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October 5, 2010

Broke Straight Boys: Braden and Sean blow each other for cash

Braden shows Sean how to suck cock for the first time. Watch how well Sean paid attention to his lessons.

October 4, 2010

Men Hard At Work: Cliff Jensen fucks Jake Steel

MenHardAtWork.com writes:

“Cliff has some serious doubts about Jake’s technical knowhow, to the point of thinking he can’t even read a leveler. When doing construction, the smallest thing can result in very big problems, so no harm in double checking, just to be sure.

As it turns out, Jake does know what he’s talking about, and is pretty handy with the right tool. Besides, Jake points out that “straight and level” aren’t the only way to go, and he goes to work on Cliff’s tool which is more than up for the job. ”

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October 4, 2010

BiLatinMen: Ticket rubs one out

College boy ‘Ticket’ strokes his big cock at BiLatinMen.com!

October 3, 2010

Hot House: Conner O’Reilly tops Zach Alexander

Hot House Backroom writes:

“Conner O’Reilly made Zach Alexander so horny he got naked before the cameras even started rolling.

Zach teased Conner by smacking him in the face with his big cock then went down on him. Conner finally got Zach’s fat one in his mouth but not for long – he wants to fuck!

Now it’s Conner’s turn to tease Zach’s hole with his tongue. Conner fucked the cum right out of Zach then pulled out and blew a huge load of his own.”

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October 3, 2010

MyBrothersHotFriend: Trevor Knight pounds David West

MyBrothersHotFriend.com writes about this hot scene:

“Trevor is pretty ticked off that he has to go look for his laptop computer again. His brother, and now his brother’s friend, have taken to just borrowing it whenever they please. He catches David with it, and this time around someone is going to remember why it isn’t nice to play with Trevor’s things. Someone’s software it getting an upload from a new hard-drive, and Trevor’s lap top has more than enough ram.”

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October 1, 2010

Sean Cody: Jonathan fucks Jamie

Sean Cody writes:

“Jamie just keeps looking better each time I see him. And, he’s always eager to get at least a glimpse of the new guys. Jonathan is still relatively new to gay sex and even though he’s had fun (mostly) topping other guys, he’s finding quite a bit of pleasure exploring versatility. Jamie, however, has taken quite a liking to being on the bottom bunk. Something about the idea of these two together said it was going to be a fun ride!

“How big is your hole… in your butt?” I asked Jamie. “It can handle…much,” he replied.

The look on Jonathan’s face was priceless. “Much…” he responded back to Jamie with just as much question in tone as matter-of-fact — like, “I’ve seen his videos, I know what he can handle!”

Jonathan appeared to be quite smitten with Jamie (almost borderline nervous) making me think he might have a little crush on him.

“I guess we’re going to put his dick in your ass,” I said to Jamie. “YES,” he said nodding intently. “Are you excited about that?” I asked Jonathan. “I’m very excited,” he replied, smiling while fingering Jamie’s forearm.

“What about you?” “Every time, no matter what,” Jamie said.

Jonathan’s becoming quite a bit more experimental with sex and recently has been bottoming more. He’s getting more and more comfortable having fingers, toys and cocks in his ass.

“What turns you on most about Jamie?” While squeezing Jamie’s pecs, he replied, “They’re big!”

Things heated up right away. These two had no reservations. They sucked each other, used butt plugs, and fucked on the stairs. Jamie even ended up getting fucked with a blindfold on! It was great watching them both cut loose and enjoy themselves…

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October 1, 2010

College Dudes: Jerry Ford fucks Bryan Cavallo

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Jerry Ford is turning into quite the ass-master, and when he and Bryan Cavallo team up for some steamy man-sex, the sparks really fly! Bryan, with his big uncut dick, does not get fucked too often, but Jerry Ford gives it to him in a way we have not seen since AJ.

Jerry and Bryan each go down on the others fat uncut cock before Jerry gives Bryan the rimming of his life, then pins him to the bed and goes ape-shit on Bryans hole.

Bryan takes it like a champ, and Jerry dishes is out in the best way possible. Jerry loves it, and shoots a huge load that gets even gets Bryan in the face. Incredible fuck!”

