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July 16, 2009

Next Door Studios: Justin, Christian, Marcus, Dylan and Aaron’s hot group fuck

Next Door Studios: Justin Ryder, Christian Wilde, Marcus Mojo, Dylan McLovin, and Aaron Skyline's hot group fuck

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Two’s company, three’s a crowd, four’s a party, and five’s a…gangbang?? It’s tough to keep track of who’s who when Justin Ryder, Christian Wilde, Marcus Mojo, Dylan McLovin, and Aaron Skyline join forces to suck and fuck like it’s goin’ out of style.

These boys come out horny and don’t stop until the very end. And right about the time you start wondering who’s gonna clean up all the cum, the hairy Justin Ryder gladly assumes the role of pivot man in the hottest fuck fest you’ve seen yet.”

– Download this hot scene at NextDoorWorld

Next Door World
July 15, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Keith gets tag-teamed by Elijah and Connor

CorbinFisher: Keith gets tag teamed by Elijah and Connor

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“I’d mentioned, when we first introduced Keith, that he’s the kind of guy that just doesn’t do anything half way. When he makes up his mind about something, he goes all out and puts his all in to it. That’s precisely what happens here, as he takes on both Connor and Elijah at the same time – and does a great job of it!

I knew Keith would make a good candidate for a tag team after his very first action scene with Travis. I wasn’t expecting him to be so enthusiastic and in to it, yet certainly won’t complain that he was! Being just as energetic when he bottomed for Adam, there was no doubt he had the potential to be an incredible bottom in a tag team and Connor and Elijah were going to find that out.

With the kind of enthusiasm and energy he shows here, I half wonder if we couldn’t have tried anything mid-scene and gotten him to go along with it. He looks like he couldn’t possibly be any happier sandwiched between Connor and Elijah, moving his mouth back and forth between each of their dicks to take turns sucking on them both. He was hard the instant the cameras started rolling, and continued to be throughout all the action.

Both Connor and Elijah were totally wrapped up in the action, as well. They couldn’t help but be quite in to the fact that they had this guy totally at their mercy, clearly loving anything and everything they were doing to him, and ready for whatever they had in store. His mouth would swallow their dicks at every opportunity, and his ass was eager to get fucked!

Connor was the first one to slide his dick in to Keith’s hole, while Elijah was getting the royal treatment at the other end. On his hands and knees, being spit roasted by these two studs, all we hear are grunts and moans from Keith as he swallows Elijah’s dick with Connor pumping him from behind.

Soon, it’s Elijah’s turn to fuck Keith’s hole as he and Connor flip him over and trade places. Keith takes him without any trouble whatsoever, eagerly sucking on Connor while doing so. Connor wanted to get some more ass, though, and soon as Keith sitting on top of him as he thrusts up in to him. That left Keith’s mouth readily accessible and available, which Elijah quickly takes advantage of!

Not surprisingly, it’s Keith that blows his load first as he’s on top of Connor. Elijah then follows that by shooting his cum all over Keith’s chest and shoulder – a huge load at that! Last, but not least, Connor fires off his own on to Keith’s legs and balls! If you make it through all that, there’s a ton of bonus footage included with this one, as well!”

– Download this scene at Corbin Fisher

July 15, 2009

Sean Cody: Cocky college jock Wade

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wade_01 wade_03 wade_09 wade_05

Sean Cody writes: “Wade is from “the South.” “Deep as you can go,” he said. And you can definitely tell from his accent!

Wade is a cocky college jock boy. He’s got muscles bulging everywhere! He’s big into football. “I’ve been playing since before I could remember,” he said. And that smile! I bet it gets him into a lot of panties!”

July 14, 2009

ChaosMen: Asher rubs one out

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Chaosmen: Asher rubs one out

Chaosmen writes:

“Oh boy is Asher ever a cutey! Shy but confident, and not at all concited, he just seems like a well put together kid.

He told me he was a wrestler, and I can’t belive I didn’t notice his banged up wrestler’s ears during the entire shoot (Perhaps I was looking elsewhere)

I would love to get him come back to do more, but I think he hit is limit on the solo. So he is one of those guys you should enjoy now for sharing a little glimpse into their private life. It’s a shame ‘cuz I think he is just one of those guys that really responds well to being filmed, showing off, and generally can get into playing with the audience. I will keep my fingers crossed!”

– Download the complete scene at Chaosmen.com

July 13, 2009

Sean Cody: Doug pops Andrew’s ass cherry

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SeanCody: Doug pops Andrew's ass cherry

Sean Cody writes:

“Big-dicked Andrew is back! He’s even more toned and muscular than before, and he’s jumping into the deep end by getting fucked!

Sometimes the guys want to warm up to it, by getting a blow job first, and then doing the fucking, but Andrew just asked to go for it!

He says he’s never done it before, and insists that nothing has been up his before. I’ll let you be the judge. He starts out with a look on his face like “what the hell is going on,” which quickly turns to “oh, yeah, that’s the spot…”

Of course Doug was happy as usual, fucking the hell out of a hot ass!”

