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February 6, 2014

Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Brayden raw

Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Brayden raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Are you even reading this description, or did you begin to frantically download the video the instant you saw it had Connor? I could probably write anything here, since I suspect most everyone immediately started downloading this video and doesn’t care what’s written here – it has Connor! Connor fucking Brayden!”

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July 5, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Connor pops Kellan’s ass cherry

Corbin Fisher: Connor pops Kellan's ass cherry
Corbin Fisher: Connor pops Kellan's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We have most definitely waited far too long for this moment, but don’t worry – everything you’re about to see is worth that wait!

Kellan’s getting fucked!

We know this young stud looks even better today than when he first appeared on CF ages ago. We know he is passionate, intense, and hyper-sexual. We know Kellan’s facial expressions are absolutely priceless – and now we get to see those facial expressions while Kellan has Connor’s big dick in his ass!

Hang on tight, as we’re Breaking in Kellan!”

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Corbin Fisher
May 29, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Dixon raw

Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Dixon raw
Corbin Fisher: Connor bangs Dixon raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Few things are hotter than the sounds Dixon makes when a big, thick dick is plunging in and out of his asshole. When Dixon first arrived at CF, I wasn’t entirely certain we’d ever be treated to the sight of this hot young man in action with another CF stud.

Lo and behold, not only has Dixon engaged in some intensely hot action with other guys here, but he also doesn’t hold back or hesitate to yell out, “Oh yeah!” while taking a dick up that hot ass of his! With respect to this particular session, could you blame Dixon for being loud when it’s Connor that’s fucking him? Connor has a big cock that he knows how to use, his body is looking better than ever, he mercilessly drills Dixon throughout the action here, and he eagerly laps up Dixon’s load at the end of it all!”

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January 15, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Connor barebacks Tyson’s virgin ass

CorbinFisher: Connor pops Tyson's ass cherry
CorbinFisher: Connor pops Tyson's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Connor takes on new freshman Tyson in a clash of the titan tops! Tyson had definitely shown his aggressive side, especially in his matchup with Blake recently. He’s got a killer body and a smoldering, sexy attitude.

Connor, of course, can go from gentle to aggro in .05 seconds. He starts out slow with Tyson, kissing his lips and kissing his way down Tyson’s tipped chest. Connor sucks Tyson’s cock and strokes his own rock-hard dick.

Connor strokes Tyson’s cock as he fingers Tyson’s ass, getting it ready for his big dick. Connor rims Tyson, tonguing his virgin hole, then fingering Tyson again.

Tyson climbs up on top of Connor and slowly slides down his long cock. Inch by inch, Tyson bobs down farther. Connor thrusts up deeper into Tyson’s ass. The guys swap places.

Connor slides his dick back inside Tyson, holding his leg up as he drives in and out of Tyson’s ass. Once Connor knows Tyson can take it, he pounds him faster.

The guys kiss and Tyson jerks his cock as Connor fucks him. Connor goes even faster and Tyson shoots a thick load onto his incredible abs.

Connor pulls out and shoots his cum on top of Tyson’s cock. These two definitely looked hot together, and Tyson loved having such a stud be the first one to fuck him!”

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Corbin Fisher
January 2, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Connor pops Meyer’s ass cherry

CorbinFisher: Connor pops Meyer's ass cherry
CorbinFisher: Connor pops Meyer's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Meyer is one of those guys I didn’t think would do guy/guy action at all, much less get topped. He surprised me though, being so enthusiastic about it. It didn’t hurt that his first fuck was with Dawson and today Meyer gets fucked by another CF legend – Connor!

Meyer laughed about getting his cherry popped. He was still a little nervous and Connor calmed him down by telling him he was nervous his first time too. Pete added that since Connor’s been around and broken in a lot of newbies, he was the best person to ease him into it.

The guys kiss. Connor can be aggressive at times when he’s fucking, but he can also be super gentle when the situation calls for it. He relaxes Meyer, kissing him and slowly undressing him. Meyer responds asking Connor “You like what you’re feeling?”

Meyer’s dick gets hard in Connor’s mouth. Meyer has a nice thick cock. He moans as Connor blows him. Connor straddles Meyer’s chest and feeds him his cock. Meyer swallows Connor’s big dick.

Connor teases Meyer’s hole with his finger. Meyer tells Connor it feels “real good.” Connor slides his finger in and out. Finally, Connor lubes up his cock and pushes it slowly into Meyer’s virgin ass. Meyer moans louder, and Connor pushes a little further in. Connor tells Meyer to stroke his dick as he’s getting fucked.

