him, and Nick stayed erect and at attention for the remainder of the scene, and even after the scene was finished!

Both Rob and Nick swap intense blow-jobs before Nick shows us what a great first-time ass-rimmer he is. The excitement begins with Nick shoving his thick cock into Robs little hole and fucking away.

Rob is clearly loving the feeling of Nick deep inside him, so when Nick flips Rob up on the bed and begins to do pushup drills into Robs behind, Rob gets Nicks cock just as deep as Nick can give it! Rob rides Nicks cock like a wild horse to work himself up into a hot orgasm and finish the scene off right. Absolutely Great Fuck!”

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May 27, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Connor pops Cameron’s ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cameron only had his first guy/guy action with Rudy recently and he’d never bottomed before. Connor is one of the best at breaking in new guys, but Cameron obviously still had some nerves. No doubt he’s seen exactly how much of Connor he would be taking!

But once Connor kisses Cameron, the nerves faded away. Clothes fly off and Connor stands on the bed to feed Cameron his big cock. Cameron’s dick-sucking skills have improved and Connor loves the feel Cameron’s mouth and hands on his dick.

Connor goes down on Cameron, swallowing Cameron to the root. Cameron bends over so he can stroke Connor as he’s getting sucked. Connor slides a finger into Cameron’s ass, getting it ready for his huge dick.

Cameron gets on all fours. Connor slowly teases Cameron’s ass crack with the head of his cock. Connor lubes up a finger and sticks it in. He tells Cameron how tight his ass is. Connor slowly works his dick in, inch by inch, opening Cameron up.

For as tight as he is, Cameron eagerly takes all of Connor’s dick. He yells out, “If the Empire State Building had a cock, this would be it!” which might just be the quote of the year here at CF!

Connor flips Cameron onto his side so he can fuck him that way. The look on Connor’s face says it all – Cameron’s tight virgin ass wrapped tight around his big dick has Connor in heaven. He kisses Cameron’s bicep as Cameron holds onto Connor’s neck.

Cameron yells out in ecstasy as Connor pumps into him furiously. Connor kisses Cameron’s nipple before moving into a missionary position. Cameron jerks his cock as Connor keeps slamming his dick deep into Cameron’s ass.

Connor pounds away, then pulls out and pushes in slowly, masterfully working a load out of Cameron. Cameron shoots onto his abs and legs.

Connor blasts his load while still inside Cameron. He pulls off the condom to show Cameron how much he came. Cameron says “That is a fucking huge load.”

The guys kiss and Connor says he took it like a champ and that maybe they can switch off next time. “Yes sir,” Cameron says with a grin.”

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May 27, 2011

Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad and Brandon Bangs blow each other in “The Other Side Of Aspen VI”

Falcon Studios writes:

“Landon Conrad and Brandon Bangs relax in a steaming hot tub amidst the sun-soaked snowcovered Aspen landscape. Landon’s striking features and perfectly chiseled physique bathe in the mist like an erotic mirage… and big blond Brandon goes in for a drink of the bright lusty visage.

The muscles on Landon’s torso ripple with excitement as Brandon sucks his long veiny cock and the action grows steamier with every urgent uptake of cock.

Before long Landon takes his turn deepthroating Brandon’s uncut cock… taking his breath away and causing Brandon’s jaw to drop in awe over Landon’s cocksucking skills.

The steamed and steamy studs switch it up again with Brandon licking Landon’s balls until he finally gives into the urgency of orgasm and shoots his load. Landon settles into the heat of the whirlpool while he sucks and jacks Brandon’s thick uncut cock until the boy pumps out his own thick load.

Satisfied and energized the two studs seal the scene as they kiss deeply and passionately.”

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May 26, 2011

Next Door Studios: Johnny Torque fucks Joey Hard

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Joey Hard is known to be quite the hornball. Even amongst pretty rowdy company, Joey goes above and beyond what you would call normal. He sort of has a one track mind. Johnny Torque is not much of a pool player, and even though sexually he’s always down for a good time, truth be told, today he’s really just lookin’ to hang out, drink some beers, shoot the shit, and smack some balls around a little.

Joey is thinking the exact same thing, only his mind couldn’t be further from pool. What he’s thinking is about letting Johnny work his stick into his personal pocket.”

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May 26, 2011

ActiveDuty: Nolan pops Korbin’s ass cherry in “Double Time 10”

ActiveDuty.com writes:

Active Duty offered a scorching new scene from their forthcoming DVD release, Double Time 10.

This hot duo features two brand new recruits in their hardcore debuts.

Sexy tan and toned Korbin has never even done a solo, but in this scene he looses his cherry to well-hung beefcake Nolan. Nolan is also crossing the line in this scene, sucking and fucking Korbin in only his second scene! Don’t miss this one!”

