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August 16, 2011

Sean Cody: Immanuel bangs Jurek

Sean Cody writes:

“It had been a long time since I’d seen Jurek. I admit that hearing from him after all this time left me a little confused. My impression at the time was that he was loving taking it in the ass and sucking cock, but, as it sometimes goes, life gets in the way. It turns out that work has been keeping him very busy ever since he’s taken on more responsibility. Understandable. It was good to see him again!

I noticed that he looked a lot bigger — more ripped and muscular, so it was clear that he was hitting the weights hard. Immanuel was all about that. He was glad that he was going to fuck someone with a nice hard body and impressive uncut cock!

We all know this wasn’t Jurek’s first time taking it in the ass and it was nice of him to explain to Immanuel what it was going to be like. Jurek prefers to be on the receiving end because he likes a guy to dominate him. And, like I said, Immanuel was all about that!”

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August 16, 2011

MixItUpBoy: Micah Andrews and Manny Baby flip-flop fucking

MixItUpBoy writes:

“Manny Baby chillin outside tha licka sto when Micah be bitchin about doing laundry or whatever and how motherfuckin hot it is down herr in Miami. So they head back to the air conditioned crib, but Manny Baby wants to keep the hotness goin, so he pulls down Micah’s pants and gets to suckin that dick.

Soon after he sticks his tongue deep into Micah’s fuck hole, and then for good measure pounds that face before impaling Micah on his big chocolate dick.

He fucks that ass good until its Micah’s turn to do some of that too and then they flip again til Micah busts all over himself!”

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August 16, 2011

Broke Straight Boys: Colin busts a nut

Colin perfoms a show that sets the room on fire. This is one boy who isn’t afraid to try different things! Take a look for yourself!

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Broke Straight Boys
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August 15, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Jake Steel and Hotrod’s hot flip-flop fuck in “Auditions 41: Rock Hard”

Lucas Entertainment writes about this hot scene:

“The sleek, sexy Jake Steel returns to Lucas Entertainment to help usher in Hot Rod to the gay porn industry.

As it goes in a porn interview, the boys have a hard time staying off the topic of sex, but is there a better one?

After we’re properly introduced to Jake and Hot Rod, the pair unleashes their lips and tongues on each other — it’s intense kissing and licking that quickly transforms into deep, swallowing oral sex. Hot Rod is packing a massive piece of black meat, and Jake is up to the challenge of swallowing every inch.

Jake and Hot Rod then begin a 69 session where they explore each other’s tight anuses, but Jake can’t resist from swallowing Hot Rod’s dick once again.

The scene turns mind-blowing when Jake sheathes Hot Rod’s member with a condom and sits right on the black sex-pot’s lap: this is deep, passionate fucking if ever there was any. Jake opens up for every inch of Hot Rod, who gladly fills him up!

But in a surprise turn, Hot Rod bends over for Jake, and watching the fair-skinned hottie pound his black bottom is orgasmic. It must be — they both have an intense explosion of cum!”

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August 15, 2011

TitanMen: “Impulse”

TitanMen.com writes:

“It’s that instant attraction that sends the signal, blood coursing from your brain to your bulge as you eye his imposing image. The twitch hits like lightening, imploring you to act on your Impulse.

Come closer… TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Dario Beck, Philippe Ferro and Hunter Marx lead a cast of throbbing bods ready to help with your urge.

After impressive underwater oral action, Jessy Ares and Adam Killian take turns plowing Shay Michaels by the pool — leading to a fuck chain and an intense, body-quivering climax.

Outdoor workout buds Philippe Ferro and Lawson Kane drop their dumbbells and their shorts, spotting each other’s cocks before Ferro bends over the bench.

Hairy and handsome Hunter Marx works up a sweat, his handstands catching the attention of Dario Beck. The two exchange sucks before the rock-hard Dario sits down on his hung bud.”

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August 15, 2011

Sean Cody: Byron rubs one out

Sean Cody writes:

Byron just turned 20 and he is completely comfortable letting people see that he lives life a little on the wild side! He is no stranger to sex in public and he actually enjoys it very much. Some of the places he has had sex include: an airport, on top of an office building, and even a moving elevator!

“If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be?”

“I would probably be playing soccer for a real club.”

I wasn’t surprised at that answer because he comes from a European background and we all know how big soccer is every where else in the world. After kicking the ball around at the park for a while and showing off some moves he was ready to get off!”