– Download this scene at SeanCody.com

July 13, 2009

ChaosMen: Vance bangs Ivan’s virgin hole bareback

Chaosmen: Vance bangs Ivan's virgin hole bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“Ivan is headed off for foreign lands, and he wanted to do a video before being out of commission for a while. He figured he would go out with a bang, and finally agreed it was time for him to not only suck some dick, but to take it up the ass.

I wanted someone who had experience but wouldn’t split him in two and scare him away from doing more. Vance was just the man, and I thought I would get out the ‘ole massage table to do the scene on.

Usually the “top” takes control, and Ivan has struggled with knowing what to do. So it is great to see him be more passive, and Vance takes control of the situation. What is so awesome about this video is Ivan is clearly turned on by this. His dick rarely wilts, and it’s so cool to see his dick hard with a butt plug up his ass, and a cock in his mouth!

In between takes, he was basically commenting, “Golly gee, I think I can cum while being fucked!” Duh! He was always very skeptical that the guys he was fucking were actually enjoying it.

Never one to pass up that opportunity, we recycled the “on his back, legs in the air” position. Vance tentatively fucked him until he nuts. He pulls out just as he is cumming, but overall, a pretty good “fuck the cum out of your buddy” shot. You can tell Vance thinks Ivan will not nut if he pokes him too much, but Ivan is yelling “Harder!” What a reversal!

Vance has a tough time playing catch up, so it takes him a minute or two to bust. Ivan’s dick goes down, but the cum is still wet when Vance nuts all over Ivan’s spent cock.

It’s a very hot video where Ivan finally gets a cock in his mouth and ass!”

– Download the entire scene at Chaosmen

July 13, 2009

Corbin Fisher’s Amateur College Sex: Elijah and Cole’s bi tag team

Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Sex: Elijah and Cole's bi tag team

Corbin Fisher writes:

“These two waste no time in getting right to it once they are given the go-ahead here. As into the girl as they both are, you can’t help but notice how Cole almost immediately reaches a hand out to feel Elijah’s cock through his boxers while he’s kissing the girl’s shoulder and she’s rubbing his dick. Both guys are hard immediately, their dicks aching and ready to find something and someone to fuck!

The fun thing about filming two guys who are entirely comfortable with both girls and guys going at it in a bi 3-way is that they not only know there’s always something to do, but that they’re more than willing to do it! If they spot the other’s cock sticking straight out, hard and ready for some attention, they eagerly reach out and stroke it; if they want to feel someone’s lips wrapped around their cock, they won’t hesitate to present it to the other guy and let him wrap his lips around it; they know full well they’ll have just as much fun fucking their buddy’s tight hole as they will fucking the girl!

As for Cole here, he is just has happy to sit down on Elijah’s cock and ride it to orgasm as he is to fuck the girl – getting is just as good as giving! Indeed, judging by Cole’s moans and the noises he makes, it might even feel better for him!

You’d think it was 100 degrees in that room as these three go at it! They’re all totally drenched in sweat and dripping with it by the time Cole blows his load as he’s sitting on Elijah’s cock, Elijah thrusting up into him hard and fast. Granted, it can’t help but get hot in a room with three young and horned up people going at it!

While Elijah fucked a powerful orgasm out of Cole as he pumped up into his ass, he ends up working quite a load out of himself as he pounds the girl immediately after. He definitely showed himself to be quite the stud in this one!”

– Download this hot bi scene at CF’s Amateur College Sex

July 12, 2009

SDBoy: Navy stud Garytt Tyler rubs one out

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SDBoy writes:

“Meet 20 yo, clean-cut navy seal, Garytt. He’s not gay but he’s keen to pose for you. He wants to show you his cock and how much cum has been brewing in his balls. The first thing you notice about Garytt when he removes his shirt is that he’s a solid boy, with a nice thick chest and hunky shoulders. His tummy is covered lightly with manly hair and a small patch is sprouting between his voluptuously rounded muscular chest. After you’re done salivating over his body you’ll enjoy his pink cock, with Garytt generously giving you a few angles to admire it from. He likes straight porn, and with a dvd running in the machine he can tug at his nice pink dick for you. That straight porn really turns him on and soon his cock is spitting and spilling out his young cum over his own abdomen and the sofa.”

– See more of Garytt at SDBoy

July 11, 2009

Randy Blue: Leo Giamani bangs Benjamin Bradley

RandyBlue: Leo Giamani bangs Benjamin Bradley

RandyBlue writes:

“Benjamin Bradley thought he’d seen it all. He’s been around the modeling scene and knows a lot of guys from all over the industry. He had heard about Leo Giamani’s huge cock but he didn’t seem to believe me that it was going to be the biggest one he had ever seen. With that adorable smile of his he proudly exclaimed that if it was that big he’d be ready for it.

We all had a lot of fun making this video because when Benjamin finally got a look at that monster cock swinging between Leo’s legs his eyes almost popped out. Then that adorable smile of his lit up again as he winked at me and told me to get started. These guys bring sexual heat to a new level, I swear I saw the walls sweat.