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Hot solo pics of Nolan and Korbin after the jump…

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May 26, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: “Hardcore Ass Pounding” from “Fuck!”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Does it get any hotter than this? The scene opens with all-American stud Spencer Reed sprawled out on a chair enjoying the rough gyrations of Israeli hunk Avi Dar as he bounces up and down on his hard, 8-inch dick. Because Spencer is large and in charge, he doesn’t even have to do much work in the beginning: all he needs to do is stare at Avi with his intense eyes, and the bottom rides him even harder than before! But when Spencer has enough of Avi power-bottoming, he stands tall and picks Avi up, ravenously thrusting him up and down on his cock.

As the scene transitions to Adam Killian, all the tattooed hunk has to say to blond sex-pot John Magnum is, “Yeah, ride it,” and John’s meaty bubble butt hammers up and down with vigorous momentum. Adam continues to conquer John’s ass when he tosses him onto his back and jackhammers him so hard that John’s head lolls back and fourth and his eyes roll up into his head. Then, unexpectedly, the two flip-fuck and Adam’s ass is slammed by John’s 8-inch cut cock until they both erupt cum!

The scene once again shifts to none other than the Israeli sex-god himself, Jonathan Agassi, as he slams fellow Israeli hunk, Naor Tal. If there is one thing that Naor enjoys it’s a good ass-pounding, and Jonathan is more than happy to oblige. He bends Naor over a balcony in the open air of Israel and hammers his tight hole repeatedly. The two climax with Naor on his back as Jonathan pumps away until they both blow their cum all over Naor’s chest!

In the final scene, power-top Rafael Alencar proves that kitchens are meant for more than just cooking. He bends the sexy Matan Shalev over a kitchen sink and plunges his fat, throbbing, 10-inch cock all the way up his ass. With every inch that Matan takes, he moans and thrives in ecstasy. Rafael knows exactly what he want, so he orders Matan to position his left leg on the top of the refrigerator, allowing Rafael the deepest penetration possible! Rafael finishes with Matan pinned on his back until he cums in the bottom’s wide, open mouth!”

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May 26, 2011

Cocksure Men: “Cowabunga” with Brenden Cage and Trent Atkins

CocksureMen.com writes:

“”Cowabunga” is what excited surfers used to shout out back in the 1960s as they would begin their drop down after climbing up a wall of water. Fast forward to 2011 and the term symbolizes the post-surfing ecstasy experienced by hotties Brendan Cage and Trent Atkins.

This duo was hanging ten all day and poor Trent sunburned his shoulders. A concerned Brenden (horny’s more like it!) offers to soothe his buddy’s red skin with some special lotion.

His hands soon wander from the original target and end up inside Trent’s board shorts. In short order, both guys are buck naked and take turns sucking each other’s cocks.

The bar counter under the thatched hut turns out to be a great place for Trent to rest his right leg as Brenden eats out his ass. Trent’s hole is then filled with Brenden’s pole. The fuckfest ends on beach towels with the guys taking turns dropping their cum loads. “Cowabunga” indeed!””

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May 26, 2011

ChaosMen: Oliver and Ransom suck each other off

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I knew from the beginning that Oliver was not going to be a typical Serviced video.

Even though he is married, he is clearly “orally-fixated”. For his solo, he wanted to watch guys sucking each other, and unloading in each others’ mouths. Hot!

He even needed a small toy to stimulate his prostate to get him over the top.

Oliver is fairly passive, so I didn’t think he would respond to laying there and simply getting his cock sucked. I figured he would get charged up by having a cock in his mouth to begin with.

And like a married man starved for a cock down his throat, he went for it! I could tell right away Ransom was pleased that this Serviced video was gonna be one all about him. No nervous first-timer that he had to be careful about pushing the wrong limit button.

Oliver eagerly sucks Ransom’s cock to the point that tears run down his face.

By this time Oliver’s dick was up are ready for some attention, and knowing Oliver wanted a cock in his mouth, they go right to 69ing it.

Eventually Ransom fingers his hole, then takes some vibrating toys to his ass. His dick gets even harder.

He finally shoves a vibrating butt plug in there and lets Oliver have full access to his cock while Oliver jerks off.

He nuts a huge load, and I swear, I had to scramble fast to get Ransom’s cum shot. It turned him on so much seeing Oliver lay there with the toy in his ass while getting sucked off, he was holding off on cumming the entire time.

I should have it as an outtake but it’s basically Ransom saying he is gonna nut and I am saying. “Wait! Wait!” as I try to get a focused close-up shot of him unloading into Oliver’s mouth. As it is, my close-up shot swings in to place just as Ransom is literally pinching off his nut shot.

Oliver said he wanted to eat all the cum before the shoot, and I told him he needed to showcase some of it before he swallowed it. The kid literally gargles in it! It’s kind of funny.

Don’t get too many guys willing to eat loads, so Oliver, you’re hired! My guess is you would make a hungry bottom as well!”

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May 26, 2011

Randy Blue: Jake Ellis busts a nut

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Jake Ellis jerks his thick meaty cock outdoors in the summer sun and then fingers his tight but curious hole at RandyBlue.com.

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