Connor holds Meyer’s legs apart and starts to pound him slowly and deliberately. Meyer’s moans get louder. Meyer gets on all fours so Connor can take him doggy-style. Meyer backs up against Connor’s cock.

Meyer watches himself get fucked in the mirror. Connor pumps Meyer’s ass faster. Connor lays down and Meyer climbs up on top of Connor’s big dick. He grabs Connor’s massive chest for support and rides Connor faster. “Your cock is so big,” Meyer says.

Meyer strokes his cock and cums all over Connor’s chest. Connor keeps thrusting up into Meyer’s ass. He pulls out and cums on Meyer’s ass. Meyer tells Connor how much he liked getting fucked for the first time. Now I want to see what else Meyer will do!”

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December 8, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Connor pounds Colton bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Lean and cute new freshman Colton gets the ride of his life when legendary CF muscle stud Connor pounds him! Colton loved having Harper break him in – and told me he was ready to take on “the big dogs”. Sic ‘em, Connor!

Colton enjoys being an exhibitionist, so I suspect he wanted a fuck like this one on video for everyone to see. You’ll notice Colton enjoying every second (and every inch) of Connor. From worshipping Connor’s big cock with his mouth, to riding Connor for all he’s worth, Colton was one happy camper.

Not that Connor didn’t thoroughly enjoy things, too. Connor sucked Colton’s stiff cock, making Colton moan with pleasure. They moved into a 69 where Colton blew Connor and Connor teased Colton’s hole with his finger.

Connor’s a big boy and he intimidates some of the new guys. Colton’s enthusiasm allowed Connor to go all out and not hold back. Connor instinctively knew how much Colton could take – and then gave it to him, hard.

Colton looked so happy to ride Connor’s big dick, I don’t think he ever want to get off of it. He was just as happy, though, when Connor rolled him onto his back and fucked him in both missionary and doggy-style positions.

Connor fucks Colton’s ass expertly and when Colton cums, he blasts an amazing load all over his tight abs. He just keeps on cumming while Connor’s cock is still in him. Then Connor pulls out to shoot his load on top of Colton’s nuts, before stuffing his dick back into Colton.”

- Watch the preview clip for “Colton Gets Pounded”
- Download the full-length sceen at CorbinFisher.com

November 23, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Connor gets double-stuffed by Trey and Chandler

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I half-jokingly said this writeup could consist of simply, “You’re welcome.”

All kidding aside, this is one of the videos people have truly been clamoring for – to see Connor get double-penetrated. You know Connor – it’s go big or go home with him, so he had to make sure he could take two of the biggest dicks we had – Chandler and Trey!

It’s not just dick size that make Chandler, Trey and Connor so popular (or even their incredible looks or ripped bodies). All three guys have one thing in common – a passion for sex.

That sounds a little redundant, but these three don’t just like to get off, they like to enjoy the moment. Every touch, every kiss, every animal-like noise and each power thrust – these are some of the hottest guys around, but their enthusiasm makes them even hotter.

Every time we see Trey, he brings something new to the table. He’s so in tune with what he likes sexually, it makes filming him a joy. Chandler keeps surprising me with his raw eagerness to fuck and get fucked. And Connor could make fucking a hole in the wall sensuous.

It’s an awesome video, with all three guys aggressively trying to please each other and push the envelope for Connor. It’s incredible to watch his face when he has both huge dicks inside him. Whew!

Of course, there’s too much dick in the room for power bottom Trey not to get some! Connor and Chandler both take turns fucking him. The sizzling action winds up with both Trey and Chandler taking a load in their mouth.

We didn’t plan for this to be the Thanksgiving update, but when it ended up on the schedule that way, it made me think about how thankful I am – that we have such an amazing group of hot guys that put it out there for all of us to see and enjoy.

I’m thankful for these three guys in particular for having such great chemistry and high energy. They had a hot time sucking, fucking and double fucking, and it’s a video I’m extremely proud of.

I’m also most thankful for our fans – thanks to all of you for all of your support! Now sit back, let your turkey settle and enjoy the best stuffing you’ll get this year!”

- Watch the preview clip for “Double Stuffing Connor”
- Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com

November 1, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Tom rides Connor bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Two of CF’s muscle titans go at it, but the result is unexpected!

Long time CF fans know Connor is one of our more aggressive tops. There’s nothing he loves more than to slam his cock into a tight hole.

Tom is an aggressive guy as well. He likes to work and play rough. Though these two guys both have a harder edge, this video shows them both in a more sensual light. I like it!

