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November 5, 2011

ChaosMen: Micah barebacks Solomon’s virgin ass

Chaosmen.com writes:

“As aggressive/passive as Solomon can be, it was tough trying to figure out what his first full-interaction with a dude would be.

I know I didn’t have any guys on my team that wanted to get in a smack down in the middle of a sex shoot. Micah thought he could be domineering, and Solomon wasn’t too sure he could stay hard enough to Top, so he opted to Bottom first time out.

Besides, a little (or a lot!) of pain doesn’t seem to be a problem for him. Though he stated clearly that this was a whole new sort of pain he was expecting and was very nervous.

I started them off doing some jerking-off together. Solomon comes to attention first, meanwhile, I think Micah has gotten a bit more Bi after doing so much guy-on-guy that he needs some physical contact with a dude to get hard. YEAH!

So he starts sucking on Solomon, and that did the trick for both of them.

I also wanted to get Solomon used to handling another dude’s dick. He wasn’t ready to suck on one, so I encouraged him to do some cock play or jousting together.

He is very intense about it. The dude looks strong!

We get to the fucking and Solomon took his first cock like a trooper. Clearly he is hurting, but for him, it seems to be a good thing.

I tried to get him to jerk-off as much as possible so he could add pleasure to his pain, but for the first couple shoots, most of the guys tend to just “take it” rather than focus even on their own cock.

They finally hit a pace and though Solomon looks angry through most of this shoot, he was really proud that he handled Micah’s cock.

He was also worried that the other guy would have a bigger cock than him (I didn’t tell him the next guy I was putting him with might make him feel a bit small!)

Micah nuts all over his hole, while Solomon, like a pro, encourages him to unload.

But getting Solomon to nut is going to be an issue. He seems to be used to having girls ride him, and he tends to lay on his back when he nuts. He also does that leg lock thing to get him over the top.

So I gave him homework to practice nutting upright and be more “interactive.” Because he came back later that week for another ass drilling, I know for sure his next shoot he did a bit better.

These two look great together, and though Solomon is hating having chest hair, he grew it out for you all. So I hope you enjoy!”

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November 5, 2011

Cocksure Men: Brady Jensen pops Joey Soto’s ass cherry

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Beefy Brady Jensen is excited to get to fuck hard-bodied Joey Soto. Joey is new to bottoming and he’s a little nervous.

Brady takes his time to ease Joey’s nerves. He finger bangs Joey’s super tight ass just before easing his big cock in. Hearing the moans and expletives escaping Joey’s lips is just as hot as seeing Brady’s dick pound his sweet asshole.

Joey’s hole gets the better of Brady and he can’t hold back, unleashing a creamy load all over Joey’s cock. Feeling Brady’s warm cum rush over his dick sends Joey into orgasm, splattering his ripped abs.

They end with a sweet kiss to mark the loss of Joey’s cherry.”

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November 5, 2011

Next Door Studios: Austin Wilde fucks Jarvis Chandler

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Austin Wilde is getting very sexy online with his buddy Jarvis Chandler. These boys want so badly to be told what to do. When Horsecock69 logs in to the live chat room and requests a private show, this twosome is happy to please.

Austin has a taste for large, thick cock and Jarvis is not lacking. Watch him go deep on Jarvis’s hard boner before switching it up for a smokin’ hot sixty-nine session. Then Austin is satisfying his craving for sweet, sweet ass by licking Jarvis’s tender hole with passion.

And when Austin’s dick is throbbing for attention at full bore, Horsecock69 is getting treated to a high-intensity romp as Austin slams Jarvis hard in his tight manhole. Login and checkout this sexy chat room encounter as you indulge your voyeuristic appetite.”

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November 5, 2011

LucasKazan: Robeson gets fucked by Ettore Tosi

Ettore Tosi writes at LucasKaza.com:

“”I’m versatile,” says 23 year old Robeson, “more of a bottom, really.” I put him to the test and fucked him in so many positions I can hardly remember: doggie, missionary, sideways, cowboy… He could take them all – and then some. After an hour-long fuck-athon, I was exhausted, he wasn’t. You bet this horny newcomer won’t need any more training…

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Lucas Kazan
November 5, 2011

SouthernStrokes: Carson Carver fucks Logan Taylor

SouthernStrokes.com writes:

“We invited a few models up to the Ranch for a long weekend and these two happen to be part of the group. Both Carson and Logan had already visited to Ranch so it had been about a month since the last time I saw them. Now don’t get me wrong, they both had rocking solid bodies their first trips to the Ranch but both of them showed up for this weekend with about an extra 10 lbs of muscle.

We watched Carson fuck Cameron but that was a while back and it was the only real time that our hot ranch hand Carson has ended up on top. Logan has rapidly become one of our member’s favorites with his chiseled body and masculine face. Logan’s ass is big, hairy, meaty and attached to a pair of trunks that could take you down hard. It was a no brainer to let Carson drill our muscle boy Logan.

They both stripped naked and Logan found his way to Carson’s cock. I love how aggressive Carson gets as Logan is sucking his cock. Carson then turned Logan over and fucked him doggie style nice and deep as Logan begs him to fuck him harder and harder. After a round of doggie, the boys switched and Logan found himself on his shoulders with his ass in the air as Carson pulled a pile driver on him.