The intensity between the two of them made the whole crew need cold showers when they were done. Benjamin attacked Leo’s cock like he had to suck the cum out for his sole source of nourishment. You can see him use his lips, tongue and throat muscles in an effort to extract his sweet juices. And Leo was more than happy to feed it to him, grabbing the back of his head and face fucking him with the kind of skill he’s perfected during his time at Randy Blue. And once he could hold off no longer he popped on a condom dove his dick deep into Benjamin’s hot hungry ass.

And as talented as his mouth is, Benjamin knows how to work it so he isn’t just passively getting fucked but that he’s using all of his being to give his partner the ultimate ride. He even had to pull back so he didn’t cum too quickly, which couldn’t have been easy with Leo’s huge manrammer deep in his gut. But it all paid off in the end as he rode Leo’s cock while cumming all over his chiseled abs, giving him just enough time to pull out and spray his seed all over Benjamin’s smooth muscular chest.”

– Download this hot scene at Randy Blue

July 10, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Sean’s first time fucking a guy

CorbinFisher: Sean's first time fucking a guy

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I have to say that I was a bit nervous during the early portions of filming this one, on account of just how nervous Sean clearly was! I half expected him to either pass out or get sick as soon as Derek started pulling off his shirt and licking his chest all over. Mind you, it can oftentimes be quite hot seeing a guy be so nervous during their first time, and really says a lot about what a big step this is for a young man to be experiencing sex with another guy for the first time ever. But with Sean, I couldn’t help but be a bit concerned he was too nervous!

As you likely remember from his solo, he’s a quiet and extremely polite young man. When Derek, taking a break from licking his chest, asks, “You ok so far?”, Sean not only says “Yeah” but also follows that with a “Thanks!”. So polite! The way in which he said it, I have to confess, was incredibly cute to me; almost like a, “Fine! Thanks for asking!”.

While Sean was eager to give this scene a shot and make the money that would come with doing so, it didn’t change the fact that it was quite the leap and was going to take him some time to get used to things!

You and I know, however, that Derek is the ideal guy to get someone comfortable and make a first time go well for them. Indeed, it doesn’t take long for Sean’s dick to be fully hard as Derek sucks it eagerly and energetically. I think it was safe to say that, at that point, nerves had gone out the window and pure horniness had taken over. If you’re going to get a blowjob from a guy for the first time ever, it might as well be from Derek! Sean goes from holding his hands over his face to putting his hand on to Derek’s shoulder while running the other through his hair, his dick sticking straight out in front of him and his mouth agape in a look of obvious pleasure.

Eventually, Derek pulls his mouth off of Sean’s cock and asks, “Have you ever had you ass eaten out?”. Sean looks like he barely understands the question, but finds out precisely what Derek’s talking about once he gets turned around and Derek buries his face between his ass cheeks. Derek gets so deep up in there you half expect them to be able to make out at the same time! Sean’s dick is still hard and there was no way it was going to go soft at this point! That works out well for both of them, as Sean’s cock is soon sliding into Derek’s ass as Sean fucks a guy for the first time.

At this point, Sean’s going through what so many of the guys do their first time – uncertainty as to just how you go about fucking another guy’s ass. Can you actually fuck hard? Is it ok to fuck fast? Should I go easy and slow? Could the guy I’m fucking possibly be enjoying this?! As Derek moans louder and louder and starts grunting, “Oh yeah, fuck me!” Sean knows he has the green light to pump harder and faster and gets quite the rhythm going.

Further, while some guys almost freeze up a bit and think they better go super slow and easy when the bottom’s about to cum, Derek’s wails and moans and announcement of his approaching orgasm spur Sean on to fucking harder and faster – the perfect response!

After Derek’s blasted off his load with Sean’s dick inside him, he then gets on his back to take every drop of Sean’s cum into his mouth and down his throat – save all the cum that ends up running down his chin and cheek and pooling on his neck!

“So, how was your first time?”, Derek asks.

“Amazing!”, Sean replies.”

– Download this hot scene at Corbin Fisher

July 10, 2009

SDBoy: Kye fucks Tony bareback

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SDBoy writes:

“Gay college boy Kye thinks its nice he’s found more than a quick fuck in Tony. The boys start out in a relaxing bubble bath. But gently rolling tongues in each other’s mouths and then cock sucking only makes them horny and they head for the bedroom. Kye’s straight into it and mounts himself on Tony’s cock and goes for a ride. In fact, Kye ends up bareback fucking Tony’s cock with his ass, not the other way round. But Tony becomes more aggressive when he flips Kye onto his back and gives him a good hammering with his raw cock, which he mentions is his first time at giving a gay fuck. Kye wants some of the action too so slowly gets his boyfriend’s manhole to loosen up with his bare dick. Once nice ‘n loose, Tony gets tossed around in a number of sexy positions, from lying across each other in an L fuck, to the scissors position to doggy …”

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