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August 14, 2011

NakedSword: Falcon Studios’ “The Other Side Of Aspen VI”

Falcon Studios writes at NakedSword.com:

“Falcon Returns to the Top with The Other Side of Aspen VI!

Aspen is known for its majestic, snow-topped mountains and beautiful pristine landscapes, where the rich and famous escape to a cold winter wonderland.

The Other Side of Aspen is sometimes hidden. It’s where the majestic cocks and pristine bubble butts meet to heat up the chilly weather and give you an up-close-and-intimate view of what happens when eleven of porn’s hottest studs meet in the mountains.”

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August 14, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Dawson fucks Martin

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Or, should I say, “Dawson pwns Martin,” since they are playing video games?

I didn’t even know what “pwn” meant until I Googled it. But once I knew, it made perfect sense in this case – because Dawson totally pwned Martin in this scene!

Martin and Dawson are playing video games when Dawson pauses things. He reaches over to rub Martin’s leg. Martin asks, “What have we got going on here?” Dawson answers with a kiss. Martin opens Dawson’s shirt and eagerly kisses his sculpted chest and abs.

Dawson climbs up on Martin’s lap, letting Martin kiss his ripped abs. Dawson goes down to kiss Martin’s cock through his jeans and discovers Martin is freeballing. Easy access just lets Dawson get to work quicker!

He deepthroats Martin’s dick. Dawson follows up by licking the shaft, flicking it with his tongue. Dawson stands on the sofa. He feeds Martin his cock, telling him to swallow as much as he can. Martin’s come a long way in his CF education – and his cocksucking skills prove it.

Dawson flips Martin’s legs over his head. He rims Martin’s tight ass. Dawson spits on Martin’s hole, then licks it. Stroking Martin’s cock as he eats him out, Dawson says, “I can’t wait to fuck you.”

He teases Martin by sliding two fingers deep into his hole. Martin’s ass is so tight it’s trying to squeeze them back out! Dawson shoves his cock inside Martin. Martin moans as Dawson works his cock in and out.

Dawson jackhammers Martin. Every vein on Dawson’s chest and arms stands out as he holds Martin’s legs up and gives him the fuck of a lifetime. Martin slaps his cock against Dawson’s abs. Martin smiles more in this video than I’ve ever seen him. No wonder, he’s getting tapped by the best!

Martin leans over the sofa and Dawson takes him from behind. Dawson pounds into him, before sitting down and making Martin ride him in a reverse cowboy.

Dawson drills up into Martin’s hole, faster and faster. Martin tells him to fuck him even harder, that he’s about to come. Cum splatters all over Martin’s stomach.

Dawson is so turned on by making Martin come so hard, he pulls out and shoots a huge load all the way up past his chest! The guys rub their cocks together again and then kiss.

Best pwning I’ve seen in a while!”

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August 13, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Hot and aggressive Adam Killian drills Carsten Andersson in “All Star Studs”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Adam Killian is a lustful guarantee for an intense and hard performance on camera. Few men can deliver the goods the way he does, and here he shows blond sexpot Carsten Andersson what he’s made of.

Carsten is one versatile guy. With one man, he’s a dominant top, while with another he submits his tight boy-hole to an intense pounding. Here, it’s the latter; Adam is in charge.

Adam loves passionate kissing, and he dives into Carsten like a long-awaited meal. But Carsten’s real reward is when Adam shed his clothes, revealing his sculpted, killer body — not to mention his big, fat cock!

Both guys have amazing dicks, and they take great pleasure in slobbering on and sucking each other’s meat. When they’re not slurping cock, they’re eating out each others shapely asses — more than once, we see Adam with a gleeful smile as his tongue burrows into Carsten’s puckering hole.

But Adam’s boyish smile isn’t to be underestimated: he’s a power-top when he wants to be, and after all of the hot foreplay is over, he pounds Carsten into total submission until they’re both ready to explode!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
August 13, 2011

Cocksure Men: Jimmy Coxxx fucks Shane Wright

CocksureMen.com writes:

“From the moment Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright meet up at the foot of the bed, they can’t keep their hands off each other. They caress each other’s chests, swap tongue and start to get undressed.

Blond-haired Shane gets on his knees to check out the big cock underneath his fuck buddy’s “flashy” briefs. Jimmy force feeds him his huge hard-on and Shane’s mouth is up for the job.

They move up to the bed so Jimmy can get sucked some more as he fingers Shane’s hot bubble butt.

Shane is a bottom that knows how to ride cock. He literally bites the sheet when he’s in the doggy position getting pounded. He wants to eat Jimmy’s cum and gets a mouthful.”

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