These two fucked for a good two hours enjoying every minute of it. Take a good look at the video and you will see them get lost in the hot sex and fuck like men. Carson’s body was flexed from head to toe as he worked himself up to a climax. He showered Logan’s sweaty ass and back as he let his sperm spew from his spent cock.”

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Southern Strokes
November 4, 2011

College Dudes: Cole Gartner fucks Alexander Greene

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Cole Gartner was very excited to be paired up with Alexander Greene. Cole and Alexander hit it off immediately, and both of these studs get rock hard from making out.

When the pants come down, Alexander wraps his lips around Coles hard cock, moving his mouth up and down and making Cole pre-cum. Cole loves the attention but is eager to get Alexanders dick wet with his own mouth. Cole deep throats Alexander several times, even going back for a kiss so that Alexander can taste his own cock on Coles tongue.

Cole has other things in mind for his tongue, too, and Cole soon has Alexander bent over for a wet rim-job. Alexander, once his hole is nice and loosened up by Coles licks and fingering, asks Cole to fuck him. Cole wraps it up and slowly goes into Alexander. Before long, Cole is pounding Alexander hard, and Alexander – whose cock is rock hard as well – is moaning in pleasure.

Cole flips Alexander over onto his back and continues to pound deep and long. Cole and Alexander love the fucking, and after a few minutes of hot fucking, Alexander cums all over himself. Cole pulls out and shoots a crazy stream of jizz that lands on Alexander and even goes a few feet past him! Hot Fuck!”

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November 4, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Barrington Brooks fucks Logan Stevens in “Auditions 42: Horny Fuckers”

Luas Entertainment writes:

“Barrington Brooks has one asset literally built for a career in gay porn: his long, thick, 10-inch cock. The man brought on the set to handle it is Lucas Entertainment veteran Logan Stevens, a lean, blond cutie with a taste for chocolate!

After Michael talks with the guys, Barrington (who is a total top) lays back and allows Logan’s lips to get to work. He gravitates towards the prize — Barrington’s monster cock — and licks it beneath the black hunk’s underwear before whipping it out and playing with it’s size and girth.

The guys swap blowjobs (Logan himself is packing an ample 8-inch dick in his pants) and Barrington laps and licks Logan’s ass, but it’s apparent what’s coming when Logan flattens out on his back, throws his legs into the air, and puckers his hole.

Barrington rolls on a condom and eases his way into Logan. Logan hoists his legs high into the air to give as smooth an entry as possible, but Barrington’s girth is nearly too much to take.

Logan switches into several positions — on his back, doggy, even riding — and he doesn’t fail to service all of Barrington’s needs and demands. He does his job as a bottom well: Barrington has no problems reaching climax and cumming!”

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Lucas Entertainment
November 3, 2011

Men.com: Matt Cole pounds Devin Adams in “Convincing The Coach”

Men.com writes:

“Devin is a hot head athlete, arguably one of the best at his school but he has anger issues. Devin has been kicked out of another game and his coach Matt Cole has had enough with losing his star player yet again. Matt confronts Devin in the locker-room about his attitude, but Devin isn’t listening, he’s only talking.

Finally Matt explodes and pushes Devin into the lockers, Matt screams at Devin telling him that if he wants to be on this team he’s going to have to convince him. Devin has a sweet sweet plan to convince his coach, his ass.”

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November 3, 2011

Next Door Studios: James Jamesson, Brandon Lewis and Brody Wilder’s hot threeway

NextDoorStudios.com writes about this hot scene:

“You’ll laugh, you’ll laugh some more, then you’ll stroke your cock!

These three hilarious buddies are goofing around together in the billiard room, clowning each other bad! And you know when James Jamesson is in the house, everyone’s fair game. But watch out for big Brandon Lewis, ’cause he’s firing back at James with a silly headlock and a good slap on the butt cheek!

Brandon and James are also having fun giving Next Door’s newest exclusive, Brody Wilder, a hard time. Hey, everyone has to pay their dues!

But Brody is a great sport. And to show he can hang with the big dogs, he’s joining James while Brandon sucks both fat, hard dicks at the same time. James brought his video camera to capture the hot action for his archives. Don’t worry, you’ll get to peek behind the lens to and check out his footage.

Brody’s even going a bit further to show he ain’t no scrub; he’s letting James fuck his extra tight hole with that thick, rock hard Jamesson cock.

While Brody gets pumped full of James’s man meat, Brandon enjoys Brody’s soft mouth, vigorously slurping his swollen member. Then it’s Brandon’s turn to take a stiffie in the ass. James is switching spots to give Brandon a pounding everyone will remember.

Watch this trio blow their ‘Three Spooges’ while cranking up the heat for this sexy, fun-filled experience.”

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November 3, 2011

Machofucker: Hector barebacks Andres again

Machofucker.com writes about this scene:

“Another one of our legendary “Big Boys” returns on screen again. Machofucker Hector, equipped with 11 rockhard inches and hornier than ever, fucks one of our bottom sluts silly. Andres virtually cries for help in our today’s update.”

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