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May 4, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Kenny fucks Justin

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Here at CF, our CF: Unlimited updates mean you have to expect the unexpected! Anything is possible with CF: Unlimited, and today, it’s some no-holds-barred, poolside action with two of our cutest guys, Kenny and Justin to kick off a week that will be full of hot, hardcore action!”

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May 4, 2011

Next Door Studios: Austin Wilde fucks Anthony Romero

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Two men. Lots of tequila. Even more laughs. Won’t be long before someone pulls his dick out, and then all bets are off. Austin Wilde has seen it a hundred times at least. So when Anthony Romero strolls into his bar looking all innocent and whatnot, Austin knows laughs aren’t the only in store for the evening.”

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May 3, 2011

Cocksure Men: Aaron Rivers fucks Jimmy Coxxx

CocksureMen.com writes:

“College exams can be very stressful so it’s always a good idea to have a study partner, especially if the subject is Gay Sex 101. Aaron Rivers, the studly ex-football player, accepts classmate Jimmy Coxxx’s offer to give him some pointers about man-on-man sex.

Aaron whips out his cock and Jimmy proceeds to give him a nice wet blow job. Aaron returns the favor and was obviously paying close attention in and outside of class.

Then it’s time for these two study mates to get naked and practice making out and feeling each other up. Trust us, you’d never skip class again if it meant watching Jimmy slide that perfect muscle butt on top of Aaron’s long and thick dick.

They fuck as if their college future depends on it and when the cum starts flying you’ll agree that they are more than ready for that big test.”

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May 3, 2011

Broke Straight Boys: Matt fucks Darren

BrokeStraightBoys.com writes:

“Darren is the new boy in the studio today and he is here along with Matt. Right away, the two boys were comfortable with each other and had chemistry which showed a lot of promise for a great scene.

Although Darren is a straight boy, he’s going to go all the way with Matt. Neither have fucked another guy before so they are both going to be doing something different today.”

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Broke Straight Boys
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May 3, 2011

Sean Cody: Luke rubs one out

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Sean Cody writes:

“Luke is not from California, but he very well could be. He fit right in running around wearing board shorts and carrying a surf board on the beach. He’s six feet tall, blond, and has a chiseled body that is very ripped.

“What is your favorite part of your body?”

“I always had a good chest. People always say I have great legs, but I definitely love my chest,” he said as he showed off a bit with some resistance bands.

I can see why people would say his legs are outstanding — they are big and muscled through and through. He also has an incredible ass covered with a bit of hair…

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May 3, 2011

NakedSword: SX Video’s “Breed My Ass”

NakedSword.com writes:

“These hung studs are not fucking around when it cums to them busting a hot, creamy load! So grab the lube and a towel and get ready to whack your meat when you see these cock-crazed studs take a stiff cock, raw in the ass!”

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May 2, 2011

BulldogPit: Will Jamieson fucks Rio Francisco

BulldogPit writes:

“Smooth twink gets pounded by Will Jamieson!! These two horned up young scallies can’t wait to get into each others pants and start straight away!! Rio is not surprisingly rock solid just thinking about the gorgeous Will coming over. It’s no wonder this scene is so hot, you can almost smell the sweat off their backs!!”

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May 2, 2011

ChaosMen: Kristopher bangs Tobin bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“After Tobin’s dick gave up on him during his shoot with Taylor, we both pretty much figured he was going to have to bottom. His dick just does not want to go into a bootie hole. His brain sure does, because he is used to doing the fucking.

And as he says, “I don’t mind bottoming.” Not exactly enthusiasm or pleasure, but he was a relieved that Kristopher’s cock was not nearly as fat as Taylor’s. He even got hard a couple times while being fucked, so maybe we are watching a bottom in the works?

As for Kristopher, he was on his best game. Hard and ready to fuck and just wanted to dominate the entire time. Tobin is very passive too, so it actually fit nicely. I don’t get the vibe that Tobin would rather be somewhere else like I did in his first fuck video.

Everything went smoothly, but daaaang, it took forever for both of them to nut. I am so spoiled by most of the models (actually even Kristopher is good at ramping up to nut in under a minute or two) but it took them both like 45 minutes.

They would run up, jerk, and almost cum. I think Tobin took like an hour. I have had it happen on solos, but I dunno, I guess it’s been a while.

So the cumshots are a bit disjointed. Kristopher couldn’t cum crouching down to nut on Tobin’s hole while he laid on his back, so we switched him back to doggy and that did the trick.

Tobin well, he needed to be sitting upright at the edge of the bed and Kristopher took a load to the face. I asked him if he would try a little cum in the mouth if he could push that limit.

He did do it, but I think that is the last time for him. He doesn’t look like it is unpleasant or anything, but I have noticed in some of the Serviced videos he is avoiding the cum in the mouth thang.

A nice pairing all the way around. In no way are the cumshots terrible, just disjointed and amateur like you would see in many productions. I’ve just been luckier with Quick Shootin’ Dudes!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com

May 2, 2011

Pride Studios: Johnny Johnes fucks Pauly Pomano

Pride Studios writes:

“Twenty one year old Johnny Johnes and nineteen year old Pauly Pomano make their respective debuts with us this week as we welcome these two Ft. Lauderdale natives.

Pauly is sitting back kickin’ it, tossin’ the ball around when Johnny walks in all pissed off at his girlfriend that won’t put out. He starts to grope his growing cock trying to get Pauly’s attention as well as some help on his growing cock. “Can you imagine Angela not wanting this?” he grins. Pauly can’t see why she wouldn’t as he starts stroking it.

As it gets harder he opens wide and slides Johnny’s thick black cock into his mouth. He got just what he wanted and his dick is finally in a warm hole for a change. “C’mon get that, Bitch” he taunts. Pauly then gets up and sets his own throbbing cock free. Johnny’s not all that interested in that cock and turns him around to get a better look at that ass he wants. Pauly isn’t done on Johnny’s cock as he sits down to get more. He worships that black cock and takes his time as he kneels between Johnny’s legs to savor every inch. Johnny suits up and watches as Pauly takes his cock.

It takes Pauly a few tries to get that thick cock inside; but once it’s in he goes to work taking every thick inch deep inside. Pauly rides that thick cock while Johnny slams his meat up into his hole. Johnny then switches it up and bends Pauly over and slides back inside doggy style. He fucks Pauly faster and deeper as that ass gives way to his meat.

They then flip into a hot missionary on the ottoman as Johnny goes back to giving him dick. Johnny isn’t far behind at all as he pulls out and explodes. Johnny blows a huge wad all over Pauly’s cum soaked abs and chest. Whew!”

– Download the complete scene at PrideStudios.com

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May 2, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Trey and Aiden get wet

Corbin Fisher writes:

“These two had too much fun with each other in their teasing video with Delila. Since then, I knew I had to get them together on their own. Trey’s enthusiasm and Aiden’s sheer eagerness was sure to make this scene extra hot. And it did!”

– Download the full scene at CorbinFisher.com