You’d think their alpha dog personalities would take over and make each of them try and dominate the other one. In this case, they are more passionate and (dare I say it without Connor giving me an elbow to the face?) tender, then I’d seen either of them before!

From the beginning, both guys kept it slow and sexy. Sure, there are a few moments when Connor pushes Tom into position – but Tom loves it and loves the way Connor teases his ass with a finger, before plunging the whole thing inside him.

Tom takes Connor’s cock in a couple of different positions – but when he’s riding Connor, he bounces slowly up and down on that big dick, it looks like he doesn’t want to ever get off.

Connor fucks a big load out of Tom – and Tom uses it to lube up Connor’s cock so he’ll keep fucking him!

It wasn’t what I expected from these two … but it’s a satisfying look at how these hot studs are when they’re not pounding the hell out of another guy’s ass. After they cum, Tom kisses Connor and lays his head down on his massive chest.

Sorry, Connor – “tender” is the word I have to use – ouch!”

- Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com

October 10, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Parker rides Connor bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Cute new freshman Parker gets the ride of his life when he takes on our muscle god, Connor!

I feel like I should reiterate something about our superstar Connor. He’s such a stellar guy in front of or behind the camera. A lot of the freshmen are intimidated by him – his build and stature, his looks or his big dick.

While I wouldn’t say Connor’s a gentle lamb, he is one of the most considerate guys we have when it comes to breaking in a newbie. He seems to instinctively know what to do, how to push or thrust to get his partner to enjoy the experience to the utmost. I’ve told him before, he has a gift. He just blushes (okay, I’m kidding, don’t hit me!)

Parker was thrilled to be paired up with Connor. While he’s bottomed in his personal life, Parker prefers to top. He had no problems being “Connor’s boy toy” as Pete jokes! Parker mentions that he likes rimming, and Connor loves that, so it’s going to be a great experience all the way around.

The guys make out. Connor works his way around Parker’s shoulders and chest with his lips. He plays with Parker’s balls through his shorts.

Connor and Parker flip positions and Parker sucks Connor’s dick and eats out his ass. Now that they’re both horned up, Parker climbs on top and rides Connor’s cock. Connor thrusts up deep into Parker’s ass.

Parker rides Connor, then gets on all fours so Connor can pound him doggy-style. He pushes Parker all the way down on the bed and fucks him. They watch in the mirror as Connor pumps his cock into Parker’s ass.

Connor fucks Parker in the missionary position. Parker reaches up to feel Connor’s amazing chest because – well, who wouldn’t! Parker shoots his load and Connor takes it in his mouth and sucks Parker dry. Connor keeps fucking Parker until he’s ready to blow.

Connor pulls out and feeds Parker his load. The guys head into the shower and Parker discusses how he quickly got over his nerves while fucking one of his favorite CF studs … though he’s got more names on the list he wants to play with!

I’ll see what I can do!”

- Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com

September 17, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Kent fucks Connor bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“For everyone who’s been waiting to see Connor bottom again … you’ll have to wait until next month. Just kidding!

It’s been almost a year since our Greek god bottomed. When Connor last teamed with Kent, it was one of Kent’s first scenes. Kent’s no longer a freshman and he’s one of the top studs (or should that be “studly tops”?) at CF these days. So this is a perfect opportunity for Kent to show off what he’s learned.

It’s a little early in the morning, but Kent and Connor and their cocks wake up quickly once they start making out. They take their time enjoying each others’ bodies, kissing and running their tongues over one another. With muscular bodies like that, who wouldn’t take their time?

Kent goes down on Connor’s big cock, licking it and taking it deep into his throat. Kent stands up to feed Connor his dick, then he sinks down to eat out Connor’s ass. Once it’s good and ready, Kent slides his cock into Connor.

Connor moans as he takes Kent’s dick. He lays down on the sofa and Kent straddles Connor’s ass, slamming his cock deep inside. Kent pushes himself up off Connor’s back, still fucking hard.

Kent lays flat on Connor’s back, thrusting in and out of Connor’s ass. Connor flips over. Kent holds Connor’s legs apart and he fucks Connor in the missionary position.

Connor strokes his big dick as he gets fucked. Connor shoots his load all over his ripped abs. Kent pulls out and blasts his load into Connor’s mouth. Connor swallows down Kent’s cum, sucking his cock dry.

It reminded me how hot it is to see Connor bottom. But you guys probably don’t want to see anymore of that, right ;)?”

- Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com

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