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October 22, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Warren barebacks Dave

Corbin Fisher: Warren barebacks Dave

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“There is something about Warren that challenges his partners to bring their A-game and put on a show for him. We saw this with Baker not too long ago – and once again with Dave in today’s episode!

Dave doesn’t hide his adoration for Warren’s vascular cock – in words or in action!

“You have such a nice dick.” He tells him as he deep throats Warren’s python for a very hot and wet blowjob.

Dripping in Dave’s spit Warren is rock hard and ready to go balls deep in the handsome blond!

It’s fitting that these studs chose the gym to fuck – they put in quite the workout! Watching Warren plunge in and out of Dave you can see exactly why Dave grows louder with each thrust of Warren’s fat cock.

In near zen, Dave begs for more – with a very willing Warren there to provide the intense fucking that Dave craves!”

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October 19, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Galen fucks Zachary’s tight hole raw

Corbin Fisher: Galen fucks Zachary's tight hole raw

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Galen and Zachary, two of our dirtiest blonds, make a great team. Galen’s got a big cock and knows how to use it, which makes him the perfect guy to put our lean freshman, Zachary, through his paces as a bottom.

These two both have beautiful blue eyes and they can’t seem to keep them off of each other as they explore each other’s lean bodies, and they make out like they’ve been starved for sex – hardly possible here at CF!

After trading blowjobs, Zachary is on his back, taking everything that Galen dishes out with a smile, and he soon has more to smile about when he’s covered in both of their loads!”

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October 17, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Kellan and Colt swap loads

Corbin Fisher: Kellan and Colt swap loads

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“There’s absolutely no denying Colt looks great when he’s fucking a fellow CF stud, and that he has an awesome cock that was totally made to get buried in some other guys’ holes. Colt, however, is also hot as hell to watch while bottoming and I don’t think he would even attempt to deny that he loves it.

He arrived at CF young, ripped, horny and, and eager and quickly discovered he loves the feeling of getting pounded.

Thankfully for us, Colt’s ass looks as great on the receiving end of a dick as his cock looks when he tops! This stud is just hot all around, and entirely versatile.

Even Colt and Kellan agree with that, as the well-placed mirror in the room during this episode gave each the opportunity to watch themselves and see how hot they look in action.

Being able to see themselves seemed to turn both of these guys on even more – Colt was unable to resist begging Kellan to fuck him harder, and Kellan could not resist doing precisely that (and who could?!).”

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October 16, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Tom and Tanner’s raw morning fuck

Corbin Fisher: Tom and Tanner's raw morning fuck

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Tom and Tanner are both guys that have come in to their own lately. I think it’s safe to say each one has been doing things at a whole new level in their most recent appearances – Tom has proven himself to be one of the studliest, hottest tops in the roster, while Tanner has shown himself to be one of the most eager, enthusiastic bottoms.

Sometimes it can take guys a little while to go from getting in to action with another man to taking things to that whole new level, but Tom and Tanner have definitely reached that point now!

What starts off as a pretty chill, mild morning turns in to Tanner on his back, legs in the air on the table while Tom buries his face in Tanner’s hole. Tom rims Tanner deep, getting his hole slick with spit so he can slide his cock in and fuck him.

Once the fucking starts, these two are in their element!

I’d say Tom owns Tanner’s ass, but that doesn’t do justice to what Tanner does here. He rides Tom’s cock hard, fucking himself on it and driving himself wild with it.

These guys match each other thrust for thrust and pump for pump until Tanner blows a load with Tom’s cock deep in him, then spins around to swallow Tom’s cum!”

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October 15, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Baker rides Barron bareback

Corbin Fisher: Baker rides Barron bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Knowing Barron has the ability, and quite likes, to fuck deep and hard, it was a must we pair him up with Baker. Fans have been asking to see more of young hot Baker getting fucked silly!

I too wanted to see Baker get fucked hard and long, and to see Barron be the one to deliver the intense fuck only adds to the appeal!

Both of these studs seemed quite happy to have been paired up together, as well. Barron clearly loved every bit of having Baker’s holes to work over, and Baker looks better than ever bent over, eaten out, and stuffed full of dick!”

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October 13, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Quinn rides Jace bareback

Corbin Fisher: Quinn rides Jace bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“We thought for this episode, we’d let Quinn tell you himself exactly why he likes Jace, rather than leaving you trying to just go on his grins and moans alone. Saying that he likes how rugged and playful Jace is, Quinn really wants to spend some time worshipping the blond stud’s chest and back.

After watching him play basketball, Quinn takes Jace back to the bedroom and definitely does spend some time on Jace’s hot chest – before moving down to his big cock, of course! Jace clearly likes the attention and the chemistry these two have is a treat to watch.

Quinn says it all, though, after getting the daylights fucked out of him: “God, you’re sexy!”

The look on Jace’s face tells me that the feeling is more than mutual!”

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October 9, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Big-dicked Max busts a nut

Corbin Fisher: Big-dicked Max busts a nut

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s hard to know where to start with Max – and I’m not just talking about his toned body, big cock, and cute face. A California surfer dude, Max loves spending time in the sun, hanging out with his friends, and… neuroscience?

That’s right – neuroscience. Move over McDreamy and McSteamy, because Max’s dream is to go to medical school and to become a brain surgeon. I know I’d definitely love to play doctor with him!

He’s definitely already got his bedside manner down, because he kept laughing and cracking jokes the entire time we were hanging out. You’ve just got to love a hot guy who knows how to laugh, too.

One of the best things about Max is that he’s a fan of the site, and so he has no trouble ripping off his clothes and showing off for us, and if it weren’t for the potential for a public indecency charge, he probably would have whipped it out right there in the park where we did his interview.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Max as much as I did, and let’s just say that there’s way more where that came from!”

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October 7, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Evan rides Dave bareback and cums hands-free

Corbin Fisher: Dave fucks two loads out of Evan

Corbin Fisher writes:

““Yeah, he got me naked pretty quick.”

Evan does not seem sad at all after “losing” a game of strip pool to Dave. In fact, our sexy skater definitely seems like the winner as he goes down on Evan and then takes his cock in all kinds of positions on the couch!

Evan liked riding Dave so much that he ended up cumming hands-free – something that some of our most experienced veterans can’t even do!

But it doesn’t stop there — Evan ends up spread-eagle on the back of the couch while Dave pounds away at his ass and you can tell that he’s barely keeping from losing control again until Dave finally fucks the cum out of him and covers him in his own load.

This is definitely one for the record books!”

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October 6, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Reagan creams Brant

Corbin Fisher: Reagan creams Brant

Reagan fucks the cum out of Brant before shooting his load all over his eager hole!

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October 1, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Beau fucks Ellis raw and feeds him his load

Corbin Fisher: Beau fucks Ellis raw and feeds him a load

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s hard to decide who I’m more jealous of in this video – Beau for getting to fuck one of our most talented bottoms or Ellis for getting to bottom for one of our hottest tops!

Beau always looks great while he’s fucking, with his nice tan and sexy, hairy body. In fact, you can see Ellis staring at his muscles while he’s getting fucked! When Beau bends Ellis over and starts fucking him from behind, things get a little rough, with ass slapping and Ellis grabs Beau’s neck to brace himself, which drives Beau crazy. After fucking a load out of Ellis, Beau feeds him his dick and a hot load of his own.

After some intense action, Beau and Ellis share a hot shower, and the way they look at each other makes me think that this won’t be the only time we see them together!”

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