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October 1, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Connor and Dru fuck Travis in “Double Double”

Corbin Fisher: Connor and Dru fuck Travis in "Double Double"

Corbin Fisher writes:

“The reviews are in for “Double, Double” a Corbin Fisher® production!

“If you see only one explicit video this year – this is it!” – Alan Hole, Paducah XXX Review
“I laughed! I cried! I came more than Pussies!” – Balldeep Strokinlong, Foxxx News correspondent
“Travis delivers in the role he was born to play!” – Rolling Boned
“ … an explosive thrill ride … the feel-up movie of 2010!” – HardOn-line Reviews

Now playing at a computer near you

Connor and Dru get Travis’ clothes off. Connor kisses Travis’ nipple and comments on how we need Smellovision because he smells so good. I’ll get the R&D team on that!

Connor sucks Travis, while Travis sucks Dru. Travis tells Dru, “Taste his.” Suddenly, it’s a frenzy of fat cock in Dru’s face. He sucks Travis and Connor in turn. Then he sucks both dicks at once. Connor jerks both cocks while they are in Dru’s mouth.

They push Travis’ knees over his head and Dru slides his dick down Travis’ throat. Connor rims Travis, then spits on his hole, getting him ready. Travis tells them to stick their fingers in him. Both guys push their fingers into Travis’ waiting hole, while he continues to blow Dru. “Spank that ass, Connor,” Dru says. “You ready to fuck it?” he then asks. Of course Connor is!

Travis crabwalks onto Connor’s thick cock. Dru sucks Travis’ dick once he’s fully mounted on Connor. Connor jackhammers his cock into Travis. It’s only about a minute and a half before Travis’ moans of pleasure turn into stuttering yells of ecstasy! “Dru-Dru-Dru I’m gonna cum!” Travis shoots a huge creamy load into Dru’s mouth.

But Travis is obviously still orgasming. He tells Connor to keep fucking him. Travis grabs his cock and jerks it even after he’s already come. I’ve seen Travis horned up before, but something wild is in his eyes now. He immediately wants Dru inside him.

Dru slides in and starts slamming into Travis. Travis sucks Connor’s dick and Dru fucks even faster. Travis is so ripped these days, you see every muscle in his abs tense as he’s getting pounded. His face shows he’s about to come a second time. Connor jerks a second big load out of him, spraying Travis’ chest and stomach with his own cum.

The end. Credits roll.

What? We forgot something? Oh, yeah .. Dru and Connor decide to fuck Travis at the same time!

Sitting on Connor, Dru comes at Travis from behind. Encouraging Travis to “put us both in,” Connor and Dru stuff both their big cocks inside Travis.

Travis’s face looks a little surprised that he’s able to get double-penetrated by these two big dicks. But he’s clearly loving it, even after coming twice already. All this pent-up sexual tension is getting to Dru and Connor and they fuck Travis until they need to blow.

Connor shoots first, spraying Travis’ chest. He wipes some of his cum up and feeds it to Travis. Then Dru shoots in and on Travis’ mouth. Travis says he feels like he’s covered, and … he is!”

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September 30, 2010

Falcon Studios: Jayden Grey and Brandon Lewis bang each other in “Layover – Los Angeles, Part 3”

FalconStudios writes:

“Brandon Lewis finds Jayden Grey so intoxicating, so digestible that he can’t help but wrap his arms around him and smother him with kisses. Jayden is equally enamored with his big-dicked buddy and quickly shows his appreciation by sucking on his salami, feeling it get thicker and harder with each loving slurp.

Brandon then gets his turn to feed on Jayden’s cock, almost gagging with his efforts. Next he lays back and contorts into a pretzel position, exposing his ass for Jayden to rim and prep for their big fuck. And Jayden delivers, drilling him fast and rough.

The guys switch it up and Jayden screws himself onto Brandon’s pole and rocks back and forth. They finish themselves off by hand and blast their manjizz all over.”

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Falcon Studios
September 30, 2010

NakedSword: Hot Desert Knights’ “Raw Weekend Reatreat”

NakedSword.com writes:

“Ardon Masters is back with a vengeance in “Raw Weekend Retreat.” Ardon and friends take the motor home and go on a weekend retreat to a private home located on a scenic river and deep in the woods. As the temperature outside begins to drop the temperature inside begins to heat up as Ardon fucks his way from one friend to another.”

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